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ECM Gryphon/Griffin



Contest Began: 2009-06-05.
Contest Ended: 2009-10-01.


ECM Gryphon Sessions

The Elftown Creature Marathon page for The Creature List's Gryphon.
See the sub-pages for entry and contest session information.

  > ECM Gryphon Art
(The gryphon artwork submissions)
    - DEADLINE: 2009-10-01

  > ECM Gryphon Poetry
(Poetry submissions about gryphons)
    - DEADLINE: 2009-10-01

  > ECM Gryphon Text
(Text, information, and written media submissions)
    - DEADLINE: 2009-10-01


The Elftown Creature Marathon Creature Pages
are always open for improvement!

For submissions of art, photos, poetry, and text that may be useful to improve the ECM pages of creatures already featured, go to:

ECM Closed Sessions' Submissions.


  - [nehirwen]
  - [Alexi Ice]
  - [Chimes]
Moderator helper:
  - [Hedda]

- Griffin
- Gryphon
- Griffin/Gryphon
- Elftown Creature Marathon Contest List

Also running:
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ECM Troll photo
ECM Fantasy warrior photo
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2009-06-13 [pegasus1000]: Caugh* When is the dead line? (It can't be six months ago if it started last month)

2009-06-13 [nehirwen]: Perhaps this format makes more sense. :)

2009-06-14 [SilverFire]: Makes less sense to me, (which is why I did it the other way). Stuppid Americans. :P

2009-06-14 [nehirwen]: Yeah, but it's better not to confuse them on these wikis. :p

2009-06-14 [SilverFire]: This is why on Competitions I write the date out in full, so no one can be confused about it, evar. :P Unless they're really, really stuppid.

2009-06-14 [nehirwen]: I saw that. :p

2009-06-15 [pegasus1000]: -red in the face.- Should have thought back to when I used military dates.

2009-06-25 [FamousPanda]: I saw it and thought that it was January due date, and I was like =/ crap.

2009-06-28 [Mind Fucker]: oh this page is an offical sorry i didnt know, im jhon wanna talk videogames,and anime,perhaps weed, and martial arts?

2009-06-28 [Alexi Ice]: Lol, as long as you delete these comments, you can send me a message or something. Thank you.

2009-08-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: hmmmmmm...

2009-08-13 [Cillamoon]: Thanks for the invite Akane! :)

2009-08-13 [Alexi Ice]: Of course <3

2009-08-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah, thanks. So is this one contest or many?

2009-08-13 [nehirwen]: It's one contest with several sections. :) (one theme to make art, poems and text for)

2009-08-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: Oh, cool.

2009-08-14 [Alexi Ice]: *whispers* Go for poetry!
*Glances at Chimes and Nehirwen* Uh...scratch that...(Just kidding.)
 Thanks for showing up, Misty.

2009-08-14 [Flisky]: I'll enter. I'm just lacking...inspiration.

2009-08-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: Poetry eh?

2009-08-14 [Alexi Ice]: I'm not sure how to inspire someone...sorry. Yes, poetry!

2009-08-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: I'm not too familar with the poetry subject.

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