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2007-06-15 05:53:09
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Christian Art Contest

<img:> Welcome to the Christian Art Contest! ^^
If you follow the rules for Uploading Art Rules you'll be just fine as long as you don't put up any nudity.
You may put up to 2 entries
Deadline: August 20, 2006

Here are the rewards for the three top winners!(not finished putting them up.)Your name will be placed at the bottom of it.
<img:> <img:>

1>username: [pumpkinhead]
artpiece: <img:>

2>username: [Kuehne]
artpiece:Downcast <img:>
"How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!" Isaiah 14:12 (NIV). "So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God... I threw you to the earth; I made a spectacle of you before kings." Ezekiel 28:16b-17 (NIV).

Isa 53:5 "But He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his strippes we are healed."

"in the Garden"

5>username: [Kuehne]
Title: Innocence

I painted this for my mom in watercolors a couple years back. As you can tell this is Eve eating the forbidden fruit...

7>username:[Cia's girl]
artpiece: <img300*0:>

8>username: [Artsieladie]
artpiece: "Have you.....forgotten?"
This is meant for folks to look at & let the image speak to you. I'm sure it will speak in a variety of ways, but my guess, the basic meaning will likely stay the same. (It's much bigger. Please click on it.)

9>username: [Iron-Man-429]
Artpiece: Crusade


1. [iippo]
2. [Lady of Lore]
3. [Hobbit teen]
4. [Shadowsoul]
5. [Amanda Bastian]

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2006-11-03 [Cia_mar]: ditto

2006-11-03 [Amanda Bastian]: lol

2007-02-02 [Cia's girl]: I wouldn't feel funny. But i dont have to worry about that because im not judging

2007-02-03 [Amanda Bastian]: XD yeah. lol
I seriously need to get somewhere with this contest. Geez. i've been slacking majorly. I'll see if I can get the judging running soon. Sorry about everything

2007-02-03 [Shadowsoul]: yes, please get the judging done soon. i will only be here on wednesday afternoons and saturday afternoon's my time. please let me know when to judge or if i'm not around please message [silent_voice] and tell him to pass the message on if he can to my school email

2007-02-03 [Amanda Bastian]: Of course. ^^
I believe we should begin the judging quite soon. I'll let you know.

2007-03-20 [kittykittykitty]: When will the judging begin? :)

2007-03-21 [Amanda Bastian]: I'm hoping soon... I could never get to it

2007-06-15 [Amanda Bastian]:'s the deal. when contestant position #10 is filled then we'll start the judging. i'm getting tired of my procrastination. >< gr. ok. this is definate.

2007-06-15 [Hobbit teen]: I really like the one called "Have you... forgotten" for it to me seems like a true expression of the evil that we have done in america!

2007-06-15 [Artsieladie]: Thanks. I agree, but not just in America. Mankind's greed & disregard for the world that God so wonderfully & perfectly created, has made it so tragically ugly & loathsome in so many ways. *really sad*

2007-06-15 [Hobbit teen]: it is very truely sad... but the way i look at it...we will someday be judged by the all knowing lord on judgement day and those innocent on the whole ordeil with war on terror will be saved and those like president bush and Al quaida will burn here in pain and terror *vengful for those whose lives have been hurt*

2007-06-16 [Artsieladie]: bush has a lot to answer for. For all of the innocent lives that have been taken to satisfy his greed, b/c everyone knows it's all about the oil & him making money on it. *sneers in disgust*

2007-06-16 [Hobbit teen]: Exactly right on the money!!! I'm glad someone other than my family understand that it is all about his greed on his oil rigs!!!

2007-06-16 [Artsieladie]: ...& chaney right along with him! The blood these two have on their hands, their conscience, if they have any, is so ...well, there is no word that describes it. I say anyone that supports these two should be the ones to march right over there & fight bush's war for him & send all of these innocent people home that have no other choice, but to follow his orders. Americans need to wake up & make it a point to keep themselves better informed, in tune, with all that is going on. We are slowly losing our rights & freedoms & most Americans aren't even aware of it. Our soldiers are supposedly fighting for them, while people like bush & chaney are slowly & methodically taking them away. *angry*

2007-06-19 [Lady of Lore]: we need good people to get jobs in the govornment...not corrupt wealthy families....but i fear that may be asking too much of this crazy world. Just like in every war it is often the poor man who goes while the rich son goes off to golf or learn the family buisness.

But I do have to say that now that we are in these countries, liberated some of the people, and especially those who have come forth on these documentaries on tv we cannot pull out for thier sakes. I'm sure that those with hatred target these poor people. If we pull out, we condem them to death. What is worse than people dieing is to give them hope and then to take it away. Heart's change and those poor soldiers need to know that we do not value thier livs as nothing.

Remember the troops who came back from the other past wars? Korean war, vietnam war, etc. Were they welcomed back and thanked for putting thier lives on the line (even if the cause was the right one, they still went and fought and put thier lives in danger). I don't think that they ever were. If I remember people treated them like traitors, shunned them, and had no pity for the trauma they experienced. I know war is hard, and it may not be the right answer but those who have suffered and died, we cannot call thier pain worth nothing. Even if it is not the best cause, people sacrifice.

I agree that we as people all over the world need to be more informed. But I also think that we need to take into account everything. I feel so sorry for the young boys that are filled with hatred, I feel sad that groups are willing to pay a family if the father or son goes on a suicide bombing. I feel sad that people hate so much. Americans need to not be so arrogant, we need to try to be kinder, to show the world a better way than hatred because if we go to other contries and all we do is complain how it is not like our home...

Think of it this way, someone from another contry comes to where you live, micks the customs, questions your values, and turns thier face away in disgust at your food? That would make you resent them and the place where they came from. So I think too, that people as tourists need to be kinder too. That may help. In some contries tourists may be all the contact the people have with a country, and what a sad poor example many tourists are.

Sorry, I don't mean to lecture. I just felt moved by the discussion to add my thoughts. If you disagree that's ok. ^_^ I'm not offended, I think that people have a right to thier own ideas. 

~Lady of Lore

2007-06-19 [Artsieladie]: I agree. We Americans, but especially our beloved soldiers, have been put in a position that now we cannot just simply walk away from or turn a blind eye to. I have & have had several family members that served &/or are serving in the military. I never would shun them or disrespect them for their service to this country. It's the people that sit at the top giving the orders, mainly bush & chaney, that I'm angry with. One does not have to support bush's war to support & respect the troops. Personally, I don't think anyone should put down, belittle &/or mock another's culture & customs. I like to learn about the customs, cultures & beliefs of others. If we all were open to & understanding of these aforementioned w/o judgment, we could hope for more harmony & peace in the world.  :P)

2007-06-20 [Hobbit teen]: well said Lady of lore well said Artsie!!!

2009-05-14 [BlueAngel]: wait no, damn I suck at this

2009-05-14 [Amanda Bastian]: wo so much has happened
what did i miss?

2010-09-07 [kittykittykitty]: Has a winner been announced?

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