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2010-11-27 19:36:36
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And here we have Chibi Elwyne to start things off! Look she's waving at all of you!

And here's my crazy quarter imp engineer Deltira! That's supposed to be a ladel in her hair by the way.

And here's [KnightAngel]'s Chibi Gildor Seregon! He's got a crush on Deltira and vice versa! Doesn't he just look smug?

Followed by [Eyden13]'s Chibi Nicole Rad from the rp A Book Of Miss Guided Fairytales. She's half wolf.

Tor'asa Mau owned by the [Gypsy Mystik] another half wolf character and a real sweetheart.

And this one is Arjac Fellhammer the dwarf. He looks a bit like a viking I know. Blame it on the viking movie I was watching a day or so ago. Owned by [Talos Cyrion]. I was thinking if I gave him a foam mustache over his own he'd be perfect for a dwarven "Got Ale?" commercial.

(Speaks in zombie voice)Ooooh, Sinistress! Don't look into her eyes! She's evil! (Resumes normal sounding voice) And she belongs to [Flisky]! Look at the hypno-eyes!

[Rhymes With Orange]'s character chibi Feliks with a great big pocket watch. With him around you'll always know what time it is! (wink) Course by now I'm wondering what's with villains wearing so much black?

This is my sister's Tigeress character in her white tiger form. She's not happy with it cuz chibi-Tigeress doesn't have a figure. I thought it looked pretty cute especially her eyes. Sorry not a part of Misguided Fairy Tales though.

Here is a picture of the chibified version of Ninja Eyden. A character of [Eyden13] I did this one for her birthday along with two other pictures. 

This picture is another done for [Eyden13]'s birthday. This is her book fairy (a species created by me) Aisling. She's cute no? What do you think about her wings?

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2010-10-25 [Elwyne]: Well, it's nice to make people happy!

2010-10-26 [Gypsy Mystik]: Very Cool ^_^

2010-10-26 [Rhymes With Orange]: They're so cute! :D Can you make one for Feliks??? ^_^

2010-10-26 [Elwyne]: Feliks? Hrmmm... I might have looked at him but I'll take another look. If he doesn't have a written description of personality, appearance, and clothes it might be a bit hard for me. I can't see all the pictures that some people put up in the profiles for their characters.

2010-10-26 [Elwyne]: Ok I finished Sinistress (expectant giggle) and I'm working on Feliks next then a non misguided rp char for my sister. When I get those three done I'll scan them and stick them all up.

2010-10-27 [Elwyne]: Ok, now both Sinistress and Feliks are finished. Hope they look good. I just have my sister's char to do and then I'll scan them. Right now I'm taking a break because working too long makes me start to ache.

2010-10-27 [Rhymes With Orange]: :D I'm excited

2010-10-27 [Flisky]: *awaits with bated breath*

2010-10-27 [KnightAngel]: Chibis are so freaking adorable XP

2010-10-27 [Elwyne]: Yup!

2010-10-27 [Flisky]: They are all so cute!

2010-10-27 [Elwyne]: Thank you!

2010-10-28 [Rhymes With Orange]: Bahahaha I love it :D The description makes it even better XD

2010-10-28 [Elwyne]: which part? The villains wearing too much black part, or always being able to tell the time part? I'm glad you love it!

2010-11-24 [KnightAngel]: Aawww, adorable XP

2010-11-24 [KnightAngel]: Really nice job on the wings by the way :P

2010-11-24 [Elwyne]: You like them? My sister made another comment about them looking mettalic and fake.

2010-11-24 [KnightAngel]: Of course I like them, how the heck can she think they look metallic and fake? O.o Seriously

2010-11-24 [Elwyne]: that's what she said. And did you see the Aisling in the finished requests page? I even did a background!

2010-11-24 [KnightAngel]: *nods* Really looks cool and nice detail Elwy ^_^

2010-11-24 [Elwyne]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif>thank you!

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