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~*Eldar ar Melme*~

Elrond rubbed at the bridge of his nose, irrtably looking around at the other royals in his household. He sighed. He thought things were difficult the first time he went through war, he couldn't even begin to fathom what they were now. He didn't know what his role really was. But he knew that he would be a guiding and hospitable figure to those who would be leaving the safety of his beloved Rivendell. He shivered as a light bit of cold-ish wind raised goose-bumps on his arms. He walked gracefully to the window, looking out along his lovely city, smiling very faintly. He was blessed to have such beauty. He caught the light scent of fires burning and of the trees. He caught flowers in bloom and water from the nearby stream as it muddied the ground. But what ruined this beautiful vision as the morning sun illuminated everything peacefully was the smell of war. He could smell the tension and the heartache that was already starting. He sighed sadly, turning away from the window to be ready for his visitors. And in no time ready he was as he left his rooms, waiting in an open conference room of sorts.

Legolas had been sent with a few companions from the woodland realm of Lady Galadriel. It was not the first time he had visited Rivendell, but he never ceased to be captivated by Elrond's city. It was so different from the glowing palace in the trees. As he took his place among his fellow elves, he glanced around the circle, observing the different races gathered here to make a decision, a small smirk decorating his fair face. His eyes settled momentarily on the man at the head of the council. He was reluctant to look away, waiting for Elrond to return the gaze before he would look away.

Elrond watched the others curiously as he sat in his chair, hands steepled together and under his chin in thought. He watched them all intently, noticing that the dwarves seemed to be the most rowdy, and at this he did the most uncharacteristic of himself thing and rolled his eyes. He looked to the mortal men and found them weak in mind which made him frown. He also noticed that the elfs were fighting with the dwarves and the mortals which made him frown. But what he did catch only slightly is that an blonde elf was sitting there, and staring at him. He looked over in question at the blonde. "Do you have anything to add to this chaos?" He asked, raising his voice over the monstrosity that had become his courtyard.

Legolas' eyes widened just the slightest bit and he faltered for a moment before standing, looking boldly and directly at the elven Lord. Practically shouting over the din, he replied confidently, "I think we should let he who wishes to bear the burden of this ring decide what will be done." It seemed the fairest course, even though the one that had volunteered to take the accursed ring to the fires of Mount Doom was none other than a halfling, a hobbit, and would need much assistance.

Elrond nodded. "Very wise. I will warn you now that those weak in heart will not be able to do this task." He said, motioning to the hobbit to place the ring on a stone pillar that was in the middle of the circle. "Let us hope that you will not all abandon a hobbit."

Almost immediately after Elrond's statement, Legolas stepped forward and pledged to protect and accompany little Frodo on his journey. Of course, he trusted his heart to be strong and true, but at the moment, his heartbeat was fluttering and irregular. He was sure it was attributed to the fact that Elrond had concentrated his attention on him for only a small amount of time. The man was positively regal and commanding. He almost felt that he didn't deserve the attention, but then felt that he wanted more of it. Quietly, he sat back in his place at the circle, absorbed in thought, his eyes staring at nothing.

Elrond smiled slightly at the volunteerd elf. But he was also sad as that one would be one to go. He sighed and looked at the rest. Two mortal men and a dwarf also had agreed to help the hobbit. As well as the wizard in which Elrond knew already was a given. He was also irritated as the young hobbit's friends came out. "Funny thing,a secret meeting for one hobbit must be a secret meeting for all." He mumbled, trying to lighten the mood. He may have been strong and very pronounced in his etheral ways of ruling, but he also had a light side that was also playfull. He merely didn't display it so much. "I bring you all to my house, and have chambers for you so that you may rest a while before jumping into this journey. Now, let us be on our ways." he said, standing and motioning to two elfs to show the hobbits, wizard, humans, dwarf and the blonde elf to their rooms. He stayed in his chair as the others that had been around the meeting left. "Well, that was eventful." He mumbled to himself, sighing annoyedly.

As the soon-to-be-questing company was lead away from the dissolved council, Legolas trailed a bit behind and his eyes lingered on the regal elf. Quickly, he blinked and turned his head, knowing that the other elves, now calm, would not be oblivious to his obvious interest if they happened to look at him. He followed after his companions, feeling most confused about himself. As an afterthought, he wondered if Elrond would know where all of them were rooming in his house, or if he would bother with such information.

Elrond forgot to tell the company in his home about dinner. He caught with the elf that trailed behind the rest. "Prince legolas, would you be so kind as to tell the others that dinner will be ready around night's fall?" He asked, needing to retire to his own room for some peaceful reading and perhaps a light snacking of fruit. He almost felt bad for pawning off the resposibility to the other.

Legolas felt his heart thud uncannily loud within his chest, almost sure that Elrond would hear it and think it strange or awkward. Again, he faltered for a moment before catching himself. He nodded politely, almost a bow, and answered, "Yes, of course, Lord Elrond." Before turning to leave, he added, "I cannot thank you enough for so graciously allowing us to stay in your great house." He thought he felt color rise uncharacteristically into his face.

Elrond studied the blonde's rising blush with interest. 'What have we here? Blushing.. but is it because of me? he asked himself. He smiled at the younger elf. "Of course. You will never find me unhospitable, in times of need I know what is needed. Should you ever need me, come and find me." He said, smiling a little more and walking off towards his chambers, finding himself a tiny bit red and warm. "The child may be the death of me."

"Le hannon," Legolas answered in thanks, nodding politely to dismiss himself and hurrying after his companions, quickly delivering the news about dinner. As soon as they were directed to their rooms, he collapsed on a rather lavish bed and sighed. Such strange things he had running through his head. He wasn't used to the things he was thinking, and he was becoming more and more confused the more he tried to sort the things out. "And in the house of Elrond..." he mused to himself. Sighing again, he decided to try and take his mind off of...well, his mind, and tour the house.

Elrond looked out his window for the second time that morning, he sighed as he thought about how lonely he was. He reflected on much. The fact his daughter was with a mortal man, his two sons were no doubt in another elfin city, away from him, making him feel even more alone. He felt terrible. No one really knew him anymore except his selected like Glorifindel. Sure the Mirkwoodian Galadrial and her consort were interesting and at times helpful, but they just weren't able to heal him in his pain of being alone. He craved the companionship of another. Even went so far as to think about taking on another wife.. but that wasn't what he wanted this time. He didn't think he could be a father again and if he married he would very much be expected to produce another. But he also was having other cravings for a more male form. He stayed like this in his room for at least an hour or two before deciding to walk in the woods. Maybe the trees would offer him guidance, and as quickly as he thought it was he doing it, leaving note with his guards should anyone come looking for him as he traveled the paths cleared away for walking.

By this point, Legolas had explored more or less all of the interior bits of the house that he would be permitted to explore. Of course, he wasn't allowed to see personal rooms or things like that, so he soon ran out of things to look at and decided to walk through the trees that surrounded Elrond's stately house. It was a peaceful place, and he thought it might not be too dangerous to stray only a little off the path. He sat in the leaves at the base of a tree, leaning his head against the bark and closing his eyes.

Elrond looked up from his seat on a nearby tree stump and smiled a little. "Young prince, what brings you out here?" He asked, looking into a small creek that flowed through the woods. "Everything is alright?"

Legolas' eyes snapped open, though he stood casually and brushed the leaves off of his pants. He hadn't expected to meet Elrond out here in the trees, even if they belonged to him, and so he was startled. "Yes, of course, everything is...fine." He glanced around, trying to look at anything other than the other elf present, and silently cursed himself for hesitating in his speech. He knew it was obvious that everything was not fine. "I was only thinking that the forest seemed so peaceful and would help me to gather my thoughts." Would the king question what the prince was thinking?

Elrond nodded knowingly. "Yes, that is the very reason I came out here. These old trees.. I remember when they were saplings so they know me well and help me with my problems. But what could be tormenting the mind of one so young as yourself?" He asked, studying the prince carefully.

Legolas smiled slightly. It was almost impossible for him to stay composed and calm while he attempted to sort his thoughts on the spot. Finally, he reached an answer. "I suppose my thoughts are not tormenting me, but they are quite a mess. I believe that to express what I am thinking may not be...entirely appropriate. I..." He lost the coherent train of his thoughts, faltering yet again. He looked at the ground.

Elrond raised a thin black eyebrow at the other. "We are both.. grown up so to speak, what can you not voice? Surely you do not think I would judge you?"

"But I do think you would judge me! I do not mean to say it in the way that your kindness does not extend so far, it is simply that this matter is..." Legolas paused and sighed. "I do not truly believe you would judge me. I am confused. It is you who I have been thinking about."

Elrond looked at the other quizzically. "Well, why me? Am I doing something wrong? What reason would I to judge you? You could confess your love for me and I wouldn't mind. Truly, after all I am a lonely man and it might give me comfort. So what possibly could you be so torn up about?" he asked, only half way joking.

Legolas was more than a little surprised, though he tried to hide it. "No! You haven't done anything wrong at all. To tell the've said almost exactly what it is I was thinking. I...can't say whether it is love, but I do feel something. Attracted, to say the least." He was sure he was blushing this time.

Elrond nodded. "Well, I am flattered. But it would also be very unwise of you to let these feelings flourish. We would have no time to build on them as you are going to war." he said, sighing. "But should you come back and be healthy and alive then maybe we could see if things worked out well."

The blonde was almost painfully discouraged, and he furrowed his brow and looked at the leaves on the ground for a moment. In a smaller voice, he replied, "I understand." As he continued speaking, his voice grew a little louder and more confident. "I wish to make it my goal, then, to come back alive. I do not want you to feel obligated that you should wait for me, and I shouldn't even suggest that I expect you to be with me. But I will come back alive and well, if that is what you wish." He kneeled on the ground in front of Elrond, his head bowed and his hair barely brushing the leaves - so soon after he had pledged himself to Frodo, he was pledging himself to another, but for a far different reason.

Elrond was a bit surprised at how easy the other bowed to him. He felt that he had maybe hurt the other in some way. He placed his fingers under his chin forcing the other to look at him gently before pressing the softest kiss to his lips. "I will wait. I trust you that you will come back safely." He said, smiling just slightly.

Legolas smiled and nodded, and feeling very energetic, stood from the ground and bent slightly in a respectful bow. "If you do not mind, I will leave you to your own peace among the trees, now. Thank you!" Not really waiting to be dismissed, he turned and practically skipped out of the trees, so light he felt. He hoped his promise to Elrond would make the journey and all of its hardships easier to bear.

*~*~*~* It had been seeming years since that last night in which Elrond had dismissed the other. He had often times seen dreams about the blonde haired elf and about anything that might have been going on in their journey. He had been frightened and afraid so many times when he had had to send his own soldiers out to give aid to the travellers, making him fear for the young elfs life. But today was a magnificent day. They had won! And he was so very happy that a mere halfling had done this. He smiled as he realized that they would be arriving any time now to the city. He just hoped his elfin prince was among them. He adjusted his robes of silver and blue, made sure his crown as the king was in place and off he went, standing at the very gates of Rivendell to await them.

The young hobbits, who were the real heroes of victory, were at the front of their little procession back into Rivendell. Behind the halflings walked Legolas, once again light of foot in his joy and triumph. They had won - and he had made it back alive and well! The only part of him that looked worse for wear was his clothing, which had earned itself some rips and tears from the battles it had seen. As they walked through the gates, his eyes alighted on Elrond, who was awaiting them, and he smiled.

Elrond found himself smiling back."Welcome home, saviours of the world." He said, greeting them. "Feast has been prepared and your guest rooms are the same! Make your selfs comfortable, and we shall get you all new clothing. I am sure Glorifindel can help you hobbits, and I in turn will help the prince." He said, smiling kindly. "Go and rest. I will call when it is time to dine." He said, motioning Legolas come to him.

The smile fading into a smirk, Legolas separated from the returned war party and walked confidently to stand next to Elrond. "I have returned alive and well, as I promised I would, for you, my Lord." He could hardly conceal the natural Elven joy that was threatening to spill over, though he was sure to speak in a low voice as his companions passed. There was no real reason they all needed to know, or probably even wanted to know.

Elrond grinned at the other before embracing him for the first time. He held him tight, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "And do you still feel the same?"

Being held so close, there was no way Legolas could have said no, even if he really hadn't fel the same. "Of course I do," he answered. He had waited the entire journey and withstood the war all for this moment.

Elrond smiled again, kissing his lips once. "Good. You haven't any idea of how happy I am that you have returned home safe, my prince."

"I have been anxiously awaiting this day. I want to feel your lips on mine more. The journey has been long and hard, and this is what has given it true worth. I have dreamed of you while we were apart." Legolas let his thoughts pour out, and he smiled as he reigned in his excitement.

Elrond let out a small musical little chuckle and kissed the other again. "I have dreamed of you as well, come then, let us kiss."

Legolas' eyes lit with excitement and his heartbeat quickened a little in anticipation. He wanted to know more of this beautiful man. He didn't want to just kiss him - he wanted to know him, as one knows a lifelong friend. And with that realization came another one: in being away from Elrond for so long, Legolas had come to love him.

Elrond was amazed at the bond that he already had establisged with the other. He had truly only been in his presence for two days. Even more so those days were very much seperated. But he felt so fond, always dreaming so fondly of the other. He kissed his lips gently.

Legolas closed his eyes, his eyelashes fluttering lightly, and kissed him back. It was such a sweet and tender kiss, such as no one else had ever really shown him before. Yes, he was resolved in that he loved Elrond, now. He felt the impulse to wrap his arms around the wise elf's waist, but refrained because he wasn't exactly sure if he was allowed to do so. He was only a prince, after all, and Elrond was a king.

Elrond read into the awkwardness and chuckled against his lips. "Love, you may wrap your arms about me."

The blonde blushed a little and smiled, wrapping his arms around Elrond's waist as he had wished to. "Thank you," he murmured. "If I may suggest, perhaps we should continue this somewhere other than the gates of the valley of Rivendell? Somewhere perhaps where other merry Elves may not make it sport to watch us?"

Elrond found the other's gaze and then looked around him. "You have a point. Come with me to my chambers." He asked, slipping his hand along the other's arm, giving a gentle tug to get him to follow.

Again, his heartbeat increased pace, and Legolas followed almost like a child. He smiled and left all of the things that had disturbed him on the journey at the gates. While he was in Rivendell, he wanted to feel nothing but peace and happiness, as many did when they stayed there.

Elrond shut the door behind them when they entered. He grinned and looked the other over. "First before we start talking, let us get you something to change into. I know you are smaller frame than I but I am sure we can come up with something." He said, going through his closet. "What would be your favorite color?"

"Ah, thank you. My favorite color is green, I suppose." He couldn't help smiling once again when he saw Elrond grin. To start, he stripped off all the belts and straps that went with clothes that served a purpose, dropping them on the floor by his feet. The rest he would take off when he had something else to put on.

Elrond nodded and gave the elf a long green tunic with a silver belt and over it all a silver and green robe. "Why don't you get a bath and then get dressed." He said, showing him through to a door that led to a beautifully decorated room with a large wooden basin of water. "I have oils and hair things that you should recognize there."

Legolas said his thanks once again. It had been a long while since he had had a decent bath or clothes to change into. He accepted the clothes offered him and nodded. "Where shall I see you after I bathe, or will you wait for me in your chambers?"

"I will await you in my chambers." He said softly. "Do not worry, I left towel for you by the tub." He kissed hic cheek before exiting swiftly. "Should you need anything, call for me."

Nodding, Legolas turned as Elrond left and quickly removed his clothes, which he thought maybe he ought to throw away, but then again maybe he ought to keep them for memories' sake. Either way, they ended up on the floor, and the blonde really didn't feel like wasting too much time just getting clean. It was a wonderful bath though. He hadn't had a luxury like this in nearly a year. His hair was his priority at the moment, and he made sure to clean it thoroughly. Using the towel indicated, he dried and dressed quickly, feeling clean and comfortable in the tunic and robe. He left the bath, his hair still slightly damp, and greeted Elrond anew. "I thank you, if I have not already, for the bath. It was wonderfully refreshing." He smiled.

Elrond looked up with a smile and nodded, rising from his chair. "I am unsure what you wish to do with your old clothing, but surely wash them." He said, yawning slightly. "It is now dinner time dear."

"Actually, if I may, I'd like to keep them exactly as they are. It is not a wonderful memory, but it has very much meaning to me. I would like to remember my service to Middle Earth in all of its unglory and everything." Legolas smiled. "And since it is dinner time, let us join everyone and celebrate victory."

Elrond nodded and smiled at the other. "As you wish my prince. Ands yes, celebration is in order, you have all saved the world." He said, offering his arm to the other.

Gladly, Legolas took Elrond's arm, and walked happily by his side to dinner. He was in just about as great a mood as it was possible for him to be in. He was not 'home' per se, but he was in a very comfortable and beautiful place. And though the realm of the Wood-elves held his home, he was not so eager to return there. Would it be so sad if he never returned there?

Elrond led the other to the seat to his right, smiling at his dinner table. He noticed his prince's companions all sending the elf questioning looks. He called everyone to attention. "Well, this feast has been made on account of you all saving the world so that we may live another day and see the beautiful star rise high up in the sky. Let us hope that the realm we live in will always be protected by such a fearless group! And it goes to show true character that we have all bound together to make it through! Halflings, humans, dwarves and my own elves. It pleases me greatly. And as well, I have taken this one as my own. So let us eat to fill our merry hearts and take pleasure in the world as we are able to rest again." And with that he sat and the feast began.

And if his companions had been sending him questioning looks before, they were now increased tenfold at Elrond's words of possession. For a moment, Legolas was surprised, then his face lit with a smile, and he chose not to look at the rest of the table for a moment. He knew Frodo was probably the most perceptive, besides the old wizard, though he would probably never say a thing. Soon, because there was not much else to look at, his gaze did pass around the table, though he was greeted pleasantly with the images of his friends concentrating on feasting. He leaned toward Elrond and whispered, "I did not think you would announce this so. I am surprised, but not displeased."

Elrond smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to the prince's lips. "And why would I not? I am not ashamed that you are my lover. I would never have any right for that emotion. One so beautiful as you should always grace my tables as my mate so to speak." He said, smiling gently.

"My Lord, I do not feel as though I deserve such flattery. You are so beautiful yourself that I do not see how I could compare. I know that elves are sometimes vain creatures, and it is not as though I do not know my own looks. It is simply...I only see yours now. I would love to be at your side for as long as you see fit to endure me." He added the part about endurance as a little joke.

"You deserve all of my flattery and more so. We are like day and night, you and I. I will see fit to endure you as long as you see fit to be my loved one." He said, catching the joke but not really sure how to reply to the humor. He smiled and kissed his lips. "The best things about us elfs is that we can do this.. where among say humans it is.. sometimes forbidden." He said with a small chuckle. He wondered vaguely how Aragorn was taking this and the others around them.

It suddenly seemed humorous that Legolas should search the expressions of each of his comrades. He wanted to see that look, the look that said that they didn't understand or they didn't really want to know, and that was because it really was quite funny. "If I might suggest, I think maybe this is not completely uncommon among humans...but among hobbits and dwarves..." He smiled to finish his thought, becoming looser and more carefree as Elrond applied public kisses to him, even once kissing him himself.

"Well.. the humans tend to be more secretive about it even as it goes on. I am unsure about Hobbits and Dwarves, surely the Hobbits couldn't keep their hands to theirselves throught the entire journey.. you may have just not witnessed it." Elrond said, happy that the other was returning his affections.

"Fortunately so, I believe. Though beautiful love and affection may be, that may not have been something I needed to witness. Do you suppose maybe we should save some of our own affection for after the feast? I fear we may cause the others to lose interest in their food." Legolas smiled, but kissed Elrond again. Once in a while, he could feel a couple pairs of eyes on him, but he ignored them.

Elrond smiled apologetically. "Ah well, they will get over it in time. But yes, we may wait until after the feast." He said this but it didn't stop him from sliding his hand under the table to the other's leg. Their dinner plates were cleared away and desert was brought. Cold treats and fruits with bowls of sugar awaited them all.

Almost needless to say, Legolas was rather distracted from food with Elrond's hand on his leg. He attempted to eat a strawberry, but his mind was drifting elsewhere, and it was quite difficult to eat such a fruit and not make a spectacle of himself with the way he was tempted to eat it. Instead, he waited patiently for the rest of the guests to finish their meals, sipping wine and glancing around the table.

Elrond nibbled the tip of the other's pointed ear and whispered softly. "Are you not so hungry, my love?" He asked, knowing the other's couldn't see as he suckled the ear gently and just bearly.

Legolas' eyelashes fluttered as he closed his eyes, his lips parting slightly, and his breathing quick for a moment. "My attention has been captured away from food...and is being taken further...and further away..."

Elrond chuckled softly. "Should we excuse our selfs from the table then?" He asked, running his hand up the younger elf's leg and caressing the skin under the long tunic in which he wore. He began to inch his fingers even farther as he waited for the answer, suckling his ear yet again.

"Yes, yes. I would be a fool to say no!" Legolas answered urgently. He was trying to control his steadily increasing breathing, and the expressions that crossed his face. Someone was bound to notice the way his eyelashes repeatedly fluttered, and how he moved slightly as he shivered.

Elrond smiled and kissed the other's neck before giving him one good caress along his length and standing. "I am certain that you may all take care of one another and retire to your chambers." He said as he dismissed himself and the younger elf from the dinner and led him to his chambers where he promptly kissed him, pushing him gently onto the bed.

Legolas was sure that his last expression, one of slight surprise and a blush that was spreading across his cheeks, was not missed by everyone. He gladly followed Elrond away from the table, and gave him a smouldering look from between his eyelashes as he was pushed onto the bed.

Elrond shivered at the look, finding the beauty he was climbing atop of to be an dream of sorts. He kissed him with such emotion he had not felt in so long, running his hands to push up the other's tunic.

Legolas shivered, closing his eyes, his breathing audible as he exhaled. Eagerly, he returned Elrond's kiss, running the tips of the thin fingers of one hand along the other's jaw, the other hand resting somewhere between his shoulder and his chest.

Elrond kissed him still slow but with passion. He removed the tunic from the younger elf, only then settling to remove his own after looking the other over.

Legolas smirked somewhat as he watched Elrond look him over. He was not exactly modest, and he sat up a moment to shake his hair over his shoulders so that it would create a wonderful blonde halo around him. He watched the older elf as he removed his clothing, anticipating and curious.

Elrond found himself blushing as he hadn't done in a long time. "As shy as you are you can be quite the mischievious thing, can't you?" He asked, crawling again atop the young elf.

Legolas smiled. "Oh, I'm mischievious?" He chuckled. "I suppose I can be. Such a fact has not yet been put to the test..." He kissed Elrond's lips as the elf reclaimed his position on top of him.

Elrond chuckled into the other elf's kiss, running his hands between the younger's thighs, hoping to tease and arouse the other, nibbling his ear as his lips parted from the other's lips.

A small and breathy noise of pleasure escaped the blonde's lips, and his head tipped back slightly. In truth, he had already been somewhat aroused before they left the dinner table, it simply may not have shown at that point. Legolas sighed and made a noise akin to purring at Elrond's attention to his ear.

The elfen king was very pleased as the other made this noise and he proceeded to nibble upon him, kissing and suckling skin wherever he could find it after doing so. He slid his hand up and caressed his length.

Legolas gasped and moaned quietly, arching ever so slightly off the bed at his gentle touch. He was almost afraid to make too much noise, though he wasn't overly vocal in the first place, as it seemed that the walls of the structures of Rivendell were not made to keep out sight or sound. They were made to allow in natural light and the smells and sounds of the forest around it.

Elrond smiled at the quietness of the other elf. He kissed his lips so that he may moan louder if he needed but it would be muffled as the younger had been right in his thinking. Elrond ran his fingers up and down the other's chest, his lips following a downward trail, hoping the prince wouldn't be too quiet. He wanted to hear something of proof that he was doing a good job. He nipped the other's inner thighs and made small licks at the base of the other's length.

Legolas whimpered a little more loudly than the noises he had previously been making, arching off the bed again. He curled his fingers into the bed clothes, resisting the teasing. He was more or less panting now, and the rhythm of his audible breathing was broken a few times by some increasingly throaty moans.

Elrond smiled at the other's noises letting a cool stream of air sweep over the other's length coolly as he licked a trail to the top of it, swirling his tongue at the tip.

The blonde shivered and his lower lip trembled, Elrond earning yet another breathy moan for his efforts. If there hadn't been any worry as to the audibility of their activities, Legolas may have made this much noise to begin with.

Elrond sucked the length into his mouth, tightening a little the futher down that he went. He moaned around it, hoping to hear more sounds of pleasure from the other.

Legolas groaned, his breath hitching as the older elf finally made a noise himself. In response, as if they were speaking to each other, he moaned himself, his eyelashes fluttering as he closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them again. He was trying not to buck his hips.

After a swirl of his tongue, Elrond moved up along the other, kissing his neck and lips, reaching into his table for lubricant. "If you don't want to completely give yourself to me just yet, I will understand."

Legolas put his hands on either side of Elrond's face, kissing him passionately, then leaned up and whispered in his ear. "I am yours."

Elrond smiled and kissed him sweetly, placing the liquid from the bottle on his fingers, pressing one of them into the younger male beneath him.

The blonde couldn't help but to wince, though only a little. It wasn't as though he did this often, but it was not the first time. Still, he had not for quite some time. The pain was very little and he ignored it easily, kissing Elrond.

The elfen king was more gentle in his ministrations, carefully kissing him as he added a second finger, working it in him.

A shiver passed through Legolas, a flush finally burning his cheeks, and the pain had lessened considerably. He moved his hips slightly, intending to show that he was becoming impatient.

Elrond got the message clearly. He removed the fingers, lubing his length with care as he kissed the other. "Your certain.." He began.

Legolas nodded. "I am yours, and I want you to take me." He kissed the corner of his mouth and arched his body against the older elf's.

Elrond nodded. "So long I awaited this night.. to show how you captivated me.." He pressed into him. "To show how much you affected me. To show how much I am willing to love you and accept you at my side." He said breathily as he pushed into the other completely.

Legolas gasped and then moaned somewhat breathily, adjusting quickly to the pressure inside of him. He wrapped his arms around Elrond's shoulders, kissing him on the cheek once and then on the lips, his breath trembling and audible as it came out against the other's skin.

Elrond gasped at the tightness of the other, shivering and holding still inside him. "Tell me when, my love." He shuddered out, kissing the other's neck as he held him close.

Legolas whispered, "Please..." and moved his hips slightly. He didn't think there were any other words that would suffice for the request to move. There weren't words for it in English or Elvish.

Elrond nodded, moving deliciously slow inside the other, being very careful to not hurt him as he picked up his pace, groaning and wrapping his thin fingers around the other's shaft.

The blonde moaned almost loudly, and with adandon, moving his hips in time with Elrond's, helping him move deeper everytime he thrust in. He removed his arms from around the older man's shoulders, fisting his hands into the sheets, allowing him more range of movement.

Elrond groaned at the beauty beneath him. He shivered and called out and thrust deep inside the other, grasping him by the hips.

The heat that had been pooling in Legolas' stomach was building rapidly, gaining tension, and he saw the signs that meant he wasn't going to last all that much longer.

Elrond gave a silent cry as he was already finishing inside the young prince. "Ahn! Legolas!" He hissed out as he tried to bring the other with him into the beautiful pleasre.

Truly, it was the sound of an Elven king's beautiful voice that brought Legolas over the edge. His back arched off of the bed as he climaxed with Elrond, groaning and sighing the other's name.

Elrond smiled at the beauty beneath him still. He pulled out of the other carefully before kissing him on the lips. "Did you enjoy yourself?" He asked, running fingers through his hair.

Legolas smiled back. "Of course I did. And did you?" He wrapped his arms around Elrond's shoulders again, this time pulling him down to lay completely on top of him, sighing contentedly.

Elrond nodded, smiling fondly. "Oh yes. I knew you would return to me, the wait was almost unbearable. It pleases me to have you at my side."

"And I am glad to be here as well. There is no other place I thought of more than Rivendell, and no one I thought of more than you, while I was away." Legolas kissed Elrond's cheek and closed his eyes for a moment. Opening them again, he said, "Are you very tired? Or could we walk through the woods and look up at the stars?"

Elrond stood. "Not at all, come with me then love, let the trees know of our coupling." He said, holding his hand out for the other to take.

With a slight smile, Legolas took the proferred hand and stood. "If the woods are to know of us, are we going to dress for this walk? Or go as we are?" He felt slightly adventurous and really wouldn't have minded walking through the forest naked.

"At least that of a light robe. As the trees have seen me since I was infantile, they know not of you, and even as you are my being, they feel like parents." Elrond said with a soft chuckle.

Legolas smiled a little wider, reaching for the tunic that he had been wearing previously and slipping it over his head. "Will this do? Of course I do not want to offend the trees."

Elrond nodded."Of course, my love. Now follow along with me." He said, slipping his robe alone on, tying it slightly.

He didn't need much coaxing. He would have followed Elrond into the trees whether he had said to or not. The night air was slightly more chill than the air had been during the day, with the absense of the sun, but it was still warm and comfortable. "The night is beautiful," Legolas remarked, looking up through the branches at the stars.

Elrond smiled and kissed his lips once as he led him out. "Ah, the trees are watching, and some are chuckling. What is your Mirkwood like these days, young prince?"

"Much the same as it has ever been. The trees are kind to those that dwell there, but dangerous for those that do not. And they still help to protect us from some of the less friendly creatures."

"I will of course come to visit your parents, for I think they would be pleased to know of us, yes?"

"Yes, I believe they would be." Legolas smiled and laced his fingers with Elrond's as they walked.

Elrond was happy to be spending this time with the younger man. "I can't wait until we tell my whole kingdom." He said, looking around him at the serene beauty that was his city.

Legolas laughed a little. "If Merry and Pippin know, they'll tell your whole kingdom for you. And they'd make a wonderful celebration of it. They seem to enjoy making noise and merriment."

"Then we tell them first." Elrond said with a chuckle. "This is much more happiness than I have ever had, and I thank you for that."

"I want to thank you for the same. At home in Mirkwood, I had never felt this way. But since I feel so...wonderful here, I feel like this is home." Legolas smiled. "When would you like to announce our relationship to your kingdom?"

"As soon as we can. It may seem strange but I am rather ecstatic, and no one here in this kingdom will judge you." He said, smiling. "I am thankful for once that our same sex marriages aren't looked down upon."

Legolas looked up at Elrond. "If they were to judge me, they would be judging you as well. I know they would be hesitant to do such." He paused for a second. "Did you say 'marriage'?"

Elrond felt a slight shade of crimson grace his flawless cheeks. "Well yes, you don't expect to just be here do you?" He asked, biting his lower lip. "I suppose I should be asking you rightly when I have a ring.."

Legolas could have laughed. He had never seen the great King like this before. He kissed his cheek. "Don't fret. I was only caught off guard. I only asked if that was what you said, that doesn't mean I'm going to say no." He looked down at the ground then up at Elrond through his eyelashes. "I don't care if you have a ring. A piece of jewelry isn't important to me. I love you..."

Elrond smiled softly."I see. So then, you will marry me and join me in the ruling of our city?" He asked, half commanding, half asking the other.

Hesitating for a moment and letting all of the words wash over him, Legolas smiled and answered with a resolute, "Yes." He hadn't really expected that he would have ruling rights, but then again, he had never really thought about it.

Elrond smiled and kissed his younger lover. He hadn't smiled or been this happy in forever. "I am glad that you will." He said, grasping the other's hand.

The blonde couldn't stop smiling. He felt an anxious excitement, and wondered when their wedding would be. He supposed it would be announced at the same time as their love was announced to the kingdom. It would be a momentous occassion.

Elrond smiled brighter. "Come, let us abandon our tree friends and go back to the palace and from there we can make preparations, hopefully we can before your little group leaves." He kissed the younger elf on the ear.

"Even with the comforts of Rivendell, I'm sure they'll be missing their homes soon enough." Legolas still smiled, playfully bouncing away from Elrond, inviting him to follow, treading the ground on the tips of his toes. "Come on, come after me!" He was going in the direction of the palace.

Elrond chased after the other elf, laughing as he hadn't done anything like that in centuries. "I love you.." He whispered to himself, marveling at his wonderful fortune that was his lover as he ran after him.

Legolas slowed down and stepped behind a tree, peeking around it and smiling. "Are you going to catch me...?" he taunted playfully, laughing.

Elrond felt old suddenly as it was. He laughed as he tried to catch his breath. "young win!" He said, trying to wait for the other to stop.

He came out from behind the tree and stood in front of Elrond, peering at him innocently. "And for winning...may I have your hand?" Legolas held out his own hand, waiting for him to literally place his hand in his.

Elrond gave the other his hand confused. "And what kind of prize is this?" he asked, smiling confused.

Legolas leaned down and kissed the ring finger of his hand, then looked up at him and smiled. "I simply wanted to tell you that I love you." He pulled the king closer to him and embraced him.

Elrond smiled at this and held the other tight. "And I you.. what made you like me though? We only really just met when you left and here we had made a ..pact of sorts to be with one another."

"Your presence, your power, your personality, your looks. Everything about you has captivated me. But I think what got me was the way you were willing to let someone like me speak at your council, and then the way you looked at me..." He trailed off with half a smile on his facing, remembering. "And you? What made you like me?"

"Your beauty, your seeming need to prove yourself. Your somewhat innocence, your youth." He replied softly. "I loved having you there, so much more refreshing, not as uptight as the others." He kissed the other elf, still walking with him to the palace.

"You're not so uptight, yourself. Especially for the ruler of a kingdom. I hardly think Celeborn or Lady Galadriel would do something such as announce a marriage to someone of their same sex. It is something wonderful and progressive." Legolas sighed happily and looked up at the trees while they walked back. "So, do you think we should announce this in the next two or three days?"

Elrond smiled. "What about we do it now?" He asked, leading the other into their room to get properly dressed.

Legolas raised an eyebrow, but smiled. "I have no objection to that. The sooner the better, I suppose." He was going to have to borrow more clothing from Elrond if he was to be properly dressed.

Elrond recognized this and went to his closets, getting the other elf clothing in tones of silver and blue while he himself wore soft maroon. He smiled. "Well... I suppose if you wish to call everyone I will be out in a moment." He said, looking around his room for the right things needed to properly crown his prince to be.

Legolas accepted the clothing with a smile and a nod, slipping it on quickly. Even if it was very slightly too big, it was comfortable and beautiful. "Shall I call them to the same place where council was held the night we first met? And shall I call only those who were my companions first?" He was becoming almost giddy.

Elrond nodded. "yes that would be wise I think." He kissed him. "And then tomorrow eve when my kindgom gathers, for I wll send out invitations, then we will announce it to all.

"Alright." With one more excited smile, Legolas left the room and flew through the hallways, rapping on the doors of his companions. Soon, they were all out and instructed to go to the council circle at once. Of course, they were confused because Legolas would tell them nothing without Elrond. He sat quietly with his hands in his lap, anxiously awaiting his lover.

Elrond came to his lover's side and smiled before the others that had gathered. "I am sure you must all be confused. yes you will get to rest again and no there is no danger. I have something very important to announce to you." He looked to his lover with a soft smile. "On this day your companion, Legolas Greenleaf and I decided to join with one another, not only in body but in mind, spirit and life." He gave a pointed look to his lover for him to take it from there.

Legolas simply could not stop smiling. "We have marry." He paused so that they could react. "You are all the first to know because you have been my friends in times of hardship. The entire kingdom will know tomorrow." He was curious as to what they might have to say, but nothing could have ruined his mood. True, everyone looked a little shocked, and in varying degrees, but no one objected.

Elrond chuckled and kissed his lover's lips and presented to him a ring and a circlet of white rivendell gold. "He will help me rule in this city of mine, and I hope you all accept this." Elrond said with a sort of authority that if any dared go against him he would squish them.

Legolas looked up at him as he accepted the beautiful symbolic jewelry, then closed his eyes and smiled. The moment was almost surreal, and he let the weight of the responsibility he was accepting wash over him. "Thank much. This moment could be the pinnacle of my existence," he turned to the others present, "and I'm glad you were all here to witness it."

Elrond grabbed his lover's hand. "So that would be all for now.." He said in dismissal, wondering if anyone would stop to say their polite comments to them.

Half of them simply walked straight past, nodding politely, though Merry and Pippin stopped to say that they were looking forward to the wedding, and Aragorn smiled slightly and said his congratulations. Legolas had expected the dwarf would say nothing, but it rather surprised him that Frodo and Sam were so quiet.

Elrond was pleased thus far. "Well, shall we return to our chambers?" He asked his young lover.

Legolas sighed, still happy. "Yes. Perhaps we should sleep now?" He was beginning to get a little tired after the events of the night.

Elrond nodded and lead the other to the bedroom. "I think they took it rather well."

"I agree completely. Though, I am a little surprised that Frodo stayed so quiet. Do you suppose he was uncomfortable?" Legolas smiled. "I'm glad Merry and Pippin will be having fun. I'm sure they'll be drunk."

Elrond chuckled. "I believe Frodo may have felt exposed. And yes the two hobbits you speak of will probably be a little too drunk. Elven wine is not meant for hobbits." He said nonchalantly, removing his robes.

Legolas removed the borrowed robes, folding them carefully and setting them on top of a chest. He slid into the bed and smiled up at Elrond. "Perhaps we could let them have just a little wine. It could be moderated. After all, there will be much merriment."

Elrond smiled and nodded. "Yes perhaps a little then." He said, "We may have to dilute it with water. You know.. we will eventually have to stop to your own kingdom to tell your parents."

Legolas thought for a moment. "Well...they may have to be told after it happens. Otherwise, we'll have to delay our wedding. I don't think it should bother them all that much." He smiled.

Elrond glanced at him. "Your father and I are good friends, surely they wouldn't mind that much?"

"Of course not. I didn't mean that he would have a problem with it. I only meant that they might be annoyed that we couldn't invite them, but they won't have a problem." Legolas closed his eyes for a second.

Elrond smiled. "Well.. it isn't that they wont be invited. Believe me they will be there, no matter how early we have it."

Legolas laughed a little. "I suppose I shouldn't try to underestimate my own parents, should I?"

"No it would seem not. Well, let us go and send them an invitation. Besides the preparations will take a while anyhow."

The blonde nodded in agreement, but closed his eyes again. He was beginning to get quite tired, as they still had yet to sleep, and though his parents would need that invitation, he needed sleep.

Elrond sat on the edge of the bed. "Do you wish us to sleep now?" He asked, running his fingers through the blonde's hair.

"Yes, I do, but if you feel it is necessary for us to send an invitation tonight, we can do that first." Legolas suppressed a yawn, and leaned into Elrond's touch.

Elrond smiled. "Alright then. Let me write it quickly and send it through post." He grabbed his parchment and pen and wrote of the wedding to Legolas's parents. "They will no doubt be here tomorrow night, and we will wed in two nights."

"An agreeable time, my love." Legolas smiled, his eyes closed, drifting dangerously close to sleep. It would be terrible if he fell asleep while Elrond was talking to him. "Please come to bed now?"

Elrond chuckled lightly and lay next to him in bed. "Sleep, my love, my prince." He said softly, kissing his lips.

Legolas smiled again, with his eyes closed, and responded with, "Yes, my beautiful king." He cuddled against him slightly and finally fell asleep.

Elrond woke slowly the next morning. He sighed content, reaching for his lover to cuddle with him.

The blonde stirred, opening his eyes a little and smiling sleepily, then closed his eyes and snuggled against his lover again, trying to reclaim sleep.

Elrond laughed and kissed his lover's cheek. It wasn't so long that he laid there. He got back up and went out and saw instantly a messanger. "Ah, good morn." He said softly. "What can I do for you?"

The messanger smiled. "Prince Legolas's parents are here."

Legolas had not actually found sleep again, and stirred when Elrond left him without comfortable warmth, following the elvenking and overhearing the news. "They're here already?"

Elrond nodded to his lover. "Yes, Thank you messenger." After the messanger left Elrond turned to his blonde lover and kissed him."Hurry dear, let us dress and see them."

"Yes, of course. I doubt it would be appropriate to greet them in the nude." Legolas smirked. With a flat look, he added, "Someday, it might be better if I have my own clothes, instead of borrowing all of yours all the time." Then he smiled.

Elrond nodded. "Yes, we will get your clothing from your palace." He yawned and met with his parents. "Ah, my friends. I am guessing you got my note."

Thranduil, Legolas's father eyed him curiously. "Yes.. I had hoped if he sent news of marriage it would be to a woman, but I suppose you're still as girl-ish as you used to be, hmn?"
(I don't know if that is the name of Legolas's father or not..)

(I'll look it up sometime...we can change it later if it's wrong)His mother laid a hand on her husband's arm. "Oh, you know it doesn't matter who you marry, as long as you're happy." She smiled serenely.

"Thank you, Mother," Legolas answered, smiling as well, and giving his father a sort of bemused look. It didn't surprise him that he had said something like that, but it didn't please him either. Ah well, one does not ask for their parents.

"But.. my love what will we do for grandelfilings?" Thranduil asked with a pout.

Elrond sighed. "I think if we wanted children we could accquire them easily enough."

"We could have a daughter and hope she does not marry a woman. It is not as though we are past our prime." She turned slightly serious, making the conversation between herself and her husband almost private.

Legolas looked between his parents and his lover, slightly confused, and even more than a little confused as to the meaning behind Elrond's words. How would they 'acquire' children?

Thranduil grinned. "That we could dear."

Elrond smiled. "Well the wedding..will be here soon. And we will have to go and get my lovely princling's clothing as well."

Legolas's father looked at them. "You two..have obviously been planning this, why don't you already have everything here that you would need?"

Legolas spoke up. "Well, Father, I have been wearing clothing that is not mine for the days that I have been here. Yes, this was planned some time previously, but not with results such as this. This arrangement was only decided a few days ago."

His mother looked at him for a second and then pulled him to the side, and, though she intended it to be a private question, voiced a concern rather loudly. "Are you going to be married in white? Are you still a virgin?" To this, Legolas blushed, wishing his mother had actually whispered it.

Elrond twitched. "No he isn't a virgin..but, I don't see why that should stop him wearing white should he want to. I personally like him in green."

Thranduil chuckled. "Honestly, he isn't a girl."

Legolas smiled at Elrond. Personally, he thought the man looked beautiful in light colors, though it had nothing to do with virginity.

His mother huffed. "But brides are supposed to wear white! This situation confuses me. Neither of you is a bride, but someone must act as one. One of you must be the 'woman' of your relationship." She pouted a little in frustration, and she completely disregarded how much she was embarrassing her son.

Elrond stared. "Obviously you don't suggest that I have that role?"

Thranduil chuckled. "Works for me."

The only lady present smirked slightly. "Actually, I was not suggesting that it was you at all. I meant to suggest that my own son might be. I believe he is the more effeminate."

"Mother!" Legolas protested. It didn't matter that he really had that role, or something to that effect, but the fact that even his mother could see it was a little strange.

"I had hoped that would be your answer."Elrond said with a twitch.

Thranduil layed a hand on his wife's arm. "Love, don't pester our son too much. He's the girl, it's obvious and you embarassed him."

Legolas tried to suppress a smile, but failed, and laughed a little. "Alright, I can't help that it's obvious. But mother, I'm not wearing white just because you think I should be the bride." He smiled at her.

Thranduil grinned. "I agree. White would make you even more girly."

"Thank you, Father. Maybe that's the reason I usually wear green."

Elrond smiled. "I will show you two to your guest rooms." He said, wishing now to drop the subject. If his lover was girlish that was his problem.

Thranduil nodded. "Alright then, lead the way."

Legolas followed quietly, still in high spirits, even through the light taunting of his parents.

"Do we have separate rooms?" His mother asked quietly.

Elrond glanced at Legolas's mother as though she was stupid. "No.. I said rooms because the main is connected to a seperate and that is connected to a bathroom...why would I seperate husband and wife?"

Thranduil grinned and ruffled his wife's hair. "Awe, honey were you afraid the big bad king was going to seperate us?"

She narrowed her eyes and then smiled. She sighed in defeat. "Alright, alright, I wasn't thinking before I spoke."

Elrond smiled fondly at the couple. "Well, they are right through this door." He said, opening a set of doors as they proceeded down the hall.

Thranduil smiled and ran into said room and jumped on the bed. "Ohhh fluffy!"

Legolas smiled and chuckled at his father's enthusiasm, wondering at how he could be so child-like sometimes.

His mother walked calmly into the room and sat on the edge of the bed that had just been assaulted by her husband. "This is a lovely room, as expected of you, Elrond." She inclined her head respectfully.

Thranduil smiled. "Well run along and do that coupley weird thing." He said, snuggling into the covers. "I am taking a nap."

Elrond sighed. "I don't think you have grown up since you were a mere elfling."

"I resent that..."

Legolas and his mother both smirked at the same time, silently agreeing with Elrond's comment. His mother spoke up. "Though not in exactly the same words as your father, perhaps you would like to have time for each other before the wedding? I'm sure there must be much to prepare and not much time to do it." She smiled. "Is there anything that I may be able to assist with?"

Elrond nodded. "Well.. we need decorating, I have never been one for it much. Sure I can do elegance, but wedding preperations?"

"I would be happy to help." She smiled.

"Then...shall we leave my mother and father to each other for a time, love?" Legolas turned to Elrond and looped his arm around his.

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2008-03-08 [The Vampire Armand]: Yes I know of course we can skip a little.

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