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ECM Nymph



Contest Closed.

ECM Nymph Sessions

The Elftown Creature Marathon page for The Creature List's Nymph.

  > ECM Nymph Art
(The nymph artwork submissions)
    - Closed

  > ECM Nymph Poetry
(Poetry submissions about nymphs)
    - Closed

  > ECM Nymph Text
(Text, information, and written media submissions)
    - Closed


  - [nehirwen]
  - [Chimes]
  - [Alexi Ice]
  - [SilverFire]

Modhelper: [Hedda]


For discussions about the Elftown competitions: <forum:Elftown contests>
Here it's discussed if an entry is in accordance with the rules and similarly more complicated issues that can't be solved with a simple wiki-comment.


Good writers needed! Please review:

Elftown Creature Marathon#Writers

Interested? Please contact any of the mods</center>


See the sub-pages for entry and contest session information.

Also running:
ECM Orc photo
ECM Troll photo
ECM Fantasy dwarf photo

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2007-10-18 [Artsieladie]: Going through all of the ECM pages & adjusting for uniformity. Please leave the keywords where they are for they will be placed in the keyword box when this is opened/started. There also was a link that wasn't working, due to a typo & the copy/pasting dup'ed the mistake. :P You did very well, though. Page titles should always be first on the page. See: SEO HOWTO. :D

As far as the mood/avatar category, we'll see how it goes with the Dragon Mood/Avatar contest running now. :P

2007-10-18 [nehirwen]: ah okey, thank you. I'll leave the keywords were they are :) I've readed the seo howto page, I keep it in mind ;)
and the mood/avatar category can always be deleted, if it doesn't go well with the dragon-one. we'll see ^^

2007-10-18 [Artsieladie]: I'm assuming you have knowledge about nymphs? :D

2007-10-19 [nehirwen]: just a little, not very much. these are a few links about Nymphs though: 

2007-10-19 [Artsieladie]: Good links are always helpful. :) These go on the text page.

2007-10-27 [xido]: Wow, I am astounded at this level of personal motivation. I now officially believe that you love Nymphs. ;) Great work.
I do not know about the goals of the Council on this project, but it is my personal belief that every beastie of the Creature List deserves a fair share of info (and it would be nice if we could all put some of those races as our own fantasy race... *cough* dragon! *cough*), and I am pumped to see someone feel that strongly about a race of their own.

I wholeheartedly welcome you also to join the Sylvan Clan - Sidhe in order to promote the wellbeing and community of the Fae and Sylvan folk. The Sidhe Clan is a full-blooded Fey Clan (accepting no outside races other than faeriefolk), or if you feel more tolerant, feel free to join the more liberally open Sylvan Clan - Unsidhe, and welcome fae-folk and kin of all sorts. Since you are such a fan of a particular race, I would suggest the former, rather than the latter. We have been looking for a motivated Fae representative for quite some time. Please let me know if you have any other questions, and of course I am excited to see if your stone makes a ripple in this water we call Elftown Ocean. ;)
Best wishes,

2007-10-28 [nehirwen]: I really must think about that, since I also like the Elves, dragons and centaurs...
I'll contact you later :)

2007-11-06 [xido]: I have posted a notation to Polyhieronia about Clan guidelines, which features a working list of Clan Chairperson duties. Consult with us, and discuss what the other Clan Leaders do as well. The Elfin Clan is a good example of people doing new fun things.

I await your decision with patience and faithfulness to the future destiny of the Elftown Clans.

2007-11-06 [nehirwen]: I don't think I've got much time left for this since I've got many things to do lately. I also don't understand the maze of wiki's you made, and all the purpose of it...

2008-06-02 [Artsieladie]: I think you can put your keywords in the keyword box now, since the pages are being all opened up. ;)

2008-06-02 [nehirwen]: Alrighty. :)

2008-06-02 [nehirwen]: What about the note? should I leave it there?

2008-06-02 [Artsieladie]: Great! :) I wouldn't worry about removing the note. It gives credit to the person, which I don't think is a bad thing. :P

...And thank you for paying close attention and adding the keywords on all the pages! *hugs* ;D

2008-06-02 [nehirwen]: <img:61691_1126352591.gif>

2008-06-03 [Artsieladie]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2010-09-02 [Lothuriel]: Is there no photography section for this one?

2010-09-02 [SilverFire]: There might be a manip session at some point, but they're running slightly out of kilter with the rest.

2010-09-04 [Jitter]: Oops I deleted the last comment by a misclick accident. Sorry whomever that was :|

2010-10-30 [Stephen]: Ah, crap. I'd enter the writing part of this, but the contest ends in a little under two days. xD

2010-10-30 [SilverFire]: Do it anyway! Besidesm if you really, really want to enter it, I'm sure we could extend the deadline for you by a few days. :)

2011-01-15 [Akayume]: Speaking of deadlines... (;

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