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2008-03-06 02:55:06
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Clayton's Piccies!


/ [NukleaЯ EveЯgloW™]

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2008-03-07 [apologies glances and messed up chances]: My baby is so sexxxxxy!!!!

2008-03-07 [apologies glances and messed up chances]: lol your the little devil btw naw im JK I MISS YOU SO MUCH
I want you to kiss me right now grrr I need school to be out so I can kiss my baby

2008-03-26 [Detreness-D.M.]: Well dude I think you look spiffy with the new dooo it's a keeper sooo "Whas goin' on?" lol Peace

2008-07-31 [rainbow band-aid taco box]: you kind of look like an american version of Light from death note.

sorry bout that its like 9 am and i havent went to bed yet so im a little whooooooooo.
so im being annoying and commenting/messaging everyone!
yaaaaaaaay for me
baaaaaaaad for you

2009-08-25 [xX-Sarahanne-Xx]: Homie g I likes ur hairs like this

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