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See Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest
and ET Fountain Contest Entries

High effort and professional entries are expected for this two-phase, team-effort project (yes, you can enter in teams for the first phase too, list all usernames involved in an image). All work should reflect this far-off deadline, and all images should portray a significant amount of effort and detail.


Don't skip the


-The image MUST BE YOURS!!!!
Just in case you skipped over the Uploading Art Rules for Elftown, we will outline this for you:
The image must be your own idea. It must be made by your own hands and mind. If any part of the image is not your idea, it will be removed without warning, and you will be disqualified from the contest, no questions asked. IF, for SOME reason, your idea requires that you photo-manipulate ANYTHING to be utilized WITHIN your idea, it better be so small, miniscule, and unobtrusive that no one, including anyone from OUTSIDE of Elftown, can tell that it is not yours, and legally it better be five percent or less of what the original image entails. Can you use a smidgen of someone's picture of their brother's hair to texturize the ground, and then color it green and add contrast? Sure, if you do it right... You know, sometimes the hair looks just right.... BUT, you include the tattoo that runs along their neck in that picture (a definitive charactertistic of an image), and you're toast. Got it?

-The image size must be: Between 375x375 pixels and 675x1350 pixels (width x height, 5"x5" - 9"x18")

-The image must look professional, meaning that it can be rendered well on the web when it is posted. PREFERRED RESOLUTION: 75 ppsi (30ppscm) - 150 ppsi (60ppscm) (pixels per square inch/ pixels per square centimeter). If you use pixel size to create your image, you will not need a resolution option.
If Elftown makes your image look grainy or mottled, try hosting it on a third-party pic hosting site like photobucket or Yahoo! Pictures, then linking it here. Make sure posting it at this resolution does not make it huge or oversized.

-The image must utilize color in some form (full color preferred), but a black-and-white sketch or secondary non-color image may be entered ONLY if a full-color image has also been entered. Maximum number of entries : 3 images.

-The image must have a background. This is best accomplished by using a photoshop program and editing in layers, adding in a background layer after completing the fountain's design. Classic media-users, such as paint, pencils, pastels, etc are welcome to compete in their usual mediums, but may be asked to design a separate background in the second round of the design project if their image moves on to the second round.

-The image must contain a FOUNTAIN. This is not a contest for drawing anthro, goths, your boyfriend, or pickles. If you'd like to include details like these, make sure that they do not take up the spotlight in an irritating mannerThe focus is the fountain. If you divert from that, you will most likely have a lesser chance of winning any of the six categories. Your creativity in depicting the details of this fountain are endless. If your fountain shoots guysers of blood, be forewarned that it will not win a couple of the categories, but do not be discouraged from applying your creativity in whatever ways possible.


Understand the


This Contest is a TWO-PHASE PROJECT, and requires maturity, teamwork, good sportsmanship and image layering or reproduction skills (layering/reproduction skills especially suggested for the 'Best Background' portion's second phase).


   -a badge-trophy

   -their image will be posted on an 'Elftown Water Fountain Art and Media' Page and recognized for its entry into the second phase of the design project

   -the designer will be asked to join the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay's roleplayer guild without an application to join (as is normal for the WFR Application Page). Any person who enters the guild in this manner will have the opportunity to have a guild member or moderator help them personally to create a roleplaying character for any Elftown wiki they enjoy, and it will be added to their list of characters on the WFR Guild Members List.

1. First Round - Separate categories of winners will be utilized, including:
   -Best of Show (Overall Image Appearance, composition and art techniques)

   -Best Background (detail, creativity, style and composition of elements)

   -Best Use of Color (color scheme, creativity, media use and style)

   -Most Elegant (Most Elven in Refinement, depicting elegance through style, detail, art technique, age-appearance and conceptual work)

   -Best of Engineering and Architecture (architectural or engineering characteristics, depicting details that show a level of skill in sculpting, engineering, masonry, etc.)

   -Most Elftown-ish (Suits the mood of ET the most, by using color, theme/style, personal details, illustration and depiction of Elftown-elements)

Of these six categories, three will be decided by poll (Best of Show, Most Elftown-ish, and Best Use of Color) and three will be by a panel of judges (Best Background, Engineering / design / architecture, and Elven-like design and concept-work).

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE JUDGE, MSG [xido]!!!! Judges can be contestants, but maturity and rationalization will be key. All judges will have to prove their knowledge of art and design by applying directly to [xido].

2. Second Round 'Winner's Circle' - When these first-round winners have been decided, the final list of entries for this contest will all be posted on an Elftown Water Fountain Art and Media wiki page, and the winners will receive their awards, special recognition on the page, and invitations to the guild. From this final group of artists, all members will be asked to partake in a final group project, somewhat like an art trade, but working on a single image. This will be optional, and is not required of all members. If you do not wish your image to partake in this second phase of image rendition, you may ask that it is not included in the final project.

The final image for posting on the page will be a group effort, based on ideas and details worked out while making the original entries for the contest. All winners will be asked to brainstorm as a group the strengths and weaknesses of all winning entries, incorporating various elements from each piece to make a singular, whole, group-manifested image. If this becomes completely impossible because of jealousy, greed, a lack of mutliple winners, or any other reason, the secondary project may have to be abandoned, and the final image decision will be up to [xido] and a small council of Elftowners and Guild Members.


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