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Envy Review

"Envy" is a movie about two best friends, Tim (Ben Stiller), and Nick (Jack Black). Tim and Nick live right across the street from one another, and their lives are pretty much the same. They're both married, they both have kids, and they're both middle-class. Tim and Nick work at the same job, where Tim excells and Nick does not. While Tim tries to encourage Nick to put more effort into his work, Nick is a daydreamer and always seems to have his head in the clouds, trying to come up with the next big thing that will make him rich and famous.

When Nick comes up with yet another get-rich-quick invention, Tim declines Nick's offer to invest in it. Unfortunately for Tim, though, Nick's latest invention, "VaPoo Rize," makes it big.

"VaPoo Rize" is a product that makes poo disappear, and there's millions to be had as a result of inventing the product. While Nick's family becomes incredibly wealthy and a bit over-the-top, Tim and his family can barely hide their malice at Nick's sudden success. However, things begin to go awry for Nick when a trickster vagabond (Christopher Walken) tries to get a bit of that green for himself.

Unless you're really a fan of Jack Black, Ben Stiller, or Christopher Walken, you probably won't enjoy this movie much. I laughed a bit the first time I saw it, but the replay-ability of it is pretty poor. Jack Black pretty much plays Jack Black, and the same goes for the other characters; not one of them preforms in any way other than what you'd expect.

The opening theme song of the film is catchy, but I'd say the movie goes downhill fairly quickly after that. The whole film is rather unremarkable.

If you're going to watch this movie, I recommend renting it, it's really not something worth sticking on your DVD shelf at home.
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