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Don't Kiss and Tell

By [The Vampire Armand] and [PnkShpGnWld]

Short Profile: Christian-5' 8", Slightly skinny, but toned, and a little muscular. Light blonde hair, above shoulders. Blue eyes. Fair soft skin.

Christian sat casually at the bar. He arrived about three hours ago, walking slowly around the bar, dancing with many other guys. As the night progressed, he started to gravitate towards the bar. He began drinking more and more Margheritas of every flavor imaginable. Soon, he became the bars best friend, staring into many different shades of Liquor.

Compared to what he was normally at, this bar was nothing but a bore for Liriun, a person who dedicated himself to a good time with drinking and having what peopler would consider 'fun'. He sipped a drink in this oh so boring place and then as his eyes laid on a rather beautiful sight, it wasn't so boring anymore. Tucking a loose strand of dark honey-blonde hair behind his ear he practically danced over to the shaddow of a boy who didn't seem to be having any fun either. "Why, hello there." He said casually, ordering another of whatever the boy was having. "Are you as bored as I am?"

Christain looked sideways at the man who walked up next to him. "Honestly, I believe I am more bored than you are. Lately the drinks have been keeping me company but I do not know if they're working anymore." He tried to continue but he glanced down this mans figure. He was attractive, and couldnt help but just look. He decided he had too much to drink and really shouldn't drink the one this man ordered for him. But, alas, he didn't want to be rude and the temptation for another fruity drink won over.

"Would you like to know a place where a problem such as that would be easily solved? I know of such a one." He said,sipping his own drink. "Only if you would like of course. It's a place to forget the bad things in life, only it's much more accurate at doing so."

"A place to forget things?" Christian thought for a moment, studying the man's face. He seemed relaxed and Chritian began to get the feeling that this may not be the best idea. "There isn't any such place around here in town. There can't be. if there was, everyone would have slightly better lives." It seemed too good to be true.

"Not everyone knows about it. It's only for exclusive members." He said, handing him an orange and red card with the club's name on it. "See? It even has a card, they disguise themselves to look like a proper place during the day, but at night it truly picks up and comes alive." He said, smiling. "What do you say? It's not that far away."

"Hmm... " Christian swallowed the rest of of his drink. He didn't know what to think of this but he took the card and turned it over a few times in his fingers them smiled up at this man, "I haven't been anywhere interesting in a while.. "

Liriun smiled. "Well, come on, let me show you a good time." He said, rising and offering the other his hand. "I promise I wont let anything bad happen to you." He said, smiling genuinely.

Christianstared at his hand for a momernt before sliding his hand lightly against the man's. "May I know your name? I don't quite remember going over introductions. Or maybe I am too.. gone.." He smiled a little shyly and cleared his throat as he stood up.

"No, I haven't, how rude. I am Liriun, and you?"He asked, leading the other out of the bar. The other bar was only two blocks away and was underground, he hoped the other wouldn't become leary of him.

Christian smiled at him. "Liriun.. What a lovely name. I'm Christian. Christian Tier. About how far away is this place? I'm kinda excited." He walked close to the other man but not too close, he didn't want to seem clingy, especially in this drunken state. He did like walking int eh fresh air though, it wasn't as stuffy as the bar.

Liriun smiled. "It's only two blocks." He said, smiling. "And then there will be a door on the side of a building that will lead us downstairs to an underground bar." He said, minding the other so he didn't fall in his drunkenness.

"Oh thank the gods. Walking and me doesn't agree." He thought he might fall if he had to stay up any longer. He was feeling slightly more drunk than before. He smiled up at Liriun and cleared his throat. "So, will I remember anything when I walk into the club or will I go in drunk as well?"

Liriun laughed. "You're all ready drunk." He said, shaking his head. He finally reached the door and lead him careful down three flights of stairs where finally the sound of music reached their ears. "Ready?" He opened the doors, gesturing for the other to enter first.

Christian walked up to the door, and paused to look at the strange glow it seemed to emit. "Are you sure this is safe? It looks a little eerie."

Liriun nodded. "Oh yes." He said, even as he lead him through couples literally making love on the dance floor, some weren't necessarily even couples. He smiled as he lead him to a booth. "Mn, order what you will, or just sit back and watch, go have a dance? Dance with me?"

"Sure. And I think I will order a..non...alcoholic drink for right now." While he was talking a waiter came over, dressed in a rather slinky outfit made of very shiny fabric. He ordered a sprite, with a little umbrella on it. When the waiter came back, he got up to find Liriun on the dancefloor. He slid in next to him and ran a finger over his shoulder, "Boo."

Liriun smiled. "Ah, there you are." He said, taking the other's hand in his own, pulling him close. "Did you miss me?" He asked, easily working the other into a seductive dance, mingling with the crowd that pulsed about them.

"Only slightly." Christian smiled softly and pressed closer to Liriun, letting the other man guide him into a seemingly slow and sensuous dance. He liked the feel of the body pressed against his own. "See anything you like so far?"

"Oh yes, and they're dancing with me." He said, melding his body with the other's, grinding their lower halves, but attempting to be respectful about it. He smiled shyly. "I hope you don't mind our dancing in such a manner.

Christian thought about what he said and smiled. "Is it me that you like? I hope so, I like you too. You dance wonderfully." He went along with this dance, moving only closer to Liriun, never further away from him. He liked the way he was dancing.

Liriun grinned. "Thank you." He said, feeling terribly comfortable with the other. He leant down just barely and ghosted his lips near the other's, wondering if the other would kiss him as he wished to do with him at the moment.

Christian felt the lips close to his own and he granted the other access to his lips, sliding one of his arms up and around Liriun's neck. "Hmm.." He mumbled softly against the others lips and closed his eyes. Liriuns's lips felt so good against his own, so soft and careful.

Liriun was instantly fueled and happy to have the other kiss him back. He deepened the kiss, pulling the other tighter against him, steadily pleased by the way the other was being with him. "Youre beautiful." He said as they pulled apart, he only did so to lead him back to their booth where he pulled the other back down into his lap and kisses him again.

Christian was delighted both by Liriun's words and his actions. "Well, thank you Mr. Liriun." He let himself be pulled into Liriun's lap and happily kissed him again, softly running his tongue over the others lips, asking to delve deep into this man's kiss.

Liriun's hands began to travel all along the other, making him groan while he kissed the other as he silently asked for, shivering and pulling him closer, sitting up slightly. "Mnnnn" He moaned quietly into the kiss, not caring who watched them, they weren't the only couple getting hot in the room.

Christian felt Liriun's hands begin to roam. He smiled softly and felt his cheeks turn a soft red when the other moaned. Gods that was a beautiful sound. He moved a little in his lap and straddled Liriun, pressing him back against the booth. He broke away for a moment. "Do they have rooms here?"

Liriun nodded. "Oh yeah, do you want to go to one of them?" He asked, holding the other tight and beginning to trail kisses down his neck, suckling the soft skin.

Christian moaned softly and felt his eyes slipping closed. "Mmm..." He moaned softly and ran his fingers over Liriun's head. "Yes.. I would."

Liriun nodded and rose, making sure the other wrapped his legs around him before he carried him to the back, opening a door that lead to a room, plopping him on the bed as he shut and locked the door behind him. He then proceeded to kiss the other senseless.

Christian laughed softly when he was carried and set down on the bed. When Liriun came back he wrapped his legs around the other, kissing him with just the same feeling, and depth that Liriun was currently devouring his lips with. He knew that this body pressed against his own was something eh would want to hold on to for the hours to come.

Liriun began to kiss the other's neck again, unbuttoning his soon to be lover's shirt, slipping his hands down his chest and to his pants which he undid skillfully, moaning while he bite and suckled his neck lustedly.

Christian couldn't help the moans that escaped his lips as the other undid his clothing. He ran his hands over Liriuns shoulders and all but ripped off his shirt, running his hands over Liriun's chest, Feeling himself harden almost instantly and Liriun bit his neck.

Liriun decided clothing was not a necessity and he made quick work of undressing both of them, sliding between the other's legs, stroking his length while kissing a trail down his chest.

Christian moaned and felt his chest rise against those lips kissing so teasingly against his chest and felt his hips move towards the hand that was moving over his length. He gripped the bed spread underneath them and was thankful that they moved into the room. He was more than ready to have this man all to himself.

Liriun continued his downward trail of kisses, pausing to tease the tip pf the other's length, his hands moving up to toy with the other's nipples while he did so, licking and sucking all along the other.He wanted to hear him moan, wanted him to beg to be taken.

Christian gripped Liriun's arm as he teased his nipple, moving slightly against the other, wanting him to take every bit of himself and give it up to Liriun. He would submit to Liriun tonight, no doubt about it. As Liriun teased, Christian moaned and bit his lower lip. "Mmnn.. Liriunnn.."

Liriun groaned in answer, moving back up to kiss the other,using his hand to please him with a few strokes, pressing his other hand at the other's entrace while he kissed him more and more.

Christian felt the fingers near his entrance and pressed down against them. He kissed Liriun, keeping his lips soft against the kiss, sliding his tongue against Liriuns, and mimicking his movements further down against Liriun's member, moving his thumb over the head of the other's hardened length.

Liriun moaned as the other touched him. He shivered and pressed his fingers inside his lover, adding two, moving them in and out of him slowly. "You want me?" He asked hotly, speeding them up jst a little, pressing them harder into the warmth.

Christian moaned when he heard Liriun's voice. "Yes, Liriun. I want you so bad." He leaned up a little, whispering close to his ear. "I want you hard and I want you fast. I want you to take me like you live for it." He softly licked the ridge of Liriun's ear and pulled firmly on his length, feeling his own hardened member pressing up against Liriun's body.

Liriun smiled and grabbed the other's hands in his own, removing htem from his body, replacing them with his hardened length which he pressed in almost roughly, groaning at how tight the other was around him. "Oh you feel so good."

Christian gripped the sides of Liriun's arms, arching his back as Liriun entered him. "Oh.. Liriun. You feel good inside of me." Christian felt his hardened length rubbing against Liriuns stomach as then moved against each other.

Liriun thrust a little faster inside his recently made lover, his hand trailed between them to stroke him in a carressing and loving fashion. In the back of his mind he wondered what would become of them, would they turn into a couple or simply part ways?

As Liriun began to pick of pace, Christian snaked a hand to the back of Liriun's head, and pulled him down for a long slow kiss. He slipped his tongue between his new found lovers lips and felt his length hardening even further with his touch. Christian knew that this man was quite an amazing lover and he wished that this could go on forever.

At the kiss he was given, Liriun found himself almost short of breath. He groaned, his only way of voicing the pleasure he was feeling so sweetly. He continued to stroke the other as he thrust into him, actually stroking him at a slightly faster pace to give off different sensations to the other.

Christian could have melted as soon as Liriun pushed into him. The sensations he was getting from the moderate pace sof Liriun's thrusts and the fast-paced stroking of his cock made small chills run over his spine. He knew that he wouldn't last very long, but He wanted to hold back long enough for his lover to enjoy.

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