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Dances and the stars

<img300*0:stuff/%5btia_mia%5d_and_Suzanne.jpg and Suzanne)
<imgl300*0:stuff/z/184443/Dances%2520and%2520the%2520stars/i1234471431_3.jpg> [Rook.] looking rather bored adn gettin' fresh.
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d%2c_%2c_and_Suzanne_getting_ready..jpg> [Rook.], , and Suzanne getting ready.
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d%2c__and_suzanne_looking_pretty..jpg> [Rook.], and suzanne looking pretty.
<img300*0:stuff/z/184443/Dances%2520and%2520the%2520stars/i1234471432_5.jpg> before teh dance [Rook.], , and Suzanne pose the cold...
<imgl300*0:stuff/z/184443/Dances%2520and%2520the%2520stars/i1234471432_6.jpg>([Rook.]s dress. can't you see WHY She HATES wearing anythign other than jeans and a tshirt...)
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d_adn_suzanne..jpg> [Rook.] adn suzanne.
<img300*0:stuff/%5btia_mia%5d_adn_Suzanne.jpg adn Suzanne)
already had this one...
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d_adn_.jpg> [Rook.] adn
Bleh >,.,< </box300>

/ [Rook.]
Missing: </box300>

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2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: hmm and ur sitting on my with coffe pands xD ;)   anyways can be nasty ><

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: You did do it. and no, i changed my pants after that, so ive got on clean pants.

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: aa okay ^^

2009-12-03 [Frost-:-Wing]: sure ya did. :P

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: still think its a bit nasty xD

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: *shrugs and leans back into Dawn* oh well. i've got clean pants, a good chair, and a good footstool *uses pete as a footstool*

2009-12-03 [Frost-:-Wing]: *is standing up* O-o

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: *laughs* what if i stand up 2 xD

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: *feet falls to teh floor* phhhft.
Dawn, if you stand up, you'd drop me, then i'd fall through the floor and vanish.

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: allright i wont stand up than

2009-12-03 [Frost-:-Wing]: no vanish o.o

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: ^.^

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: naa i dont want to hurt rookie

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: *small smile*

2009-12-03 [Frost-:-Wing]: mkay :D

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: *looks at you*

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: *shuffles from side to side* i'm a boat  haha getting sea sick ?

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: nope ^^

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: goood

2011-11-25 [bekahcoolbeans]: Aw Lex, you look so pretty!!

2011-11-26 [Rook.]: tanks beks

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