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I have a geek website. It's just a blog for Tv SHows for the time being but it is soon going to be a fully fledged game, book and show fangirlgasm. Come love me at

Cult Geek doesn’t intend to be a TV show critic. It is here to help you find new things to watch and the idea was given to me by my friend who hadn’t watched any Doctor Who yet. I will fangirl all over shows on occasion as well as post reviews, share thoughts on episodes and help people discover the wonders of geeky shows <3


Q: Which shows do you write about?

A: Whichever show fits into the “Geek” genre. Meaning fantasy, scifi and epic. Only catch is that I need to have been watching.

Q: So which shows have you been watching?

A: Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Flashforward, V, True Blood, Doctor Who. Also a heck load of shows that aren’t running anymore like Buffy, The X-files, Battlestar Galactica etc.

Q: Oh nice we have the same taste! You should watch [insert show]

A: I usually have very little time for shows because I’m a working mom and I’m not even caught up to all of the ones I already watch. Your suggestions are VERY welcome though :D

Q: Which shows do you need to catch up to?

A: Currently (April 2010) Flashforward, True Blood, V, Heroes, Riese the webseries and the 1963 Doctor Who.

Q: Will you add me on Facebook?

A: Not on my personal profile if I don’t know you, sorry :( You can add me on myspace if you want and also become a Fan of Geek TV though :)

Q: I love your blog and want to donate to you! Can I?

A: Wow! I’m flattered and I’d be grateful! You can donate via Paypal (send donations to You can also consider buying some of the Geek TV merch available on Zazzle so you can get something in return too :)

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2010-04-15 [Teufelsweib]: I'm really happy for you that you got this going! sadly enough I never watch tv or follow series, so I'm afraid I can't really help you out or whatever on this :P

2010-04-15 [Jitter]: That's ok *hugs* You can watch it when I put on music, books and games :3

2010-04-15 [Teufelsweib]: ooohhh yah! though I don't really know what could be concidered geeky music... besides weird al and weezer, that is :P

2010-04-15 [Jitter]: Soundtrack music maybe XD

2010-04-15 [wicked fae mage]: I saw True Blood! I'm in xD

2010-04-15 [nehirwen]: I've only seen season one, my bf can't find any season two episodes in high quality (1080P) so we stopped watching. x_X It was so awesome.

2010-04-15 [wicked fae mage]: It is amazing. We found all of them...and I can't wait until 3 comes out!

2010-04-15 [Jitter]: I am on the first ep of season 2 right now but I'm watching on laptop so the standard video works for me :)
I'm also midway through the first book :)

2010-04-15 [wicked fae mage]: Only a few paragraphs in of the first book when she saves Bill...*twiddles thumbs*

2010-04-15 [Jitter]: You're gonna love it! The book got me hooked in the first place :P

2010-04-15 [wicked fae mage]: If I ever read again ><;
Haven't picked up a book since last fall

2010-04-15 [Alexi Ice]: Thanks for the invite.

2010-04-16 [arthemis_]: *becomes a fan*

BONES Anyone watching that?

2010-04-17 [Jitter]: @wicked I know the feeling -.- 2009 was a horrible book year for me
@Akane You're welcome
@arthemis It's in my future plans :)

2010-04-17 [wicked fae mage]: Watched a few episodes of Bones and loved it.
I read a few in 09, the most books I read in a year was 08 and I haven't even picked up a book this year >.>

2010-07-20 [Skydancer]: Makes a note to keep an eye on this.

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