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I love to write stories, to think about the world or things in it in a different way entirely - or even, make things up completely. It's fun and I like to think that I'm not too bad at it. I know I have a long way to go. Welcome to my imagination. As ever, constructive criticism would be wonderful.


Stories uploaded as parts of something else

For example, as part of one of my portfolios or various contests, or even, challenge chimes and The Town Herald

'Rain, perfect for increasing the ambience or melancholy of any given moment, falls within the almost liquid blackness of the night tapping its tuneless melody onto the glass roof of the White Hall...'        

Claws and Teeth
For the brave and curious it is fatal. Claws and teeth, waiting round the corner.

To see him Smile
My fairytale is darker than the one you'd read at bedtime.

To create a World
Waiting, always waiting with their celestial faces.

The rantings of a forest sprite...       

Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes they end. (Needs improvement)

A place in my head
The fragile sign is upside down...

He's not always wrong, is Il Ogdan.

Not caring how she earned her money but how beautiful she was...

Sirens and Cell Doors
In one ear and out the other...

Locking them up and shutting all of the doors...

Knock. Knock. Door opens.

He could hear them calling to him now, asking him to come home.

TH 20 Newborn
It writes by itself...


Other Stories

I'm not worried
'There's this one... feeling. I can't get away from it, it just, well, happens sometimes.'


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