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My house, my rules

I`ll be polite with you as long as you are polite with me. Let`s respect each other. Otherwise, you might get a ego-hurting answer and move on my block list.

I don't answer to "hi" or "hello" messages. If you want to talk to me, you must be able to use full sentences. Also I really, really care about grammar and spelling.

DO NOT DARE writing "Oh, Romania`s Dracula`s homeland, right?" Well, NO! Dracula did not exist, neither in our history or folklore, and Stoker's character is a Hungarian count. For more informations, as I'm getting tired of saying the same thing on and on again, I created Vlad Tepes vs Dracula, The Truth About A Myth. Read it.

Related to what I said before, speak about Romania with respect. I do not care about what you see on TV but you should come here and see the real thing before insulting my country. Every bad thing you say about MY country (and that isn`t true) will not go unpunished. I`m loyal to Romania.
Learn more : ***

I`m here for being an art and fantasy lover so if you`re just a kid/ bored person who got here randomly/ sexy, hot etc. and want to cyber/ sexual obsessed/ brainless person - I`m not AT ALL interested in talking to you! Also, don't send me chain messages, because the guards will have you.

Thanks for reading and have a nice stay.

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