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<img:>*~*Cute Pooch Contest*~*<img:>


 Elftown is full of cute fuzzy cats and I do love them but I think it's time we recognize Man's Best Friend's. This contest is for all you doggy lovers out there and your babies, Schnitzel bums, poopheads or whatever endearing nickname you call them. So get out your cameras and take pictures of your mutts, mongrels or pedigrees.
 Since I'm not very talented with the computer the main prize will be bragging rights. After all, haven't your puppies earned a little gloating?
 And one more thing. If you're trying to get a picture on but don't think you'll get it loaded before I open the judging just message me. We'll make a compromise until you get it up :)

Go to Cute Pooch Voting to vote for the cutest Elftown doggy ^.^

And we have our winners!
1st place: Aki submitted by [suducing rayne]
2nd place: MJ submitted by [Lemonade]

Congratulations to all participants and my apologies that it took so long for results :)




The following are a few rules to follow:

1. You must have taken the photo, any from the internet will be disqualified. No manipulated photos please and thank you.

2. It must by your or your family's dog. If your friend has a really cut pooch suggest the contest to them but don't post a picture of their dog for yourself.

3. You may only have two entries and not of the same dog. Try to avoid posting blurry pictures too please.

4. Voting will be done by the public after deadline date which will be decided later on.

 **Also note, I would really appreciate if you posted the banner in your house. At least until the contest is over. That way we will get more contestants.


Please post in this format;

Name (of dog) ~ Charlie
Nickname(s) (of dog) ~ Dufus, Sweetums
Breed (If possible) ~ Retriever/Collie/Rottie/Wolf and a bunch of other stuff.
Owner ~ [Blaithin]
*This is only an example*


 Start posting here.

Name~ asha-(left) paris-(right)
Nickname(s)~ asha-numbskull :D paris-Paz or fatso
Breed~ dalmations
Owner~ [black_rose666]

Name~ Lucy
Nickname(s)~ Goosy, butt, Pain
Breed~ Wire-hair Terrior/Dalmation
Owner~ [ShadowSong00]

Name~ Aki (Autumn in Japanese)
Nickname(s)~ Ak, duffus (or however you spell it)
Breed~ she's a mut (bull dog and pit bull i think)
Owner~ [suducing rayne] (me) and Conrad got her together

Name~ Abby
Nickname(s)~ Beebs, Abbidale
Breed~ A mutt...we think jack russle with beagle....and some chiwawa(sp?)
Owner~ [Go On, Take the Money and Run] (ME) and family


Name- Blackboot's Joi de Noel
Nickname(s)- Joi, Joi-Joi, Hockey Day (dont ask), baby, Black Dog, Princess, Weirdo (she def is one! lol)
Breed- Australian Shepherd
Owner- [RedHeadWitch] and family (my mom shows her)


Name: Rosebud's Della Reese NAP, NAJP, CL1-R, CL2-H, CL1-S, CL2-F (<--those are her titles)
Nickname(s)- Della, Dell-Dell, The Moose, Yellow Dog
Breed- Labrador Retriever
Owner- [RedHeadWitch] and family (I show her)

nickename:puppy puppy
breed: the tocao bell dog. pegennedda( that not right)
owner:[Kitten Of The Night]

nickename: anna bananna
breed:dalmation mix
owner: my mom (Submitted by [Kitten Of The Night])


Nicknames:Woozo-raja, tubbie-butt
Owner:[must be loved]


Owner:[Lemonade] and brother.

To vote go to Cute Pooch Voting


This contest is part of the Safe Zone

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2005-03-15 [ArchangelGabriel]: Does this have a deadline? And do you want it added to the Contest wiki?

2005-03-15 [Blaithin]: A deadline hasn't been set yet and it's already on the Contest Wiki

2005-03-16 [ArchangelGabriel]: How strange, i didn't do that... Oh well, do tell me when its finnished

2005-03-16 [Blaithin]: Will do.

2005-08-29 [Lemonade]: We can still add pictures and what not right?

2005-08-30 [must be loved]: ALL THE PUPPIES R SOOO CUTE!

2005-09-02 [Blaithin]: Alright since we have more than 3 entries now Im going to set the deadline. I'll open the poll on September 9th. If anyone is having problems getting a pic posted just message me and we'll work something out :)

2005-09-20 [†|Ðĭ§ŧø®tëd Äηgē£|†]: can i put a pic of my dog up or is it too late?

2005-09-20 [Blaithin]: It's too late, sorry. We'll have to get another contest going later.

2005-09-20 [†|Ðĭ§ŧø®tëd Äηgē£|†]: ok, thanks^^

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