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2007-11-26 18:48:32
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Elftron 2.0 ([Elftron] during the upgrade 2007-11-12)

Here is a good example of how one shouldn't build a computer. Buy a load of the most expensive stuff you can find, and pile them up as if they were garbage. The main problem is that I don't want to spend some 2000 kronor (220 euro 300 USD) on buying a case which I have no use for. And I don't want to have Elftown down while I'm installing the system.

The beauty! Don't mind the case, it's just background rubbish. The rubbish on top of the black power supply is however the on-off button and the D-Bracket 2 LEDs.
Look how cool the fan looks like! Unfortunately there is no way it will fit inside [Elftron]'s case, so I have to figure something out there. (Update: It did actually fit!)
BIOS looking good.
Yepp, the new harddisk is comfortably lying on the table there. And an old harddisk used only during the installation now.
There is the on-off button and the D-Bracket 2 LEDs on top of the power supply.
That speaker is connected. Stolen from an ancient computer.
The graphic card is a budget PCI card from 1997 or so.
Loads of RAM. 8 GByte, but the motherboard can only use a little more than 7 GByte. (Update: According to MSI's manual... It seems to be using all 8 GByte without problem.)
2 x 1 GByte network. And a lot of sound-stuff. Very useful or something...
Two PCIe slots. They will come in handy if I ever get my hands on those ioDrives from FusionIO they will release next year.
And there: My main problem! The pesky little on-off connector that works if you kiss it in the right way, but only then...

2007-11-09 20:42 (Elftown time)
The installation has 15 minutes of downloading and some days of configurations left (OK, not days of work, but I can't access [Elftron] until Monday so there is no need to hurry).

2007-11-12 The new hardware is full functional and is up running.

/ [Hedda] & [Elftron]

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