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393 usernames have logged onto Elftown in the last month. If you have been invited here, you're one of them! Congratulations! You've been selected to take part in a brief survey on Elftowners' habits and opinions. One lucky participant will be given a chance to win one Dogecoin! But I'll probably never give it to them. Anyway, rate yourself in these following areas from 1 to 5, 1 being a small number and 5 being a number that's 4 higher than 1, but still pretty small when compared to a number like 1000 or even 1073, which are both a lot larger that 5.


1. How active would you say you are on Elftown? 1 being not at all active, 3 being somewhat active, and 5 being really active.

2. How do you like Elftown's graphics? (you know how this works at this point, I don't feel like explaining it anymore)

3. How often do you use wikis?

4. How often do you use forums?

5. How often do you roleplay?

6. How often do you send and receive messages?

7. How would you rate the layout on Mainstreet?

8. How often do you enter art contests?

9. How often do you submit poetry?

10. How often do you submit photography?

11. How often do you submit writing?

12. How often do you post diary entries?

13. How often do you comment in guestbooks?

14. How often do you visit Mainstreet?

15. How often do you visit Bob's Diner?

16. How likely is it you're going to comment on this wiki with a helpful suggestion or friendly introduction?

4268) What do you typically do on Elftown? (Administrator: [Sagacious Turkey])

Number of voters: 35


Thank you for your time! Please comment below to let me know you've answered this survey and I'll get you entered in that fraudulent, disappointing contest for the single Dogecoin, 10,000 of which wouldn't even be worth $1!

Also, feel free to suggest new options for the poll or other questions you'd like to see answered. Maybe introduce yourself and make new friends for once too! And please tell us what changes, if any, you'd like to see in Elftown, what you like most about Elftown, what might make you more active on Elftown (assuming you're not currently already really active), and any suggestions you have on getting new members to join and stay on Elftown. You may also post links to wikis you wish to share with other Elftowners, if you want to do so.

Thanks! Don't forget to watch and comment!


Wikis of interest:

How awesome is your elftown house?
How on Earth did you find Elftown?
How on earth did you pick that name?
I use Elftown because
The Unofficial Elftown News
What would make your friend join Elftown?
Art Wikis of Elftown
Comics by Elftowners
Chess Tournament
Bob's Diner


This wiki is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Dogecoins.

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2016-03-07 [Alexi Ice]: Helpful comment - I am still sick but I am not dead lol

2016-03-08 [hanhepi]: I would be more active if there were more active people.
For example: in the poll at the bottom, I'm the only person so far to say they post in the forums. I would post more there (again) if it weren't so much like talking to myself. In the last 6 months or so, there have been maybe 25 postings total in all 46 forums I'm in, including Junk.

ETA: My bad, there have been 28 postings since October in those 46 forums.
Edited Again To Add: Between 1 March 2015 and 1 March 2016, there were a grand total of 388 postings in those same forums. My "Number Of Postings" stat will never catch up to Punk's at this rate, damn it.

2016-03-09 [Alexi Ice]: Hanhepi !! I did not know you were around help me make Christmas competiton polls pleaaassseeeeee!!! <3 <3 <3

2016-03-16 [Foxy Shazam]: I might be more inclined to be here if the website was more active like it used to be, and if it would let me change my house. I have been trying to edit my house for like two weeks since I came back and if just does not let me.
I want to be more active in contests, wikis, and forums but with a huge lack of actual participants and a house that hasn't been updated in over five years, it's not really much incentive to actually stick around.

2016-03-16 [Foxy Shazam]: I think that this website could be more user friendly. There are a few things that I would like to see implemented after all these years.
For example, I hate seeing all of the notifications from years of not being here, but it would honestly take ages to get through them all and most of them are just links to empty wikis and houses at this point. I wish there was like a "mark all as read" function of some sort for that.

I have been a user here for ten years. In that time, the website had very little change. It feels very dated. If it wasn't for the nostalgia value, I would hate everything about it. I think if we are hoping or wishing for new members, something about the way this site looks will have to change.

2016-03-18 [Ace-of-Spirits]: I agree with Sidewalk Chalk, there is not much activity to do on this site anymore. I still love Elftown and would love to come back to it and fix my profile up but it just hasn't kept me in to even bother.

What I would like to change with elftown

If I remember correctly they put a limit of how many pictures we can put in our description box. I would like that changed or place a higher limit than ten images. I like being creative with my profile so it was a big bummer when that happened. I don't know if it's changed and I can do more now but I'm putting this here as one of my requests.

The people we blocked needs to be fixed, I have blocked maybe a few people, those for sending me.....LOVELY images and one who harassed me. I would like it fixed so like they can't even go on my page kinda like how facebook does it and that they're not allowed in your wikis that you created. I understand you can't block someone from others wikis but maybe have it where you can't see each other's comments in other's wikis? It would be great to see this fixed up.

2016-03-18 [Ace-of-Spirits]: I don't think there's much to change with elftown's graphics though it does need an update. I was thinking maybe we could be able to changed our color palette like we could in the other website I forgot what it was called that is linked to this one. With this nothing is changed except its colors. Like red or blue and grey. Simple small changes that could give someone a nice touch to their profile, and people can see this only when they go onto that person's profile.

2016-03-21 [RebellionMarch]: I come back to see old memories, but that's it, if you guys are considering shutting the site down due to inactivity (just a thought) it'd be cool if we could get a hell of a heads up window, There is much here I would save hardcopy for myself.

2016-04-22 [Neferoth, the lethargic stigmata]: Decent poll, only wrighting this because I like pie. My insight is that there should be a question about pie. I come here for nostalgia purposes now, over a decade of memories, I miss the comunity. That is all.

2016-04-23 [Mortified Penguin]: Bob's Diner has "pie".

2016-04-26 [Neferoth, the lethargic stigmata]: I know, it has everything good. But me, so, it's not perfect yet.

2016-05-17 [Chetleon]: I was quite pleased to have been asked to participate in this poll, as I have been curious as to why Elftown has experienced such a decline in active user participation (and visitation). That said, upon reading the comments of other townsfolk (most of us seem to have been with Elftown a while) I must say that I agree with Fox Shazam's mention of the issue with notifications - namely that the notifications that queue-up can be a bit of a pest.
However I disagree that the page layout is an issue. I think the simple design (I would almost call it classy) is very quaint and pleasant compared to the other pages I see on the internet these days. The navigation is also easy (at least in my opinion), though perhaps a few more options could be added to make it more navigable.
Also what Hanhepi said about the dearth of involved users is also accurate. Perhaps those of us Elftowners concerned with the lack of busy citizens could undertake a membership drive of some kind?

2016-07-09 [pelv13]: hello all... i am less active now than in the past because most of my friends from here are lost in the sands of time or more active elsewhere... i would like to participate more in poetry competitions if there were more out there... i would also like to make some new friends, but i have been shy about actively pursuing them... i like the layout of the site (perhaps because of my nostalgia goggles)... i was bummed that the christmas competition stretched into summer, and despite entering have heard nothing back...

2017-02-04 [Stephen]: I doubt Elftown will close down anytime soon, if at all.
So there's that to anyone concerned.

If anyone has any real, thought out and in-depth ideas on how to fix up Elftown, please message me about them and I'll see what I can do to at least make sure they're looked over.

As a warning though, I tend to take long periods of time offsite because, as everyone says, there frankly isn't much to do. But I would love to see that changed.

2017-02-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Oh yeah, guess I should make a 2017 version of this.

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