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2010-09-28 19:00:35
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EPRM Live Role Playing Reference


For this session we will be expecting high quality photographs of live role playing games, which means photos of people acting and battling as real pirates, vikings, elves etc. etc.

Please place your entries for the EPRM Live Role Playing Reference, in the form of a wiki and list it below. Before submitting your wiki, please make sure you have read and understand the rules set forth in Elftown Photo Reference Marathon




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2009-08-26 [King of Thorns]: i can do that

2009-08-26 [nehirwen]: Cool. :)

2009-08-26 [King of Thorns]: yeah i sword fight for realjust don't kill the oppenent

2009-08-26 [nehirwen]: I'm looking forward to your pictures! ^^

2009-09-21 [ospreys18]: i aint good at taken photos lol i'll leave it 2 u :)

2009-09-21 [nehirwen]: A photo stock contest with the theme 'Live Role Playing'.

2009-09-27 [Nioniel]: Out of curiousity, what happens if/when there are no entries for one of the EPRM sessions?

2009-09-27 [nehirwen]: Perhaps an extension, or we open it again some other time, whatever we feel is best.

2009-09-28 [Nioniel]: Okay.

2010-01-02 [Lothuriel]: Deadline extended

2010-03-01 [nehirwen]: Deadline extended, again. till after the summer fairs, when there tend to be live role playing stuff going on. :)

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