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Grading System and Degrees

For Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic,
An Androntel Academy Classroom


All students must be enrolled on the main page of this classroom in order to be considered for a draconic degree, which is an evaluation of your participation in the classroom discussions and learning material. [xido] is the only person who will be handing out degrees in dragon scales, though they can soon be found on the Elftown Moods, if voted in. Please see Elftown Mood Contest and Mood Contest Entries for more.


This class will consider each student based on his/her attendance, participation, research and storyline creation skills, as defined by [xido], and based on individual work:

I earned my Dragon Scales on Elftown!
1. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20blue.jpg>  2. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20violet.jpg>  3. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20ruby%20sapphire.jpg>  4. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20red.jpg>  5. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20sunwyrm.jpg>  6. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20brass.jpg>  7. <img:stuff/dragons%20scales%20-%20gold.jpg>  8. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20woodland.jpg>  9. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20emerald.jpg>  10. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20crystal%20skywyrm.jpg>

1. Blue Dragon  2. Violet Dragon  3. Ruby Sapphire Dragon  4. Red Dragon  5. Sunwyrm
6. Brass Dragon  7. Gold Dragon  8. Woodland Drake  9. Emerald Dragon  10. Crystal Skywyrm


Initiate: Woodland Drake (8)

Neophyte (Chromatic): Red Dragon (4), Blue Dragon (1), Violet Dragon (2)

Quester (Metallic): Brass Dragon(6), Gold Dragon (7)

Sage (Gem): Ruby Sapphire Dragon (3), Emerald Dragon (9)

Master (Wyrms): Sunwyrm (5), Crystal Skywyrm (10)


Initiate - One Degree, Woodland Drake
<img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20woodland.jpg> img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20woodland.jpg
Prerequisites:  Interested Student, Comments on page, Reads the Lessons for personal interest, Watches the main pages:  - Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic
  - Dragon Biology and Physical Features
  - Draconic Personality and Sociology
  - Draconic Language and Script
  - Draconic Magic and Arcane Bloodline
And optionally:  - True Dragons
  - Dragons and Artwork and Media

(Please comment to this page, or message [xido] to make sure that you receive this degree, and which class portion you are interested in learning more about. Units will be explored as both time permits and interest in the topics emerge.)


Neophyte - First Degree, Red Dragon
<img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20red.jpg> img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20red.jpg
Requirements:  Accepted and acknowledged Student, Discussion entries and contributions, Interested in researching dragons, links, or myths, Submits dragon-related and [xido]-endorsed artwork or multimedia to the web, ET, or Dragons Class.

Second Degree, Blue Dragon
<img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20blue.jpg> img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20blue.jpg
Requirements:  Contributing Student, Discussion topics and contributions containing veritable information, Helps with pages or links, Seeking Research topics, Uses Proper format and documentation to support ideas.

Third Degree, Violet Dragon
<img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20violet.jpg> img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20violet.jpg
Requirements:  Student explores dragon-related topics in a researched manner, Student expresses interest in further degrees, Student learns proper APA formatting for research topics, Student prepares essay.


Quester - First Degree, Brass Dragon
<img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20brass.jpg> img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20brass.jpg
Standard activities:  Student expresses interest in dragons as a profession, Student prepares full length research essay, Student expresses interest in web publication of topics

Second Degree, Gold Dragon
<img:stuff/dragons%20scales%20-%20gold.jpg> img:stuff/dragons%20scales%20-%20gold.jpg
Standard Activites:  Student prepares classrooms, research discussions, multimedia presentations or Class benefits in a finalized format, Student seeks publication efforts for research topics or representation for these subjects.


Sage - First Degree, Ruby Sapphire Dragon
<img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20ruby%20sapphire.jpg> img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20ruby%20sapphire.jpg
Guidelines:  Scholar advises in draconic affairs, studies or classrooms, Scholar begins classroom of topical discussions on the web, Scholar invests effort into a research topic on draconic culture, physiology, or related topics, Scholar prepares publishable essay on draconic affairs, Scholar can host classes freely abroad.

Second Degree, Emerald Dragon
<img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20emerald.jpg> img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20emerald.jpg
Guidelines:  Scholar has represented and published material, Scholar completes full study of coursework and can host classes freely abroad, Scholar works with networks in draconic/draconian heritage, Scholar completes full multimedia presentation on dragons or draconic heritage.


Master - First Degree, Sunwyrm
<img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20sunwyrm.jpg> img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20sunwyrm.jpg
Guidelines:  Scholar publishes works, essays, multimedia presentations or web media openly or for profit, Scholar distinguishes themselves as draconic researchers, Scholar advises or maintains networks of fellow draconic heritage researchers, or Dragonologists.

Second Degree, Crystal Skywyrm
<img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20crystal%20skywyrm.jpg> img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20crystal%20skywyrm.jpg
Guidelines:  Scholar publishes materials on Dragons, Draconic Heritage, Draconic Lore, Draconic Art, etc., Scholar builds company, business or publication efforts on aformentioned topics, Scholar hosts web discussions in real time, Scholar hosts personal or multimedia events, Scholar creates or manages network of Students/Scholars/Alumni of topics on Dragonology.


Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic
Elftown Mood Contest and Mood Contest Entries

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2006-11-21 [xido]: I believe that will suffice for now.

2007-04-29 [Nicolai Antredias]: nice

2007-04-30 [xido]: I am so glad you enjoy it. I worked hard on the scales myself, and the writing here was quite a bit of thought. I wanted to include degrees that a professional D&D writer could earn if one wanted to pursue the ideas here. ;)

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