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2008-08-12 13:16:14
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Everybodies favourite blue hedgehog in detail

Hey People, My name is Johny and I was discovered in 1991, meaning im 17 years young. Take a gander at these to find out more about my life :)
My last family photo, guess which one is me, thats right, the one in the ugly sweater >.< Yup my family is huge, and its even bigger now!
So here's my extended family, I also have a cat, named Tommy, although I call him CAT!
Ooooh, a little ducky, QUACK QUACK!
I like to draw, my style is cartoon, I watch too many of those!
What can I say? I may be single but I'll always remember Stephanie, my 1st and only love, gave me the happiest time of my life, and for that I thank her =]
My youngest sister, Elli, has a thing for hurting me, you cant see it but shes holding onto my mop top, ouch >.<
I f you didnt notice, Im also a huge Sonic fan, that doesnt mean thats all I do though. Theres also Mario, Pokemon, Metroid... *cough* >.<
I own(ed) a Nintendo Wii, and this is Mii, sorry that he doesnt look as messy as the real me but Mii's are ment to look fun :P
I study at college and Im always determined, prooved here by my best male student award and overall student of the year award. *cough* swot *cough* =P
Im also a hopeless romantic too, always notocing love around me and trying to find it for myself... *sigh*
My friend count is little, but with friends like these who needs lots? This is David (Tails), my best friend, and woah *gasps* he's actually smiling? Cant you see? *points* =P
Another good friend, Alex. I used to fancy her and I asked her out, then she revealed to me that she was lesbian O.o Ooh, look, Im bored in class as usual!
My extremely close friend Amy with her friend Lucy. She's absolutely amazing! I have to travel all the way to Alnwick to see her though, but its well worth it! =]
Tails, looking rather grim, but thats why we love him!
I have two adorable puppies! You may hug them on your way out!

/ [Skemo the Hedgehog]

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2008-08-07 [HardRockAngel]: *hugs the dogs*

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