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Confused Seduction

Authors: [cyberhavok], [The Vampire Armand]

A/N: This is a side story from Armand and I's wiki Of Lemons and Lessons and Of Lemons and Lessons 2. You should check em out!! =D Arigatou and danke!

It had been a month since Soleil arrived in a new town. After losing Amori completely, he decided that it would be best if he left all together. There was nothing there for him anymore. The one thing he'd wanted most was gone from him. He hoped this would be a new beginning for him... He hoped that he would forget Amori, though he doubted it. He had fallen so easily for him. For his beautiful green eyes, everything... He longed for that even now. It seemed doubtful that he'd ever find someone as perfect as Amori.

Amai had been wandering around the country side. Nothing held any flavor for him. He lived on his own.. which he was somewhat proud of, and his lover had just left him.. saying he needed something more in a relationship and not someone to fall in love with. Said he didn't want to wait forever. But breaking up with a lover was something that Amai had been used to by now. And on a different note things in Amai's life were a bit strange, some guy by the name of Rashemi had told him he had a brother somewhere, but he wouldn't look for him. He didn't see how he could have a brother considering his father had told him he was an only child. Oh well, he had too keep moving foreward, and he did so, renting an apartment on the far side of town.

He was wandering about, hoping to find a new place to settle, but he hadn't the slightest idea where. This town was completely new to him and he didn't know anybody so it was hard for him. Deciding to get to know some new people, he went to a local bar. He found a seat. The bartender asked him what he was drinking, but he merely shook his head. No alcoholic beverage could ever quench his thirst. He looked around, wondering who he could chat up to get to know the place.

Amai had had the same thoughts as Soleil. And he troted in after getting settled into his new apartment and plopped happily on a barstool. He, like Soleil ignored the bartender with a wave of a hand and went to watchign everyone, sooner or later getting pulled to dance with someone he didn't know. He laughed about it though, he liked dancing, and he liked being attnetioned and like being in this environment.

Soleil watched a young boy dancing. He blinked confusedly, rubbing his eyes. Could they be deceiving him? This boy looked just like Amori! But how could that be possible? He looked different though... His hair was long and black and his eyes were a piercing blue. He frowned, thinking that his imagination was fooling him. But he looked identical to Amori...

Amai giggled as he was practically thrown across the dance floor to another partner. "Wheee!" He said, drunken off the atmosphere. He spun around and around, trying to not get dizzy as the dance picked up to be heavier.

He stared, frowning. Could this boy really be Amori. His curiousity getting the better of him, he went over to the boy as he danced. He didn't want to seem rude, but he just had to know... He tapped the boy lightly on the shoulder.

Amai looked up at Soleil slightly confused. He seemed familiar somehow and for a moment he thought he was his ex, but no, his ex sure as hell didn't have eyes that color. His ex's eyes were..well a light blue. "Can I help you? Or do you want to dance too?" He asked, his cheery visage slipping back into place.

Soleil became discouraged. Surely Amori would remember him. Or maybe he'd pushed all thought from before out of his mind. Otherwise he wouldn't have changed so drastically. "Did...your lover leave you?" he questioned softly.

Amai gasped at this and blushed in slight anger. "How do you.. know that?" He asked, his eyes showing a deeper hurt than he was showing.

Soleil sighed, knowing that he could never forget those eyes. Amori's gorgeous face...he'd never forget it. This had to be Amori. 'Hm. So my idiot brother left him... he thought. He nodded, trying to be sympathetic though he was jumping with joy inside. "You just...looked so lonely." He smiled gently.

Amai smiled. "Maybe a little.. want to dance? I love dancing, makes everythign go away for a little." He said sadly, already grabbing onto the other's hands, pulling him into a dance.

Soleil took the other's hands, thinking he looked beautiful. This had to be Amori. He was surprised that he wasn't trying to get away from him like before but he didn't mind. He let the other pull him around, beginning to dance as well.

Amai grinned and spun to the music, everyonce in a while he and soleil would have to be against one another, and he just felt so.. right to him to dance beside. "Well, its getting alte..." He said. realizing he had been there a while and he hadn't fed. "I think I need to be going." He said, smiling.

"Ah, not so fast," Soleil said, not letting go of him. Now that he had a chance with Amori, he wasn't going to let him go. "Why don't we spend a little more time together? I think we'd both have a good time." He grinned.

Amai twitched. "But.. the sun will be up.. and I haven't had.. food yet." He said, narrowing his eyes. This man had better not try anything.

"We can get food together," he said. "I'm just glad I found a fellow blood drinker. Otherwise I would've been incredibly lonely," he said softly, so as the other dancers wouldn't hear. Though they probably couldn't hear him over the music anyway.

Amai nodded, surprised at this. "Oh.. good point, okay let's go." He said, grabbing his coat and nodding in tune to the music as they left. "By the way, I am Amai di Miacci, what is your name?"

Over the music, Soleil obviously didn't hear the boy's name correctly and said, "Um...I'm Soleil." He didn't understand why he was asking his name. Surely he couldn't have forgotten him? Then again, he probably had gotten rid of his memories of Noir so it was understandable.

Amai smiled and nodded. "Pretty name." He said, looking around and getting hungry just by looking at people. "Umm I am going after that one.." He said, picking someone that reminded him somewhat of his ex.

He nodded. "Alright. I'll meet you back here once we're done?" He said, seeing his next victim from the corner of his eye.

Amai nodded and sautnered off, killing his victim swiftly, grabbing another after and disposing of them properly. He sighed, going back to the spot afterwards.

Soleil quickly feasted on his victim, getting rid of them as well. Once he was all finished, he headed back over to Amai, smiling. "Hope yours was as good as mine."

Amai giggled. "Yes, it was splendid." He said, unsure of what to do now.

He grinned, holding out his hand to the other. "So, where are you staying? I'll walk you home," he spoke, trying to be a gentleman.

"Waterford apartments." He said, yawning slightly and smiling, taking the hand gently. "That would be sweet of you to walk me home."

He smlied, nodding. "I'd be more than happy to." He started walking, though he wasn't sure where that was.

Amai could tell the other didn't know where he was going and giggled because of it, but he just lead im there himself. "So.. want to hang out again sometime?"

Soleil looked over at him, smiling and nodding. "Yes, I'd love that..." he said softly. He couldn't believe what was happening. Amori actually wanted to be near him!

Amai blushed happily as they reached his apartment door. "Well.. then maybe we can hang out again tomorrow?" He asked, looking up into Soleil's eyes hopefully. He needed companionship.

Soleil smiled and bowed to who he thought was Amori. "I couldn't think of anything better than that."

Amai couldn't stop smling and hugged the other around the waist. "Good night." He said, walking into his appartment.

Soleil waved. "Goodnight, lovely. Til we meet again."

Amai blushed and giggled at the name he had been given and snuggled down into his bed, sighing happily, thinking about the next night. Well.. he hoped it would be fun. He closed his eyes and rifted off, for once his sleep was untroubled.

The next evening, Soleil stood outside of the club, waiting for his new friend. And he hoped that he would become his new lover. He could hardly wait to see him again. Ever since he'd left Paris, he'd dreamed of nothing but him... This was like a dream come true.

Amai had dressed in simple jeans and a tight t-shirt before going out to find Soleil and he had found him at the club. Upon seeing him he grinnned. "hey you!" He said, hugging him. "Been waiting long??"

Soleil shook his head, grinning. "No, not long at all. You're right on time." He held out his hand to Amai once again. "So, do you want to go to the club again tonight, or would you like to try a...lighter atmosphere?"

"What did you have in mind?" Amai asked, looking up at him curiously.

"Oh, I don't know. Anywhere is good. I just...want to get to know you better, is all." He smiled genuinely at him, hoping that he wasn't about to scare him off.

Amai blushed and lead him to a round resting courtyard of sorts. "Here we are." He said, sitting down. "So what do you want to know?"

He grinned. "Everything. I want to know everything I possibly can about you. Your face... I've been enchanted by you ever since I laid eyes upon you. I just want to get to know you...beautiful angel..." He carressed his cheek, staring deep into his eyes.

Amai blushed and gasped. "But you have only just met me..." He protested, not wanting to so soon fall into the other's loving embrace.

Soleil faltered somewhat at this, but shook his head as he remembered Amori's predicament. "I can still see how beautiful you are..." he said softly, rubbing his thumb against his cheek gently.

Amai blushed at the caress. "Why.. does it seem like you know me?"

He smiled, feeling it was safe to draw nearer to Amai. "That's because... I do. Or I did...before your lover left you," he said.

"How can that be, I have never.. met you before...." He siad, gasping lightly.

He smiled all the while, shaking his head. "I know you think you haven't, but we have met before."

"What do you mean.... "He asked confused. "I am Amai di Miacci.. are you sure you have met me before?"

Soleil blinked confusedly, moving his hand away. He shook his head. "Amai? mean Amori...don't you?" he said, his stomach beginning to twist with dread.

"No... Amai..." He said, tilting his head confused, filling with sadness at the look on the other. "Why? I think I had a twin or something with that name.."

"Um...y-yes... Amori...." Soleil said, feeling his stomach nearly drop to his feet. This was horrible. All this time he thought...he'd been with Amori. What a fool he was.

Amai sighed. "Look.. I .. I am going to go home.. just.. I hope you find who your looking for." He said, about ready to break with a small film of tears in his eyes.

He bit his lower lip, feeling bad for hurting the other so. He had just lost a lover, after all. He held Amai's hand. "I...I'm sorry I confused you with someone else. That was my own fault. But I...I still want to get to know you...if you don't mind." He looked down at the ground, feeling like an idiot.

Amai smiled. "Well... I don't know, maybe..I suppose we can still." He said, giving the other's hand a gentle squeez before sitting back down.

He nodded, glad to see the other smile. "So...tell me about yourself then. You, not the person I thought you were..." Soleil blushed.

Amai sighed. "What did you want to know?"

" you were raised. How you were changed... Everything basically," Soleil said.

"I don't remember much, some guy named Rashemi changed me, he said he was mine and my brother's uncle." He said, sighing. " I dont knwo why he turned me, he never really said."

Soleil nodded. "I see.... Well, I do know your brother. He looks exactly like you, except for the length and color of your hair... And your eyes are different too, now that I'm seeing them closer," he said, leaning forward a bit to inspect them.

Amai blushed as he came closer. "Just.. how different are they?"

"His eyes are a deep shade of green but yours...yours are blue. Like...the ocean." He smiled at the comparison.

Amai didn't know what to say, he smiled lightly. "Umm.. thank you?"

He smiled, nodding. "Well, it's true. You're very beautiful, Amai. That's for sure."

Amai smiled and hugged him tightly. "You.. wont disown me.. I hope?"

Soleil shook his head. "No, I won't. Why would I ever do something like that?"

Amai shurgged. "It wouldn't be new to me..." He said sighing. "Well, so.. what should we do?"

He frowned at these words. "You can tell me what you meant. Have you been hurt a the past?'

Amai nodded. "everytime.. everytime I went with someone I would get hurt."

He pulled Amai into a hug. "I'm sorry to hear that."

Amai hugged him back. "What about you? Didn't you get hurt?"

He sighed. "I suppose I...brought it upon myself..." Soleil murmured. "I wanted someone to love me...who was already in love with another."

Amai nodded. "It hurts.." He said, sighing. "Ah well.. I am sure my right one will come along some night or another."

He smiled, nodding. "I'm sure that someone will come. For both us. Even though I feel like I'm a lost cause at this point."

Amai nodded. "Well.. should we go do something tonight?" He asked, looking up into the other man's eyes. "I mean.. the night is still pretty young.."

"I'd like that but I don't really know where we could go. I'm not familiar with this town yet..." he said.

Amai thought a moment. "I don't either.. I just moved here myself. How about my house? We can maybe watch a movie or something?"

Soleil smiled, nodding. "I'd like that very much."

Amai nodded, grabbing his hand. "Come on..." He said, smilling and leading him back to his appartment.

Soleil followed after him, thinking to himself how much Amai really did remind him of Amori. Not just physically, but personality-wise as well.

Amai let him in and hopped onto the couch. "So.. what movie do you want to watch?"He asked, humming as he sifted through his movies.

" depends. What kind of movies do you have?" he asked, smiling.

Amai pouted. "Actually it is all.. love movies." He said with a grin. "Sorry.. errmmm.. heres a bunch."

Soleil smiled at this. "It's fine. Any one is good. I don't have any particular preference."

Amai nodded and put a random one in, sitting back on his couch as it started and grabbed a blanket. "There.." He said, cuddling up with it on the couch, motioning for Soleil to sit with him.

Soleil took a seat beside him, smiling. He felt the urge to pull the other close to him, but stopped himself. This was the last thing he should be doing with someone he'd only just met.

Amai couldn't stand their distance, he just.. wanted to be closer to the other so he went ahead and cuddled up to him, eyes firmly on the movie innocently.

Soleil looked over at him, smiling. He'd noticed the closeness between them now and it made him happy. He wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulling him closer still.

Amai cuddled even closer to him, laying his head on the other's shoulder. "Mmm this is comfy." He said soft, closing his eyes in peace.

Soleil nodded, feeling very at peace like this. "Yes, it certainly is..."

Amai opened his eyes again to watch the movie, smiling as the couple were at a diner.

As he watched the movie, he couldn't help but let his thoughts wander back to Amori. He wondered what he was doing right this moment. He chuckled darkly to himself, thinking, 'Fucking my brother, no doubt...'

Amai looked up at Soleil, feeling the other man tense up. "Are you okay?" He asked, genuinely concerned.

He blinked a few times, remembering where he was. "Huh? Oh...oh yes, I'm fine. I was just thinking..." he said quietly.

Amai nodded. "Okay.. you just looked troubled."

He smiled, shaking his head. "No. There's nothing to worry about."

Amai didn't believe him and let him know by a small kiss on the cheek. "Please don't lie to me.."

He smiled sadly. "...Well, I'm just thinking about the life I left behind...what little there was anyway."

Amai nodded. "I see..well.. I don't know how much it would take to give it back to you.. but if I can help in anyway, then let me know." He said, wanting the other to be happy.

He nodded in return. "Thank you. You've been very kind to me."

Amai smiled and nodded, turning his attention back to the movie. He just wanted Soleil to be happy and he would do whatever it took to make him that way.

Not realizing what he was doing, Soleil reached down and took Amai's hand in his.

Amai smiled and blushed lightly at the action, moving the hand to his lips to give it a small kiss, squeezing the other's hand affectionately.

Soleil blushed, staring down at Amai. 'He's so cute...' he thought to himself.

Amai continued to watch the movie, trying to not giggle as his imagination pictured him and Soleil in a few of those situations with the kissing and locing and hugs..

Soleil tried to pay attention to the movie, but realized his thoughts kept wandering back to Amai.

Amai could no longer hold in a giggle and blushed as he did so. 

Soleil looked over at him questioningly. "What?"

Amai looked up at him and smiled nervously. "Ohh just the movie.. making me.. think about situations." He said, his smile becoming brighter.

He raised an eyebrow, smirking. "Oh? What sort of situations?"

Amai blushed. "I will never tell." He said with a small giggle.

He pouted playfully. "Oh, come on. Tell me. I won't tell anyone else. I promise."

Amai shook his head. "Nupe. Can't tell you." He said, making a motion as though his lips were sealed.

"Fine then. I have ways of getting you to talk," he said with a devious smile.

Amai blushed at the sound of that? "Oh do you? I wont tell no matter what."

He pushed Amai back onto the couch, pinning his arms above his head. "Are you certain?"

Amai blushed darker but nodded, wondering what Soleil was going to do.

He smirked. He held him in place and started to tickle Amai's sides with his free hand.

Amai let forth a string of giggles. "Nuu! Soleil be nice! I am still not telling!" He said between gasping and more giggles as he squirmed under Soleil, trying to get away.

"Then I'll just have to tickle it out of you," Soleil said, tickling him still.

Amai couldn't help it anymore and stopped him. "Okay okay! I was thinking...well it sembarassing, I was tyring to think of you and me in those situations on tv.."He said, smilng softly still from the tickling.

He moved away, letting the other go. He blushed, looking at the television. "Aw... That's cute..." he said.

Amai nodded, blushing and feeling slightly ambarassed." So is it safe to not be tickled now?" He asked, smiling lightly.

Soleil chuckled. "Yes, it's safe." He moved off him and took his seat on the couch once again.

Amai smiled and snuggled back up to hi. "Yay!" He said cheerily at the non-tickling and cuddled.

He laughed, pulling him close. "You're cute, you know that?"

Amai blushed and smiled. "Thank you." He said quietly.

He nodded. "You're welcome."

Amai felt himself start to drift as he watched the movie, feeling completely comofrtable in the other's presence he let himself sleep.

Soleil looked down, realizing that he'd fallen asleep. He smiled and held him in his arms, watching him.

Amai turned towards him in his sleep, away from the movie, nuzzlign him sleepily.

Soleil ran a hand through his hair, kissing his forehead.

Amai's eyes fluttered open. "Did.. something.. just touch my forehead?" He asked, looking up at im sleepily.

Soleil chuckled softly, holding him. "Maybe," he whispered softly.

Amai smiled sweetly and kissed his cheek. "Oh." He said, closing his eyes to sleep.

He smiled again, running a hand down his cheek softly.

Amai giggled in his sleep softly.

Soleil sighed, closing his eyes and starting to drift off to sleep as well.


Amai smiled and woke up, lookin surprised that he was still in Soleil's lap. He didn't want to wake him up, just happy looking up at him.

Soleil stirred a bit, looking down at Amai. He blinked a few times, surprised that he'd spent the night there. "Oh... Hi there!" he said, chuckling. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep."

Amai smiled. "It's okay I am glad you did.. I was somfortable .. and felt safe for once."

Soleil smiled at this, running a hand through Amai's hair. "I'm glad that you feel safe around me..."

Amai sighed and kissed the hand that ran through his hair lightly.

Soleil laughed. "You're very affectionate, you know that?"

Amai blushed and nodded but sighed. "Yes, unfortunately, that is how I get hurt.. everytime."

He frowned, running his hand down Amai's cheek. "I'm sorry," he said softly.

Amai smiled suddenly. "Ah well, don't worry about it." He said, giggling at the hand on his cheek.

He smiled sadly. "I just don't like hearing about other people's heartbreak. I know how it feels..."

Amai nodded. "I am sorry." He said, sitting up in his lap, practically stradling him. "So.. you want to go feed?"

"Um, yes. I'd like that. I'm getting a bit hungry."

Amai smiled, kissing his cheek, hopping up. "Hmm but what should I wear out?" He asked, going to his room, looking through his closet.

He chuckled. "Does it really matter?"

Amai nodded, stripping off his shirt. "Yes it does." He said, looking at a blue shiny shirt he had. "What about this?"

He shrugged. "Anything you wear will look nice on you," he said honestly.

Amai smiled and slipped into the shirt, it almost looked like a second skin to him. He put his hair back after combing it and put on a pair of black tight pants. "Okay.. I am ready.. what about you? I keep forgetting you don't live here." He said, shyly.

Soleil shrugged. "I'm fine. I'll just wear what I wore yesterday."

Amai nodded and hopped over to him after slipping on shoes. "Are you spending the night again?" He asked.

Soleil smiled, looking down at him. "Hm... I don't know. Would you like me to?"

Amai nodded. "Of course.. if you want to." He said, smiling.

Soleil took his hand, kissing it. "I'd be more than happy to spend the night again. Maybe we'll even finish that movie this time." He laughed.

Amai giggled and tried to not blush. "Awe.. yes we will finish it! So, let's get a good food and then come back here?" He asked, letting himself hug the other.

He smiled and nodded. "That sounds good." Soleil wrapped his arm around Amai's waist and led him out of the apartment.

Amai couldn't help but only feel natural around Soleil and he leant against him in an loving fashion, resisting the urge to kiss him.

Soleil smiled as the two of them walked down the street. "You know, it's very odd. I feel ease when I'm around you, Amai."

Amai smiled softly. "I feel the same." He said, looking into his eyes happily. "You ... I feel so.. just normal and comfortable around you."

Soleil nodded. "I'm glad that we could meet, otherwise I would've felt very strange here...all alone."

Amai nodded his agreement to the statement. "I know, same here." He said, pouting lightly.

He looked at his pouting face, raising an eyebrow. "What's that look for?" he questioned.

Amai bit his lower lip in thought. "Well.. even though we are together, I can't help but feel like there is something missing."

He tilted his head to the side. "As in what?" he questioned.

Amai shrugged to avoid any possibly embarassing situations and flet his cheeks flush.

Soleil saw Amai blush and couldn't help but smile. "Come now. You can tell me whatever is on your mind."

Amai shook his head and looked down, trying to hide it as he cheeks turned even redder.

Soleil frowned, seeing that he didn't want to speak. Maybe he was overstepping his boundaries a bit. They had only known each other a few days anyway... "Well...I guess you don't have to tell me if you don't want to..." he murmured.

Amai looked p suddenly, stopping their walk. "I.. just.. don't want you to think any different of me." He said, eyes wide with hope."I merely.. I just think that the only bit missing is love.." He said softly, wondering what would happen next.

"O-oh..." was Soleil's response. He didn't know what to say. He was certain that he wasn't in love with Amai...or atleast he thought he wasn't. The only one he truly loved was Amori... Could he really love another? "W-well...I'm not sure if...I'm quite ready for love yet..." he murmured.

Amai nodded in understanding. "Well.. errr.. shall we continue our walk?" He asked, trying to not tear up at his words. He could have been most certain that the other had felt the same, and now that he knew otherwise he was finding it painfull. But the other had said 'yet'. Did that mean there would be love between them in the future?

He saw the tears in the smaller boy's eyes and frowned. He truthfully hadn't meant to hurt him. But he did know that there was no gentle way to put this... He felt horrible, like a monster on the inside. He took hold of Amai's chin so that he was staring into his eyes. Carefully, he carressed the boy's cheek with his thumb. "Please...don't cry..." he said softly.

Amai smiled gently. "I wont, I am stronger then that." He said, but even as he said it he could hear his voice fault and feal his heart breaking.

Hearing his frail voice tugged at Soleil's heart. He pulled the other into his arms, hugging him tightly. "I'm sorry..." he whispered in his ear.

Amai nodded, trying his hardest to keep in the tears but gave in after they streamed down his cheeks. "I just.. I ...started.. falling in love.. I know I shouldn't have but I did." he said, gasping in his crying as he burried his face in Soleil's chest. "Your everything I want.. your nice, handsome, so very close.. and yet..."He stopped, not wanting to say the other didn't love him back for fear of it hurting him too much.

He kissed his cheek gently, knowing it probably wasn't going to help at this point but he didn't know what else to do. He felt like all those other men who'd broken Amai's heart. He sighed, holding him tighter. "I'm not saying that...there isn't a chance. I'm just still hung up...on someone..."

Amai nodded, calming down just a little. His cheek felt tingly where the other had kissed him. "I know you are... I am..sometimes too. I am sorry." He said, smiling softly, wiping his tears away.

Seeing his smile made him happy as well. He grinned, nodding. "It's fine. I just hate to see you upset."

Amai nodded. "I am sorry." He said again before sighing."Well.. what shoudl we do? Do you want to go back home yet, or.. continue walking?" He asked,frowning at himself for referring to his apartment as if the two lived together.

"Hm...well...I don't know. I like the cool, night air. I think I'd like to walk around a bit more..." He held tightly to his hand.

Amai nodded and continued walking again, happy to have his hand with the other's, just enough to feel his touch and he was happy.

He sighed. "So...tell me what these past lovers did to you..." he spoke.

Amai shivered. "Well two of them cheated... and my last.. cheated but it was worse with him...he also...was at times abusive."

He frowned. "He would...hit you?" Soleil said. He didn't understand how anyone would want to hurt such a precious face.

Amai shrugged. "I don't know.. I deserved it I guess? He said I did. I must have done something wrong."

Soleil glowered. If there was one thing he hated, it was people who beat their spouses. "I doubt that you did anything wrong. And even if you did, you didn't deserve to be hit..."

Amai let is go with a sigh. "What about you, what did your lover do?"

He shook his head. "I never...had a lover. Well, I've had one before but the one you're talking of... He was never my lover. He was in love brother..." he murmured, looking away from Amai.

Amai pouted. "Sounds... like.. a bad time." He said, grabbing the other's hand.

He nodded. "Well, it certainly wasn' That's why I left Paris," he said quietly.

Amai nodded and hugged the other. " I can't imagine it would of been." He said, knowing.

He nodded, hugging him back. He sighed. "I want to forget him so badly...but it's so hard."

Amai tilted his head. "You will one day.. how can I help until you do?" He asked, looking up curiously at the other.

He smiled, shaking his head. "Just stay with me. That's all..." He pecked him on the cheek.

Amai blushed and nodded. "Of course.. you know.. you should.. live with me." He suggested slowly.

Soleil looked down, blushing. "I...I dunno... Why do you want me with you?" he asked softly.

"Well.. we are good together. I mean.. so far this last night we had no problems. And.. maybe it would just work out?" He asked, looking at the other hopefully.

He grinned and kissed his cheek. "Well, when you put it that way, sure. I'd love to stay with you."

Amai blushed, leaning up and stealing a kiss from the other's lips. "Hey, race you!" He said, running as fast as he could with a giggle back to the house.

He blinked a few times, but laughed at his innocence. He ran after Amai. "Oh, you won't get away from me that easily!"

Amai squealed and hid in the broom closet upon reaching the house. He tried to keep himself from giggling, lest he be discovered.

He came into the room, looking around. "Oh, Amai? Where are you?" he called out, searching for him. A smile crawled onto his face.

AMai giggled as he heard the other and debated on whether or not to try to sneak away.

Hearing the small laugh, Soleil looked around. He rested his eyes on the closet nearest him, opening the door and smiling at Amai. "Well, hello there."

Amai giggled, pushign past the other and jumping on the couch. "Nuu you found me!" He said, laying there.

He smirked, sitting down beside him and staring down into his eyes. "Well, you shouldn't make yourself so obvious then."

Amai cuddled up to him. "I didn't think I was. It was just for play." He said, laying his head in the other's lap. "Your so fun.. " He said, smiling.

He smiled and ran his fingers through Amai's hair. He shook his head. "No, not really. It's being around you that makes me seem fun."

Amai smiled and nuzzled into him, closing his eyes. "Thank you.." He said, smiling.

He blushed at how close Amai was, but nodded. "You're welcome..." He stared down at him, thinking about how cute he looked.

Amai opened his eyes. "Did you want me to put the movie back on yet?" He asked, drawing circles on the other's knee with his finger casually.

He smiled. "Um...yeah, I think I'd like that. Hopefully we don't get distracted again." He laughed.

Amai giggled, putting the movie back on again, retaking his seat after turning off an offending light and layed back down with his head on Soleil's lap. He got comfy and smiled happily. "Are you all comfy?" He asked, wanting the other to be happy and comfortable.

He laughed at the situation but nodded, resting his hand on Amai's side. "Yes, I'm fine. And you?"

Amai smiled. "Just fine." he said, nuzzling the other's leg, eyes fixed on the movie.

He smiled as well and leaned back, focusing on the movie. He was determined to pay attention this time.

Amai gigled and blushed as the couple kissed no tv. "Awe they are sooooooo cute!"

He laughed, shaking his head. "You're a romantic, aren't you?"

Amai nodded, eyes fixed on the tv. "How can you not be? Look they are soo cute!"

He smiled, eyes resting on the couple on t.v. He couldn't help but feel a bit of sorrow at this... His mind wandered back to Amori yet again...of what he was doing with his brother...and of how he would never have him.

Amai giggled as the movie ended and sat up, yawning. "Awe.. what's wrong?" He asked, sensing the other's unease and giving him a hug.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Him again..." he murmured quietly. He closed his eyes, trying not to think of him. But when he did so, all he could see was his beautiful face...

Amai felt bad suddenly and hugged the other tighter. "I am sorry." He said, kissing his cheek shyly. " I am sorry that this has to happen." He said, starting to feel bad again about his own ex.

He shook his head, hugging him back. "It's not your fault that I'm pathetic... He never even liked me and I'm still so hung up on him..."

Amai cupped the other's face in his hand. "Listen to me, you can do so much better then that." He said, lookign intently at the other, only wanting his happiness. "You will find the right one. And when you do you wont even think about him okay?"

He stared into his eyes, remaining silent. He still didn't feel as if that was possible but, for Amai's sake, he would fake a smile. "If you say so."

Amai nodded. "I do." he said, hugging the other again. "Just.. take some risks..try something new." he said. He sighed and got up with a yawn. "If you want anything to nibble on then tell me, I do have some random food. I know you and I can't eat, but we can nibble and nibbling calms me."

He smiled, nodding at Amai. He really was quite cute...just like Amori. He sighed again, but tried to focus on other things. "Um...sure. I'll try to. What do you have?"

Amai brought out a bit of snackable items. Cheese, vegetables, candy." Any of these are nibble-able." he said, smilling and looking for more.

He looked skeptically then took a piece of candy, removing the wrapper and popping it in his mouth. He smiled. "Sweet."

Amai smiled and nibbled candy as well. "Good yes?"

He smiled at Amai and nodded. "Yes, very." He took another piece of candy and put it in his mouth.

Amai nodded happily and sat at the kitchen table, yawning. "Well.. do you want to sare the bed tonight or are we sleepin on the couch again?"

Soleil blushed, thinking about sharing a bed with Amai. How strange would that be? " would honestly want to share the bed with me?"

Amai nodded. "Of course!" He said, hugging him. "We shared the couch last night..."

"Well yes but...the bed seems so much more...intimate?" he said, unsure of the right words. His cheeks flushed.

"Awe are you afriad of sleepin with me??" He asked, giggling. "We wont if you dont want to."

"Well, I... It's not that I'm afraid. I just think it's something that...lovers do." He looked shyly at the other.

Amai giggled. "Awe come on, please?" He pouted and hugged the other.

He sighed, shaking his head. He looked into Amai's eyes, unable to resist. "Well...oh...fine then."

Amai pulled the other to his room and jumped on the bed. "See? We wont be bad or anything.." he said, stripping his shirt and his pants and leaving only his boxers.

He looked nervous and sighed, taking off his own clothes as well. He sat down on the bed, looking at the patterns on the sheets as opposed to Amai.

AMai hopped into bed and crawled under covers trying to not look at the other. "Mnn comfy bed.. get in here would you?"

Soleil looked back at him, smiling sheepishly. He knew this was going to be very odd. He laid down beside Amai, his body completely rigid. He was afraid of touching the other. Who knows what it could lead to?

AMai turned over and smiled at the other. "I wont bite... you dont want to cuddle?" he asked, referring to ehm basicaly laying on eachother the night before.

He looked at him nervously, smiling weakly. This was all so strange. "Well,'t you want...your space? I" he rambled, afraid of what he would do to Amai if he was to touch him in such close quarters.

Amai shook his head and cuddled. "I feel safe with you." He said simply, issing the other's cheek and nuzzling his chest as he lay there.

"U-umm...Amai!" he exclaimed, looking down at him nervously. He didn't know what to do so he wrapped his arms around the other and prayed for the best.

Amai shivered and Amai looked up at the other. "Wht's wrong?" He asked, putting a hand on his forehead to feel for fever.

He blushed, shaking his head. "N-no... It's nothing. I'm fine." He smiled weakly and closed his eyes. "Um...let's just go to sleep, hm?"

Amai nodded, kissing him light and quick on the lips before nuzzling back against him and closing his eyes. "Night, Soleil."

He smiled and blushed, kissing him back. He snuggled up to the other, feeling warm beside him. "Goodnight..." he whispered back.

Amai fell asleep happily, content and warm feeling for once.
The next day, Soleil awoke and looked down at Amai, blushing. He still felt very strange having slept with him but he was glad to have another body beside him for a change. He smiled and brushed a strand of hair out of Amai's face.

AMai nuzzled into the touch, nuzzling the other's chest with a small nip.

He chuckled slightly and started to move away. He rose from the bed, stretching and starting to put his clothes back on.

Amai woke as he felt the other's absence. "Nuu my lover left me.." He said, yawning and sitting up with a grin. "Why are you getting up in such a hurry?"

Soleil blushed at being called his lover. "Um...I don't know..." he said quietly, looking down shyly. "It makes me nervous to be with someone like that...I guess..."

"Are you leaving me?" Amai asked sadly, looking up at him with a pout before walking to the edge of the be on his knees, pulling the other against him in a tight hug.

"H-huh? No, I'm not!" He looked down at the sadness in his eyes. "I just...well... I feel uncomfortable doing things like that since we're not...lovers..."

Amai grinned devilishly. "Ohhhhh? mnn maybe we sould be lovers then?" He asked, just playing but licked the other's lower stomach where he hugged him and his buttons parted on his shirt just enough to bare skin.

He gasped, blushing violently. He felt butterflies inside of his stomach. This was something he hadn't experienced in a long while so it surprised him. He jumped away, staring in surprise at Amai. "W-what are you doing?!" he exclaimed.

Amai pouted. "I am sorry." He said, feeling that he had done something very wrong. "I just wanted to cheer you up."

He sighed, sitting down on the bed beside Amai. "It's alright. I just get very flustered when you do things like that, is all..."

"Why?" Amai asked, hugging the other. He just wanted to love him and be loved back.

He sighed, shaking his head. "I'm not sure. I just get...nervous when you do that. It's strange. My stomach does flips when we're like that."

Amai giggled. "Would you just relax? Why don't you give in to the flip flopping?" He asked, runnin his fingers down the others chest.

Soleil sighed, asking himself, 'Why don't I?' "I think it's because...if I give in...I would feel badly if I took those feelings back and hurt you..." he whispered.

Amai sat on the other's lap as they had grown accustomed too. He wanted to see just how much he coudl do though. "Why would you take them back?" He asked, pressing a kiss to the other's neck.

"Because I... There is still that other person that I have feelings for..." he whispered quietly, avoiding his gaze.

Amai sighed."You need to let him go." Amai said, making his kisses more firm, lightly nippign the skin under his lips. "Please? We both need you to let him go.." He said, sliding his hand down the other's chest even further.

He blushed, sighing. "I don't...I don't know. It's hard for me but...if it's what you want then I'll try." He looked back at him, hope gleaming in his eyes.

AMai nodded, feeling happy for once, he wanted to show the other that he cared for him, show him that he could heal the damage done. He kissed him lightly.

Soleil closed his eyes and kissed him back, holding onto him desperately. He wanted him, wanted someone to love him... He wrapped his arms around his waist.

Amai kissed him more, laying back to pull the other atop of him, wanting him with such passion that he hadnt felt. Not even with his first lovers. "Soleil." he whispered breathily, moaning gently against the other's neck and chest as he pressed seemingly desperate kiss to him.

He kissed him back, sliding his tongue into his mouth and letting his hands trail all over the other. He pulled back, staring down at him and thinking 'So this is who I needed to find...After all this time I find you...'

Amai smiled up at him lovingly. "Mnn whats on your thoguhts?" He asked, slipping his hands through the other's hair and pulling him down for another kiss.

"That what I needed. It took me this long to find someone...who loves me..." he whispered. He leaned forward and kissed his lips again, slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

Amai shivered and wrapped his arms around the other, as well as his legs. "I know and I do love you. So much." Amai replied, kissing him back , licking his bottom lip in a request for entrance.

He leaned down, opening his mouth to allow the other's tongue to slide within. He went back to taking off his shirt, tossing it aside and onto the bed. He ran his fingers along Amai's chest, enjoying the feel of his soft skin.

Amai set to removing any clothing that was on the other as he kissed him more, slipping his tongue inside to taste of the other and slipping his hands down and into Soleil's pants to touch him.

Soleil gasped, but didn't move his lips away from the one beneath him. Slowly, he let his hands trail down Amai's chest and abdomen, stopping at the hem of his pants. He grabbed the other through the fabric of his pants, moaning as he felt the bulging erection there.

Amai moaned into his mouth as he kissed him. "Mnn Soleil." He was so used to whispering the other's name that it felt natural to him to do so as he gripped the other as well, stroking along his cock.

Soleil growled deep within his throat, closing his eyes and thrusting into Amai's hand. He quickly undid the smaller one's pants and pushed them down his thighs, taking his manhood into his hands once more and stroking him.

Amai called out, stroking the other in time with the pleasure he was recieving on his own length. He kissed the other as well as he could, moaning in sweet pleasure.

He moved his hand up and down faster, moving his lips from the other's and biting his neck. The biting was gentle at first but then became harder and began to draw blood from him.

Amai moaned at the biting, loving the feeling of it. He loved everything about the man that was at his neck. Loved that he was loved back. He did the same to his lover, biting him and stroking him harder and faster.

He groaned against the neck of the other, moving faster into his hand and drinking harder. He let his one free hand move to find Amai's and held it tightly, fingers intertwining.

Amai held his hand tightly, and even tighter after that as he came with a strangled cry. "Soleil!" He called out as he did.

He kissed the bitemarks he made as he came into the other's hand, moaning loudly. He shut his eyes tightly, grasping Amai's hand tightly.

Amai held the other tightly to him, kissing him gently on the lips. He didnt know what to say, but closed his eyes and savored the moment.

He moaned, tasting his own blood on the other's lips. He had to admit, it was very arousing the way that he could taste them together, their blood mixed together. He moved his hand from Amai's cock and wiped it off on the bed, wrapping his arm around him and pulling him close.

Amai held tight to the other, licking at his neck. "We were made for eachother, ya?' He asked breathily, kissing the other as soft as he could.

He smiled, kissing his lips softly. Soleil nodded, pulling back. "Yes... I think you're right..."

"Let me be the only one in your life." He stated, resting his head on his chest and drawing circles on his stomach.

He smiled and nodded, running a hand through his lover's hair. "Yes... Whatever you want." He stared down lovingly at Amai.

Amai smiled and hugged him tight. "Be mine now? Forever?" He asked, running his fingers almost lazily up and down the other's stomach.

He smiled and nodded, kissing him passionately on the lips. "I promise that I will be yours for now and for always. Thank you for lovng me, Amai. It's the one thing I've always wanted... You've finally given it to me..."

Amai smiled and nodded. "Thank you for trusting me enough to give it to you."

He nodded, running a hand through his hair. "I think I would've been much worse off if I hadn't..."

"Oh yes, we both would have been." He said, kissing him and laying on top of him. "I love you."

Soleil smiled, running a hand down his cheek and over his lips. "I love you too, Amai. I never want to hurt you...."

Amai kissed the hand that carressed him and snuggled close. "Always yours." He said, kissing the other's lips happily.

He smiled, kissing him in return. Slowly, Soleil pulled away. "Well, should we go out for a bit then?"

Amai shook his head. " I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to rest." He said with a soft smile.

Soleil nodded. "Alright then, love. We'll just stay here and enjoy each other's company."

Amai nodded in agreement and cuddled up to the other. "Thank you.."

He closed his eyes, staring up at the ceiling. "So peaceful..." he murmured.

A while had passed between the couple and they were happily together. Nothing seemed to bother them and nothing could split them apart. But Amai had wanted to see the city of Paris. And he asked Soleil to take him.

"Soleil... would you take me to paris?"He asked, tilting his head in thought.

"Hm?" Soleil looked down at his lover confusedly. "What brought this up all of a sudden?"

Amai sat on his lover's lap, facing him."Well.. I want to travel and see different things.. and besides, isn't paris for lovers?" He asked, kissing Soleil's neck.

Soleil chuckled, his thoughts wondering to his brother. 'I wonder if they're still living there... He smiled. "Well, whatever you want, you shall have. We can visit if you want."

Amai giggled. "YAY!!!" He said wrapping his arms around his loved one. "Mnn we get to go to Paris! Woot!" He attatched himself to his lover happily and sighed. "So when do we go?"

"Um...well, I'm assuming you don't want to wait too long. And it's only a few hours from here by plane... We could leave tomorrow?" he suggested.

Amai beamed up at his lover happily and nodded."YES! Let's go pack." He said, attacking his lover's neck with kisses and little nips .

He chuckled and followed after Amai into their bedroom. He went to the dresser, taking out some of his things. "How long do you plan on us staying there?"

"How does two weeks sound?" He asked, fitting his suitcase with his cutest clothing. (lots of shorts and tight pants.. ami's style basically..they are twins).

He thought for a moment, as if he wasn't going to say yes, then nodded. "LIke I said, whatever you want." (lol. Kawaii. ^^)

Amai smiled and layed on their bed. "Hmm its going to be soo romantic."

He grinned, nodding. "I'm actually looking forward to it. I haven't been there since I met you."

Amai smiled. "Then this should be even better." He said, daydreaming. "You know what.. I had this weird dream last night that I was blonde." He added randomly.

He turned around, looking at his lover suspiciously. "You? Blonde? It doesn't suit you, dear." He chuckled and went back to packing.

AMai grinned and layed on his tummy."Mnn I didnt think so." He said, yawning. "Now that I have layed on this bed.. I dont want to get up." He whined,closing his eyes.

"Well, are you done packing?" Soleil closed his suitcase after putting the last of the belongings he wanted to take along with him inside of it.

Amai nodded. "Yes, I only needed clothing and some random drawing and writing paper"He said, yawning and wishing his lover would be besides him.

Soleil nodded. "Well, you can pack that tomorrow." He laid down beside Amai, closing his eyes. "I wonder how much my home has changed since I last saw it... I'm sure Noir and Amori have turned it into their own little love den," he said, somewhat scornfully.

Amai rasied an eyebrow. "Who? Ohhh your ex..?" He asked, cuddling closer to Soleil. "If its your house tell them to leave."

Soleil chuckled. "'s sort of their house too. You see, it's my brother who is with my...ex. So he owns it just as much as I do."

"What does your ex look like?" He asked out of curiosity, laying his head on the other's chest, stroking his stomach in lazy circles.

"Well, like you, obviously. Since I confused the two of you. And...well...he's got short, greyish but mostly white-colored hair. But it's not because he looks old or anything, it's just that color naturally. And...he has green eyes."

(Ami's hair is long now, remember?)

"Huh.. I wonder if he is like a long lost sibling.." He wondered aloud, nuzzling Soleil.

(Oh, it is? =0)

He chuckled. "If my suspicions are correct, the two of you probably are related... I mean, you do have the same last name."

(hai, gomen nee chan)

Amai smirked. "Yay sibling.." He said, nuzzling his lover. "Do ou think he and I will get along?"

(^^;; It's fine. I got confused.)

Soleil smiled and nodded. "Yes, I think so. The two of you are a lot alike, now that I think about it. You're both dedicated to the ones you love and you both...have that same look in your eyes." He stared down into Amai's blue eyes.

"What look?" Amai asked with a blush, wanting to kiss the other.

"I don't know, it's hard to explain..." Soleil said, still staring at him. "It's just're happy there's a sort of...twinkle in your eyes. It's so beautiful." He kissed his lips gently. "It makes me feel lucky to have you."

Amai blushed and kissed him back. "That's... so sweet Soleil.." He said, hugging him tight. "You.. are.. well you make me so happy." He said, kissing him again.

He smiled and kissed him back. "You make me happy as well. I don't know where I'd be without you, my sweet Amai."

Amai giggled and closed his eyes. "I can't wait to see everyone.. I hope I am related to this person.. and I hope we can all be happy.. and I hope.. that you and I are together forever."

Soleil grinned and kissed each one of his closed eyelids. "I hope we are too, my love. But...don't expect a fond meeting from them, I'm afraid."

"Why?" He asked curiously.

He sighed. "I'm afraid that...the last time I saw them I wasn't exactly their favorite person. I tried to steal Amori away from my brother can imagine how it ended."

Amai smiled. "Well... we will make everything fine again." He said, giving him a kiss. "I promise."

He sighed, closing his eyes. "If you say so. But it will be pretty difficult. I caused them all so much trouble..."

Amai kissed him. "Nap and we will worry about it when we get there."

He smiled at his lover and nodded. "Alright then." He kissed his forehead and started to drift off to sleep.

Amai followed, al the while ploting on how to get everyone back on good terms.

(Next day?)
Soleil awoke, rubbing his eyes tiredly. He looked at his watch, hoping that they could catch a flight to Paris. He shook Amai. "Sweetheart, it's time to get up."

Amai woke a little. "Morning." He said with a yawn, hopping up out of bed and kissing him before rushing to brush his hair and dress.

Soleil smiled and took some of the clothes he still had in the closet and put them on. He was glad that Amai was looking forward to this trip. He wouldn't return to Paris for anyone else...

Amai smiled and dressed in dark green shorts and a white button up shirt and sandals before grabbing his bags with a yawn. "Mnn im soo excited!"

Soleil walked over to him, wrapping his arms around his lover's waist. He pulled him into a passionate kiss. "I'm glad..." he whispered softly.

Amai matched the kiss with a hardened one of his own. " I am glad..too." He said, trying to not engage again or he would have his way with the other.

He smiled, kissing his cheek sweetly. "Come on then. Let's gather our things and head back to my hometown."

Amai nodded, grabbing his suit case after putting his hair in a ponytail. "Yay!!!"

Soleil held his hand out to the other. "You're so cute, Amai..."

Amai grabbed his loved one's hand, being playfull enough to nip one of his fingers as he did before smiling. "If you say so." He said, walking out with the other behind him, putting the luggage in the back of their car.

Soleil put in his own luggage and went to the driver's side of the car. He put the key into the ignition and started it up.

"Sweety, shouldn't we just drive there?" He asked, curious.

"That's what we're doing..." Soleil said confused as he drove the car away from their home.

"Yesterday you said something about a plane." Amai said, confused.

"Well, yes. We're driving to the airport," Soleil said.

Amai giggled. "No, baby, wouldn't it be cheaper to just drive to your hometown? That way we wouldn't have to buy a ticket and a rental car?"

"Hm... I guess that works too." Soleil smiled sheepishly, feeling silly that he hadn't thought of it before.

Amai smiled. "I am soo going to save you alot of money."

He laughed. "You've saved me from a lot of things, when I look back on it..." He trailed off, eyes on the road in front of him.

"Like what?" Amai asked, curiously, leaning over to kiss his lover on the cheek.

He sighed. "I would be miserable without you...still wallowing in self-pity if it wasn't for you."

Amai giggled and took to looking out at the trees from the car window. "The countryside.. it is really beautifull." He said, off topic but mesmerized.

He laughed at the sudden change of topic, but nodded. "Yes, it is. We don't get to travel often, do we?"

Amai shook his head, beaming happily. The wooded road was lit up brilliantly with the moon and he loved the almost eerie glow it had to it. "It would be nice.. to do this more often." He said, looking at Soleil. "With you. You know? Just.. go for a drive once in a while. Just to see this."

He took his eyes off the road for a moment, to see the beautiful look in his lover's eyes. He nodded, leaning over to kiss him quickly. "Yes. I think that would be nice. And maybe you can drive next time," he chuckled.

Amai giggled."Mnn if I drive you and I might not see another night so beautifull." He said, laying his head on the other's shoulder as he drove. "But truly.. I feel so.. peacefull right now. I am happier then I have ever been and I have you and I am actually going somewhere and doing something, rather then looking for something to put flavor into everything." He mumbled this more to himself then anything, blushing as he realized he was spaeking around like some drabbling poet. "You get the idea."

He laughed, shaking his head somewhat and nodded. "Yes, I understand, love... But I feel the same. I'm so content with you sitting right here beside me..." He looked over, smiling at him.

Amai kissed him. "Eyes on the road." He said, closing his own eyes. "Mnn I can't wait to meet your brother and his lover, I think everything should go just fine."

Thinking back on the last time they met, he frowned. He was afraid of what his brother's reaction would be...but more importantly, Amori's. He didn't want them to slam the door in his face, though he figured that's what was going to happen.

Amai layed his head in his lover's lap."I'm taking a nap." He said, closing his eyes and yawning.

Soleil nodded. "Alright then. I'll wake you once we're there..."

Amai nodded and drifted off.

"Amai..." Soleil said softly, shaking his lover's shoulder. "We're here, love, wake up."

Amai looked up at his lover and sat up. "Ohh.. wow.." His eyes glowed at the beauty of he city. "This.. is where you lived?" He asked, smiling happily.

He smiled, nodding. "Yes...this is my home." He turned off the car and got out, going and opening Amai's door for him.

Amai stepped out lightly, looking around hismelf as he did so. "Well then. Might I add it is lovely?"

Soleil smiled, nodding. "Thank you." He looked at his house, frowning deeply. He was afraid to even go inside.

Amai giggled. "I will go knock, they would take better to me." He said, kissing him before running up and doing just that.

"Um, but, Amai-!"

Before Soleil could protest, Noir answered the door. He looked down confusedly at the boy before him. He blinked a few times before saying, "Um...yes. Can I help you?"

Amai blinked. "Well.. errmm you might just find this interesting.. you see, I wanted to meet my twin brother, Amori I think his name was... and my lover ..he..dosen't wish for any harm to come upon you or him he just wants to mend everything between everyone since there was an argument..umm.. " He broke off at a loss for words, biting his lower lip nervously. He found this man to be quite intimidating.

Inside Amori had just gotten out of the bath and was strangely dressed just like Amai, but he didn't notice the other just yet and decided to ignore he open door, thinking it was mayhap some form of salesman.

Noir stared silently. It was then that he realized that his brother was standing there, a good distance from the door. He glared at him. "...Why the hell are you here?" he yelled, completely ignoring what Amai had just said.

Soleil sighed, knowing this would be his brother's reaction. "Look, I only came because Amai asked me. He's my lover," he said, holding up his hands in a sign of what looked like surrender.

Noir frowned, but looked down at Amai. He resembled Amori quite a bit. "...His twin, huh?"

"My.. well if he is my twin, our uncle, Rashemi mentioned something about my having a twin.. we never grew up together, something about the family seperating.. but... I mean we have the same last name.. and.. Soleil wont hurt anyone, please, can I meet him? I mean no harm and only wishto befriend you both." He asked, getting a pleading look in his eyes.

Amori grabbed a book to read and slumped onto the couch before calling lazily to Noir. "Noir.. who are you chatting with?" He asked, setting the book down and walking to Noir. When he looked out the door he blinked. "Woah.." He said, thinking he was looking into a mirror.."Wiat.. when did my hair become black???No wait.." He poked the other in the forehead.

Amai blinked next. "Hey no poking!" He pouted. "So your.. Amori?"

Noir looked back at his lover. "He claims to be a relative of yours...your twin. But you never mentioned having a twin before, love," he said to Amori.

Soleil held back nervously, afraid to come any closer to his brother. He knew that he had a violent temper and, considering the things he'd done to Amori, he was certain he hadn't forgiven him.

Amori looked Amai over carefully. "Well.. he looks like me.. just.. different hair, different eyes. We have the same build..same.. clothing too.. I think .. well.. who was your father?" He asked the other.

Amai shrugged. "Didn't know my father, I lived with my mother who died when I was seven and then my uncle took care of me."

Amori blinked. "Name?" He asked, recalling that his father had died at the same age.

"Rashemi." Amai said, wondering where this was going.

Noir looked suspiciously at the other. "So, Amori, what do you think? Is he truly related to you?" he asked. He was pretty convinced, just by looking at Amai.

Amori grinned and pulled the other boy ito a tight hug. "YAY! NIIII CHAN!!!" He said, not letting go any time soon.

Amai giggled and hugged the other just as tight, feeling as though he had found a lost part of himself. "Yay!!"

Amori dragged the other into the house. "Come on! I want to show you mine and Noir's room and then I will show you everywhere else and then we can play a game or something or.. have you fed yet?"

Amai was a bit overwhelmed but found himself able to answer everything. "That sounds like fun and no I haven't."

Noir smiled at their happiness. He then looked over his shoulder at his brother who was slowly making his way towards the door. "I don't see how someone so sweet could ever want you..." he muttered, following after the twins.

Soleil sighed, knowing that his brother wasn't going to let him off the hook so easily. So, he just followed along silently, not wanting to draw attention to himself.

After Amori and Amai returned from their tour Amai joined back with Soleil and Amori with Noir.

Amori looked carefully at them. "Well.. this is all....quite interesting to say the least... what's your name again?" He asked his brother.

Amai beamed. "Amai." He said, slipping his hand into Soleil's.

Soleil remained silent, his eyes on the ground.

" didn't tell us how you happened to meet...Soleil," Noir said, looking at his brother suspiciously.

Amai smiled gently. "Well, I was just living.. not too far from here and I was at a club one night for fun and later I was going to feed. But he came up and asked me to dance and.. we worked everything out and here we are. I mean.. he told me about Amori and you and what he had done to you both.. for the most part anyways. I forgive him, and I don't believe he is only dating me because I look like my brother.. please though, I wish for there to not be any hostility."

Amori blinked. "How weird that you guys were like.. in the same place and met and everthing." He said, blinking again.

"Yes... Very strange..." Noir said, looking skeptically at his brother. He didn't quite believe that he was with Amai because he truly loved him.

Soleil sighed, nodding. "Yes. I don't want there to be any trouble either. I know that I've hurt you both in the past but I want to try and...start over. I'm sorry. If you can find it in your heart forgive me, I'd be so grateful to the both of you."

Amai smiled gently up at his lover and kissed him on the cheek, hugging him tightly.

Amori watched the two and how they responded to one another's touches. "Noir.. I believe them." he said, referring to how they were so very close.

Noir said nothing, only watching them. He still didn't trust his brother. He didn't believe he ever would.

Soleil smiled slightly at the touch from his lover. He kissed him in return, closing his eyes.

Amai blushed and looked at Noir and Amori."Sorry I forget we are in the compnay of others."

Amori giggled. "Awe don't worry about it, you two are cute together." He said, kissing Noir pointedly as well." Besides, he and I are all over eachother all the time, so do what you will."

Soleil wrapped his arms around Amai, kissing his cheek. "You're so cute, Amai!"

Noir sighed, closing his eyes. "I don't believe one word of it... He's lying to that boy," he whispered in Amori's ear, staring at Soleil from the corner of his eye.

Amai giggled and hugged him tight.

Amori shot a glare at Soleil. "Hmm maybe. but they seem happy."

Soleil smiled, kissing his forehead gently. He looked over, feeling the glares of his brother and Amori on him. He sighed. 'I knew it wouldn't be as simple as that...' he thought.

Noir frowned. "But what if he ends up hurting your brother? After what he did to you, he doesn't deserve to be happy with anyone."

Amori pouted. "I think they are cute together." He said, smilling happily.

Amai kissed Soleil. "Hey so are we all going to go out and feed?"

Noir shrugged his shoulders, still seeming none too pleased about the whole situation.

Soleil looked at his brother who didn't seem like he wanted to do anything that involved him. "Um...maybe we should just go out alone, sweetheart. We've probably imposed too much upon them already."

Amori looked up at Noir. "Do you want to go?"

Amai pouted. "Your right.. sorry guys." He said, sighing and turning to the door.

Noir looked at his lover. "Do you mind going with them? I don't care if it makes you happy."

Soleil sighed and followed after Amai.

Amori smiled. "F course not! Come on Noir, let's go with them!" He said, running up and glomping his brother.

Amai smiled and hugged the other tightly. "Yay thank you so much Amori."

Noir smiled at his lover's cuteness and followed behind him.

Soleil was quiet. He was glad his lover had found his brother. He only hoped that things would work out so well between him and his own sibling.

Amai clung tight to Amori as they all walked, he decided to leave the other two brothers to theri damage.


"I don't want to hear anything you have to say. It's bad enough that I have to see you again. I was hoping someone had come around and killed you by now. But now that you're here, I just want to act like you don't even exist, understand?" Noir said coldly, glowering at his brother.

AMai was oblivious to his lover and his lover's brother's unease with one anohter. He and his own brother were paying attention to looking around. "Ohh that one!" They said at the same time, pointing to the same vitim.

Soleil looked up at the human they were pointing to. He cast a sorrowful look at Noir and sped off, going to find his own victim.

Noir shrugged carelessly. "I hope he dies..." he murmured, looking to the human that Amai and Amori were pointing at. "I'll find someone else and the two of you can have him," he said, smiling.

Amori kissed Noir before dragging his brother off to feed with him.

Amai and Amori fed together harmoniously as though they had been meant to their whole life. They smiled and finsihed the human off quickly before both disposing of them. "Hey.. you knwo what we should do? We should... confuse Soleil and Your one of us dress like the other and see if they can guess who it is or something."

Noir found a human of his own to feed off of, drinking their blood and waiting for his lover to finish.

Amori thought. "You have a point.. would be easier for me to make my hair dark and my eyes blue rather then make your hair white and your eyes green.."

Amai nodded. "Well.. come on, let's go leave them behind for a while, and then we will get some hair dye and contacts from somewhere.."

"There's a cosmetics place over there." Amori said, pointing and nodded, dragging Amai by Noir. "ey sweety, I am going to steal my brother for a while okay?"

Noir smiled sheepishly. He didn't really want to be left alone, but he saw no other choice. "Um...okay? Don't be gone long," he said.

Amori nodded, kissing his lover sweetly before running off with his brother. "I have a better idea.. let's see just how well Noir knows me and your lover knows you."

"What do you mean?"

"You dress like me and I will be you."

They both grinned and switched appearances. Amai had his hair turned white and Amori's black and they both got color fitting contacts. "YAY!" They said in unison, grinning.

"Your sure you wont mind me being near your lover?" Aami asked Amori.

Amori shrugged. "Not if you don't."

They both smiled and went back to their home.

Noir sat on the couch in the parlor. He hadn't seen Soleil since he'd run off, but he didn't mind too much. He didn't really want to see his brother anyway. He looked up, hearing Amai and Amori return. He grinned. "Welcome back, you two."

Amai as Amori went over to Noir and hugged him and Amori giggled and watched but felt a tiny twinge of jealousy.

Amai gave Amori a glance to wonder if this had been a bad idea.

Amori was giving the same glance. "Oh my..."

Noir blinked, looking down at the one around him. "...There's something different about you," he said, frowning slightly.

(Soleil currently isn't there.)


Amai laughed nervously. "How do you mean?" He asked, pouting.

He stared down at Amai, raising an eyebrow. "...Amai, is that you under there?"

Amai squeaked and ran over to Amori, clinging to him."Gah!!!! How does he know!!!"

Amori went over and jumped on Noir and kissed him. "Sorry baby.. just wanted to .. be playfull." He said, hugging him tight.

Noir smiled and kissed Amori. "Did you really think I wouldn't recognize the one I love?"

"Let's see if Soleil recognizes that I am not Amai when he returns. " Amori said, grinning. It would be a good way to test just how much Soleil really loved Amai if at all.

Amai giggled. "Awe, nii chan your so mean."

He frowned. "Well...I don't know exactly where Soleil is right now," Noir spoke, afraid to see Amai's reaction to this news.

Amai faultered. "What do you mean?" He asked, sounding slightly sad. "He.. just went out right? He will come back."

He sighed sadly. "He walked off when the two of you went to feed. I assumed he would come back but he never did..."

Amai almost cried and clung to his brother. "He will come back wont he, nii chan?"

Amori patted his brother on the head. "Of course he will!"

"...Maybe you should go out and look for him," Noir said to Amai. "I mean, God only knows where he's gone."

"I can't go looking like Ami." He said, referring to his white hair and green eyes.

Amori thought a moment. "I suppose.. I will go and then I can test him."

Noir nodded. "Alright. We can wait here for you then."

Amori went up and kissed his lover. "Mnn be back soon darling." He said, giving him a little nip before going out.

Amai sighed and sat down. "I feel so weird looking like Ami.. anyhow.. how did you and him meet?"

Noir blushed, thinking back to how they met. "Oh. Well, I was his...teacher."

Amai beamed. "Awe tell me all about it!" He asked and demanded, sitting on a couch and curling up for story time.

Amori looked around the streets of pairs for Soleil annoyed. "Where in the hell is he!?" He asked himself, sighing.

Noir smiled at how alike Amai and Amori was and nodded, continuing with his story. "Well, I was a new teacher at his school and it was my first day. I saw him and I was...somewhat apprehensive to be with him, since he was my student, but in the end...I fell for him."

Soleil was by a river, leaning up against the railing. He looked over, seeing someone coming towards him. He noticed that it was Amai and smiled slightly. "Well, hello there!"

Amai beamed. "That is soo sweet... so ... how did you guys get by being together at school?"

Amori smiled. "Why haven't you returned back yet?"He asked, hugging the other but not going any farther.

He sighed. "It wasn't easy. We pretty much had to keep it a secret. But then...some boys beat up Amori because he liked other boys and...I killed them. So Amori and I were torn apart."

Soleil shrugged, looking out at the water. "I guess I just didn't want my brother scowling at me, is all. Why don't you come over here and join me?"

Amai gasped and covered his mouth. "Oh no! WHat did you do then Noir?" He asked, sadly.

Amori did so, wondering if his lover hadn't been right. Maybe Soleil really didn't love Amai.. if he did wouldn't he of recognized the difference by now? He sat next to the other, trying to find the best time to yell at him.

Noir sighed. "I ran.... I couldn't get caught...and I had to leave Amori behind..." he said quietly, closing his eyes. It seemed the pain of leaving his lover returned once more.

Soleil looked over at him, smiling. "You know, it's very strange. From afar, the two of you look so alike..." he trailed off.

Amai wanted to cry. "Ohh! How did you guys.. I mean you obviously got back together right!?"

Amori blinked and smirke. What do you mean?" wondering if Soleil had caught on that he wasn't Amai.

Noir nodded. "We did... But, while I was gone, Amori slept with my brother. I don't blame him for it...because I know Soleil seduced him... I know he was lonely and Soleil looked a lot like me but still... I can't forgive him for what he did. And after all that he tried to keep Amori for himself."

He smiled even wider. "You and Amai. You look so much alike. I was almost fooled for a moment." He chuckled. "But black hair just doesn't suit you, Amori."

Amai nodde dunderstandingly. "I know.. I don't think he will ever do it again though." He said, suddenly giving Noir a hug. "I was going to ask earlier if he and I could stay here and visit more, but if your uncomofortable with it we can just find a hotel."

Amori giggled. "Awe good boy! I know I feel weird looking like him. " Amori said, "What gives us away?"

Noir sighed. "I'm sorry. It has nothing to do with you. I actually like you a lot. I just can' with him..." he muttered.

Soleil shrugged. "I think, for me, it was your voice. You don't quite sound the same... And if you look close enough you look different in certain places."

"So, is that a yes or no?" He asked, curiously. "I am sure.. Soleil will behave."

Amori giggled. "Awe. Wel I am glad you pay attention. We tested you and Noir."

Noir sighed, then nodded. "I guess. I'm still not comfortable being around him though..."

Soleil chuckled, shaking his head. "And why would you do that?"

"Don't worry I will keep him away from you okay?" Amai asked curiously.

"To be sure you really love him and that he really loves me." Amori said, giving Soleil a stern look.

Noir nodded, smiling. "That's fine. But I don't understand how...someone as sweet as you could come to love someone like my brother..."

Soleil frowned. "So you suspected...that I didn't truly love him? That I only wanted him because he looked like you?"

Amai shrugged. "He has shown me a good side. I love him." He said, smiling. "It was very fortunate for him and I to run across one another."

Amori smiled. "Not so much me as Noir. I just wanted to play with my brother. "

Noir raised an eyebrow. "Oh? How so?"

Soleil sighed, looking at Amori somberly. "Did...Amai think I didn't love him?" he asked softly.

AMai smiled. "We need eachother. I can heal him adn he can heal me just liek you and Amori can heal eachother."

Amori smiled and shook his head. "Amai never had any doubts. Noir did though. This is my way of putting him at ease."

Noir nodded, understanding his words. He was still a bit wary of his brother, but he was more reassured now. "I see... Do you think Amori's found him yet? He's been gone quite a while."

Soleil noded, a sigh of release escaping his lips. "Good. I was worried he thought I didn't love him. That couldn't be further from the truth. I owe so much to him..."

Amai smiled. "I think they are probably just talking."

Amori smiled. "Well, come on, elt's go back and you can tell that to Noir."

Noir smiled. "If you say so. I was just starting to worry that something had happened to him."

Soleil started walking, but looked somewhat unwillingly. "I don't think he's going to care about what I have to say..."

Amai smiled. "nah don't worry, they will come back soon."

Amori huffed. "Would you just come on? Your being difficult!" He said, grabbing the other by the wrist, dragging him to the house.

Noir nodded, smiling. "You're right."

Soleil smiled sadly and followed along behind Amori. "I'm sorry," he said, letting himself be drug.

Amai smiled and plopped on the couch. "It is so weird finally meeting my brother."

Amori walked in and had a disgruntled SOleil with him. "He passed." He said cutely, runing up and jumping upon Noir.

Noir blinked, then laughed. "Wow. Did he now?" He looked over at his brother.

Soleil blushed and joined Amai on the couch.

"Yes, recoognized me prety damn quick." AMori said, smiling.

Amai giggled and wrapped his arms about Soleil. "And don't worry me and Ami will be back to normal in no time." He said, pointing to a bag that the contents would turn them back to normal.

Noir smiled, kissing his lover's cheek. "Good. Not that there's anything wrong with you, Amai, but I'd much rather have my Amori sleeping next to me."

Soleil nodded in agreement. "Yes. I want you back to normal." He kissed his lover's lips softly.

Amai giggled. "Understood." He said, dragging his brother off after kissing Soleil back.

Amori smiled and followed after. "Awe you two are cute." He said referring to Amai and Soleil.

Noir smiled as he watched his lover walk off with his brother.

Soleil sat uncomfortably, looking at Noir. " assume my old room is still open?"

Amori and Amai changed themselfs back to normal, Amori's hair still had a tiny bit of black in it in random streaks, but it would all come out with time.

Noir merely nodded in response to his brother.

Soleil rose, heading towards his own room. He wanted to clean things up a bit before Amai saw it.

Amori found his lover and jumped on him. "All back to normal!" He said cheerily.

Amai nodded in agreement. "Yay!!!"

Noir smiled, wrapping his arms around Amori's waist tightly. "Good." He kissed him.

Soleil held his lover. "Come, Amai. I want to show you my old room. It's where we'll be staying during our visit here."

Amori kissed Noir back. "Mnn I love you."

Amai smiled. "Okay!" He said, following the other.

"I love you too," Noir said, nuzzling against his neck.

Soleil led him up the stairs to his old bedroom. It was dusty to say the least. It hadn't been used since he was changed. He was somewhat ashamed to let Amai sleep in such a place but he doubted Noir would put up with him being anyplace else. "Well...this is it," he murmured.

Amori giggled. "That tickles!"

Amai smiled and jumped on the bed. "i like it!" He said cheerily, snuggling under the covers. "Why do you seem so shy? All it needs is some dusting."

Noir laughed. "'s supposed to."

Soleil blushed, shrugging. "I don't know... I feel like this place isn't good enough for you." He sat down on the bed beside Amai.

Amori smiled and hugged his lover. "So.. you think SOleil is better now?"

Amai grinned. "Don't. I love it." He said, pulling the other onto the bed with him.

Noir shrugged. "Do you mean do I still hate him? Yes, I do, if that's the case."

Soleil smiled, looking at Amai sweetly. He kissed his lips. "God, where would I be without you?"

Amori sighed. "Baby, please try to understand that he isn't bad anymore?" He asked wanting Noir to get along with SOleil.

Amai smiled and kissed him back. "Still obsessing over my brother?"

Noir sighed. "Why are you standing up for him? After all that he's done to you?"

Soleil frowned, looking at Amai. "What would make you think that?"

Amori sighed angrily. "Because! I want you two to get along! I just want to know my brother! "

Amai kissed him. "Because.. it took you a while to get over him is all." He said, kissing him.

"How does my being upset with Soleil effect you and your brother?" Noir questioned.

Soleil sighed, shrugging. "I don't know... What would you say if I did still have feelings for him?"

Amori smiled. "Because baby, without SOleil Amai wont be here." He said kissing him.

Amai narrowed his eyes. "i would say were going to make those go away."

Noir sighed, looking at Amori. "...Only for you would I do something like this," he murmured.

Soleil nodded, closing his eyes. He didn't really know what to say. He didn't want to upset his lover anymore...

Amori stradled him. "Are you sure your okay with it baby?" He asked, bending down to lick his lips.

Amai thought a moment. "If you do still love him I understand.. just.. you wouldn't leave me would you?"

Noir sighed, shrugging. "Not really but I can't say no to you. I can never say no to you."

Soleil looked at him sadly. "Amai...if I loved someone else, I would want you to leave me. I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself just to be with me."

Amori smiled and kissed him."Thank you, I love you"

Amai kissed him. "Your not leaving me."

Noir kissed him in return, smiling. "And I love you, Amori."

Soleil frowned. "But...if I said I didn't love you, I wouldn't want to hurt you. Promise me that you'd leave me? It's not worth your time to waste it with someone who feels nothing for you."

"I love you more." Amori said to noir, kissing him again.

Amai shook his head. "No."

Noir picked up his lover. "Do you want to go to bed now?"

"But...why?" he asked, completely baffled. "Why would you put yourself throuh such misery with me? I'm not worth it. Trust me."

Amori giggled and nodded. "Yes, ready for sleep beside my lovely husband."

Amai glared at him. "You listen to me. I believe you are worth it. I love you. That is all that is needed for me to keep trying."

Noir raised an eyebrow, smiling. "Oh really? And who said anything about sleeping? I said bed, did I not?"

Soleil stared into Amai's eyes, seeing there was no convincing him. A small smile crossed his face. "I'm lucky..."

Amori blushed and nodded, kissing his lover's cheek. "That you did... are you going to clear my confusion?"

Amai kissed him and held him tight. "I just love you. Whether you love me or not I do and I wont stop loving you."

Noir smiled, going up the stairs to their bedroom. "Yes, I most certainly will." He kissed Amori in return.

Soleil nodded, kissing him in return. "Thank you for loving me, Amai. It means the world to me."

Amori clung tightly to his lover, wondering what would happen next.

Amai pouted. "No 'I love you' back??" He asked, brushing away a stray strand of hair from his lover's face.

Once they were in the room, Noir laid Amori down on the bed. He kissed his lips, gently carressing his cheek.

Soleil frowned. "I'm sorry. I love you too, Amai." He kissed his lips.

Amori nuzzled the hand that caressed him, kissing the other sweetly.

Amai kissed him back and snuggled against him. "I soo love you more. "

Noir slid his tongue into Amori's mouth, letting his hand wander down his chest and lift up his shirt slowly.

Soleil chuckled, pulling him closer. "Hm. I always hate arguments like this. We'll both argue till we're blue in the face, trying to say who loves who more."

Amori suckled lightly on the tongue in his mouth. He loved every bit of attention from his lover.

Amai giggled and kissed him. "I know but that is because we love eachother the same."

Noir pulled Amori's shirt up onto his shoulders. Pulling away from his lips, he leaned down and began to kiss and bite his chest.

Soleil kissed the tip of his nose. "I know that..."

Amori shivered and moaned at this. "Oh gods.. please."

Amai giggled and nuzzled him.

Noir obliged and pulled down Amori's pants, running his hands up and down his thighs before sliding one between his legs, taking his erection into his hand and stroking it.

Soleil smiled and closed his eyes. "So, should we get to bed now?"

Amori couldn't stop himself from calling out and thrust himself into this lover's tightened hold.

Amai nodded and kissed the other before laying out a little more and turning on his side so that he could still face his lover as he did so.

Noir kissed Amori's lips, moving his hand faster along his length.

Soleil pulled Amai close to him before falling into a deep sleep.

Amori shivered at the feeling, moaning and calling out to his lover.

Noir bit Amori's neck, hand still moving rapidly along the boy's cock.

Amori arched his back, unable to take much more, he held tight and began to pleasure his lover as well, giving him the same treatment.

Noir bit back a moan, feeling his lover's hand on him suddenly. His hips thrust into Amori's hand, wanting to feel more of him.

Amori tightened his grip lovinglly on Noir, moving his hand along his length in patterns as he kissed the other hard.

Noir kissed Amori's lips passionately, moving his hand quicker and quicker along him. He knew he would soon be brought to his climax by Amori's actions.

Amori couldn't take it any longer and came in his llove's hand, biting into him as he did so.

Noir moaned, feeling his lover bite into his flesh. Feeling him reach his climax, Noir finally came as well.

Amori huffed a sigh and closed his eyes, laying his head on his lover's chest. "I love you."

Noir kissed his forehead, wiping Amori's cum off on the bed. "I love you too."

Amori kissed him and layed there, unable to really do much more of anything even if he wanted too. "So Noir. Might we sleep much now?

Noir smiled and nodded. "That sounds good. I think we're both tired."

Amori didn't even hear his lover's words as he was asleep.

Noir chuckled and kissed his forehead before falling asleep as well.


Amori was still asleep peacfully next to the other and cuddled next to him.

Amai woke next to Soleil and yawned. "Ohh wake up you sweet lover of mine." He said, kissing him.

Noir was the first to awake the next morning. He smiled at Amori, shrugging his shoulder lightly. "Love, it's time to wake up..."

Soleil moaned, eyes slowly opening. He looked up at Amai and smiled. "Mmm. Hello there..."

Amori giggled and nodded, sitting up and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Mnn I could sleep forever."

Amai stradled his lover's stomach, lovingly kissing him.

Noir kissed his lover's eyelids. "You'd better not. Then I'd be all alone."

Soleil kissed him back, smirking. "What's got you so happy today?"

Amori grinned. "You could sleep with me."

Amai smiled. "You make me happy is all." He said, kissing him again before getting off his lover to dress appropriately.

Noir sighed. "I suppose I could but then I would never get to touch that gorgeous body of yours," he murmured, kissing Amori's neck.

Soleil smiled. "I'm glad..." he said, going to get himself dressed as
Amai well.

Amori shivered. "Ohhh god, keep it up and I will make love to you again." He said, biting a moan.

Amai smiled and hugged his lover before finding his way to his brother's room. "Nii chan!" He squealed, jumping on said brother.

Noir pulled away from Amori in surprise as Amai jumped on him. "Well...good morning," he said, laughing.

Soleil heard his lover in his brother's room and followed after him. "Hm. Are you being a bother, Amai?" he said, joking.

Amori laughed and the brothers snuggled together in a strangely intimate brotherly but not way. "He's fine." He reassured Soleil.

Amai beamed. "Good morning!" He said, nuzzling Amori before sitting up. "Didn't mean to be so hyper!"

Noir smiled. "It's okay. You didn't bother us. We were already awake anyway."

Soleil grinned. "'m thinking about heading out for a while. I want to find something to eat."

Amori smiled and nodded in agreement with Noir.

Amai nodded. "Do you want me to join you sweety?" He asked, cuddling his brother.

Noir looked at Amori. "We should probably go out as well, Ami."

"Um...I suppose you can come if you want," Soleil replied.

Amori nodded in agreement with his lover, hugging him before sitting up.

Amai jumped out of the bed and clung to his lover. "Okays! Let's go find food" He said, cheery as he had ever been.

Noir got off the bed and began to dress himself.

Soleil smiled and started to head out of the room to the door. He didn't know why but for some bothered him to see Amori and his brother together in the same bed.

Amori got dressed as well, looking through his closet before putting on asimple t-shirt and jeans.

Amai was in the process of not planning on letting go of his lover any time soon and kissing him wherever he saw skin.

Once Noir was dressed, he went downstairs and joined his brother next to the door. "What's the matter with you?" he questioned.

"...Nothing. I'm just thinking, is all," Soleil murmured, afraid to look him in the eye.

Amori smiled and atted his little brother on the head.

Amai was too busy attatching himself to his brother to ntoice Soleil's mood.

Noir frowned. "Thinking about what?" he questioned as he opened up the door, waiting for their lovers to come downstairs.

Soleil shook his head. "Nothing to worry yourself about," he said, plastering a fake smile on his face.

Amori smiled and was ready as was Amai, they looked to the other pair of brother's expectantly.

Noir smiled broadly and took Amori's hand, leading him out the door.

Soleil headed out the door, eyes staring at the ground as his mind continued to wander.

Amai motioned to Amori and Noir that he would return shortly and pulled Soleil to an alley and shoved him against the wall. "What bother's you?" He asked, wanting to know.

Amori shrugged and kissed his lover. "Hey I am after that one.." He said, going after his food.

Soleil looked at him, blushing. " I'm just thinking about things, is all."

Noir nodded and went off to find his own victim.

Amai pouted. "Like what things?" He asked, keeping his lover pressed to the wall.

Amori fed as quick as he could, looking for his lover. "Noiiiirrrrr??? Where did you go my lovely?" He asked in his giggly sing-song voice.

"Just...some things in my past, that's all," Soleil said, looking away from him.

Noir let go of the body in his arm once it was drained of blood and returned to Amori. "I'm right here, love."

"And you can't tell me about it, why?" Amai asked, narrowing his eyes.

Amori clung to his lover with a smile. "Ah yay. I am glad. Have you seen Amai and Soleil?"

Soleil shook his head. "Because it's not serious. Don't worry about me, Amai. I'm fine."

" looks like they went off to talk," Noir said, gesturing to the place where they were.

Amai sighed sadly but cheered up, putting on a false smile and licking his lover's cheek before leaving to catch up with his brother.

Amori smiled as he saw Amai but he saw right through his brother's fake smile. "What's up?"

Soleil sighed, following in the direction his lover had gone. He was no longer hungry.

Noir raised an eyebrow at the way the pair was behaving.

Amai smiled. "Nothing." He said to Amori, smiling.

Amori raised an eyebrow. "Your bad at lying, but okay. Did you get your fill?"

Amai shook his head, "Not yet."

Soleil sighed, taking a seat on the ground.

"What, you're not going to eat now?" Noir questioned.

"I've lost my appetite," he muttered.

Amai gave a soft glare in Soleil's direction and stormed off, unlike Soleil he was unable to avoid the nagging hunger. He sighed, taking his time in finding a victim.

Amori narrowed his eyes. "What did you do to my brother?" He asked, his voice taking on a tone it didn't normally have even when he was angry.

Soleil looked up at Amori, seeing the anger in his eyes. "I didn't do anything," he said. "He asked me what was the matter and I told him I was just thinking. Nothing more, nothing less," he replied.

Noir glowered, almost immediately knowing what his brother was thinking. "God, don't tell me you're after Amori again," he hissed.

Amai had fed and was wandering the streets, sighing, wondering if it was a good idea to get so far off from the others in case he got lost. In truth he couldn't find himself caring as he noted his lover was being un-likingly distant.

Amori's eyes narrowed even more. "That had best not be true!"

Soleil said nothing. He got up, shaking his head. "Why the hell does it matter to you anyway? I'm not trying to steal you from your "beloved" Noir anymore," he grumbled.

"It matters because your selfish ways are hurting Amori's brother," Noir hissed scathingly. "Could you be any more of a heartless asshole? Amai doesn't deserve this. He doesn't deserve to be hurt by someone like you. I knew there was something fishy when you showed back up... Now I know."

Amori didn't know how to take this new news. "And you had no right to snap at me either!" He said, sighing and feeling bad. Why of all people, did it have to be his brother to end up with this man?

Amai sighed and sat on a bench in a street park . He didn't want to rejoin the others just yet.

Soleil glared at Amori. "You're the one who snapped first, thank you so much. I'm sorry you can't handle how I feel. I'll just leave if that's what makes you all so happy." He stood up and started to walk away.

Noir shook his head, turning to Amori. "We should probably just let him go. Amai will be better off without him."

Amori thought then shook his head. "Noir! He would be crushed if Soleil left him. " He was very sure of how his twin would react. "I mean when you left me I was crushed. Think about Amai." Amori pleaded, hugging his lover.

Amai sighed and curled up, hugging his knees to his chest, finding the temperature to be somewhat chilled.

Soleil continued walking, hoping to leave everything. He hated to do this, especially since Amai and been nothing but kind and loving to him. But he had to. His feelings for Amori just wouldn't disappear and he had to admit, he was miserable. So sick of feeling this way for his lover's, or soon to be ex-lover's, brother.

Noir growled, wanting his brother to suffer for all the pain he'd caused. But when Amori pleaded with him, he could never put his foot down. "Fine then... But we need to find Amai as well. He's been gone for quite some time."

Amori smiled and nodded. "Alright let's go find him." He said, grabbing his lover's hand. "Fun, yes?"

Amai sighed and wrapped himself tighter. "I wonder what everyone is doing?" He asked himself, sighing and beginning to find his way back.

Noir rolled his eyes. "How is this fun? My brother is ruining yet another person's life. I'm so sick of him I could vomit..."

Soleil didn't know what to do or where to go so he merely sat on the side of the road, letting depression slowly take over him.

Amori pouted."I just mean finding and getting them together again."

Amai blinked as he saw Amori and Noir walking towards him. "Hello." He waved to them.

"Oh. Well..." He smiled at Amai. "Well, hello there. We were getting worried about you. You disappeared for quite a while."

Soleil felt tears trickle down his face. Why did he have to torture himself this way? Why couldn't he just forget Amori?"

Amai smiled. "Don't worry about it. I was.. well truly I am upset with Soleil." He said, pouting.

Amori winced. "Yeah I know, why don't you come back to the house?"

Noir kneeled down beside Amai. "Yes, come back home. We can all just sit down and talk," he said softly, smiling.

Soleil let the tears flow freely, feeling his heart breaking all over again. He truthfully did want to love Amai, but his heart wouldn't let him.

Amai nodded "Okay.. is everything all right?" He asked, a bad feeling settling in the pit of his stomach.

Amori smiled and kissed his brother on the cheek. "Well.. sort of.." He sid, sighing. "Let us talk about it at home."

Noir nodded. "Yes, I think that's a good idea." He began to head for home, looking back over his shoulder at the two brothers.

Soleil cried like he never had before, not caring who saw him. He could feel the eyes of people who walked past him staring and it didn't matter to him. He wanted to be happy... He wanted the person he loved so much to love him back... But it would never happen.

Amai was so very confused but he followed his brother and Noir, he went in and sat on the couch as they got home, wondering where Soleil was. "Where's my lover?"

Amori twitched. "That is part in what we want to talk about."

Noir sighed, shaking his head. "I'm afraid my idiot brother has started having feelings for Amori yet again. He left and I'm not even sure where he is."

Soleil moved to an alleyway so he could cry in peace, without the eyes of others on him.

Amai felt tears come to his eyes. "What!?"

Amori hugged his brother. "He.. seems to be fine as long as he is away from me.. I don't know how to stop it."

Noir sighed, shaking his head. "I'm sorry, Amai. I don't know what's wrong with him. Perhaps you should just leave him. I don't want him to hurt you anymore."

Amai sighed and thought. "No he will come back to me, he has to." He said, blinking away tears.

Amori didn't know how to help his brother. He just patted him on the back.

Noir sighed, unsure of what to do. "Um...would you like to go out and search for him? Then the two of you could talk atleast..."

Amai nodded, desperately needing to see his lover.

Amori smiled. "Well come on then."

Noir opened the door to the house, walking down the street. 'I swear, when I get my hands on that brother of mine...' he thought to himself. He felt horrible, seeing Amai looking so distraught.

Amai looked all over in every possible pleace, not seeing his lover, tears threatened to fall out of his eyes at the thought of not being with him again.

Amori held his brother's hand lovingly. He tried to comfort him but found that harder then planed.

Noir looked around as well, hoping that when he found his brother that Amai would let him strangle the life out of him. Though, of course, he knew he wouldn't agree to such a thing. As he was walking past an alleyway, he heard distinct sniffles and looked down it. Walking, he saw his brother laying on the ground, bawling like a child. "You asshole..." he hissed.

Soleil, hearing his brother's cold voice, looked up. He tried to quickly wipe his tears away, but figured it was no use. He shook his head. "Just...just leave me alone..." he hissed.

Amai didn't hear Noir but he did notice he had gone. "Where's your lover?"

Amori blinked. "I .. don't know." He said, blinking, turning around. "Noir!?"

"I'd kill you if your lover wasn't so worried about you," he hissed angrily, grabbing his brother's arm and pulling him up. "How could you do this to him? Why must you cause him pain?"

"I... I want to love him, Noir! I do! It's heart... My heart tells me that I should be with Amori...even if he is with you..." he sobbed, tears rolling down his cheeks yet again.

Amai took a few steps back before spotting them. He ran over and clung as tight to SOleil as he could. "PLease dont leve me!"

Amori felt sad for his brother and he too glared at Soleil like Noir had been doing.

Noir said nothing, touching Amori's shoulder. "How about we give them some time alone," he whispered.

Soleil looked down sadly at Amai. He hated to cause him pain. His heart twisted at the sadness he saw in his blue eyes. "I....I... Amai, forgive me..." he said, tears breaking up his words.

Amori nodded, following Noir and giving his brother an encouraging smile.

Amai broke into tears as he held onto Sleil. "Why? Will I never be good enough?" He asked, clutching as tight to the other as possible.

Noir walked away, sighing as he leaned up on the side of a building. "Is he ever going to learn?"

Soleil shook his head. "It's not that... Oh, Amai, you are good enough for me. Hell, you're perfect for me. But... I just... My heart always feels like it's breaking when I'm near Amori."

Amori shrugged. "He had better."

Amai sighed. "I love you. I know I am not my brother, but leave him behind! Look we can go home okay? Just.. dont leave me."

Noir shook his head. "He's such an idiot...."

Soleil froned. "But I know that's not what you want. You want to spend time with your brother...and you deserve that."

"Then why can;t you stop thinking about him!?" Amai demanded, sighing. "What does he have that I don't!?"

Amori hugged Noir. "Poor Amai."

Soleil closed his eyes, shaking his head. "I...I don't know... Amai, why won't you just leave me? You're only torturing yourself!"

Noir kissed his lover's forehead. "Maybe he'll come to himself."

"Because I love you." Amai said quietly. "Do you want me to leave you?"

Soleil shook his head, mind spinning. He didn't know what to do anymore. "...I don't want to hurt you, Amai... You deserve so much more than me... So much more than I can give you..."

Amai sighed. " Do you want me here or not, it is a yes or no question."

Soleil sighed, looking down at the ground. "I do want you here...but I don't want to hurt you either. And I'm afraid that's all I'll do if you stay with me."

"Yes or no!?" Amai said, for the first time in their relationship he actually got angry and raised his voice.

He stared, surprised at Amai when he raised his voice. But he didn't blame him. He understood his frustration. After a few moments of silence between them he nodded. "...Yes... I do..."

Amai was shaking and had to be sure. "So you do, you want me here?" He asked, hoping he had hear right, hugging the other tightly.

He looked up at the other and nodded again, tears still trickling down his cheeks. "Yes... I want you here with me..."

Amai wrapped his arms about his neck and kissed him with everything he had. He had been so scared and at his lover's reassuring words he finally stopped worrying and shaking. "Do you want to go home?" He asked in a quiet whisper.

He nodded quietly, shutting his eyes as he continued to sob. He did feel bad for hurting Amai so deeply, and cutting his trip short as well. It seemed that Amai and his brother had just barely gotten to know one another. "Please..." he whispered. "I can't bear to be this city...a moment longer."

Amai nodded and kissed him gently again. "Alright, let me go talk to Ami.. just wait here." He kissed him once more and went out to Amori who was pacing.

Amori smiled at Amai. "Are you okay?"

"I.. need to take him home. Would it be alright to visit with just me another time maybe?" He asked, loking to Noir as well for advice. "And Noir.. could you please tell him it will be okay?"

Soleil sighed, leaning up against the wall behind him. He wanted to go back where it was only him and Amai. He couldn't handle being around anyone else, especially not his brother and his lover, the one he still had feelings for.

Noir raised an eyebrow. "You want me to talk to him? We act more like enemies than brothers. I don't know how I could possibly console him."

Amai gave Noir a pleading teary-eyes look. "Please?"

Amori smiled and hugged his little brother. "Yes Amai you can come visit whenever.." He gave Noir a stern look so that the other would go comfort Soleil.

Noir sighed and went to go find his brother who was still leaning against the building wall, tears still coming from him. "Look, you really need to stop all this... You're worrying the one person who cares about you."

Soleil looked at him, glowering. "...What, did they send you over here? Just leave me the hell alone. I'm leaving. Isn't that what you want?"

Amai parted from Amori and smiled after giving his brother a friendly kiss on the cheek. "Okay so next month right?"

Amori nodded. "Yes. Now go to your lovely."

Amai nodded, leaving Amori there and finding Noir and soleil. "Noir, I am visiting I guess alone next month, is that okay?"

Noir looked back at Amai and smiled, nodding. "Of course. You're allowed to visit whenever you want." He threw his brother a scornful look.

Soleil said nothing and walked over to Amai's side, wanting desperately to leave this place.

Amai gave both Noir and Amori one last hug before joining his lover. "Come along then darling." He said, slipping his hand in the other's and leading him off.

Once they were out of sight Amori sniffled. "My poor brother!"

Soleil took one last look at Amori and Noir before letting himself be led by Amai.

Noir sighed, shaking his head. "He should just leave him... He's just not worth it."

Amori nodded." I know Noir.. but.. right now.. let them be at peace."

Amai smiled up at Soleil, wondering if he would smile back. He loved him so much and with Soleil being so distraught it hurt him too.

Noir sighed, nodding. "Shall we head back home then?"

Soleil noticed Amai's smile and managed to return it. Though it was very weak, it was still a smile. His mind was in so many different places at once...

Amori nodded, but not before giving his lover a passionate kiss."Thank you for being so kind to them both Noir."

Amai smiled brighter at SOleil and lead him to the car." I will drive just relax okay?" He insited, slippin his hands into Soleil's pockets to find the keys. "Where did you put them?"

Noir shrugged. "I can't help but be nice to Amai. He's your brother after all and he is very sweet. But...being kind to Soleil is something completely different."

Soleil dug around in his pockets, frowning. "I can't...seem to find them..." he said, going into his jacket and searching in its pockets as well.

Amori smiled. "Yeah but .. Noir you were still sweet." He said, kissing him.

Amai wondered where they could possibly be, he looked through his purse, pouting as he wasnt finding them.

Noir smiled and kissed him back. "I tried."

"...I think I might have left them at Amori and Noir's house..." he said sadly.

Amori smiled. "Want to.. go lay down?" He asked, giving him a suggestive playfull wink.

AMai nodded. "I will go back and look okay?" He asked, kissing him. "Unless you want me to just hotwire it or something.."

Noir smirked. "Hm. That sounds good." He wrapped his arms around Amori's waist.

"Um...yeah, you should probably go back and get the keys..." he muttered.

Amori smiled and was about to drag Noir into their house but he saw Amai."Oh hey!!"

Amai huffed. He had just run up to them to ask for keys. "Have you two seen any car keys?" He asked, pouting.

Noir frowned. "Keys?, I haven't seen any. Why? Did you lose your car keys or something?"

Soleil just stood back, waiting for Amai to find the keys so they could finally leave this God-forsaken place.

Amai huffed."Yeah I need them or Soleil's going to throw a fit." He said, looking on the ground.

Amori wondere about. "Hmm your sure he dosent have them? Why dont you go in and check your room."

Amai nodde, forgeting all about it and went in, finding them ont he dresser. "Sorry to bother you guys."

Noir shook his head and smiled. "It's no trouble at all. Anytime we can help, just let us know."

Amai hugged the two, before running down the street giving them a wave and going back to his lover. "Found them!" he said cheerily, getting into the car.

Amori giggled. "Awe my nii-chan is sooo cute!"

Soleil got into the car as well, taking one last look at his old house. He sighed as he shut the door. He rested his head against the seat, feeling completely exhausted.

Noir chuckled. "Not as cute as you, I'm afraid."

Amai smiled at Soleil. "We will be home soon baby, just watch the road and the scenery." Amai didn't exactly drive often, but he was good at driving so he lazily laid back and kept his eyes on the road, hoping his lover would come too when they got home.

Amori giggled. "Your soo sweet!"

Soleil nodded, sighing as he watched the bright lights fly past them. He was so glad to be leaving. It had taken this trip for him to realize that he could never be around Amori again... It only caused heartache for everyone.

Noir smiled and picked Amori up off the ground. "It's only because I love you sooooo much."

Amai stopped at a red light and leant over, giving Soelil a small peck on the lips, hoping he would get better.

Amori giggled. "Oh my god! Noir I am so happy to be with you!" He said, finding his lover extremely cute.

Soleil groaned at the kiss. Though he was half-asleep, he was still capable of some rational thought. "...I don't deserve you, Amai..." he mumbled.

Noir laughed. "I'm happy that I can make you happy."

Amai smiled and kissed him again. "Yes my love you do." He said, driving again as the light changed. "We will be home soon, your going to get a bath and climb into bed okay?"

Amori giggled and wrapped Around Noir. "Sleepy-time?"

Soleil sighed, nodding slightly. Not long after, he drifted off to sleep.

Noir nodded, kissing his beloved's lips. "Yes, I think so."

Amori kissed him back and smiled. "Yay!"

Amai smiled inwardly at being able to help his lover by taking him home. He pulled into his driveway and shook Soleil gently. "Come on love, we're home." He whispered into the other's ear, kissing his cheek.

Noir chuckled. He closed the door of their home and carried his lover upstairs.

Soleil's eyes slowly opened, resting upon their home. He climbed out of the car, stretching.

Amori nuzzled Noir's chest as he was carried up.

Amai smiled and hugged Soleil. "We can unpack everything tomorrow. As for now your getting a bath and then your going to bed." He said, wrapping his arms tight around his lover in a protecting manner before taking his hand and leading him upstairs.

Noir reached their bedroom and laid Amori down on the bed. He then laid down beside him, smiling and kissing his cheek. "I love you, my sweet Amori," he whispered.

Soleil didn't argue. He had remained silent this whole time. There were quite a few things he was thinking about. He walked up the stair, seemingly devoid of life or emotion. He just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up...

Amori smiled and kissed him , cuddling." I love you too my Noir."

Amai smiled and helped his lover undress, running the bath water, waiting for it to fill before helping him in. He turned the water off and began to grab towels and soaps. "Whenever your ready just come to bed okay?" He said soft , whispering in his lover's ear, giving him a kiss before walking out and going to his room in where he stripped to get into his sleeping robe and crawled into bed, reading a book by the lamplight.

Noir grinned and kissed his lips gently. He ran a hand through his hair before saying, "Goodnight. Rest well."

Soleil looked down at the water. He contemplated drowning himself in it, but knew it wouldn't do any good. He couldn't die anyway. Taking off his clothes, he got into the bath tub, sinking into the warm water. He sighed. The water felt so good against his skin. "Amai!" he called into the next room, not feeling like being alone at this moment.

Amori smiled and kissed him. "Goodnight my love." he said, passin to sleep.

Amai ran into the bathroom immediately. "What is it darling?" He asked, worried for his love.

Noir closed his eyes and followed Amori into slumber.

"I don't want to be alone..." Soleil said quietly, looking up at the other when he entered the room. "I'm sorry to bother you even more but I just...can't be alone right now..."

AMai nodded in understanding and sat on the edge of the tub by the other, kissing his cheek. "Anything you need and I can give I will gladly help you." He said, sweetly kissing him.

He nodded, leaning his head back against the tub. He let himself sink down into the water until only his eyes were visible above the foamy bubbles. "I'm just so tired, Amai..." he murmured.

Amai brushed back his lover's hair with water and kissed him on the forehead. "I know you are." He said, kissing him again. "How can I help? I just want to be there for you." He said,running his fingers through his lover's wet hair.

He shook his head. "I can't really say. I just want you to stay by my side. Your presence is very comforting to me..." he said, looking over at him.

Amai kissed his lover's lips. "As you are to me. Let me let you in on a little secret, SOleil. He dosen't love you, I do." He whispered, hoping that this would make his lover happier and not further upset him.

Soleil looked down into the soapy water when Amai spoke. A gentle sigh escaped his lips as he nodded. "Yes, I know that, Amai..." was all he managed to say.

Amai had to hold back tears at his lover's sadness and kissed his cheek, resting his head on the edge of the tub, moving to sit on the ground.

Soleil looked at the other sympathetically. He knew that Amai didn't deserve this sort of pain, especially considering his past heartbreak. He ran a hand through his hair, hoping to soothe him.

Amai kissed the hand that stroked through his hair. "I love you." He said gently, closing his eyes, wanting his lover to be his lover again.Not this empty shell of a man.

"I know..." he whispered softly. 'I just wish I could say I love you too again...' he thought to himself, still stroking his hair. "I still don't...understand why you would bother being with someone as hopeless as me."

AMai huffed an annoyed sigh and kissed his lover hard on the lips. "Because I love you." He said, he very much noticed when his lover didn't say it back and it hurt him, but he would hold tight to him. He wouldn't let him go. He might have to shed tears, but tears came and went easy.

"Is it honestly worth it? Am I honestly worth all the pain. I don't think so..." he muttered, looking into the blue eyes of the one he'd called lover. "I don't know... I just feel like it's not worth hurting you."

Amai growled and stood, walking to the door. "Ye sit is! Stop being such a depressed ass! He dosent love you! I fucking do, why cant you see that! What doe she have that I dont!?" Amai dmeanded, leavnig with a slam of the door, pullnig on pants and a shirt before wlaking out of the house to go sit in the caffe to think.

Soleil watched Amai as he left. He had to admit that he wasn't surprised at his rage, but it didn't make him feel any better about it. He sank further in the tub, covering his face with his hands. He didn't know what he was doing anymore... He didn't know what to do anymore. Amai asked him why he couldn't see that Amori didn't love him? He couldn't honestly say. He just felt like a fool...a complete and total fool....

Amai made his way to the caffee and sat there, nibbling on a muffin and sipping some tea, wondering why his lover was being so difficult.

He sighed and climbed out of the bathtub, drying himself off. After getting himself dressed yet again, he headed out to try and find Amai. "He probably doesn't even want to talk to me anyway..." he sighed.

Amai sighed and got angry as his tears dripped into his tea cup. "Stupid tears."

He sighed as he walked past the cafe, seeing Amai sitting at one of the tables. Taking a breath, he opened the door and went inside, standing next to him. " there," he said. "Mind if I sit here?" He smiled sheepishly.

Amai dragged him into the seat next to him and clung to him, beginning to cry into his chest.

He looked in surprise at the other and hugged him close, running a hand gently through his hair. "Shh, Amai, it's okay," he whispered softly.

Amai nuzzled him. "I love you Soleil." He said, trying to stop his crying, nto planning on letting the other go.

Soleil wiped his tears away, his heart nearly tearing itself in half as he knew he was the cause of his tears. "Don't cry, Amai. Please. I can't bear to see it..."

Amai felt his tears stop and he pressed his lips to the other's, seeing if he would kiss him back.

Soleil blinked confusedly at the kiss, since he hadn't been expecting it. Slowly, he relaxed and began to kiss him back.

Amai pulled away after a moment and just held the other, completely relieved. "I love you."

Soleil sighed, closing his eyes as he rested his chin on top of Amai head. "And I...I love you too..." he said.

AMai's mood immediately improved. He was so content to be held by the other. "make love to me when we get home?"

Soleil blushed and nodded. "Um...okay then..." he whispered softly.

AMai smiled, but he didn't like the tiny hesitation his love's voice but all the same he kissed him again.

He blushed, kissing him in return. He knew Amori would never love him, so he would try to feel just as much for Amai...

Amai slipped his arms around Soleil's neck, lightly nibbling his bottom lip in his kiss.

Soleil slowly pulled away. "We should get home if you want to do that," he said, smiling.

Amai nodded. "Let us go then." He said, giving him a gentle grind before getting up and paying for his tea and muffin.

Soleil chuckled and got up, heading towards the door to wait for Amai.

Amai clung tightly to Soleil and blushed as he heard him laugh. He thought he would never hear it again. But he was glad he did.

Soleil walked him home, looking down at him every so often. When they arrived back, he opened the door and took Amai into his arms, carrying him into the bedroom.

Amai wrpped himself around the other, kissing his neck and his lips. "Make me yours." He whispered breathlessly.

Soleil was surprised at Amai's actions but kissed him in return, climbing on top of him and stradling his waist.

Amai kissed him harder, moaning into the kiss and grinding up against his lover.

Soleil pulled back, looking down at Amai in surprise. "You're quite passionate today..." he commented, going to kiss down his neck.

AMai smiled to himself. "Because I want to show you how much I love you. You are the only one who can make me feel this." He said, slipping his arms about his lover's neck as he moaned gently at the kisses on his neck. "Take me.."

"I will..." Soleil whispered. He moved his hand down Amai's body, pulling down his pants and taking his cock into his hand. He began to move it up and down along him.

Amai gasped and moaned out, hardened almost painfully into the other's hand. "Oh god.. Soelil.."

Soleil moved his hand faster. His other hand moved down Amai's body. Slowly, he slid a finger inside of his lover's hole.

AMai kissed him passionately, shivering and clinging tight to the other.

He held Amai close, sliding in yet another finger. He kissed his neck.

Amai called out and let the other please him, he shivered and moaned. "Soleil!"

He stretched his fingers inside of Amai. He kissed his lips gently. "Shh."

Amai quieted only a little, his voice still comming out in whimpers.

He kissed his lover's lips a bit harder, sliding his tongue past his lips. He pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his cock.

Amai gasped at the feeling of his lover pushing into him. "Oh, god, more!" He called out, holding tight to the other

Not wanting to hurt the one below him, he pushed in a bit more, going to kiss his neck.

Amai wrapped hsi legs tightly about the other's waist, meeting his thrust and leaning his neck for better acess. "oh, more."

Finally, he filled Amai completely. He groaned loudly, closing his eyes and held the other's hips down. "Amai..." He pulled out slowly, slamming back into him as hard as he could.

Amai shivered and met his thrusts still, happy that his lover called out to him. "Yes, Soleil,. please." He pleaded, moaning and reaching down to stroke himself.

Soleil grabbed ahold of Amai's hand, moving it away and began to stroke his lover's cock. He began to move his hand in unison with his hips.

Amai was reduced to meer whimpers as he could only call out and shiver in pleasure."Oh! I am so close!" He instinctively tightened around his lover and felt himself nearing.

Soleil kissed his lips, sliding into him harder and faster. His hand moved faster as well, feeling himself coming close to his end.

Amai ended, shivering and calling out."oh soleil." he said strained.

Hearing his lover call out, he moaned and came inside of his body.

Amai held his lover tight, riding out the waves of his orgasm. "Oh, gods I love you so much"

Soleil kissed his lips as he collapsed on top of the smaller body. "I...I love you too..." he panted.

Amai smiled and kissed his cheeks delicately. "I love you with everything I have. You will be with me forever?" He asked, wanting his lover to never let him go.

Still trying to catch his breath, Soleil nodded, nuzzling his beloved's chest.

Amori smiled. "The next time I visit them do you wish to stay here?" He asked, not wanting to risk losing his lover because of his brother. It wasnt that he didnt have faith in his lover it was simply that the feelings for his brother had not completely left the man he loved just yet.

Soleil looked down at his lover, sighing sadly. He hadn't meant to cause so much trouble and he hated himself for doing so. "...I don't know... I don't want you to be lonely."

"Well when it comes time to visit if you think you can handle it then I will bring you along." He said, hugging the ohter.

He nodded. "Alright then." He gently kissed his lover's cheek. "Shall we rest now?" he asked Amai quietly.

"Yes, my love we can." He said, hugging him tight, nuzzling his lover before closing his eyes for sleep.

He smiled and kissed Amai's forehead before closing his eyes and following him into sleep.

Over the next year or two Amai had visited his brother and Noir several times. This was his thirteenth time in visiting them and he thought that by now he would be able to bring his lover with him. "Hey, Noir, do you think Soleil would be able to come back yet?"

Amori who was listening from the kitchen where he was making a pie for a few of his mortal friends came out with a smile. "Well I think he can, your here often enough, and he should be used to us by now."

Noir frowned slightly. Even though it had been a year he was still afraid of his lover being around the other. There was just something about Soleil he couldn't trust... "Do you really think it's a good idea, Amori?" he said warily.

Amori nodded. "Sure, if he does what he did last time then we know to not invite him again okay?"

Amai hugged his twin. "Thank you ami." He said. "I will go home and get him okay guys? I wont be too long we actually don't live as far away as you would think."

Noir nodded at Amai and wrapped a protective arm around Amori, as if this would keep Soleil from stealing the other. "Alright then. We'll see you when we get back."

Amai hugged them both and kissed thier cheeks, running out to the car to drive home to Soleil.

Amori blinked. "He.. is really happy about this.."

Noir nodded. "Well, I suppose I understand. He just wants us to be able to spend together, all of us. That is what families do after all."

Amai had returned home, looking about for his lover. "Soleil!!! I need you to do me a huge favor!" He said, looking around.

Soleil came out of their bedroom, where he had been resting. He rubbed his eyes tiredly, looking at his lover confusedly. "Amai? What are you doing here? I thought you were staying with Amori and Noir. Did something happen?"

Amai smiled. "Will you come back there with me?" He asked, hugging his lover tight.

Soleil blinked confusedly. "Wait a second.... They actually want me to come over? Well, this is strange."

Amai smiled. "Yes.. please love? I would relly like for you to come with.."

(Argh! Dammit!)
Soleil sighed, running a hand through his hair. He wondered how he would handle being around Amori, even though they had seen each other in a long while. "Well...alright then. If you really want me to."

Amai squealed happily and clung to his lover. "Thanks yous sooo muches!" He said, kissing him happily.

Soleil smiled and kissed him in return. "Do you want to go now? Or should we wait till tomorrow?"

"We should go now... I am driving and the reason I say now is because I told them we would be right back.." He said, gettign a suitcase ready for SOleil in about three minutes. "Come along my love."

Soleil nodded, taking his suitcase and heading out towards the car. "You seem awfully excited about this, dear," he commented.

Amai shrugged. "I am just eager to see if you gotted any betters."

Soleil frowned as he put his things in the trunk and got in on the passenger's side. "What if I haven't gotten any better?" he said sadly.

"Then I take you right home and you wont ever have to see them again." He said, kissing him again. "I love you." He said, starting the car and driving on the way to Amori and Noir's house.

He nodded, though still somewhat skeptical. If it made Amai happy, then he would go along with it. "I love you too," he replied, looking out the window and thinking of what would happen when they got to his brother's home.

Amai smiled and they arrived a little quicker then he had thought. "Was I speeding?" He wondered aloud with a shrug, getting out after kissing his lover's cheek.

Soleil gulped audibly. He was very nervous about seeing his brother and his lover again. He remembered how horribly everything had ended the last time and he didn't wish for it to happen again. He got out of the car and followed behind Amai.

Amori squealed happily as he heard the car door shut. "Noir they are back!" He said, giggling and running out to cling to his twin brother.

Amai giggled in much the same manner, hugging the other tightly.

Noir came out and smiled at Amai, acting as if his brother wasn't even standing there. "Glad you made it back safely, Amai."

Soleil merely stood back, just as he'd done last time. He didn't want to speak, in fears of upsetting someone.

Amori waved to Soleil. "Hey, glad your here, well come on you guys, get in here." He said, clinging to his brother.

Amai followed his twin in and plopped on his lap as they sat on the couch.

Noir followed behind Amori, casting a glance at his brother before quickly looking away.

Soleil sighed, knowing this was going to be uncomfortable. He sat down on a chair, remaining silent.

AMai smiled and gave his lover a puzzled look. He was beginning to think that he should have let him stay home. "So. umm what should we do?"

Amori blinked. "i don't know.. soleil youthink of something."

Soleil looked up when he heard his name said. "What, I'm sorry? I wasn't paying attention."

Noir shook his head as he looked at his brother. It was obvious that he wasn't comfortable here. There was no reason for Amai to have brought him.

AMai gave SOleil a small glare. "Think of something to do." He said, a small warning etched in concern in his voice.

Amori shrugged. "Leave him alone if he dosen't want to. But if he keeps acting like this don't bring him back again."

Soleil sighed. He'd tried to not upset everyone but he'd failed anyway. "Well...what exactly do you guys want to do? I mean...I don't know what you and Noir do for fun anyway..."

"That's why you use your brain," Noir said with eyes closed, growing annoyed with just about everyone in the room.

Amai sighed. "I am sorry guys, come on Soleil. Let's just go home."

Amori pouted. "Are you sure?" He asked, wanting them to stay.

"I'm sorry!" Soleil said suddenly, his eyes on the ground. "I'm sorry, Amai. I know that you want to spend time with your brother. It's just...hard for me to be myself...when I'm around them."

Noir said nothing, almost feeling sympathy for him.

Amai winced at the sudden outburst. "I know Soleil. That is why I brought you here, i wanted you to get over it and there isnt any reason you can't be yourself." He said, sighing. "Now, come on, we should get you home."

Amori couldn't say anything as his twin brother rose but he gave a pouty look to the couple before seating himself in Noir's lap.

"...Look, Amai, I know you don't want to leave. So don't. I'll try harder. I just want you to be happy, okay?" Soleil said quietly.

Noir wrapped his arms around Amori, watching the other couple. He was surprised. Part of him actually wanted Soleil to stay.

"A-alright Soleil. Are you sure though?" Amai asked, hugging his lover tightly, kissing his cheeek.

Amori smield. "Awe they are cute together." He said more to himself then anything.

Soleil nodded, his face flushed. He didn't know why but he felt very embarrassed. He hugged Amai in return.

Noir nodded. It was looking at a mirror image of himself and Amori, except with the colors inverted.

Amai smiled and kissed Soleil's cheek. "Alright, then let's have a seat." He said, hugging him tight.

Amori smiled , snuggling Noir. "Awe. Isn't it strange? My twin and your twin getting together.."

Soleil sat down on the chair he'd been in and pulled Amai into his lap.

"Yes, it is... Very strange..." Noir said, off in his own world.

Amai kissed Soleil's cheek and started leting his mind wander. He didn't think about anything in particular.. just about trying to get his lover to get along with everyone better.

Amori nuzzled Noir's neck. "I love you." He said, hugging his lover. "Hmm we should.. all go to a movie or something." He said, licking and nibbling him.

"What type of movie?" Soleil asked, trying to be a bit more cheerful.

"Maybe a comedy would be appropriate right now," Noir said, looking down at Amori.

Amori nodded "Alright I will go call the theatre and see what's playing." He said, kissing Noir somewhat hard before going to find the phone book.

Amai thought a moment. "A movie would be nice.. and we can nibble on popcorn.." He said, smiling. "Wont it be fun?" He asked Soleil, nuzzling him.

Soleil smiled sheepishly and nodded. "Yes, it will. It's been a while since we've been to see a movie, hasn't it?"

Noir waited for his lover to return.

Amori handed his lover a list of movies. "There's one about being knocked up and there's more too.. I am sure we can find soemthing.. if not we can just rent one.."(aka- I really don't know what there is out)

Amai smiled. 'Any of them will be fine I ma sure." He said, kissing his lover's cheek, wondering what they would decide on.

Soleil was quiet for a few moments before saying, "Well, that movie sounds okay. Atleast it will get us out of the house. I say we go see it."

"That sounds good to me," Noir said, rising from his seat.

Amori smiled. "Okay guys.." He grabbed his purse and slipped his hand into Noir's. "Let's go then." He said, smiling up at Noir. "We should go to movies more often." He said offhandedly.

Amai grasped Soleil's hand in much the same way that Amori did to Noir. He kissed him slightly. "This is so fun!" He said, smiling and kissing the other.

Soleil smiled at his lover, nodding. "It is. I'm glad that you're having so much fun."

"I didn't know that you liked going to the movies so much," Noir said, sounding surprised.

"Sometimes but I have to be in the right mood for it." Amori said, smiling. "So are we all getting into one car or just walking?" He asked, fine with whatever they chose.

"Well I have been driving much so I wouldn't mind the walk." Amai said, looking at his brother with adoring eyes.

Noir nodded in agreement. "Walking sounds good. It's very nice out tonight."

Soleil took Amai's hand as he headed towards the door.

Amori smiled and nodded. "Yes it is." He said, kissing Noir's cheek and making sure his purse was zipped up. "Who's paying for who here?"

Amai blinked. "I can pay for me and Soleil.."

Noir smiled. "Then I'll pay for Amori and I."

Soleil frowned. "You don't have to pay, sweetheart. I'll do it."

Amori giggled. "Yay its settled.." He looked both ways before leading everyone onto the street.

Amai smiled. "Okay soleil.. but.. I pay for the next thing." He said, kissing him. "Umm Ami, your shirt keeps riding up." He said, running over to tug Amori's shirt down from exposing his back. "Wouldn't want you to be exposed or anything." He said, blushign lightly and rejoining Soleil.

Amori blinked. "It's not like im a girl." He said with a pout. "But thank you anyway brother."

Soleil laughed. "Well, if I recall correctly, you do like to wear dresses, don't you?"

Noir looked back at his brother. "Don't make fun of him, got it?"

"Maaayyybe." Amori said, secretively. "I do like to wear dresses...they are fun.. I think we could fit you into one of them being my twin and all." He said, making his comment suggestive to his twin brother.

"Gah Ami.. your weird... just cause you like dressed dosen't mean I do."

"Skirts?" Amori asked, pouting.

"Maybe.." Amai admitted thinking about it.

Soleil blushed. "I think you'd look cute in a skirt, Amai..." he murmured.

Amori laughed. "I am taking you shopping brother." He said, blwoing Amai a kiss.

Amai grinned and blushed. "Yay! shopping." He couldn't help but feel strangely attracted to his twin...he feared what would happen if he actually did let him get him into wearing skirts and whatnot. He also hoped their lovers weren't going to catch onto their slight flirting.

Noir looked at the two skeptically. There was something strange going on between them, but he said nothing. He didn't want to upset either of them.

"Maybe the two of you can go shopping after the movie?" Soleil said.

Amori grinned. "That is a great idea!!!" He said,walking over to Amai and placing his hands on his hips. "I think I know just the right size." He said, giving him a sly wink before catching back up with Noir.

Amai blushed hotly. "Umm.. that's good."

Now Soleil was noticing how strangely Amai and Amori acted with one another. He wondered if Noir noticed, and if it bothered him... In all honesty, he thought it was kind of sexy...seeing the two brothers flirt with one another.

Amori pretended that nothing had happened between him and his brother, pretended that they hadn't been flirting at all.

Amai just kept his eyes ahead of them..undoubtedly falling on teh backside of his twin.

Noir wrapped his arm around Amori, pulling him closer. "You know, Amori, your flirting is starting to get out of hand. Pretty soon, Soleil will realize what you're doing," he whispered in his lover's ear.

Amori blushed. "Oh.. Noir I wasn't doing it to annoy anyone, its just how me and Amai are.. we flirt with one another alot. I am sorry I will sto if you want me to." He said, looking up to kiss him.

Amai wondered vaguely what his brother and his brother's lover spoke of.

Noir kissed his lover back, a smirk on his face. "I don't have a problem with it. I think it's adorable. But I don't know how Soleil would take it. You understand what I'm saying?"

Amori nodded. "I hadn't even thought of it. Okays I will not flirt with him in front of Soleil." He said, hugging him.

Amai smiled. "Yay! Look ami! Popcorn!"

Noir smiled. "Good." He kissed his lover's forehead.

"Why don't you two go save us seats?" Amori asked,grabbing Amai's hand and moving to look at all the different candy and popcorns.

Amai blinked. "You want me to help you pick out candy?" He asked Amori, blushing at the hand holding.

Noir couldn't help but laugh. He looked at his brother and nodded towards the place where they were to buy the tickets. "So, what do you think of them being so close?" he questioned.

Soleil frowned slightly. So Noir had noticed it as well. "Well...they're brothers's like their little kids in high school. I don't understand it."

Amori giggled. "Ohh that looks good." He said, getting everyone some popcorn and some random skittles and whatnot. He grinned at his little brother. "I have some gum if you wnt it." He grinned.

"Gum? Where is it?" He asked, blinking.

Amori hoped his lover and Soleil wouldnt be too mad at him. "Open your mouth.."

"Okay.." Amai did as he was told, only to feel his brother's mouth on his own and a piece of gum. "EW AMI!" he said chewing it anyhow because of the glare he had been given.

Noir shrugged. "It's just how they are..." He smiled. "Actually, I think they have little crushes on each other."

Soleil blushed. "R-really?"

He nodded. "Yes, indeed. It's obvious just by the way they act. That isn't just brotherly love, Soleil. You're smarter than that."

"Well...I know... And it doesn't bother you?"

Noir shook his head. "No. I honestly think it's adorable. Why? Do you have a problem with it?"

Soleil blushed even more, shaking his head. "N-no... I's cute too..."

Amori payed for their items and found Noir and Soleil. "Hi guys!" He said cheerily. "Got snacks!" He said, sitting beside Noir as Amai sat besides Soleil.

Amai grinned. "Yep...Anyone have a wrapper? My gum is losing flavor."

"There is no way that lost its flavor you chew it!" Amori said, lightly throwing a piece of popcorn at his brother.

Noir just laughed at the antics of the two brothers.

Soleil looked at them confusedly. Now that he was aware of their flirting, he had to admit it made him a bit uncomfortable. But at the same time, he found it very entertaining...even arousing. He blushed, thinking of the two brothers kissing one another.

Amori rested his head on Noir's shoulder, smiling. "Noir.. my brother would look great in a skirt and all.. but what material?" He asked, seemingly confused.

Amai smiled unawares of the conversation and snuggled to SOleil. "Can I just sit on your lap?" He asked his lover, nuzzling his neck.

Noir shrugged. "I don't know. I'm not a very fashionable person so I wouldn't be the one to ask."

Soleil smiled and nodded, pulling Amai into his lap.

Amori pouted. "I will think of something." He siad, focousing on the movie.

Amai started to fall asleep in his lover's lap.

Noir smiled. He pressed a kiss to Amori's cheek. "You know you're adorable when you pout, Amori," he whispered.

Soleil chuckled. They'd only been in the theater for a few moments and already Amai was beginning to doze off. But he left his lover to sleep, eyes looking up at the screen.

Amori blushed and looked up at his lover, kissing his lips gently. "I am nots." He said, kissing him again. The movie suddenly seemed very much not interesting.

Amai was completley into sleep, smiling as he dreamt about his home and his lover.

Noir smirked, running a finger down Amori's cheek. "Sure you are." He placed another kiss on his nose this time.

Soleil looked over at his brother and Amori. Poking Noir in the back, he said, "Shh! People are trying to enjoy the movie," he whispered jokingly.

Amori giggled and shrugged, latching himself to Noir's neck, sucking and biting on it.

Amai woke a little and giggled. "Hmm Ami. pass me the canfy.." He mumbled sleepily.

Amori did so, purposely brushing his fingers over his brother's hand.

Amai giggled and took a piece, setting the box down and simply holding hands with AMori as he drifted back to sleep.

Noir looked down at their intertwined fingers, a smile crossing his face. "I found out that Soleil doesn't mind the two of you flirting. He, actually, really likes it," he whispered in his lover's ear.

Soleil looked down at their hands, blushing. He tried desperately to pay attention to the movie, but kept wondering what it was his brother was whispering about.

Amori blushed. "Hmm... just how far would you be turned on if I were to go with him?" He asked, kising his lover.

Noir smiled at his lover's question. "Mmm. I'd be very turned on. I'd very much like to see that." He kissed his Amori's neck, biting it lightly.

Amori shivered and moaned slightly. "Hmm well then.. what of Soelil?" He asked, confused. "He would get angry with me for seducing my brother, no?" He asked, but as he did he slid his hand along Amai's stomach.

Amai stirred a little in his sleep, placing his hand over his brother's thinking a moment that it was Soleil's.

Noir chuckled. "Didn't I tell you that Soleil liked the idea of the two of you together?"

"And just what will you two do when this is happening hm?" Amori asked, slipping his tongue along Noir's neck as he continued stroking hsi brother's stomach, occasionally slipping his hand a little lower.

"I'll watch, of course," Noir said, looking back at Amori's hand touching his brother's body. He smiled, turning back and looking into Amori's eyes. "Or did you have something else in mind?"

Amori leant real close and whispered into his lover's ear. "Well, since I want my brother.. it wouldn't exactly be bad to see you and Soleil be sexy with one another.." he slipped his other hand along Noir's waist, undoing his jeans. "Even more so since the two of you don't get along, it would be kind of hot." He said, inching his hand in and kissing Noir's neck and sucking on his ear.

Amai flushed in his sleep, silently and unknowingly urging the touch to go lower. He gave a mumbled moan as Amori's hand slipped to the inside of his legs.

Noir nearly burst out laughing at the idea of him and Soleil together. "Hm. You really think that could happen, love? I don't know about that."

Amori gave him a pout. "Hmm no? Well then I should just let you two watch and see if it dosent go farther then." He said, pouting that his advances didn't seem to be working on his lover.

Noir captured Amori's lips in a kiss. "I just don't know, my love. I mean, Soleil and I hardly ever get along. I don't think it would work out."

"You wont know until you try." Amori said, kissing him back and nipping his lover's neck.

Noir smiled, shutting his eyes as his lover bit him. He moaned softly, letting his hand go down to Amori's back and tickle him there.

Amori giggled and straddled his lover, finding it odd that no one seemed to even be paying attention. He hugged him tight, licking and nipping him. "Hmmm..I think I am quite aroused. " He said, blushing and continuing paying his lover with affection.

Amai woke as the hand that had been moving along him had stopped. He looked around hazily up at Soleil. "Soleil.. was that you?"

Noir smiled, resting his hands on his lover's hips. "Oh, are you? I guess you'd like me to fix that then?"

Soleil blinked and looked at Amai. "What?, that wasn't me." He blushed.

Amori moaned at his lover's offer and it was quite aperant that no one was watching the movie. "Noir... I think we should.. all go somewhere more comfortable.." He said huskily, grinding his lower half very slightly against Noir to where you wouldn't noticed unless you were to look specifically for it.

Amai blushed darkly. "Oh." Was all he coud say as he knew then it was his brother's touch. The thought aroused him but he was confused as to why his lover didn't seem all mad about it or anything.

Noir smiled and nodded. "Yes, that sounds good to me." He looked to Soleil and Amai. "Are the two of you ready to get out of here?"

"Yes!" Soleil said, a little louder than he should have. A few people in the audience shushed him and he blushed. "Er...I mean...let's go home."

Amori snickered and grinned. "Well.. that was.. a definate." He said, leading them out. "So where too? Home?" He asked, kissing his brother's cheek as he wakled past Soleil and Amai with Noir's hand in his own, almost dragging him.

Amai blushed darkly giving forth a small gasp. "Ami! What are you up to!?"

Soleil turned away from the two, acting as if he hadn't seen anything.

Noir smiled at his lover. "Hm. Yes, I do think we should go home. That seems the most appropriate place since you're behaving this way."

Amori giggled. "Awe but poor Amai wanted to go shopping.."

Amai blinked and clung to his lover. "I want to do whatever you do, Ami." He said, not sure exactly what that was.

Noir couldn't help but laugh. "Hm. Well, Amori, I guess it's up to you then, love."

Amori smiled and continued on towards the house. "Well I kind of.. want something.." He said, glancing at his brother suggestively.

Amai blinked. "What are you wanting?" He asked, a bright blush on his cheeks. "Can you even have what your wanting?"

"If you let me.." Amori replied easily, wishing now that they had taken a car.. but no matter they were almost home.

Noir took Amori's hand and tugged him along. "Come on, love. Let's hurry home. Then the two of you can have fun." He winked at the two brothers.

Amori smiled up at Noir before grabbing his brother's hand as well and pulling him a bit close as they neared the house.

Amai blushed and grabbed his brother's hand tightly. "Ami, what are you doing?" He asked in a low and confused desperate whisper.

Amori kissed his brother on the lips. "You will see. " He said, kissing him again while he waited for noir to open the door.

Amai blinked and blushed but kissed him back, hopinh to not anger his lover or his brother's lover.

Noir unlocked the door to their home and opened it, stepping aside so Amori and Amai could go in first. "After you."

Amori smiled and kissed Noir. "Thank you lover." he said, kissing his brother again as well.

Amai swallowed confused, "Ami, what's gotten into you?" He asked, returning the last kiss only to find himself somehow lead to a bedroom that had about the biggest bed he had ever seen in it. He was pushed back on it and kissed by Amori who'se hand slid down his stomach. "Is this even okay? WHat about Soleil and Noir!?"

Noir smiled. "We're okay with it. Aren't we, Soleil?" He looked over at his brother.

Soleil, who was blushing furiously, nodded. "Yes... It's okay, Amai. You two can...have fun if you want."

Amori smiled and kissed his brother. Not a chaste and teasing kiss but one that linger, both of them closing their eyes to it, Amori ran his tongue along his brother's lower lip for entrance.

Amai opened up to him, blushing dark as he kissed him back, sliding his hands into his brother's hair.

Noir smile widely, watching the two as they kissed. "It's better than you thought, isn't it?" he whispered to Soleil.

The other merely nodded, too distracted by the scene before him to form a sentence.

Amori ran his handsdown his brother's stomach again, undoing his pants with an ease he had learned from bedding with Noir. He slipped his hand in expertly, caressing his brother's length.

Amai moaned into his brother's mouth, holding to him tighter as he felt the hand around him. He moved closer to him, wanting to feel more then just that little touch.

Noir watched the two of them, groaning softly. He wanted to touch Amori, but knew that it was time for him to let the brothers have fun. But he couldn't ignore the problem that was slowly growing within his pants.

Soleil was feeling the same way, but was being much less quiet about it. He groaned out, rubbing himself through the front of his pants. He wanted to be taken care of, but with Amai preoccupied with Amori, it seemed he would have to do it himself.

Amori pulled away from the kissing to look at their lovers. "Please.. it wont be right unless you join us." He said to them, contining to stroke amai.

Amai writhed under his brother's touch, shivering and moaning in a strained whimper. "Please.. Soleil.. both of you.. join us." He asked, helping his brother to convince the others to jion.

Amori smiled down at Amai, kissing him again, suckling on his brother's neck, hoping they would join.

Noir didn't need any further invitation. He took off his clothes and join the pair that was already on the bed. He kissed Amori's back, moaning against his skin.

Soleil, on the other hand, was much more apprehensive. He stood there, blushing. "But...I wouldn't get upset that you couldn't have him to yourself?" he said to Amai.

Amori shivered and moaned against Amai's neck, pressing back against Noir as his lover kissed his back. "Mnn noir.."

Aai glanced up at his lover through lust clouded eyes. "S-soleil, stop thinking just this once. Please.. I want you too." He said, giving a particularly loud moan when Amori bit him. "Please.."

Noir kissed up further, licking and kissing his neck lightly. "Yes, my love?" he whispered against his skin.

Soleil looked at Amai, pinned beneath Amori, and decided that maybe his lover was right. He took off his clothes and went over to Amai, running his hand up and down his chest.

Amori shivered. "Hmm Noir.. I need you." He whispered hotly, glancing over at Soleil encouragingly.

Amai kissed Soleil hard, turning a bit to do so, he didn't know what all to do, all the attention, so many hands.. it was nervewracking to him.

Noir bit his neck gently. "What do you need from me, my beloved Amori?" he whispered hotly.

Soleil slid his tongue into Amai's mouth, groaning loudly.

Amori moaned and ground his bottom half back against Noir. "I need you in here." He said, gripinghis lover's length and stroking it, placing it at his entrance. "Please.."

Amai sucked on Soleil's tongue, taking his hand and stroking his lover, mimicking what Amori was doing to Noir.

Noir nodded. Slowly, he slid inside of Amori's tight entrance, moaning softly.

Soleil moaned. He scratched down his lover's chest, thrusting his hips upward.

Amori called out, kissing Noir Hard. He wanted to feel every inch of his lover inside him, wanted to kiss him as much as he could. He loved him wholy, even with his brother here beside him he loved none more then Noir, He moaned as his lover was inside him , wanting him to move, he moved his hips gently.

Amai whimpered into Soleil's mouth not expecting the scratch but finding it to be a turn on if anything. He shivered and continued to stroke his lover, hopng he was doing well as he did the same to Amori.

Noir moved his hips faster, wanting to feel more of Amori around his cock. He kissed his neck, whispering the words, "I love you," every so often. He'd nearly forgotten about Amai and Soleil lying beside them.

"Oh... Amai..." he groaned, moving his hips faster. He wanted to be released and brought to climax, but it seemed as if it wasn't coming fast enough.

Amori shifted his position slightly so that Noir could better thrust into him. He moaned out as his lover slipped in deeper. "Noir!"

Amai was so very close with is twin's hand on his cock and his lover's mouth on his own as they kissed. He held his lover tighter in his grasp, hoping to cause him more pleasure.

Noir smiled, knowing that his lover was pleased. He bit slowly into his neck, tasting Amori's blood on his tongue. He moaned, moving his hips faster.

Soleil ran his fingers up and down Amai's chest, taking one of his nipples between his fingers and toying with it.

Amori gave a somewhat strained gasp as Noir bit into him. It was not pained but highly pleasured to him and he was rapidly nearing his climax, but he was so filled with pleasure that he couldn't voice it.

Amai was groaning loudly on his own little verge of climax, continuing to pleasure his lover hoping to bring him too. "S-soleil.. ami.. mnn!"

Noir drunk deeper from Amori to keep from screaming. The pleasure was almost too much for him. He held on tightly to Amori's hips, feeling his climax start to shudder through him.

Soleil moaned out Amai's name, closing his eyes tightly. His hips moved on their own accord as he practically begged to be brought to climax.

Amori came hard, calling out to soleil, his hand inevitably tightening around his brother's cock as he did so.

Amai shivered and came right after ami , moaning out his name but also his lover's unsure of whose to call out first, stroking SOleil faster.

Noir moved his mouth away from Amori's neck and rested his head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

Soleil moaned out loudly as he reached climax. Every one of his veins seemed to be on fire. "Mmm... I love you, Amai," he panted.

Amori turned towards Noir after kissing his brother's hand and nuzzled him. "I love yu Noir." He said, kissing his chest gently.

Amai did the same to his lover, holding to him tightly. "I love you too Soleil."

Noir grinned and kissed Amori's forehead. "And I love you."

Soleil wrapped his arms tightly around Amai, pulling him close. "And you're happy now, right?"

Amori smiled. "Even if I do love you?"

Amai nodded. "I was happy before too I just.. love ou so much thank you."

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2007-08-09 [The Vampire Armand]: Exactly they are going to have a big foursome

2007-08-09 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: yes!! YAY!!! >_<

2007-08-13 [cyberhavok]: I think Amai and Adel should urge Soleil and Noir to join in the fun. ;)

2007-08-13 [The Vampire Armand]: they will

2007-08-17 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: ha ha... the yaoi fan beith happy much

2007-08-18 [cyberhavok]: We have to put this on hold till my monitor gets fixed. I'm sorry.

2007-08-18 [The Vampire Armand]: What happened to it?

2007-08-19 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: it blew up. But since I have extras, I'm trying to give her one of mine... she just needs to ask permission...

2007-08-19 [The Vampire Armand]: Hmm fun.

2007-08-19 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: -laughs-

2007-08-21 [cyberhavok]: We got a new one! *joy and merriment!*

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