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The Celestial World Roleplay Main page

All roleplaying actually goes down over at: CW RP.

To join the RP, first create a character, and then post in the auditions page. Please note that we are looking for characters of one of the five races on the race page. It's likely you won't be accepted otherwise, unless you've got a really good reason. You will need to create a wikipage for your character, something like Aelroth Maydann or Groppa Dench.

CW Auditions - Audition page for the RP. (Auditions are currently closed. Please send me a PM if you wish to participate. (I promise I won't scream. =P))

CW Characters - List of characters in the RP.

CW Magic - Magic and elements information

CW Map Room - Maps and such

CW Races - Race information

Arcanlos, the island continent on a world of ocean, home to the five mortal races. The countryside is dotted with small villages where the only reminders of the past are speechless artifacts of a time long past. The young Kingdom Bregastis is thriving, having conquered Habrintha, the old Elvish Empire, a little over 150 years past.
Now, something is threatening the peace of Arcanlos. Small, outlying villages in Bregastis are falling victim to a strange mist, which leaves the inhabitants insane or viciously slaughtered. Fear has driven many people into the larger cities to forage a living.
When the King of Bregastis becomes ill with an incurable disease after his seer committed suicide over what she described in her journals to be a most evil portent of doom and destiny, the Vizier issues an edict across Arcanlos, imploring all able adventurers to gather at Bregastis' capital city Tanitimbel to receive a commission to investigate the cause of the mist, and the King's illness.


07/02/01: After a slight bout with post-Christmas laziness, CW is back at full throttle. Some minor updates to info pages to watch out for, nothing major though. ^_^;

06/11/24: Sick of waiting for other people to join, and rather frustrated with his inability to acquire a Wii, Myst starts the RP off.
If you still want to join, send me a PM, and we can talk. I still require everything that people needed to post for an audition, and I might get you to sort-of-audition.
The RP page is over yonder at CW RP, and there is a password on the page to protect it from random interlopers sabotaging things. I've PM'ed the password to all participants. (If I've missed you, scream at me, and I'll get it to you. >.<;)

06/10/16: 6 people signed up. I'll start things when I get 10 or so. We've been added to the WFR Games list! Thanks, [xido].

06/09/17: Finally added the Magic info page. Two people joined so far! =D

06/09/06: Auditions are now open. Please read the information pages before posting! (Really, it's not that much. ;) )

Username (or number or email):


2006-10-04 [MysteriousAges]: Blah! We need more people to join! D=

2006-10-24 [IceBlueFeline]: we've got eight characters. How many are you wanting?

2006-10-24 [Barock]: I think he wants ten. :-)

2007-01-08 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: this looks nice, count me in. But it might take me a bit to get my form ready. :P

2007-02-02 [MysteriousAges]: I'll be waiting for it. ;)

2007-02-21 [Val'Naur]: Kedakai gave you the heads up on my want to make an entry into this RP. I'll have my character ready for audition via PM sometime tonight. I hope you like it!

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