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Welcome to the Elftown Member Directory. This is a little experiment put together by [Chimes]. See, I wanted to know how many active Elftowners we have here and what they get up to. Please, invite people to this page - I don't expect to get everyone but it would be interesting to see what most people do here.

If I get enough people, I will set up directory pages. These will make it easier for Elftowners to find other active Elftowners who roleplay or enter contests or host contests. These pages will also list availability of members, for example if they are available for art-trades, requests or commissions, or available to join a roleplay. I feel it would be a helpful resource.

How do I become part of the directory?
Becoming a part of the directory is easy, you simply sign your name and what you do here. If you do a huge amount please limit it to what you do the most.

0. [Username] - RPer, Artist, Writer, Contest entrant, Lurker


1. [Chimes] - Council member, Artist, Writer, vague RPer, Contest entrant, Slacker.
2. [Rice] - Council member, Writer, Artist, RPer, Contest Entrant, Sexual, Leader of Elftown's criminal underground.
3. [Thunder Cid] - Council member, Rper, Poet, Artist, Vagabond.
4. [Duke Devlin] - Writer, Artist, RPer, Procrastinator, Duke of Elftown obvs.
5. [Linderel] - Council member (Poem Queen ;3), Writer, Photographer, Contest Hostess, Lurker, Nitpicker
6. [Flisky] - Council member, RPer, Contest entrant, Writer, Artist, General Nuisance
7. [Skydancer] - Artist, Photographer, Arts Resource manager, VietNam Era Vet
8. [Evolution X] - Writer, RPer... guh I sound boring.
9. [Calico Tiger] - Council member, one of the Guards, Artist, Old Perv
10. [SilverFire] - fascist
11. [Teufelsweib] - making fun of stupid people.
12. [Akayume] - Council member-in-training, poet, photographer, occasional rper, contest entrant, goof
13. [sequeena_rae] - Ex Council/Guard/Other stuff. Resident animal lover. 5 year vet (everyone else is doing it!)
14. [Chel.] - Artist, Rp addict, Crew member.
15. [*Phoenix*] - Artist, Writer, RPer, sometimes contest entrant, photographer, Herald Hopefuls, and more!
16. [Falx]- Artist, Writer, RPer, Contestant, Poet, and whatever other mischief I can get into
17. [Ghost the Hybrid]- Photographer, also makes origami and crochet.
18. [Ravenclaw] - 7yr vet, avid RRer & mod, artist, writer, contest entrant, homicidal maniac.
19. [Aeolynn] - RP, art, my favorite online community :) RP Characters of Aeolynn and Commission Me!!! the elftown source for finding a elftowner to commission!
20. [sweet.tx.tea] - Council member-in-training, artist, photographer, poet, Contest entrant, and general extrodinare.
21. [Jeed] - head of the Elftown Academy, writer, art enthusiast, fledgling photographer, elftown's resident grumpy asshole.
22. [Kelaria] - 6yr ET vet. (since Jan 2004), Writer, Photographer, Contest entrant, Lurker
23. [Rye] - Writer, photographer, 7 year vet, dreamer and watcher of talented people.
24. [Veltzeh] – member since October 2002, in Council, RPer, drawer, writer, world-builder and lurker.
25. [Kuramasgirl]- 7 year vet (yikes!), Artist, RPer, Writer, Occasional Contest Holder/Entrant, and admirer.
26. [Mortified Penguin] - I photoshop [Hedda] into gay porn pictures and distribute them. Also, I run Bob's Diner (into the ground).
27. [Eyden13] - Writer, huge Rper, contest entrant, Professor of Musics, photoshopper,proud mentor and so much more.
28. [Kaimee] - Council + Guards, The Town Herald Editor, Artist + Graphic designer (when I have time!), web developer and very interested in redesigning et!
29. [wicked fae mage]-I role-play, host role-playing games, write stories and novellas, write poems, model, draw, contestant and am a Herald apprentice, as well as a crew newb.
30. [Viking] - implementing a plan of World Domination.
31. [~Valkyrie~]- Rper and GM, Writer, Artist, teacher at the School for Beginning Roleplayers
32. [Alexi Ice] - Council, Writer, RPGer, hosts/participates in contests, owner of The Slave Trade, (seven year vet.).
33. [Goma]-Artist,Rper(not really no one wants to anymore)and a lurker
34. [Erubeus] - Novice Writer, Roleplayer, Mediocre Artist, Stalker, Procrastinator
35. [yamisango] - Rper, writer
36. [WonderTweek] Artist, Writer, used to give a crap about Elftown but doesn't care anymore. Loves Snails and Slushies, was once known as Kurtiss.
37. [Anvikit] Just a lurker and an Artist. :)
38. [Yncke] - Paper waster and contest entrant.
39. [Mirime]- Still remembers the "old chat"; former writer for the old Elftown Academy, still edits for the Town Herald but mostly lurks.
40. [deeterhi]-Artist, hosts/enters the occasional contest
41. [hanhepi] - Council; The Town Herald columnist; struggles to keep up with the forums; social butterfly.
42. [Tates]-Artist. Rper. Writer. Dumb kid. Lurker.
43. [Member#122134] - Writer, otaku, enjoys generally chatting to people
44. [Talos Cyrion] - Poet, writer, avid rper, and so some would say also a shoulder to lean on.
45. [Triola] - Working to stop [Viking]'s plan for World Domination
46. [Rainbow Dragonflies] devouring souls and laughing at [Viking]
47. [The Dizzy Raven]~Artist, Artist Supporter, Rper, Writer, & an Adventurer
48. [kay-chan] - Only here for roleplaying, friends, and writing, now.
49. [Sunrose] - Ghost
50. [Rhymes With Orange] - Writer, RPer, boring human being :P
51. [Nite_Owl] Writer, Roleplayer, and advice-giver
52. [shadow of darkness] Artist, RPer, Gamer...7 yr vet, occasional contest entrant, major procrastinator and general forgetfulness-extraordinaire.
53. [Sauron] - Unemployed hitman.
54. [Jitter] - Retired starving artist and crew member
55. [Sir. Robert] - Artist who has not found his medium and general art stalker
56. [Cia_mar] - Artist, photographer, and generally too busy IRL, missing ET time.
57. [the mad hatter2] - writer, poet, artiest, RPer,lonely emo, rarely joining contests, here for friends and hopefully a relationship.
58. [twitchboy] - RPer, writer, artist, hopeless romantic, otaku, inventor, philosopher, and avid reader.
59. [Delladreing] - Video et Taceo.
60. [Lord Josmar] - RPer, and occasional poet and photographer.
61. [Ravendust] - Rper, poet, writer, artist
62. [pegasus1000] - Artist, writer, comments on conversations.
63. [Paul Doyle] - Old-school ET ex-idealist battleship who used to be profoundly inspired by ET during the glory days of '03-'04. Went from being a writer to being a writer who sometimes doodles. These days, gives far more art/writing updates on Facebook than ET. In self-imposed mothballs at a nearby Reserve Fleet pier, but would ultimately like to be recommissioned rather than being broken up and sold for scrap. Only time will tell.
64. [Cillamoon] - Writer, artist, photographer, lurker, Council-trainee.
65. [playslashwrite] - Mostly lurking these days, occasionally active. Writer, photographer, professional geek.
66. [Yuriona] - A recently AWOL member of the Council and nearly defunct Assembly, one of the Town Guards and Featured Image Bosses as well as being another of the many EG Artists, ET Artists and Photographers on top of being a writer, geek, stay at home mom and one of the dirty old bags that haunt Elftown. :)
67. [kamisch] - Absent all summer, but usually here for contests, poetry, a little bit of prose, photography, drawing, a wish to help things out around ehre, but usually ending up being a slacker and just sticking to voting on anything that pops up.
68. [Araglas] - Crazy obsessive rp'r, makes rp's, co-creates rp's, writer, enters some contests for poetry, votes a lot, on here every chance available, does slack somewhat and has a spelling problem.
69. [Daisy_Sandybanks] - Mainly a lurker now. Will leave occasional, useful comments and critiques. Artist and wannabe photographer.
70. [nehirwen] - Stalker, artist, also doing guard/council stuff.
71. [Nioniel] - Council member, painter, photographer, and general crafty person.
72. [-Orion-] - Mainly a lurker, with a touch of a slacker and a wnb-writer
73. [All_Most PUNK] - Still here
74. [Asdroth]- Reliable roleplayer and GM.
75. [Mrs Vicious.]- RPer, Writer, Artist and occasional Poet. (lurker and slacker goes unsaid.)Madame of the Macabre.
76. [Rook.] - rper, writer, artist, lurker, friend for all.
77. [speakyourwords] Writer, contest entrant, lurker.
78. [Ms. Steel] - Artist, RPer, contest entrant, wannabe writer, lurker.
79. [itoe] - Poet, erstwhile rper, otherwise too busy with PhD.
80. [Darth Jacein] - Poet, RPer, random wiki starter, house zapper, writer,reader,friendly neighborhood spider man.
81. [J.R. MacKenzie] Writer, gamer, blade enthusiast. =3
82. [Malnu] Artist, gamer, part-time Guards
83. [IonicRose] I am a poetic writer as well as an artist. I have been on E.T since 7th grade, hmm so I've been here for 6 years. Lol. I have made many friends here and I hope to make more.
84. [another brick in the wall] Poet, Classicist, Christian, Friend-seeker, ALWAYS looking for someone to discuss Literature/History/Religion/Culture. (been on ET since '04)
85. [Silver Moon] I am a writer, gamer, artists, and friend. I never want to stop learning because the world is full of information. I am also a philosopher. I am a LARPER and RPGer. I have been on ET for a long time.
86. [Iske]creative person, or try to be. ET gives me inspiration and added some cool people to my 'freinds'-list
87. [~Crimson Angel~] I'm a writer, rper, contest holder, Photographer, and singer.
88. [pixish] Also still here :)
89. [Faery]Part-time member, writer, photographer, ex-writer for The Town Herald. Just trying to keep in touch with all the amazing people I've met here!
90. [Blood Sucking Beauty] RPer, artist, friend, lurker.
91. [Venus 53] Photographer, artist, makeup artist... bits of too much.
92. [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)] Artist/writer/contest entrant/poet/MAJOR RPGer; creator The Shadowwalkers....|The Dawn|The Adventures of Harry Potter|The Avlin Circle|through|The Avlin Circle 4| Crew wanna be/ Herald writer wanna be.
93. [Fearathress] Writer and Rper.
94. [Lakayana] Voluntary worker, contest entrant, Poet, Writer and Elftown Wannabe
95. [Koho Ai] RPG'er, Writer, House Zapper, Poet, Contest Entrant.
96. [Vincent Xavier] - Occasional Transient
97. [*Leric*] -Writer // Artist // Gamer // Old-time Elftown enthusiast!!
98. [TheKingdomLight] - has come back after 4 years and has a lot to catch up on ><
99. [iippo] - talk to people, RP, wiki, art, official stuffs
100. [Marlene'Jacques] chat to people, competition entrant, photographer,sometimes lurk in the forums
101. [Hiuko] - RPer, Writer, Reader, Nerd Supreme
102. [Fetish Dolly Koneko™] Mostly lurker now... wiki contributor, RPer..
103. [David the Good] been here off and on since '04. Plan to stay and on.
104. [Yume Youki] Writer, RPer, Browser, Fan, and occasional Contest entrant.
105. [Tielandros] Writer, Lurker, Stalker, Creeper, Old Man, Degenerate, Browser, That Guy..
106. [NibblerLove] Writer, Rper, Just got back on after an extended break.

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2011-04-28 [Goma]: I met the love of my life here o.o

2011-04-28 [Lord Josmar]: YAY ONE HUNDRED!!

2011-04-28 [Marlene'Jacques]: nor lord josmar...yay me as i'm number 100 :P

2011-04-28 [Lord Josmar]: YAY [Marlene'Jacques]!!!!

2011-04-28 [Marlene'Jacques]: thank you :) lord josmar :)

2011-04-29 [Alexi Ice]: The line after number 52 annoys me...but IDK if [Chimes] wants it gone or not

2011-04-29 [Chimes]: What line? There isn't a line? O.o

2011-04-29 [Alexi Ice]: There is an empty line between 52 and 53...or is that just my cp?

2011-04-29 [Alexi Ice]: Er, it's a space! Not a

2011-04-29 [Chimes]: There wasn't one on mine...

2011-04-29 [Alexi Ice]: It isn't there anymore O.o (I think I've gone bonkers)

2011-04-29 [Chimes]: ... I assumed you edited it out... What did you change on this page?

2011-04-29 [Marlene'Jacques]: never saw a space either...

2011-04-29 [Lord Josmar]: Same here, not even right after Akane Ice mentioned it.

2011-04-29 [Marlene'Jacques]: yeah i never ever noticed a space not even when i added myself to the list!

2011-04-30 [Alexi Ice]: I added myself as a 'seven year vet'

2011-07-19 [Aeolynn]: yay for 9 years XD

2012-05-30 [Tielandros]: I haven't added yet...But there are names here that I am happy to see. :3 [Aeolynn]...It's been a while.

2012-05-30 [Tielandros]: And now that I've added, I'm proud to say I've been a member for about 10 years now. :3

2013-05-30 [Chrysilla]: Just came back on Elftown. I'm a photographer, writer and poet, and I like entering contests <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2014-07-13 [Eyden13]: I'm Back!

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