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2007-07-09 21:10:14
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Welcome to my vacation gallery of Edinburgh

Here are some pictures I hope you might enjoy


Here am I on a pub called "The Jolley Judge", sipping a dobbel vodka with redbull

And yes, I am aware I look very tired! Flights tare a lot on my energy.

<center> <img:>

Well, this is me on a canon on top of the Edinburgh castle, it was a beautiful view


This is me clibing on top of my new scotish friend, I just call him "Moo-Moo"

And of course we coulden't go Edinburgh without trying to find us some ghosts.. We were on five different walks to find them.. And I think we did, but I don't want to come off being a crazy lady, but I can tell of a little experiment me and ståle did in one of the vaults beneath the South Bridge of Edinburgh.
In one of the vaults, ledgend say there's a little boy named Jack haunting. Ståle laid a pound (a pound for a little boy in those ages was alot of money!) on the "shelf" he used to be sleeping, and I stood ready with the camera to catch orbs.
I took a picture, it's the first of the one's below. But when I took it, ståle looked at me and I was as pale as snow and looked terrifyed. I felt a cold wind from nowhere, so I started walking away, but the coldness followed me.. I hurried up the stairs to the surface,and just as I got to the top of the stairs, it stopped..


This is the picture I took when I felt the coldness


This is taken straight at the wall in something that called the most active room. The orbs are so clear and powerful here

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2006-07-21 [Astaroth]: So beautiful... and I like the cannon. :)

2006-07-22 [Tadriendra]: Thank you =) Is so lovely over there =)

2006-07-27 [shadow of darkness]: you straddled that cannon like a pro. lol you look beautiful

2006-07-27 [Tadriendra]: Oh, thank you so much ;)

2006-07-28 [shadow of darkness]: cant wait to see more pics of you and your adventures

2006-08-11 [Astaroth]: Me too ;)

2006-08-20 [Tadriendra]: Soon I'll upload me and [Uryviel]'s London trip ;)

2006-08-22 [To the Welkin]: holy shit, look at those orbs! electric...mmm... you're so gorgeous, too. *blushes and hides*

2006-08-22 [Dorian Gray]: Hurray for edinburgh!! I love it so dearly!!

2006-08-24 [Tadriendra]: Yeah thoose orbs really are something special.. They really awemazed me! And thank you so much my dear rain poet *loves a lot*

2007-07-12 [chilli_icecream]: Ive been to Edinburgh. I dont recall any orbs though, in any more abundance than my own home...but then I am a wizard.

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