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Welcome to my character page!

Things you should know!:

~ I can't stand illiteracy, if you RP, you should know how to write!
~ Novel formatting is about the only way I do it, learn it!
~ I'm open to pretty much anything, recently, I've been doing yaoi, and scifi genre, but anything can go.
~ I need someone that can give me my fix man! I demand a decent amount of posts daily or i just might lose it! *twitch*
~ Rping is to have fun...and that's why I do it, so let's have fun!
~Also, if I don't have a char that doesn't make your eyes bleed, I can always make a new one.


Universal, vague settings:
~Rowan Camille
~Markus Randall

SciFi settings:

~ elian
~ Aias
~ Aedin

Mideval/Fantasy settings:

~ Arlan Wyndam

I have more, i'm just getting lazy, so just ask me and i'll see what I can dig up

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