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The time of year gives great opportunity to shoot wonderful images on all kinds of festive subjects. Henceforth we now have Christmas photographers to give us a glimpse into their festivities!


Christmas Photography Winners

Christmas Photography Competition 2007: [Skydancer] & [Leara]
Christmas Photography Competition 2008: [Jitter], [moira hawthorne] & [Tynuka-Rhytishy]
Christmas Photography Competition 2009: [Easterling]
Christmas Photography Competition 2010: [moira hawthorne]
Christmas Photography Competition 2011: [FamousPanda]
Christmas Photography Competition 2012: [Anvikit]
Christmas Photography Competition 2013: [Skydancer]


The Christmas photographers:
One Contest entered.

[~Ninja Dark Kitty~]
[Able Insane]
[Artemis Management]
[Ayame the Snake]
[kians mummy]
[Mortified Penguin]
[Sir. Robert]
Two contests entered.

Three contests entered

[Alexi Ice]
Four contests entered or winner.

[moira hawthorne]


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