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2008-05-21 21:46:19
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Anime/ Manga characters who I have claimed over the years, and more people may claim them if they want, unless of course I will not allow it but that is only for two peoples

Sesshomaru-One of the two
Sven- the other of the two

Kato- Angel Sanctuary
Kira-Angel Santuary


Kent-Princess Ai

Rowen-Elemental Gelade

Ecclipse-Demon Diary

Dark-DN Angel

Kurz Weber- Full metal Panic

Zerodyme-Psychic Academy

Darien/ the blonde evil guy-Sailor Moon(I love lita too cause she is my sailor scout, 3 days after my b-day is hers)

Kaname/Zero- Vampire Knight(okay so I cant decide, which ever one yuki takes I will have the other)

Howl-Howl's moving castle

Pain and Charon- Faerie's Landing

and now on to the regular books

Phillip, Richard, Nathaniel, and Asher, Micah, Jean-Claude- Anita Blake series

Acheron- The Dark Hunter series(damn Artemis)
Fred and George Weasly- Harry Potter- I love my twinses

Galen, Frost, Doyle- Meridith Gentry series

Any scottish vampire-yummy guys in kilts ;)

And later, not now cause I have to get off, I will add the rest, these were only off of, my half-asleep head.

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2009-08-22 [~Spirit Fox~]: Nai Kurama and Kuronue are mine! *I kidnapped them fair and square years ago. ^.^*

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