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Elftown Creature Marathon


This is the archive for the Elftown Creature Marathon.
Main page: Elftown Creature Marathon


For the current ECM Session, see: Elftown Creature Marathon
Past sessions are listed here.

About the creatures: Creature_List
The List: The Creature List

- Pegasus
 - ECM Pegasus CLOSED
  - ECM Pegasus Image CLOSED
  - ECM Pegasus Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Pegasus Text CLOSED

- Vampire
 - ECM Vampire
  - ECM Vampire Art CLOSED
  - ECM Vampire Photo CLOSED
  - ECM Vampire Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Vampire Text CLOSED

- Dragon
 - ECM Dragon
  - ECM Dragon Art CLOSED
  - ECM Dragon Mood/Avatar CLOSED
  - ECM Dragon Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Dragon Text CLOSED

- Fae
 - ECM Fairy/Fae
  - ECM Fairy/Fae Art CLOSED
   - - ECM Fairy/Fae Art - Atypical CLOSED
  - ECM Fairy/Fae Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Fairy/Fae Text CLOSED

- Phoenix
 - ECM Phoenix CLOSED
  - ECM Phoenix Art CLOSED
  - ECM Phoenix Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Phoenix Text CLOSED

- Elves CLOSED
  - ECM Elf Art CLOSED
  - ECM Drow Art CLOSED
  - ECM Elf Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Elf Text CLOSED

- Werecreature
 - ECM Werewolf CLOSED
  - ECM Werewolf Art CLOSED
  - ECM Werecreature Art CLOSED
  - ECM Werewolf Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Werewolf Text CLOSED

- Unicorn
 - ECM Unicorn CLOSED
  - ECM Unicorn Art CLOSED
  - ECM Unar Art CLOSED
  - ECM Unicorn Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Unicorn Text CLOSED

- Griffon
 - ECM Gryphon CLOSED
  - ECM Gryphon Art CLOSED
  - ECM Gryphon Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Gryphon Text CLOSED

- Zombie
 - ECM Zombie CLOSED
  - ECM Zombie Art CLOSED
  - ECM Zombie Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Zombie Text CLOSED

- Centaur
 - ECM Centaur CLOSED
  - ECM Centaur Art CLOSED
  - ECM Centaur Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Centaur Text CLOSED

- Nymph
  - ECM Nymph Art CLOSED
  - ECM Nymph Poetry CLOSED
  - ECM Nymph Text CLOSED

The ECM "Photo" Sessions' Statuses:

ECM Fairy/Fae Photo - Closed.
- ECM Fairy/Fae Photo - Atypical - Closed.
ECM Elf Photo - Closed.
ECM Witch photo - Closed
ECM Mage photo - Closed
ECM Fantasy warrior photo - closed

Until we get more entries in the following contests, the deadlines are going to remain "not set".
ECM Troll photo - DEADLINE: Not set.
ECM Fantasy dwarf photo - DEADLINE: Not set.
ECM Orc photo - DEADLINE: Not set.


Elftowners' favourite beasties: <poll:73926> (Vote yourself!)

If you don't see your favourite beastie here, help save them by adding them to the Fantasy Endangered Species List!

More info on Elftown Creature Marathon


The Elftown Creature Marathon Creature Pages
are always open for improvement!

For submissions of art, photos, poetry, and text that may be useful to improve the ECM pages of creatures already featured, go to:

ECM Closed Sessions' Submissions.


Username (or number or email):


2010-01-11 [*Phoenix*]: wow. We need more than just Zombie open....

2010-01-12 [nehirwen]: Because? (there will be soon though)

2010-01-12 [*Phoenix*]: Because I really wanted to enter one of these contests, but I really don't like Zombies.... O.O nope. Don't like them.

And there are always more than one going...It just seems unnatural for just one to go.

2010-01-12 [SilverFire]: There are still various photo sessions open. :P

2010-01-12 [*Phoenix*]: True, true....

2010-11-11 [Akayume]: The Nymph contest should be closed by now or the date extended. (:

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