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Dishonor: Part One
Dishonor: Part Two

Antonio Emelianenko Fedor

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Fedor sat across the fire from Kylie. Two Kittens were climbing his shoulders like he was a jungle Gym, pawing at his hair. Another one was trying to make Fedor's claws extend.
"Ouch! No, those are nails, they stay that way. Humans don't have claws they have fingers!"
He ruffled the catboys hair and nudged the kitten out of his lap.

Fedor stayed in a battle stance, left arm across his body, blood seeping through the cut steel. His sword remained at the ready, it's curved blade glinting yellow and blue in the sun. It's blade was of a rare ore that rivaled black diamond in durability.

The cats were suspicious, their eyes narrowed. However they didn't question her. "You know the elders will not tolerate his presence here..." The black cat told her gently. Kylie was undeterred, "You don't understand, the human king does not wish peace. He has killed every single messenger sent to him. He plans to invade the forest, or die trying. This human saved me and he knows those who can help us." Kylie turned, knowing they would not attack now and gently pulled his hand to her, so she could inspect the cut.

Fedor pulled loose from her and stood tall. "I am Antonio Fedor, First Guard Lieutenant of the King's Army. I am also second General of the Coastal Liberation Army. I am a rebel against the King, and I have sacrificed my disguise to rescue Kylie, and to ally with the Cats. Who are you?" his voice was strong and confident. Though, he looked back at Kylie and mouthed the word "Mate?" with his eyebrows raised.

She nodded, her expression unreadable.

The black cat blinked his light green eyes, his bushy tail, even more so then Kylie's twitching. "My name is Solace. This is my sister, Dar and my mate, Moth." The calico, Moth, tilted her head and nodded, but Dar was less trustful and showed no acknowledgment. "We are farther from the villages then normal, looking for a particular herb. Dar is a healer, and she needed an escort."

Fedor nodded. He wished he knew the forest better. He didn't feel it was a trap... Still, he realized he hadn't asked Kylie the right questions, like if the cats had a central leadership. He had been more busy daydreaming about her. "I need to travel to your village and ask your leaders for an alliance. The king plans to sweep the forest. If he doesn't find the village, he will burn the trees down."

All four cats hackles raised at that. The forest was their home, despite the dangers of living there. "We cannot allow that to happen." Dar growled, then looked to her brother and nodded, "Let us bring them to the elders."

Fedor nodded in agreement and looked to Kylie for approval. He removed his left gauntlet where he was cut clean but not too deep.

Gently she licked it clean, then wrapped it in some spare cloth. It would do till they reached the healers. Solace held out a paw, motioning them forward. They were still wary of Fedor, but hid it well, walking together in a group. It took them the rest of the day to reach the villages.

Fedor walked with them and made no sudden moves. He stayed close to Kylie, feeling awkward for being taller than them. They slowed gradually and the male's posture changed. Fedor thought it was a signal. They must be close to the village, he thought.

Several cats jumped out of the shadows, placing weapons as close to Fedor's neck as they could reach. They hissed. Kylie returned in kind, speaking in feline to one another. They reluctantly lowered their weapons after a few minutes. One sighed, but Kylie's defense was firm and they eventually put their weapons away.

Fedor seized up when the cats came out. He had not seen or heard them come. He held still as axes were held against his throat. Kylie yowled at the other cats, and Fedor noticed their surprise as she defended him. Fedor's eyes darted from cat to cat as their nosed twitched at his scent. He probably smelled like a mix of jungle spider and Kylie's property, so he hoped that meant something. When the cats let go of him, and Kylie returned to Fedor's side, he mumbled to her, "Any chance they're going to listen to me?"

"Perhaps." Was all she said, grasping his arm firmly and pulling him with her. It was obvious by the way she held onto him he was not her prisoner, nor she his. She did however keep her claws out, light from torches flickering off them. She wanted to make sure they knew her as a warrior, and an alpha.

Fedor tried to seem stoic, assertive, and un-phased, but it was hard to walk into the capital of another species on the premise he was having sex with someone in charge. The other cats glared harshly at Fedor. In the sunlight their eyes looked far less human; they were narrow vertical slits. Fedor glumly remembered a phrase his people used: if looks could kill, he'd be dead thrice over.

Kylie half pulled, half led him into a clearing and, without missing a beat, up a wood staircase nailed into a tree. It rounded the huge redwood until it left off onto a platform. Once there, he was shocked to find a whole village hidden in the dark canopy of the tree. Nearly 50 cats of various ages and breeds were bustling about between houses cut into the tree sides. His jaw loosened. He felt suddenly very vulnerable.

Solace walked ahead of them, and whispered into an older cat's ear, and the elders eyes moved to Fedor. His ears fell back, but there was no other expression that registered. Solace came back a few minutes later. "Kylie." He nodded his head, "The elders will see him tomorrow, and you may both take your rest in a spare hut. It is obvious you both have rushed to get here." he bowed, and then dismissed himself.

Kylie watched him go, her eyes not really seeing. She was thinking. Then, "Come, don't talk to anyone." She pulled him up another staircase and found the unmarked guest area. A small hut off to the side was unused. It was fresh, and smelled clean, with a tiny place for a fire against the wall and a pile of furs on the other side. Crude, in terms of human civilization. Kylie slumped to the furs, exhausted from the run and the stress of not showing weakness in her society.

Fedor followed Kylie. He was so used to being an authority figure. Now he felt helpless. He had understood his mission was suicidal, but so far so good. He looked down at Kylie as he removed his cuirass and cloak and sat next to her, his back to the wall as he took off his cuirass. Thank god for Kylie, Fedor thought. Without her he would have seriously considered turning traitor.

He opened his heavy satchel and smeared a salve on his hand, then looked forward, lost in thought.

"What will you tell them?" She asked him, murmured as her muzzle was pressed into the skins. Kylie was more tired then she was letting on, and was having trouble staying awake.

"Something I couldn't risk telling you. We, the rebellion, I mean, has a plan. A plan to burn the King's castle. We need the cat's help." Fedor smiled a little, then took off his greaves and slid close to her to lay down.

She rolled to face him, her whiskers twitching. "What can we do?"

"Climb," Fedor said simply. "I don't care to explain the whole plan now. But if I," Fedor swallowed, "-we, if we can convince your leaders to join the rebellion, it can very well succeed." Fedor inched closer to her as he spoke. He slid a hand behind her head once she closed her eyes and cradled it against his bulky shoulder.

A soft purr echoed from her throat at his touch. She still wasn't sure how she felt about Fedor, or his plan. All this had happened so fast, yet she couldn't deny they were beyond compatible. He needed her, this she knew. In a way, she needed him as well. Kylie still owed him her life. She would honor that, till the end if need be. Her purr increased in volume. If that meant she would become mated to him for life, so be it.

Kylie turned herself so that she was facing him and stuck her nose under his jaw, curling into a ball in his embrace.

Fedor kissed the backside of her ear and allowed her to sleep. He held Kylie against him and felt her breathing and purring slow, as well as her pulse. After a few hours of listening to the owls hoot, he noticed the sounds of cats outside had fully stopped. The cats must prefer daytime too, he thought. As that crossed his mind, he fell asleep.

A few hours later, it was still dark. Kylie sniffed, and awoke to the sound of the night continuing. Her bodily clock told her they still had a while till dawn yet she had woken wide awake. Fedor was lightly snoozing. Gently, she licked at his chin and jawline, then kissed him.

Fedor awoke to warm, fuzzy lips on his. His eyes opened, felt her warm body pressed against his broad chest. He smiled against her lips and cupped her butt, pulling her into his lap as he sat up. "Morning, Kylie." Fedor licked his lips. He was aware of the scent of her pheromones again. He could not resist them, he found. He looked into her huge, glossy ultra cute eyes and then kissed her back, quite hungrily.

Kylie smiled into his lips, and began to undo the knot between her breasts. Later she would get real clothes, but for now... she tossed the article to the side. This time however she did not want him to take control as he had before and twisted them around so she was on her back, and him over her.

Fedor laughed and teased her nipples with his lips. He reached back and tugged his pants down. Again he tried to rough-house her onto her stomach, but found her legs around him were strong and held him tight. Naked against her, he kissed her hard instead, his tongue in her mouth against hers. The fat head of him rested against her slit, offering her the ability to do what she wanted with it.

She tore off the makeshift skirt, both now naked. Kylie relaxed beneath him, feeling his flesh move over her, feeling his tongue explore her mouth, just as another part of him would soon explore her inner secrets. Her hips moved so that he entered her slightly, feeling the heat and moisture between them both. The cat's breath quickened, anxious to what was to come.

Fedor pushed in very slowly, feeling her breasts vibrate with her purring as he inched forward until his hips were against hers. He kissed her slower now but still hard. He felt resistance as the head of his cock met her cervical wall. He rocked forward slowly and moaned into her mouth, circling his hips as he rubbed his head against the back of her warm center. With one hand he held her hair, the other he wrapped around her shoulders.

Kylie allowed him to wrap her up into his arms, and in turn moved her arms around his shoulders and back, encompassing his hips with her thighs. Her tail slipped around them like it had earlier, a mind of its own.

Fedor smiled against her lips and opened his eyes a little to watch her facial expressions. He rocked slowly at first, yet deep. His fingers on one hand massaged her scalp and ear-backs, the other held her tight to his chest. His chest heaved against hers as he made excited mmm noises. When her tail squeezed his back, chills ran down his spine.

Her hips began to angle upwards and her insides began to clench. She had quickly began to adjust to him and to his movements as she gasped, the cat's fur fluffed behind her skull. Kylie gasped again as her eyes rolled into the back of her skull.

Fedor dug his fingertips into the back of her skull as he moved faster. He moaned her name slowly over and over, lost in the feeling of her soft body moving beneath his. Suddenly his hips bucked forward and he cried out. He shuddered over her as a powerful orgasm loosened his thigh muscles and made Fedor almost whimper in pleasure.

His final push forced her beyond her limits, as she quivered and sighed, her orgasm silently shuddering through her frame. She had wanted to make sure she hadn't made much noise, as she meant no disrespect to her tribe.

Luckily for Kylie's sensibilities, Fedor only made the one loud cry. As they shook together, he held her tight and moaned low against her flattened ear. He'd never had such pleasure with a woman as he had with Kylie. Her fur seemed electric underneath him, every inch of his chest against hers delighted in the plush softness. Usually a woman's orgasm lasts longer than a man's, but Fedor found himself still coming through several thrusts. Her inner walls gripped his manhood so tight that he could barely move inside her, and that sensation was powerful and exquisite. When at last they both settled, he could feel both their juices against his lower stomach and upper thighs. It gave that section of her fur a sexy, interesting slick feel. He remained over Kylie on his elbows and knees, still making soft mmmm noises against her ear.

Her arms and legs wrapped around him to hold him as close as she could without him crushing her. He could feel the tip of her tail stroking his ass as they caught their breaths, the cool night air making her chill despite the heat between them. Their combined scents made Kylie smile. Yes, he was her mate, and their entire tribe would definitely realize it, come tomorrow.

Fedor felt her grip on him tighten again when he stopped rocking, and he grinned. He panted against her ear and trembled even more when her puffy tail moved along the sensitive skin on his ass. "You are amazing, Kylie," Fedor whispered. He pushed his body against hers just as much as she wanted him too. The movement, slight as it was, made his cock reverberate with an orgasm aftershock, and he felt more of his seed flow into her. It was as if he couldn't stop. His attraction to her was so intense it left him feeling in love with her already. He kissed up her neck and locked lips with her again, kissing deep and slow, enjoying her rough tongue.

Kylie smiled again, her maw fully engaged with his lips. They were beginning to drip onto the furs, the base of Kylie's tail drenched as she squeaked to be released.

Fedor carefully withdrew from her and sat up to lay next to her. He then drew her into his arms, unwilling to let her go clean herself just yet. He ignored her protests and set to busily kissing her neck and massaging her back and butt.

Her purr was loud as she cuddled into his chest, accepting his affections.

"I suppose I'm going to get you in some trouble later, hmm?" Antonio mumbled against her neck. Right after that he bit her neck and dug his fingers into her haunches. Her special scent seemed to emanate from her neck; he could practically taste it. It made his whole body tense and hungry.

Kylie chuckled softly. He knew so little of her kind's culture, yet he could take no blame for that. "No... They can and will not. My tribe is long dead, they have no authority over me. I am going against tradition, by bedding with you, but it was never made a law, really never been an issue." She purred and rubbed her cheek against his. "Do not fear my mate. In your world, I was a slave, but here, I am alpha. It is in my blood, and in my parentage. You cannot deny that I am a great warrior to my people, and I command their respect. They will listen to you, because my presence demands it."

There was that word again, mate. Fedor wondered a little about that. He wanted children. Still, his body, at the least, was totally in love with Kylie, but he barely knew her. "Hmmm." he mumbled as she rubbed her prickly-soft cheek against his, which was oddly free of stubble. "You said you were twenty three in human years. You are speaking of our calenders if they are different? Or are you maybe a different age in years because you are a cat?" Fedor smiled and watched the globes of her eyes as she spoke. His hands shamelessly massaged her inner thighs, where her fur was the softest.

She blinked, and looked away. "It is common for our young to die before maturity. We record our age to seasons, but we rarely say our age to our own kind. It is considered... improper. We can smell if we are mature, and can generally scent the estimated age if we are looking for a mate." Kylie looked back to him, "We do not have the luxury of safety. The wild beckons and is the ultimate power here."

Her answer confused him. If she was 23 seasons old then she wasn't yet four years old. Surely she meant around 23 years. He felt bad and was more concerned that the question made him somber. "The male who we came here with. You are taller than his companions. It's interesting to know you are big and strong for your race. I am too." he held her paw, up and kissed the pad in the center. "I am about your paws length taller than most males of my race. The kings race is the palest, they come from the valley. My people of the coast are shorter, but fitter and more healthy. Our years are by the seasons, four seasons are a year." Fedor reclined into their bedding and held her on his chest. "Would you like to ask me questions now?"

"Yes, four seasons to your year, that is what I meant." She felt bad she had not explained that enough. "Because of our high mortality rate, age... really isn't recorded once we achieve maturity. We stop caring until they become old and wise enough to become elders. However." Kylie turned her paw back over and extended a claw, showing him her deadliest weapon. "I am actually an average when it comes to my size. There is... a breed difference." She partially shrugged at that. "Not difference race, but some breeds are better at climbing then others, they tend to be builders. Others are smaller, and can hide easier and forage for food. Others, like myself, have what we call the spirit of survival. We are warriors. Warriors have their claws fused with these at birth." She was meaning the casings on her claws, "Warriors are bred. My pedigree gives me the authority to take charge, and do what I must for the survival of my people." Kylie looked at him, her ears lowering. "I am alpha, to my people." She took her paw with his hand, and placed it between her breasts. "You are alpha to my heart."

Fedor's heart warmed at that. Suddenly the roles were very reversed. He needed to trust her. She liked him like he liked her before, but now she proclaimed she loved him. It made him feel good, yet slightly awkward.
"In my land, men and women are equals. Each is measured by their actions. We are very alike..." he ignored that she didn't ask him anything. He enjoyed sharing about himself, but he learned something from her every time she spoke, which was important. But now he looked at her strangely, as if examining her for something.

Kylie tilted her head, "What?" She didn't know what he was thinking, but his eyes on her sparked her curiosity. "Oh! I'm sorry..." She blinked, "Questions. About you. I was thinking it would be best if I explained more of my culture, because of you needing to speak with the elders."

"No, it's just... I want to mark us as.... mates. In my culture, when married, we carry a scar to signify our bond. It would seem an odd ritual to you... But... Maybe you would enjoy it?" he sat up with her still straddling his naked waist, and gestured to his neck, just over his shoulder. "Here. Bite me here, deep, and taste my lifeblood. Then I am yours." His look was very serious, but there was a glint in his eye.

"That's why you were looking at me like that, you were looking to see if I was bonded, if I had a scar." Kylie whispered in a moment of realization. "Are you sure you want to do this?" She asked quietly, after some silence. He didn't know the true meaning of mate in her culture, nor had she told him. She continued to think, to weigh her options. Yes, she had had relations with other cats before, no they had not resulted in becoming bonded to each other. She had not found a male worthy of her blood, of her heritage. Fedor was human, she cat. A union of the species was impossible. It meant the end of her bloodline. Swallowing, Kylie waited for his response.

Fedor opened his mouth to say something, then shut it after a few seconds. He felt a sour taste in his mouth and swallowed before speaking. "No, I... I am rash to ask this of you. Neither of us should ask that of the other now. But...." he trailed off, looked away a moment, blinked very slowly then looked back. "I do love you."

She smiled at that, tears forming in her eyes. The cat leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him in a hug, holding her small frame to his. Kylie placed her lips on his neck, kissing him, then opened her mouth. Her fangs were sharp, much denser then a humans and pierced his skin easily. The blood slipped into her mouth, the taste making her shiver. There was a similar custom for the cats, blood bonding they called it, where they hunted, then shared the kill, mating within the remains. Instantly her body released the pleasurable fluid from her core, wetting Fedor's leg. From Kylie's position however she prevented him from biting her back, as she needed to mark herself in a different way, for the elders to accept it.

Fedor hugged her back, smiling wide, feeling that special, indescribable feeling of approval and love. But then his eyes widened in surprise as she bit into him as one bites into an apple. His arms squeezed her like a vise and his eyes clenched shut. He was surprised to feel her soak his leg, but it was supposed to be a pleasurable experience. Chills and heat flashed through his body and his hand went up to grip her hair as she tasted him. He sighed and uttered a strange phrase she wouldn't understand.

In response, Kylie unsheathed her claws on one paw, and with a grunt pulled them from her collar down a few inches. Blood budded to her fur, sliding down to her pronounced nipples. Fedor's blood was also dripping from her chin as she pulled back, and tilted her chest up. "Drink." She ordered.

Fedor's instincts took over. He seized her and sucked eagerly at the blood across her chest. He licked it off her nipples, then back up, kissing her chest. Then he kissed back to her lips and locked his lips to hers, kissing her deep. He gripped her hips and pulled her down some, placing Kylie's opening once more against his manhood, which wanted more of her.
"Now we are together as one. Jue et Tui is Forje, And I love you."

He wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her in and down, so he was inside her. He continued to kiss her eagerly, quickly, lost in the moment.

The moment he pushed himself into her she cried out, a fast orgasm making her shudder. This was something that had an otherworldly feel to it, as if nature itself was braiding their souls together in passion. The blood mating continued for the next few hours, the nearest cats hearing their romance, not understanding it.

Morning arrived and a young cat trotted up the stairs with a bundle of clothing under his arm, which he placed at the door of the hut the great huntress and the human were currently using. His nose sniffed and flared, then he blushed and left in a hurry. Kylie's paw snaked out a moment later and grabbed it, pulling it inside.

When she exited she wore the clothes they had gifted her. A fringed breast wrap with a bell in the center, and a matching loincloth. What shocked anyone who was a awake that was looking was the three very distinct and self inflicted wounds over her right shoulder. Blood stained her fur down to her upper ribs, and she didn't bother to clean it. It served as a vital reminder to her people.

Fedor decided to wear his armor and cape. He wanted to be more enigmatic to the council, and he supposed he'd smell very much so. He, even with human senses, could smell the blood and sex all over himself. He walked close to Kylie down the streets of the canopy platform, up ramps and down vine bridges. She led him to a big almost pavilion style garden platform which opened onto a huge tree, holding the elder house within the hollow of it's trunk.

Fedor gathered his thoughts. They'd mated four more times over the course of the morning. Kylie had been in heat, he supposed. She was insatiable, as was he. Now it was noontime. Kylie was limping slightly, and he could smell the fishy smell of his seed on her and the pungent spicy-sweet smell of her juices on himself. He imagined they reeked of horny screwing to the other cats. Even Fedor was sore, but very relaxed and slowed down both physically and mentally. His thoughts about speaking came calmly.

When they entered, there was a fire pit in the middle, serving several stakes with had a duck, and several large rabbits for all to eat pierced on them, roasting. Fruits were behind a rock barrier, protected from the heat. A few elders were eating, others chatting in the warmth from the fire. When they saw Kylie however one gasped, and the others looked up quickly, shock registering across their muzzles.

Blood mating was only done in times of war.

Fedor waited until their shock subsided slightly, and their gaze fell on him. Since all the cats were seated, he got to one knee, still above them in height, but more respectful. "I am known as Fedor, this is my clan name. There are no more of my clan, so I bear the name as my own. I bring you news. The white man, our mutual enemy, is come unto you. I offer alliance with my people." Fedor's eyes made contact wit the elders individually, one by one as he spoke.

There was one elder that he could not see, however. He who had three scars across his eyes, but he was not blind, as it had been self inflicted. He was one of the oldest, he had been a young male when the humans wiped most of them out. This elder stood, showing his face. Kylie's eyes widened, but she arched her back defiantly. "You know the true meaning of what you have done, child?" He asked her, ignoring Fedor. Kylie's fangs lifted and she nodded curtly.

Unlike humans, the cats never used violence against their own people. The exact claw marks on both of them could only have been done in a blood mating. It was a powerful, old magic, one that bound the pair together, forever, giving them a blood lust in battle and making them nie unkillable. It also put them in a constant heat. The elder, Danadin, closed his eyes and sighed.

"War has emerged its ugly head again."

"I do not understand your culture but I would impress on you that in my land, war is not a regrettable necessity. It is a way of life. I do not warn you, I offer you alliance, and through alliance, victory over the king." Fedor glared at the bonded elder. "Either way, Kylie is mine, and I hers. Silence your offended customs and know that after the next month, the kingdom's men will never step into this forest again. They will die or know the fear of death first."

"What is it you ask of us?" Danadin asked cautiously. All of the elders listened to him, and kept their silence out of respect for the old warrior.

"I have a plan to raid and sack the very castle of the king. Should I have your aid, I can put fifty men in the castle, and as many cats as you should give the honor of seeing the castle burn. I know it's every room and corner, I have spies in the battlement guard. But I need ten cats who excel at climbing." Fedor stood and stepped forward. The other elders stood and their hackles raised as Fedor walked right past them to Danadin. Fedor stepped so close to the elder warrior that he was most certainly risking his life.
"I give you great victory. A curse be on you, wise one, for every refusal you give to me."

Kylie's expression was subtle, but even she was surprised by what he said.

Danadin was unphased, his ears still completely raised even as he looked at a sharp angle up at the human. "Don't question my authority over my own people again." The male spat, waving his paw and letting the light flicker over his claws. "Come with me, human." Danadin turned and began to walk up a staircase behind them, then added, "You too, Kylie."

Fedor admitted to himself he had spoken almost with anger at Danadin, as if he expected an immediate "No" from the cat. He felt emotional. His memories of home and family, which he had not seen in more than seven years, his hatred of the king, the pain, hatred, and misery of all the blood on his hands; Fedor was finally feeling it all again.

He followed Danadin quietly, but felt the urge to fight the cat after Danadin had bared his claws at him.

They reached a platform above the rest of the tiers, showing a nice view of the forest, and the land beyond. The castle was on the horizon, a smudge of unnatural color compared to the dark greens and colors of the forest. "There lies the enemy," Murmured the cat offhandedly. Kylie nudged Fedor, "Didn't you say you needed to send a signal to your allies?"

Fedor whistled and a tiny sparrow like bird flew out of the canopy and alit on his arm. The bird was a coastal sandbug hawk. The things flew fast and were too small to hunt. He attached a green bit of string to its leg and let it fly away. It flitted out into the canopy and over the trees to the east.

Kylie glanced from the fading image of the bird and Fedor, then looked to the Elder. She spoke to the human however, "When shall we expect a reply?"

"I'm only telling the Liberation Army that I am with you and still alive, nothing more." Fedor turned to the elder. "I lied to Kylie. I told her I must get here in three days time to keep her focused and urgent." Fedor turned to Kylie, looking down into her beautiful deep eyes. "In one week, a full scale night raid will take place at the castle. This will be on the night of the prince's birthday. The castle guards will be in the royal chambers. The west wall, will be unguarded. Until then, we negotiate."

She couldn't stop her ears from tilting back at hearing that he had lied to her, but nearly a second later they were back full height, her naturally forgiving him in an instant. "Attacking is not the cat's way of life, you know this, human." Danadin muttered, his long ears shaking. "But then again, we have no retaliated since the last war, perhaps it is best we defend ourselves, by attacking."

Fedor remembered the sight of the black cat who was in Kylies neighboring cell. He remembered the screams, the blood. Somehow, after all the people he'd killed, Fedor's stomach always turned at the image of the cat bound to the chair, screaming and crying as he died slow. After that, Fedor's dislike of Danadin increased. "Defend yourselves? No, rid the world of a murderous tyrant."

"Ten, not counting Kylie. The quieter, the faster, the darker as possible. Strength or combat experience is not what we need." Fedor looked back towards the elder chambers. "I promise fifty men in turn. Three men in the castle will deploy a single net, which the cats will use to scale the castle. They will have two minutes to set fire to the castle and escape. From there, we fight until we must retreat, and by then, the castle will be aflame. My people number more than fifty but, I must tell you, it will be the first battle of a war." Fedor didn't look at Danadin, but Kylie as he spoke. He loved her enough to feel he was doing this for her, not just himself.

"If you even think I'm not going..." Kylie growled, but stopped herself, her eyes lingering on the large bite mark on his neck.

Danadin turned and watched them. "Alright." He said finally. "You would be a fool to refuse Kylie however. Some food and a few days rest, and her incarceration will have been a thing of the past."

Fedor nodded. " Then we are agreed. That's all that must happen today, I think. Tomorrow night, Kylie and I must leave north for the coast. Pick your soldiers and have them as far northwest into the forest as you deem safe, They will meet us in five days. Two days after, we strike." Fedor put his fist into his palm and made a short bow, then turned his back and left back out of the Elders room to go back to his and Kylie's hut.

The elder watched them go, his eyes clouded in thought.

Another night of constant mating did not ensue, as both partners had exhausted that form of energy... for now. Kylie's legs and body had begun to gain back their form. She was healing. It was early evening as they sat around a fire, eating and talking with the tribe. The young kittens were fascinated by Fedor, but most of the adults kept their distance. A young cat was snoozing in Kylie's lap, while two more were petting Fedor, or asking him questions.

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