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Dinaar, Dinaari (sing., pl.)

A Kanaalian currency, and the singular unit (1GP) of the WFR

This object is a fictional currency that everyone either has or can be given/traded. Notations about transactions/trades made by Elftowners will be recorded in the WFR_Treasury archives.

It is similar in nature to the Linden Dollar in Second Life. Exchange value: ___

A Kanaalian Dinaar appears in much the same way as any singular, non-specific unit of gold coinage. In RPG terms, it could be called one gold piece (1GP), and considered a Jashnian dollar-unit. Each coin has at least one face of a past leader of the empires/houses/legions of Kanaal. Depending on its age and locale at the timeand world of minting, the image could be different, though no gold coin is thought to be any more valuable unless it has specific cultural importance, or is adorned in any atypical way. Pieces made from monatomic gold (often from the Keraphian past epoch, when gold coins were still minted on Keraphia) are among those that come from other worlds in most instances. Keraphian-minted coins sometimes fall into the hands of other worlds, even though that planet is no longer alive, though this in no way changes the overall value of the gold coin. The proper value of any gold coin is defined only by its weight/mass, special properties, adornments, cultural significance, and/or of being part of a larger or more infamous known treasure trove or site.

On Jashnia, a Dinaar is worth one dollar-value. On Kanaal, it is worth one cent-piece.

Transactions, trades/exchanges, offers, bids, and donations made in Dinaari should be noted in the WFR_Treasury archives. Guild Treasurers: [Kim_Lundin], [Yralin], [Torr-maat], [Leara], and [xido] (position to be filled - by July 2008)

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2008-03-15 [Yralin]: Sounds fantastic.

2008-03-15 [xido]: Every one of the WFR Guild Members who had joined by application prior to Jan. 2008 will be awarded 500 Dinaari, or an equivalent to (US$60). People who have joined after that time will receive 250 Dinaari (US$35). Mods until July of this year will receive 800 Dinaari, and Mods after July will receive a somewhat lower amount. These numbers are all tentative, since there is no sure price equivalent currently.

2008-03-16 [Yralin]: Good idea, I like the amount of thought you've put into this. If you need any help with anything let me know.

2008-04-11 [xido]: 1 Dinaar = 3 Trites (Electrum Common Piece). Special Trites do exist, based on gold/silver/other composition and adornment, ranging in value from 4 Qa to 50 Dinaari, depending on adordment or lineage of holders especially in the highest price ranges.
Copper = Pence
Silver = Qa, or Kah
Electrum = Trite
Gold = Dinaar
Platinum = 5 Dinaari (Common, Silver)
Adamantine = 10 Dinaari
Mithral = (Common, Silver = 10) Variant Mithral Forms + 5%/10%/15%

Dinaar = ___ US DOllars
= ___ Euro / Pounds

I have an idea about minting some actual coins... Just an idea... ;)

The Dinaari can be designed in the form of a contest, and we can also hold contests to name a 'Common' Platinum, Adamantine, and Mithral pieces. That should be fun.

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