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2011-05-09 20:07:53
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Because We, the representatives of the people of Elftown, entitled as that by ourselves, demand it. And because We, as delegates of the masses and by the power conferred by them, ask for it. And because We, as leaders of the smartest citizens of the flourishing nation of Elftown (declared as such by ourselves), command it, it shall be done!

Delete [Sunrose], now!

Sign up below. You can add your reasons, if you want.

[Isilando] - Because she is a n00b reposter who has not twister at her place! DELETE HER NOW, SAVE ELFTOWN FROM SUNROSE!

[All_Most PUNK] - Because I keep [Sunrose]'s best interests in mind. DELETE HER NOW, SAVE SUNNYROSE FROM ELFTOWN!

[Teufelsweib] ahh...why not :P as if she's that useful here :P

[Calico Tiger] - I signed. Now where's that sanal sex I was promised? **UPDATE** "Sanal Sex provided magnificently by [Stratakus]"

[ally] - Let's face it, she's a danger to this society.


[Zab] - Doesn't want her deleted, but signs all lists without reading what it's about.

[spincrus] - because [Elftron] is allergic to her! *feeds the servers more antihistamines*

[Pillowthief] - Save Elftown! DELETE SUNNYS PANTS NOW!

[Lerune] - who, incidently, does not wish to delete her [Sunrose], but would like for it to be known that: If anti-art had a name, it would be [Sunrose].

[Mortified Penguin] - I saw what she did to those poor children...... she donated to them! That whore!

[sequeena_rae] - Quote from [Viking]; She's always to blame!

[Hachigatsu] - I don't know her at all, but she sounds evil O.o

[Jitter] - *agrees with [Zab]*

[Maketsu] - Hello? Is this the Elfchat?

[All_Most PUNK] - Hello! This chat is a little slow, but great anyway

[Calico Tiger] - omgwtfbbq! How did maketsu get into this channel??

[Cassave] - I agree...I don't know who this Sumbrose fellow is...but I think we ought to delete him good!

[Triola] - Do you need any more reason than this? ---> <img100*0:>
Obviously Sunrose is fake, a male posing as a woman to lure innocent children into her his web!

[Crazy Yas] - i agree with [Hachigatsu] i dont know her but she sounds evil!!

[LadyMoon] - obviously, do u ppl like not know how many ppl she her asses evry day?

[Mekashef] - Because it's part of the Evil Plan:
Phase 1: Delete Sunrose from Elftown. Phase 2: Take over Poland. Phase 3: Resurrect the Dalek Emperor. Exterminate!

[Stratakus]: Because if she's deleted, I call dibs on her panties.

[zankou] i really did draw some stuff and she removed it. i dont like

[Darth Jacein] NO,After she is deleted the superior cybermen will rule elftown.

[foxyvixen17] she deleted a pic a friend sent me for my b-day!!!

[Cillamoon] - Because many are allergic to the sun that projects harmful rays off the rose. It's a conspiracy!!! *agrees with [Mekashef]'s Evil Plan*

[Nioniel] - Because we CAN! (or possibly, can not...)

[Avaz] - Elftown doesn't need sensible, reasonable people like her! >:O

Username (or number or email):


2014-06-19 [Sunrose]: You and your curdled milk make me sick!

2014-06-19 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm pretty sure it's mostly just the curdled milk though.

2014-06-20 [Avaz]: Well, when life gives you curdled milk, make butter.

Wait, what do you mean that's not how butter's made? :/

2014-06-20 [Mortified Penguin]: Wait, it's not? So I've been force feeding my wife curdled milk toast all these years? I just thought she was being coy when she would yell and put up a fight every morning and insist that she didn't know who I was and ask why I was shoving a moldy bread smeared with rotten milk in her face... this explains so much... *wanders off to contemplate his life*...

2014-06-24 [Sunrose]: Pssh we all know she's got you on a leash.

2014-08-13 [Mortified Penguin]: Duh, leashes are kinky.

2014-08-13 [Avaz]: Except when the leash has those metal spikes on it. Then it's just tired and played out.

2014-08-13 [Mortified Penguin]: Unless you turn the spiked collar inside out. Then it becomes really kinky! Though, you may just puncture your jugular.

2014-08-14 [Avaz]: True on both counts. :D

2015-05-18 [Mortified Penguin]: You guys... we've finally done it.

2015-06-10 [Pillowthief]: Pierced the jugular?

2015-10-24 [Company Awesome]: Got [Sunrose] deleted?

2015-10-24 [Company Awesome]: Oh my god, we did! It's time to move on to Phase 2: Take Over Poland.

2020-08-25 [Mortified Penguin]: ...we have failed.

2020-08-25 [Sunrose]: Was bound to happen sooner or later...

2020-08-25 [Mortified Penguin]: Can we at least still take Poland though?

2020-08-26 [Sunrose]: Why would you take a country halfway across the globe from where you are though? O.o

2020-08-26 [Mortified Penguin]: *British Monarchs glance around nervously*

2020-08-26 [Sunrose]: They have eyes? O.o

2020-08-28 [Company Awesome]: :O The prophecy is true, [Sunrose] is arisen. :O

2022-02-04 [Sunrose]: Twice!

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