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In the large two story tavern, next to a crystal blue lake, nestled between the woods and the mountains, two figures sat in the back of the tavern,in a darkened corner drinking tall mugs of god knows what.

Jace looked up at his friend Zzeey , whose long alabaster hair was pulled pack tight into a pony tail, and smiled. Jace had known the drow for quite some time, and the two where nearly inseparable ."Say what you will,"the drow was saying in between sips of his cider."The axe may be fine for you, but its about more than brute strength." Jace rolled his eyes, This was a conversation they had frequently. Jace preferred his battle axe, where as zzeey preferred two twin lancets, about a foot and a half long each. Their fighting styles varried wildy , but complimented each other on the field. "Anyway.."jace began, as he took a sip of his mead."Are you sure Hes gunna be here?" Zzeey nodded."As sure as one can be, you know how lestat is."

Feara stopped right outside the door of the tavern and straigtned up her midnight blue cloak. The wind was rediculous today, it was blowing everything out of place. Chuckling she carefuly oppened the front door trying rather hard to not let it slam oppen, however that's exactly what it did. Softly growing Feara walked in struggling to close the door as most the patrons started making loud louds noises to shut it. It was half way closed when someone ran up and and helped push it the rest of the way. Shaking her head Feara moved down her hood and walked to the back of the tavern shouting over at the bartender. "Hey, the ususal please." She said as she took a seat next to Zzeey. "Hello you two."

The redbearded dwarven bartender waved in acknowledgment, and set one of the bar maids to work.

Jace and Zzeey smiled at their friend ."Well met m'lady" Jace said with a grin. "How have you been?"The drow asked, taking a sip of his cider. The rest of the bar seemed to not notice the three, none of them where well liked, being drow, undead, and a necromancer didn't get you too many warm welcomes in most parts, but they had saved the town, and the people in it more times then they cared to recall. This ofcourse earned them some leniency.

"Fine, fine. I finnaly got the mannor back up and running again. You won't belive the amount of dust that compiles over the years. Other than that just catching up with everything. How about you two?" Feara asked taking her glass of elven wine from the bar maid.

"and for you sir? a refil?" The elven woman asked. JAce just winked and shook his head."No thanks darlin, not yet." She nodded and walked away with a slight blush. "The manor huh, sounds fancy.." Zzeey laughed and put in ."I know just how dusty things can become, trust me."


Deep in the mountains, along a well worn road a child-like figure walked with a slight limp. The creatures hidden in the dark, grinned mischeviously. It would be easy pickings tonight. They were tired of having to 'fight' for their food. Their beady eyes lingered over the slow figure, licking their chops. As the figure grew closer, the miscreants slithered out their hiding. "Well what do we 'ave 'ere? A lost waif. Are you lost little one?"the apparent leader spoke in the most belittling way. They had stopped short of the group as they materalized from the darkness. They smirked from under their hood. In their best child-like voice they answered, "Oh yes kind sirs, I am very lost and very lonely. Would you please help me?" The group gave a deep chuckle, as one of them rub their hands together. The leader closed the gap between him and the child. "Of course little one, after you help us." He cupped his grimy hand under their chin, tilting their head up. When their eyes met, all the blood from his face drained away. "Why I would just love you help you..." Their eyes were blood red. No one heard their screams as they feasted on the group.
Upon waking up, Aurora discovered that she was in a cave. How she had gotten there she could only imagine. Running her grimy fingers thorugh her now short bobbed hair, she looked around for her companion. My Heart? Getting no answer, she carefully stood up and assessed herself. This thing would consume her soon if she didn't find that damn priest. She shuddered at the thought of those 'men' last night. She knew too well what men like that did. "The world is better without them." Aurora said to herself. Oh are they my love? A white and grey wolf stalked into the enterance of the cave. "Yes it is." The wolf bounded over to her. How much time do you have? Aurora slunk down to her knees, reached out to the wolf, who took a step back. "Not long. Sorry." I caught scent of a stream a bit aways. Stay downwind and I will show you. Aurora slapped the dirt. Not being able to be in touch with him hurt them both beyond words. "Lead the way my Heart."
Upstairs in the Tavern, a young girl was stirring. Outside, the day was just beginning, and it promised to be a beautiful day indeed. The birds were up, chirrping lovingly to one another as they sang songs of spring time and love. Outside the wind gently pushed the trees against the window, making them tap out a rhythm on the glass. A decorative crystal hung from it's chord by the widow, twirling in the breeze. As the light shone in, it caught the crystal, sending rays of color and rainbows dancing throughout the room. The sun also shone down on the young girl's face, to which she growled, and promptly turned over and covered her head with the pillow. Mea hated mornings, and no matter how beautiful this morning was, it was still morning. As the time ticked onward, the chirrping and the tapping on her window continued. She groaned, finally giving in to the pushy nature of today. "Alright! I'm up..." she growled, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. "Happy now?" She quickly changed into her clothes, a pair of black cloth pants and a white pesant shirt, and went to check on her companions next door.

As the door clicked behind her, she rushed over to the boys room, rapping on the door intently. She was rarely ever awake before them, and she purred happily at the thought of being outside their door knocking instead of being dragged out of bed by them. She waited outside their door for a couple minutes, hoping that it wasn't as late as she though it was. After a couple minutes, she gave up, and trotted over to the stairs to head downstairs and grab some food.

Jace slumbered heavily, the thick leather curtains where drawn tight, allowing no sun into the room. Snoring lightly, he never even heard the rapping.

Zzeey however was awake, rising with the sun to do his morning work out. Having finished with his katas, he was lounging on the couch, sharpening a small curved dagger."Good morning, sleep well?" He asked Mes as she made her way down the stairs. "Rumble hasn't made it in yet., there's no food, but the bread on the bar." The drow said,absently scratching his bare chest.

Feara walked through the door having been up before the sun. She was in light brown cotton pants and a white billow blouse leaving heavely on her staff with a slight limp in her step. She'd been out scrying and let her guard down, and ended up in a magic mind battel. "There is a power out there my friend, and it's pure and innocent." She spoke softly toward Zzeey before switching to the link they had. A child.

Zzeey turned to face feara, raising an eyebrow in interest. Really now?.

Feara nodded slightly walking to the arm chair opposite him. She is back in the tunnels, and unconsiously calling for help. She replied back.

Mea looked back and forth, from Zzeey, to Feara, and back. She always felt awkward when this happened. She couldn't tell who she was supposed to look at, or even if she was supposed to look at all.

And what is it we are going to do? He asked, standing up, and heading for the front door.

She outwardly sighed leaning back rubbing her temples. "What we must." She answered aloud looking over to her left seeing Mea she returned to their link. She is a child Zzeey. We must get her out of the cluches of your kin. Can't you feel the shift in power within this plane? How can we stand by and let this child get used by other's hands? Nodding to Mea she said aloud. "Good morning my dear."

Zzeey walked towards the lake, down the grassy hill. And you know for sure that my kin have her? He asked, wading into the cool water.

Yes. Feara replied closing her eyes.

Mea's head jerked up from where she had been trying to squish a bug with her mind powers. Ha! Yeah right... She wished. She'd always been envious of how everyone, but her, seemed to be able to speak to eachother without saying a word. Not to say that she didn't have SOME sort of abilities. She could still create some pretty nifty illusions with her voice, twisting her words and a slight bit of... let's say magic... to create illusions so vivid that you could touch them. For a while now, she'd been meditating with Feara and Zzeey and found, that where at first, the illusions only came with vocal instructions, now they could come with mental force... but at a bit of a cost. The bigger the illusion, the more energy it took out of her, which, considering that making something as small as a mouse, tangable for any amount of time, could wipe her out for a couple of hours, kinda sucked a bit too. Mea shook her head, clearing her thoughts and smiled up at Feara, who probably thought her a bit daft since she'd been spacing out. "Good Morning Feara! What did you find that's so interesting?"

"A child in need of our help." She replied rolling her head in hope to pop her neck.

"Oh!" Mea quipped, suddenly showing more interest in the conversation she'd been left out of. It'd been a while since she'd met someone new, and she was hoping it was someone close to her age. With everyone being able to age without showing it, and her being stuck in the body of a 15 year old, she sometimes felt a little left out. Without meaning to, everyone sometimes treated her more like a child then the age she was. Even jace was guilty of it on occasion, so she was a little excited to find out about someone closer to her age, and it probably showed in her.... excitement. "Where did you find them? How did you find them? Is it a boy or a girl? How old are they? Are they ok? Are you gonna fix them? Are they coming here? Are they staying with us? Am I getting a new friend?!" Mea asked excitedly. She couldn't have been more excited if they told her she could have that hurt fawn she found.

DO you know where exactly she is? Zzeey asked as he began to wade into the cool lake water. The soft silt moved pleasantly between his toes, as small fish darted back and forth. He took a deep breath and sat down, the water rising up to his chest, and began to clear his mind. Meditation was an important part of his daily routine.

I have an idea, but when I was trying to get exact location I got attacked. She responded getting up and walking to the bar rumageing around for a bottel of wine.

"My My, you are the energetic one arent you?" Asked a deep honey sweet voice, from behind Mea. He stood towering above her at a full six and a half feet, dressed in thin black and grey pin stripes
. A water fall of light blond hair flowed over his shoulders, framing his near perfect facial features, which where molded into the picture of arrogance, with a fanged smile. "How are you today Mea?"

The petite blonde smiled, tilting her head back and resting it against the vampire's leg as she looked up at him. "I'm feeling just peachy." She grinned, blinking up at him with her big blue eyes. "Feara might have found a child today!"

Feara popped the cork from the bottel pooring it into a glass walking back over raising an eyebrow at Lestat. "Merry met." She said before taking a drink.

Lestat smiled, and nodded to feara."Well met..atleast..."He sighed and was suddenly sitting across from Mea."So i Hear you may have fond a new stray.."

Feara rolled her eyes looking hurt. "Stray. You make me sound horrible. Just a child with power."

Mea nodded excitedly as she looked back and forth from Lestate to Feara and back. " Uh huh! She's a young one too!"

"theres nothing wrong with taking in starys my dear... i took in jace liam and Zzeey..that was ...difficult." He said with a grin. Speaking of which.. where is Jace and Zzeey ?"

Feara laughed pointing up and out with her hands. "Where do you think? One is never out of bed the other is doing what ever he ususaly does." She went back to drinking from her glass looking around.

Mea tried not to think about Jacein, and keep her mind on the conversation. She missed him during the days and the nights seemed to be forever away. She merfed, pushing that thought to the side. "Zzeey went to find the little one... I think." Mea said, hoping that she was right. I mean he did just kinda leave right after the child was found. She kinda just assumed he went to find her.

Lestat sighed."My fledglings.. i dont know where they got the lazy-ness from.. it wasnt me i promise."He said, flipping a lock of hair ofver his shoulder."So tell me, my ladies, anything fun planned for the evening?"

Zzeey sighed, and inhaled deeply, the cool water relaxing his body. His breath became deep and rythmic. balance is essential, Balance must be maintained. In all things there is balance. Such was his mantra, as the sun began its climb through the sky.

Feara giggled finishing off her glass and walking over to the couch plopping down. "Sure they didn't." She said teasingly readjusting a pillow. "After some relaxation I am going to try scrying again." She responded.

Mea scooted closer to Lestat, leaning her head lightly against his arm, smiling as Feara laughed. For some reason she felt particularly snuggly and unfortunately, Lestat would have to deal with her cuddle cravings.

Upon finding the stream, Aurora began to strip her tunic but caught herself. Don't worry my Love, I will keep watch. The wolf bounded off into the green forest. Aurora stripped and gingerly let herself sink into the hole she found. "Ahhh." The water never felt so good after such a night. Not letting herself get complacent, she 'reached' for the wrapped up soap she had in her pack. Once in hand, Aurora began scrubbing. After she was all bright pink, she tackled her hair. Aurora was glad to cut her hair, it was much more managable now. Especially now. Oh Love are you done? The wolf popped into her mind. Yes Heart, just about. She could feel the wolf chuckle. I will meet you on the next ridge. You shouldn't encounter any trouble...but then again you are Aurora. He took off at a sprint before Aurora could come back with a retort. She climbed out of the water hole and didn't bother letting herself dry. She hurriedly threw her clothes and boots on. Running her fingers through her wet white hair, she scooped up her pack and took off in the direction of her Heart. If she was fast enough, she could make it to the ridge before he did. What a fun game. She threw her head back and laughed. "Here I come."

Lestat sighed as he looked down on the young girl on his arm. "Can i help you?"

Mea smiled, her eyes closed as she snuggled against his shoulder. "Nope. I enjoy snuggling with the one person in the room least likely to enjoy said snugglings."

Feara rolled her eyes before getting up and walking toward the door. "I'm going for a walk." She said softly struggling to keep her face relaxed and not show the wierd feeling she got by the two snuggling. Feara made her way to the forest tree line where she took a seat at the base of a huge oak and put herself into a deep meditation to try and find the child again.

As Feara went into her own little world, Mea hugged Lestat's arm, for a mere second longer, wishing it was someone else she were cuddled up next to. She looked up at Lestat through her long lashes. He looked as if her touch were just one of the many annoyances that he'd have to deal with today, and a nearly visible raincloud of gloom loomed above his head. Mea pulled away from him, her arms slipping around her knees as she pulled them to her chest, sighing heavily.

Zzeey rose to his feet, and walked towards the grassy area, stretching as he walked. As usual he began by working in his circular cade katas. defensive,offensive,defensive again, he slowly worked through the circle.

Feara found her way through the barriars and back into the Underdark. It didn't take long of searching for minds till she heard the mental scream of the girl once again. Carefuly she made her way through the mine feild of hell and looked down at the hiding child. She wasn't to far from the enterance to the east of them, but she also knew the child didnt know the secret opening was only 400 yards away.

Lestat rolled his eyes, and was suddenly sitting across the room."I'm sure you do." He shook his head and looked out the windows, watching Zzeey move, with all the deadly grace of one who had been trained in the martial arts since childhood." Why ..Why couldnt jace have turned out more like Zzeey. This laziness of his is not becoming of one with such a prestigious blood line."

Jace ,crouched behind a tree, waited. He heard each raindrop as it landed on the surrounding foliage. He could hear the battle raging on. He could also hear, very faintly, the foot steps and heart beats of his enemies. Readying his tomahawks, Jace stood took a deep focusing breath. The next few minutes blurred into one bloody, silent mural of death. Three soldiers had stumbled into Jaces one man ambush, and now only one remained. Jace looked down and sneered. His foe tried feebly to crawl away, bloodied and wounded as he was, cursing Jace all the while." You cannot stop us, we are many. You and your allies" He spit the word as if its very syllables were poison." will fall this day and the town soon after it." The drow took a breath , assumingly to say something else. But jace would never know, because quite suddenly, He awoke.

As he drowsily made his way down the stairs he noticed several things. The first of which was the fact that Lestat had left with the setting of the sun. Most likely off to one of the bigger cities (something he did often, being some what of a social butterfly). The second was that the tavern was strangely empty . Usually by sundown the large common room was filled with customers. Tonight it was just Feara , Mea, Zzeey , And himself. A quick peek out of a heavily curtained window showed not only that it was an hour or so after dusk, But that there was a heavy fog rolling in from the direction of town. It sent a shiver down his spine. "Evening ladys."He said, winking at Zzeey. The slender drow feigned offense before turning to his cup of tea."Good evening Jacein...sleep well?" zzeey asked after a sip of his tea.

"Evenin." Feara responded nodding her head as she watched her friend closely. He's acting a bit odd. I wonder. She took a drink from glass while quitely nudging Jacin's mind.

"I slept pretty well.. had some interesting dreams." Jace said with a grin. With a light sigh he made his way behind the bar looking for a bottle of his favorite blood wine. "Anyone else find it strange that this place is empty?" He asked, motioning around the room.

"Dreams? Are you trying to tell us we are screwed in one way or another?" Feara asked finishing off her wine and getting up to refill. "Not really strange more like welcomed. You can't tell me you miss the annoying voices and drama. I would think the keep would be glad there'd be no fights this night. Speaking of the keep, where is he?"

"No i was dreaming about killing them damned dirty drow" He said with a grin and a quick glance at zzeey,Who only scoffed and turned away to hide his own grin. "But thats what i mean.. Where is rumble? where are the patrons? " He looked back under the bar. "and where is my damned wine!"He said with an exaggerated Shrug.

Feara giggled as she pulled out Jace's wine bottle that she hid behind hers. "Here grumps!" She said handing it to him before filling up her glass. "I’m starving. Anyone want anything while I’m in the kitchen?"

Jace frowned at Feara playfully as he took his wine. Zzeey raise his hand."If theres any bread in there.. i would like a few chunks"

Feara nodded and headed into the kitchen. She throws some potatoes and boar into a skillet and heats them up while she looks for some loaves of bread. Finding a good loaf she takes it and the fresh jam and sets it on a plate and walkes over to the skillet and takes the huge amount of food and tosses it on a platter before walking back out and placing Zzeey's plate infront of him before taking her seat.

Zzeey smiled as he happily began to tear off small chunks of the bread to eat. "So what do you want to do tonight?" He asked the others in the room, just trying to make conversation.

Jace just shrugged and took a swig from his wine. "We could go for a swim later..The ponds li-" He was suddenly cut off By the sound of an ear splitting Scream. "What the hell was that?" He said as he flew from behind the bar to the front door. Throwing open the heavy wooden door revealed nothing. The creeping fog had quickly Taken over the clearing in which the tavern was built. The fog had rolled in so thick that he couldnt even see ten feet in front of him. "What in the nine hells.." The fog was cold and unnatural. Another scream split the night. "Guys theres trouble."He said as he grabbed his weapon belt from a hook on the wall and turned back to head out the door. He stopped for a moment to pull the curtains back on one of the windows. They would need to the lamplight from the window to find the tavern easily.

Feara was just about to put boar in her mouth as the screams let out. "Mother of Hell really.. Can't wait till a good meal is done." She mutters getting up and walking to the door. Her spine tinggled as she walked out and put a hand around the fog. "Evil. I feel necromancy at work." Growling she turned and grabber her sword from the chair next to hers and her staff. "Ima kill the person or thing that just runied my hot breakfast!" She spit out walking into the fog ahead of everyone pist off.

Zzeeys vision shifted into the heat spectrum. down near the The bottom of the hill on which the tavern rested Was the form of a person on the ground with a rapidly cooling pool of blood spreading around them. Several cooler forms stood hunched over it , while a few feet away another form seemed to be fighting off a lone attacker. "Jace , Feara! This way!"He said as he set off in a sprint towards the bottom of the hill.

At the bottom of the hill One man lay dead, A group of four ghouls sat hunched tearing into one man, while another tried his best to keep the one on top of him from placing its snapping jaws anywhere near him.

With a grunt Jace tackled the snapping creature off of the man on the ground. With an unearthly moan the creature began snapping for The hybrids face. "Back to the tavern." He said as he put a fist through the creatures head. Ignoring the other crouching ghouls feeding on the other man Jace helped the lone survivor to his feet before turning to the tavern and walking back up the hill.

Feara stood at the top of the hill having casted a spell of seeing and dection. Somone has summoned the ghouls and she wanted to know who. Unaware of her suroundings she continued searching. Her spell without enhancement could only go 100 miles, but it wasn't long enough. So she brought the spell back in and instead went to looking over the ghouls with her necromancy. All she could find was that they were created with one serious hell of a spell and there was an add on she couldn't place. Her spell however set off one of the ghouls who straightened up and looked right at her. The connection of that one ghoul through her off so much her spell broke just as it started to make its way up the hill towards her.

As jace and zzeey passed feara , Jace broke off from The drow and the wounded man. "Take him inside." He said to his ebon skinned friend. He shot a glance at feara as he drew his long daggers from their place at his lower back. "Theres four left..Can you handle this?"

Feara snapped out of what ever trance she was in and nodded. "Yes. Get inside. I'll deal with this." She said giving him her evil smile as she pointed her staff at the ghoul making its way up the hill. "Cease and disist." She said softly as then encantation was finished in her mind. She found her way into his nonexistent mind and took control.

Zzeey burst into the tavern, and rushed to a table where he layed the man out. "Mea get me a rag and a bowl of water, The wells in the cellar." He commanded as he began to remove the mans shirt, button by button. Carefully examining the blood covering the mans chest, inspecting for wounds.

Jace gave a quick nod to feara and followed Zzeey inside. There where four at the bottom of the hill still quietly eating away, plus the one coming towards the tavern. The thought of the creatures gave him the chills. In the next few moments he paced the room, barring the back door in the kitchen, bolting the back door that lead to the lake. Every exit was dealt with except for the front door. Well...almost. With little effort he began to move a few book cases in front of the two windows on either side of the room. Once the front door was closed the only way out would be the tunnel in the bsement that lead to an old, and now long empty, dragons lair on the other side of the lake.

Feara twinged as she felt the larger power, but she knew she could do this one ghoul could take on the other four while she also attacked them. "Go down the hill and take out the others." She comanded. Little did she know while she took control a bit of her was seemed through it to some larger force. She watched the ghoul go back down the hill and attack the unsuspecting ghouls. While they started to fight amoungst themselves she made her way down muttering a spell to shorten her staff which she placed in her belt and drew her scimitars. She easily picked off the other three before returning to the one she enchanted. "ignis" She said snapping her fingers lighting the ghoul on fire who fell upon the others burning them to ash. Slightly weakend she staggared up the hill.

Jace stood in the door way watching the bodies burn to ash at the bottom of the hill. "Creative." He said with a smirk. " Get in here quickly, I want to lock this place down. Theres never just a few. " He said scanning the thick impassable fog.

Feara nodded and staggared in. "I need something strong please. I dont feel so well." She said dropping her full staff and weapons on the table as she swayed on her feet

"Sit" Jace said As he closed and bolted the door behind her." They came from the direction of town." He said as be poured a mug of Rumbledowns dwarven Ale for Her. Leaving the rest of the statement hanging in the air. The local township had lost of of its strong able bodied warriors in the great war a few years back. They where usually what kept it from coming to an end time after time.

Feara sat and took the mug from him and hit most of it in one gulp sighing as goes down. "More than that. There is power behinde it Jace." She shuttered and finished off the rest. "We need to scout!"

Zzeey looked up from the table. " I Think i can be of some use there." He said as he walked from the man laying unconscious on the table. "If you need a scout there is no better choice among us." He stated the fact plainly. "But we have a small problem.. He has been bitten, A few times on the shoulder." The young drow cast a weary glance over his shoulder at the man laying on the table. The color was quickly fading from his skin, and a faint sheen of sweat had begun to break out across his body.

Feara nodded getting up and walking over to the man. "You are the best amoung us." She said softly as she gently touched the man's forehead. She closed her eyes and whisperd a spell joining the two of them briefly. He wasn't joined with the others. She watched as his brain started to turn to nothing, his intelligence leaving him. Her stomach started turn as she stood there and watched him die slowly and painfuly. Gaging she dismised the spell and walked back over to the table and grabed her staff as well as pulling out a rather large knife from her boot. "We need to kill him before he fully turns." She said softly. Half of her loved the idea of her killing him, the other part wanted to run and cry. Coughing she cleared the argument in her head and walked back over to the man. "I can try to burn him from the inside out however, we will still have to dismember what ever is left and finish off burning the remains. If we wait too much longer those who had those we encountered under control they will soon have this man, for there is not wards or boundaries set around the Tavern."

Jace moved beside the man. "I will take care of this one" Then with out looking up from the body on the table . "Zzeey, The four at the bottom of the hill came from the direction of town. Go and see just how many we are dealing with."

Zzeey gave a quick nod as he turned to head upstairs. He would need his shirt of supple chain, and a good pair of boots. A few moments later He returned down stairs with his chain shirt, Boots, and twin lancets belted around his waist. "I will be back within the hour. Keep the fireplace going, i will need the heat to fnd my way back through this fog." And with less than a whisper of sound He was gone.

Feara nodded and looked away. "I'll be up in my room. Come get me when Zzeey returns." She said in a detached voice practicaly running up the stairs not waiting for a response. She wasn't feeling right and certainly couldnt watch Jace take care of the man.

Jace picked the man up from the table and stepped out side. A few moments later He returned alone, wiping a bit of blood from his axe. " Do you know how yo use a spear Mea?"

Feara laid down on her bed and quickly fell asleep.

Mea shook her head. She hadn't really needed to touch a spear before. Back in her village, spears were for the ones who braved the Dark Forests. Little girls like her, stayed at home and did the chores. "I'm familiar with the concept of fighting with a spear, but no, I've never fought with one before."

Jace motioned for her to follow him as he made his way towards a door in the corner of the room. " I know this will be out of your comfort zone but things might get hairy." He explained as he made his way down the stairs. "Basically the pointy end goes into the ghouls brain." With a wave of his hand he indicated a rack of weapons."The spear Gives you distance..keeps the creatures from closing in." He gave her a reassuring look." Dont worry though, this is only if the get in the tavern, which they wont." With his trade mark grin and a nod of his head he gestured her towards the rack. "Theres a few there.. try one."

Zzeey slipped through the few shambling corpses as if a shadow. The town was empty, its inhabitants limping lifelessly towards the tavern as if the where drawn by some unknown force. Had it been just a few of them he would have taken the time to dispatch them on his own. As it stood, there where at least a hundred or more. The entire town had turned , and was now making its way towards his friends. he had to get back to them before the horde did.

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2012-04-20 [Darth Jacein]: Wait.. what made you laugh?

2012-04-20 [Fearathress]: how you wrote

2012-04-25 [Darth Jacein]: If she doesnt post by tomorrow we will move on.

2012-04-25 [Fearathress]: you two keep going for now. :D

2012-04-25 [Gadget]: I'm sorry guys. I'm doped up on allergy medicine, working on about 2-3 hours of sleep a night, and I'm feeling a bit all over the place.

2012-04-25 [Fearathress]: its ok hun. i tottaly understand!

2012-04-26 [Darth Jacein]: i cant till she fixes her post.. none of that fit with the story line..

2012-04-27 [Fearathress]: lol ok

2012-05-03 [Darth Jacein]: ..danie while i appreciate the effort.. He said nothing about an axe to her..*facepalm*

2012-05-03 [Darth Jacein]: for the sake of the role play im editing it.. im sorry..

2012-05-03 [Darth Jacein]: pic a spear.. describe it how ever you like..No magic though..

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