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2004-07-31 16:44:29
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Did you mean Edgar Allan Poe?

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2005-09-26 [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: *dances in your ballroom*

2005-09-27 [~Nyx~]: Is there Lord Byron wiki here somewhere? o.O

2005-09-27 [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: Not that I know of, but I was thinking about starting one pretty quick...

2005-10-05 [~Nyx~]: good idea. I`ll join, if you do ^^

2005-10-05 [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: Coolness, I'll try and start one up sometime this week if I can. I can't really do it right now.

2005-10-18 [Alleria]: Lord Byron... I've not heard of this...

2005-10-19 [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: You haven't heard of Lord Byron?! You need to look in up I would suggest "The Isolation of Genius" it is fantastic!

2005-10-19 [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: Is anyone here familiar with Robert Dodsley?! Probably not. It ish impossible to find any of his poems except for two, one of which is not very good. You guys should look up "song" by Robert Dodsley. It's fantastic, my favorite poem right now.

2005-11-20 [Barb-wired Heart]: 'Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore"'

2006-04-28 [punk_kid15]: No iv never heard of Dodsley but ill look in to him

2006-05-09 [bluehaired007]: ok its all about the denver youth slam team poets ok? and poe.......but for sure katie povota has got it going on but if you like slam poetry you would no who she is but if not then this is a waste of space................

2006-08-07 [Vrouwe mooiweertje]: Poe was a genius people! If you like him, you should try other rimbaud, baudelaire, long live dandy poets/writers!

2006-11-09 [Barb-wired Heart]: Still, Poe would have been a scary person in real life. One of those people you avoid. Which makes his work all the more greater in my opinion!

2006-11-11 [Alleria]: Yea.. he married his cousin.. but that wasn't weird in his time.. she died and he was all sad and they think that's where the poems about Lenore came from.. but none can be sure. really..

2007-01-15 [Able Insane]: Did you know 10% of americans have made-out with their cousin and that america is tha only country who thinks that cousin-on-cousin is a bad thing?

2007-01-15 [~Nyx~]: cousin-on-cousin is a bad thing in the whole of Scandinavia to, so america is not the only country. (I would guess it`s a bad thing in other countries to).

2007-01-19 [Alleria]: ^^ cousin-on-cousin action not cool. but second cousins are a grey area! lol

2007-01-24 [~Nyx~]: cousin-on-cousin is illegal (I think?), second cousins is not cool either....

2007-01-25 [Alleria]: I think that cousin-on-cousin is illegal. second cousins are funny, if you don't know them... it may be okay, but if you know them, I'm sure it's quite strange.... lol<img:stuff/exitedN-gif.gif>

2007-02-05 [Jaryth14]: Edgar Allan Poe rocks, but you could've at least spelled his name correctly if you're gonna dedicate a wiki to him...

2007-02-07 [Alleria]: lol.. yea funny huh. ^^

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