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Also made by [Devil Doll].... do you like?

Charmed Fans:
1. [Bryan2733] Charmed is the coolest!!!!! lol the show is great and the babes are hot :)
2) [Sambo_Wants_U] i love charmer
3) [jessica simpson]
4) [Kelaria] This is my FAVORITE show!!! (it used to be tied with buffy, but now buffy is off the air :( so charmed rules alone!) ^^
5) [daftdollparts] Addicted to Charmed.. and Buffy and Angel, gotta love the WB, heh
6) [brandi_080786]
7) [Kiss of the vampyr]
8) [-Je Veux Votre Amour-]
9) [~*~Tethryn~*~]
10) [Charmed Lady] charmed kicks ass...
11) [Gwendylyyn]
12)[Brookes Sexy Juggalo]The show is awsome and i think it is the best show about witches ever
13) [Sloan] i love charmed!
14) [Empty Corridors] charmed rocks
15) [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~] I have all there DVD's So far!
17)[kathryn's amante]i love Rose and Shanenn,so dont say mean things about Rose or shanenn.
18)[Hermes322] Kuddos to Bryan. I've never met a straight guy who liked charmed.
19)[sexigurl] i love charmed theyre so cool mine fave is Phoebe
20) [Sexybaby11] I also like phoebe because she is so pretty and acts like me
21.[Punkchik177] CHARMED ROCKS !!
22.[iam gone now]  charmed is a good show hehehe........
23. [Little Hamster in your head] woot im number 23  needs more banners!! :-D  rock on charmed!
24. [CrAzI FiRe CuTiE_516] Charmed totally rocks~! Been a fan since the very first episode~!!!!!!!!
25. [~:*:~Forgotten wings~:*:~] I love charmed so much, i love leo and page!
27. [Fairytale']
28. [ScarletRose Sweety] i watched this show once...and i got addicted! it's an awsome show!
29. [Devil Doll] "the power of threee..."
30.[Witchyra] charmed...I want to charmed
31. [elwen] charmed i love it! im so addicted.
32. [Phoxx] I'm under their spell...
33. [-Orion-] I LOVE the series... :D
34. [Bacchus] Good, evil, and the persute of all who threaten it... the charmed ones will prevail.
35. [wish upon a star] I'm charmed...
36.[Coco caca] i am a charmed fan i love chris he is so hot.
37. [x-ragdoll_x] Charmed rocks my socks! i wuf chris!
39.[~*BRAD YOUR MY LIFE*~] I have seen every episode with my mom and my aunt and i love all of the episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!
40. [~Cherry~] i have seen and love all episodes.....they should have kept Shannon
41.[Frivalicious] Here in norway they have stopped sending Charmed....BU,hu
42.[Sloan] i love the whole series.
43.[Selene Saint Clair] love charmed!
45. [*~*Pink Charmed Barbie*~*] CHARMED IS ONLY THE BEST EVER!
46. [traptechogirl] charmed rocks man i love it
47. [Blasphemous Rumours] 'What are you guys...? Witches?' Haha....I LOVE CHARMED!!
48. [GEORGINA.] I LOVE Charmed soooooo much! i cant belive Wyad turns evil!!! O.o
49.[Lilly_Cortez] I love Chris Leo and Pages youngest son
50. [I Want U But I'm Not Giving In This Time] dude charmed is so awesome
51. [Inuyoukai, Princess of Thieves] I LOVE CHARMED!!!!
52. [SkyLynn07] Charm Rox Our Sox!
53. hey charmed lovers, we all love charmed and i relli think its cool and flippin luks real
54. [Somerandomspot] Pheobe is hott.............
55. [ debbeecoral]
56. [-Boi_B!tch-] Charmed is the best show ever. =D I love Piper. She kicks ass =P
66. [Beo-Wulf] I am a big Charmed fan
67. [Angelic nightmares] hot chicks....wiccan religion......who could ask for more hellbound) I love charmed I dont think I have missed an episode once!!
68. [peachesnpears] Leo is lush!
69. [she's gone country] couldn't live without em
70. [Ryvre] love watching them kick ass!....their cat rocks^.^
71. [Panda-monium] Amazing show!
72. [The real life Bella Swan] I love it!
73. [Battle of One] IT SO TOTTALY ROCKS!!!
74. [{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara] i did not know about this wiki... cool another charmed one yeah!!!!! charmed is the bomb
75.[evil beavle] I love charmed... unfortenately charmed had stopped in the netherlands... but IT WILL BEGINS ON 4 MARCH jippppiee
76. [Pretend You're Alive] I love charmed!!! though i can't stand paige, she's not very good compared to prue. and she needs to grow out of her albino stage. but other than that, I LOVE CHARMED!!! I watch it everyday, unless i have to do something else, like practice. I'va seen almost every episode.
78. [NeferShen] Charmed is my fav show
80. p3 4eva (prue sux)
82.[slush] i soo love charmed...amazing programme...
83. [LunaSoleil] Cole is SO hot!
84. [~Nyx~] Chris is even hotter! *drool*
85. [Elisa] Charmed is the best show that was ever made!! Phoebe's my fave!
86. [Fallen Child Athena] i am charmed
87. [Duke Devlin] Charmed is the most awesome show ever created by the human mind, none rival it, not even the much loved 'Buffy'....Oh, and Chris is soooo HOT!!!
88. [Tilanie] Charmed ones are so cool! i love the show!
89. [Mirindyin] Charmed is the best Tv serial ever ^^
90. [no roses lay there*my casket is bare] charmed rules! i haven't missed an episode yet
91. [Oude acc van Melcinítan] Charmed is just the best!!!
92. [Art squall] It's a nice show :)
93. [Golthimere] Great show, glad it got renewed
94. [desi07] I love the show charmed it's rocks and Chris is sosososo Hot
95.[ NOT AS INOCENT AS YOU THINK] i have watched the show for years but i cant stop i even watch reruns i have already seen a thousand times!
96. [Huyana, Princess of Darkness] I knew about the show but just recently started watching it. It ROCKS! Piper and Leo make the perfect couple!
97..[~Nobody's Angel~]~~ xcharmed is like my number one show, i just luv it, i watch reruns all the time, and chris is totally hot, but so are the guys phoebe dates....
98.[~skatergirl~]i love that show it kick's ass
99.[~Long Lost Dreams~]Charmed is my fav. show
100.[Charmed P.O.O] Charmed is the show in the world and it kicks major ass. I love piper!!!!!!!!!!
101.)[fobizzle]love pheobe
102:)[thecellardoor] I miss Cole!
103. [++!Black Varnish!++] Woo I have all the DVD's of Charmed and seen every single episode. I love it!
104> [THE THING!!] this is the best programme ever , phoebe is well fit!!!!
105. [leola] bring Leo back!! charmed rox :P
106. [NibblerLove]Paige is my hero!

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2005-04-03 [Panda-monium]: yeah, it sucks,. WB hasn't been that great lately either, last week was a rerun.

2005-04-04 [Slaughter™]: yea it sux

2005-04-16 [Q_Q]: hey all hugs anyonelooking for a hug

2005-04-19 [Beo-Wulf]: I want the Charmed DVD

2005-04-19 [Slaughter™]: oww *huggles* haha i gave you a huggles firstes!!

2005-04-25 [The real life Bella Swan]: A petition to keep Charmed going! Sign:

2005-04-25 [Slaughter™]: intresting... *sad face*

2005-04-29 [she's gone country]: hehe i signed it they can't do this to us! no way too many people watch that show the would lose sooo much money

2005-05-17 [The real life Bella Swan]: GOOD NEWS! There's gonna bean 8th season!

2005-05-22 [Elisa]: WOHOOO!!!! ^_^ New episodes...

2005-05-29 [Slaughter™]: yup yup

2005-06-12 [NOT AS INOCENT AS YOU THINK]: they is no better show i mean they have everthing

2005-06-24 [rosebudd]: Can i be apart of this wiki?

2005-06-26 [~Nyx~]: I think you can just sign in by adding your name to the member list. ("edit this page")

2005-07-07 [~Nobody's Angel~]: wow there are alot of charmed members

2005-07-07 [Slaughter™]: yup yup

2005-08-30 [wolfman67460]: sign me up charmed is kool balthazaur was kool when he was good

2005-09-30 [nicholas chavez]: charmed so rox i have been a fan since kindergarten and i am a witch

2005-11-10 [*Heartbroken Soul*]: charmed is tha bomb and i cant go wit out it!! gotta love the charmed one!!

2006-05-21 [The real life Bella Swan]: Yeah but tonight . . . last new episode. Is any one else really sad?

2006-09-10 [NibblerLove]: charmed is awesome i watched the entire series and all my friends in class call me ~paige~ i love em' to death!

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