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The Epicene

Major Plotline Adventure Hook of the Jashnian_Cosmology

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Book_of_Words (Grammaticum Primeaval)
Jashnia < Selenar_System < Jeriah_Galaxy


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2007-02-20 [Veltzeh]: Heh, and I clicked on this link in the hopes of finding something about epicines.

2007-02-26 [xido]: What is that? This is a Jashnia-based storyline event, which causes the Inath to rise in the lands. Sort of like Armageddon, but it lasts a 100 years....

2007-02-26 [Veltzeh]: Epicene means androgynous (etc.) and epicine is an androgyne.

2007-03-23 [xido]: Then my creation of a fantasy realm armageddon had a secret and subconscious allure from another part of my mind, the part that loves the hermaphrodite concept of a dual-gendered spirit. ;) How curious.

2007-11-03 [xido]: Information for the following campaign elements will be separated as follows:
- Jashnia and its Cosmology
- Inath
- the Epicene
- non-Epicene, non-Jashnian Inath campaigns

These campaign setting elements will be split as follows:
- all OGL Content (Game-applicable statistics and openly viewable content) will be posted to the website, - this is due to the material being D&D v3.5 oriented, and because of the potential publication applicability in the future.
- all personalized, unique, WFR-oriented, character-created, non-D&D, non-RPGA, Elftown and non-Elftown WFR content as it applies to the previous elements will be hosted here on Elftown, in the WFR-specific wikipages and settings.

Inath and its inherent portions are part of a potential publication currently unrepresented by any party except [xido] himself. The Grammaticum Primeaval and all its inherent portions are currently represented by Paul Lapidus at New Funtiers, .

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