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2009-01-18 01:53:45
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[Crying when im a god]

My eyes is tired, its becomig heavy.
In so many years its been looking the wrong way.
Blinded by my hatred.
After many years of power I finally meet the man to make my decision end.
Living all these years, by look off the peolpe around me,
i felt like im a leader to these people, but by the wrong action`s.
Its getting heavy its getting dark, the street is red! Where did the child who lost his mother in his childhood that wanted to be a docter.
Instead of helping people im causing the pain.
Im thankful to meet him, to the years off suffering he has felt by losing his mother by the decision i made, im glad he is the one.
Blinded from the pain by making other`s suffer the same thing like me, when the cause off nature took the life off my mother.
The death off my mother, was that the reason walked this way?

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