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ET pet store


Please put the name of the pet and what kind of pet it is, and if we
have it in stock, you will get it.
If you would like one of our pets,
please message [kians mummy] or [Eyonic] and one of us will give you the pet as soon as we can, there is now an email adress that you can email your requests to.


Pets Available for Adoption

Click the links to see more of these pets!

ET Pet Demons
ET Pegasi
ET phoenixes

Still Waiting on Pet Deliveries

ET pet Dragons ET pet Flying pigs ET pet zombies ET Boggarts

ET Thestrals ET Pygmy Puffs ET Nargles ET unicorns ET exclusive pets


See also: ET pet store staff

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2013-04-13 [Eyonic]: <img200*0:stuff/aj/92267/1365812020.png><img200*0:stuff/aj/92267/1365812036.png><img200*0:stuff/aj/92267/1365815027.png>

2013-04-13 [Eyonic]: not sure what category these fuzzballs belong in though o.O

2013-04-14 [kians mummy]: I will figure it out on monday, I may create another category or put them in phoenix. :)

2013-04-14 [Eyonic]: they could be under featured or dragons in a way o.O fluffy, feathered dragons...

2013-04-22 [Eyonic]: <img300*0:stuff/aj/92267/1366599760.png> hehe baby dodo :)

2013-04-24 [kians mummy]: I love that one. :)

2013-04-25 [Eyonic]: I'll make more colors :) if you want to put him in with the others?

2013-04-25 [kians mummy]: Yeah I will x

2013-04-25 [kians mummy]: I am trying to think of a name for these, any ideas? :)

2013-04-26 [Eyonic]: i always called them dodo-phoenixes o.o this one is just a 'baby' version of the ones already up :)

2013-04-26 [Eyonic]: <img250*0:stuff/aj/92267/1366943611.png><img250*0:stuff/aj/92267/1366943629.png><img250*0:stuff/aj/92267/1366943641.png>
here we go :)

2013-04-26 [kians mummy]: I will add rhem on monday. :)

2013-04-28 [Eyonic]: okidokie :)

2015-08-14 [Eyden13]: *Looks around.* Are they all still adoptable because I would love the pegasi 1.

2015-08-14 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm pretty sure nobody has fed them in three years.

2015-08-16 [Eyden13]: its okay. I'll nurse it back from his or her malnutrition.

2015-08-20 [kians mummy]: Yeah it's been a while

2015-08-23 [Eyonic]: >.> I hope none of the critters ate the others...

2015-08-24 [kians mummy]: HaHa

2015-08-24 [Eyonic]: totally need to make more critters for this o.o or just make more for the shitz and giggles of it XD

2015-08-24 [Eyonic]: oh hay, did you make a category for those little fluff monsters up there that I made?

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