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A brush trailed along soft fine hairs of black cherry. The boy holding the brush looked at himself in the mirror. The sunlight as it was setting caught his eyes in just the right light to make them seem as though they were glowing. He smiled, very soft and kissable looking lips upturning slightly. A small blush came over his face as the sun warmed him and he was filled with happiness. And yet he couldn't wait for the sun to set, he and his brother were going to go to a ball. After he made sure his hair was one hundred percent perfect he clipped on a pair of dangling sword ear rings and went to his closet, slipping on his black leather knee-high boots. He was already dressed up in a victorian gentleman's clothing, and the colour was a deep maroon, bringing out the green flecks in his yellow-brown eyes. He made sure his nails were clean and that every other part on him was perfect before going to his brother's room, knocking lightly, his small fist barely making a sound on the door.

"Come in." An obvious masculine voice replied to the knocking on his bedroom's door. Moving across the room, the heels of shoes muffled against the rugs that covered the floors, two hands struggled to pulling strands of honey-blonde into a braid of some sort. But, it was failing miserably. Going to the door, he finally opened it and let his hair go. It was irritating to try and fiddle with it, so he let it go. Dressed completely save for a dark forest green waist coat, the blonde moved back to his mirror and desk. Taking a brush, he ran it through his hair and was satisfied at last. "I will never understand how you can do what you will wth your hair. Mine never wants to cooperate." He grumbled under his breathe, eyes at half-mast as he moved to put on his jacket which hung over the back of an overstuffed velvet chair. Similarly-colored eyes stared into opposite's. "Are you ready Rienne?"

Rienne giggled and nodded, stepping over to his brother to put his hair back in a braid as he knew it was what the other wanted. "Well, my hair likes me. I think yours takes after you and your unruly behavior. Yes, I am ready. Do you think we will meet anyone there?" He asked, making sure his brother was fixed everywhere before he lead the way to the carriage that awaited them, he opened the door to let his brother in first.

Pursing his lips, Arlen allowed his younger brother of two years to braid his hair. "You are saying I'm unruly? I am not. A bit... wild as father puts it, but, unruly? Never." He ranted lightly as they made their way to the carriage. "I think it's a possibility. Meeting a choice companion at these events is common. Perhaps one will steal you away this night and you'll never return. It would be like those fairy tales that mother loved as a little girl. You would live happily ever after." He laughed heartily as he made a gesture to accent the meaning of his last words and moved to get into the carriage.

"Ha ha ha real funny Arlen. Sounds like you thought of it more than me even. You're just jealous because I will probably be stolen away first!" He said, smiling and hopping into his spot of the carriage. "Well it's nice to dream anyways." He said, making sure his hair was still straight, knowing he wouldn't have to worry about it the rest of the night if it was. "I can't wait to get there though."

"Neither can I." Closing the door, he felt the carriage move as their driver's voice rose above them to drift to the ears of the chestnut horses. Sitting back in his own seat, he crossed one leg over the other, thoughts drifting to the possibility of finding that special one that he was waiting for him.

Rienne smiled and looked out his window to see the moon now shining above them. "The moon looks promising.. and there are many stars..." But off in the distance the illumination of the moon was showing dark clouds, almost foretelling something drastic or worrysome. "Actually.. it looks like it might storm.." He said, sighing.

"Do not worry about the dark, ominous clouds. Everything will be fine as long as you do not let anything ruin your mood, Rienne." Arlen said, glancing out the window, also seeing the same image his brother had explained.

Rienne huffed but nodded. "I will do my best." He said, getting brighter as they pulled into the mannor where the ball was. "Oh wow.. it's pretty.." He said, referring to all of the lights that were lit. "I can't wait!" He was pracitcally squirming in his seat.

Arlen laughed again. "You are one to say I have unruly behavior? Squirming like that, you look like a child again." His tone was light and teasing, but slightly reprimanding. It was not becoming of a young man of his brother's age and stature. He had responsibilities now and needed to act what his station demanded of him... just as he was expected. Their carriage pulled in front of the carriage. With the door opening, he got out, and just as he did, he noticed two horses in the distance. They came from the woods. "Interesting.." he mumbled as he turned to offer a hand to help his brother out.

Rienne smiled and got out. "I can act how I very well please." He looked at the horses as well. "Oh maybe next time we should bring our horses." He said, smiling. He stood a moment to watch the horses before letting himself be lead inside.

Arlen smiled. "I think that is a splendid idea." He suddenly felt like they were being watched and as he glanced up, he saw some man pointing in their direction. "Let's go. I don't like the feeling I'm getting, Rienne." Taking his brother's arm, he gently lead him up the stone path, greeting the servants as they walked past.

Rienne wasn't even paying attention. He made his way inside, annoyed by how crowded the entrance was. "Eh." He made his way through the crowd, humming to the music as he found the snack table. "Oh cheese.." He decided to nibble on some swiss cheese.

Arlen had separated from his brother to go and greet the host of the part. Of which, he did not see Rienne next to him, but saw him at the snack table. Grabbing his arm, he shook his head. "Rienne. Let's greet our host and hostess, then you can purge the snack table."

"Fine fine fine." He said, nibbling on more cheeses before following hsi brother. He bowed to the party throwers. "Thank yuo for this wonderful ball you have assembled." He said, smiling warmly. He meant what he said. He wondered when he could start mingling with others.


Another part of the woods had a strong man, powerful in nature following almost the exact same routiene as Rienne. He looked in his own mirror, where he lived it was already night, the moonlight showed his alabaster skin quite clearly, making him look almost frightening, but beautiful at the same time. He sighed to himself. It was going to take a lot out of him, but he needed a mortal companion, his friend he lived with was not enough, and they both agreed they should go out and explore what the new ages have brough in for beauty. He sighed and let his sky blue eyes roam over his bluish black shoulde lengthed hair. He left it how it was, neat but not done with. He was dressed gentlemanly in a dark blue and after pulling his hair back he left the room in search of his companion, excited that they were about to have new company.

Trimmed fingernails, which had a few rings decorating each hand, braided silver-white hair. It contrasted against the whiteness of skin which glowed faintly in the candle's light. Coral-pink lips pulled back into a smile as the thoughts of finding a new mortal companion entered his mind. Strands of bang framed his face, side-swept to the right, hiding from partial view a pinkish-red eye, which matched the left one. He was unusually whiter than his companion, but that was only because his skin lacked color from birth. Being albino had its perks at such a time. He could just say that he was Albino if a mortal ever asked him why his skin was so white. Dressed in black, he used it as contrasting to his physical appearance. Letting the braid fall behind him, it reached the small of his back. Instead of wearing the usual Victorian coat, he settled for a less decored coat that suited his tastes. It was in similar fashion, the same as a waist coat, but less tight and form-fitting. This Immortal preferred comfort more than anything. Getting up from his chair, he left his room, dressed and ready to go.

Kirien looked to his companionas he found him. "Come,I think it is time. Must you always dress so darkly? I would like to see you in some colour for once." He said scoldingly, he hated when his friend always wore such dark colours, he knew the other liked to make an appearance, but he was so much less frightening in other colours. "Do you want to take one home tonight? Or should we just wait and see if one follows?" He asked, referring to luring and seducing or just outright taking. Luring would take much longer, and they were desperate so in his thoughts he wished for the other to agree to just take.

"I dress in clothes that suit me. I am nothing but white. Contrasting is important to me. You should know that by now after spending all these years with me." He replied icily, a hint of a pout in his tone. He disliked being 'lectured' as he called it when his friend commented on his choice of colors. And in response to the other question, knowing just what it pertained to, a smile tugged on lips. "I think we should attempt to draw attention to those we find... delectable... and then if they do not have any interest in coming along, then taking them is the only option. I want to enjoy my time tonight. After all, it has been a long time since we went to such an event." He walked past his companion, going towards their front door. "Are we taking the carriage or just horses tonight?"

"Horses I think; if we must kidnap them, and that will be mainly because you frighten them away with your darkness, it will be easier to keep hold of them, in a carriage they have the ability to move around." As he said this he lead the other out of the house and to the stables, chosing his favorite grey coloured horse. "Mnn, well anyhow, I think a carriage it too attentive. They will pay less attention to us on horses." He said, mounting the horse.

"Hn. You are waring my patience thin with your comments of my apparel, old friend," He said in a blunt manner, but the tone remained chilling. Accepting the reasoning behind choosing horses, which he much preferred anyways, he got onto his own personal favorite equine. It was one he raised from that of a foal. Its mother had died hours after its birth. For some reason, Farrel did not want to see the creature die, so he took care of it. It was a dun-colored stallion, with dark mane and tail. Settled into the saddle, he flicked silver bangs from his face as he flashed a smile to his companion. "Lead the way Kirien."

Kirien rode off fast, knowing Farrel would keep with him just fine. It wouldn't take them long to reach the place where the ball was being held, and he was positively excited. His horse seemed to of sensed his excitement, for it was moving much faster than the normal trot or run when riding. He laughed. "Race?" He called out to his companion.

With a small shifting off body weight forewards, Farrel's beloved stallion reared slightly and leapt off after their companions. Hearing the challenge, Farrel did not ease up, as the dun horse was now at a slow gallop. "Accepted. Loser does no complaining for two weeks!"

"Ha ha ha! If you lose you have to wear pink!" He said, spurring his horse forward with glee. He could see the mansion ahead. "I have you now you fool! You shouldn't have accepted!" He said, nearing the yard of the mannor.

Had Kirien just said that if he lost he had to wear... pink?! "I will not lose and then the fool will be revealed at last!" He replied, realizing that he was losing. It was irritating to know that he could lose, but the powerful beast beneath him found a small supply of energy which was used to sprint down the final length of land that separated them from the woods and the manor and its yard ahead.

Annoyingly enough they reahed at a tie. "Oh that is absurd, we'll just have to race again on the way home, you up to it?" He asked the other, smiling. "Oh my.. what have we over there.." He let his gaze to drift to Rienne and Arlen. "Farrel, I think we found the mortals.." He pointed in their direction.

"You are correct. We will be racing again on our return home." Patting his sweating horse's neck, he got him to walk. He could hear the pounding of the animal's heart that resided within the bulk of flesh. Glancing to where Kirien's finger pointed, he found that he had to agree. "You mean, you have found our mortals. They are both pleasing to the eye... and it looks as if they are brothers. Their eyes are the same hue, Kirien." He found the younger of the two pleasing, the one who just got out of the carriage.

Kirien grinned. "That's interesting because I like the older one. Mn, I think if we can find them that they will be ours. Yes, I am pretty sure they are brothers, they act about it. It would be the perfect catch, besides then they could keep one another company while we sleep.."

"Let's pursue them then." He said, ending their conversation. Kicking the sides of his horse, he urged it to continue the few yards it took to reach the front doors. Removing himself from the saddle, he gave the reins to a stable boy, with a small warning on his part. "Anything happens to either of these horses, the consequences will not be pleasant, child." Straightening his garments, he pushed more bang out of his face as he waited for Kirien.

Kirien had already began walking, chastising Farrel with a look. "Must you firghten everyone?" He asked, leading his companion into the home. "Ohh look, threre's our victims, talking with the hosts.." He said, smiling fondly. "I don't think we could have picked a better couple.. they're beautiful."

The host smiled and nodded to Rienne. "We are honored to have the sons of our old friend join us in our home. Please, I encourage you to not be shy and indulge in whatever you like." His smile somewhat faded, as eyes widened at the sight of the approaching Immortals.

"I am frightening already. I have red eyes. Surprisingly, a Priest has not come to toss holy water at my person." He replied, rolling said eyes and standing beside his friend. "They are pleasant to the eye. But, remember, getting to know their mannerisms is important. I do not want to be stuck with a whiney companion... or at least, another one." He added, smirking at his friend before going into the crowd and making his way to the host and their mortals, smiling graciously when the host's gaze hinted recognition of his person.

Rienne smiled and turned suddenly as he felt the presence of the tall men. He wondered what could frighten the host. He blinked and bowed to them politely. He then didn't say anything so he wouldn't be too obvious. The white haired one was really appealing to him though.. and his eyes even more so. He changed his mind and decided he would approach him later and compliment him. But he knew as well he shouldn't hog the host of the party, it would have been rude.

Kirien smiled. "Shush." He said to his partner. "Well, lovely ball you have here.." He said to the host, his eyes firmly on Arlen. "And lovely guests as well."

Arlen felt the eyes on him, but said nothing. He merely said a greeting to acknowledge the two men and then turned to mingle with others who he felt to be less... dangerous. That was the feeling he got... those two were dangerous. "Come Rienne." He said firmly, taking the role of older brother seriously.

As the two turned away, a dark smile appeared on his lips. He liked that boy, the one addressed as Rienne. And it seemed that he had piqued the boy's interest in him as well. Turning to Kirien, he whispered in his ear. "It seems that I am the lucky one. The younger has already taken an interest me... although, the older one is wary and suspicious of us."

Rienne huffed. "But.. ohhh I want to go talk to that man.." He said, pointing to Farrel. "Please?" He looked up at his brother. He thought better of it as he got anohter look at him. "Well.. he does look like he's about to eat me.." He said, huffing and clinging to his brother's arm. "But he's pretty. I want to tell him his eyes are pretty."

Kirien looked to his companion. "So it seems, you chat up the young one and I will go to mine. Just... try to not frighten him." He said, gracefully working his way through the crowd, intercepting Arlen. "Hello, I was wondering if mayhap you would like to walk with me? Or at least have casual conversation? I was merely curious how you are so knowing of the host. Are you his son?" His questions he thought up of were simple and unreal, but he knew it would at least get the other to talk to him.

Arlen sighed, giving in. "Very well. But, do not go anywhere alone with him. That I will not allow. I will be keeping an eye on you, Rienne." Letting him go, he turned to see the other man, whom appeared to be the companion of the one Rienne apparently liked. At his questions, he thought them harmless, so he shrugged. "Why not? I have nothing better to do. No, I am not the Lord's son. He and my father are old friends. My name is Arlen. May I ask as to what yours is?"

Farrel rolled his eyes at Kirien's words. It irritated him when he did small things such as that. Seeing that Kirien got to Arlen and managed to coax him into conversation, he decided to wait and see what Rienne would do. It was unlike him to go to those he liked first, as he preferred to make the second move... if that's what you could call it.

"My name is Kirien. I was wondering if perhaps you would join me in another room for some snakcs and perhaps more casual conversation, you interest me." He said, taking the boy's hand in his own, kissing the back of it tenderly.

Rienne smiled and slipped away from his brother, walking over to Farrel. "Hello, my name is Rienne." He said, offering his hand. "I just wanted to meet you. And.. I wanted to tell you your eyes are pretty..."

Arlen could not help but blush at the gesture made by the older man. "S-sure... why not?" He cleared his throat, wanting to take his hand away, but did not want to be rude. But, he managed to ask, "And just how do I interest you, Kirien?"

Farrel's eyes roamed over the youngster, liking what he saw very much. In a velvet-like baritone, he replied, "I am Farrel, Rienne Which, by the way, I love your name. It's different. And being different is something I try to be." He took the offered hand and shook it gently before letting it go. Glancing towards Kirien, he saw that he managed to get the boy to blush and stammer. Now he had a question. "My eyes do not frighten you?"

Rienne smiled kindly, almost pouting when the other let go of him. "Well, no they don't frighten me. I think they're lovely. They're not red but they're not like pink either.. and they sort of glitter. And with your hair colour it shows nicely." He said, smiling brighter as he described them. He was rather in like with this other after only a minute or so of talking with him.

Kirien smiled. "Well, you just do. I can't put my finger on it but something about you attracts me to you... you have a slight scent of jasmine, or vanilla, and you seem one hundred percent innocent.. and by that I mean you seem like a good man and not some scoundrel. It's a nice change, I mean, look at these other 'gentlemen'. How many have killed? How many gamble their lives away? How many treat their loved ones horribly? But you.. you care much for your brother. That is what draws me to you." He said, holding his arm out for the other to take.

Kirien's explanation startled him. Usually, he met those who just lusted after him. Arlen knew that he and his brother were sought after at times, by both male and female suitors. It unnerved him to know that another would come after him this night. But, as Kirien had a knack of doing, surprised Arlen so much that he did not hesitate in taking the proffered arm. A small smile tugged at lips. "You are right. Many here are not as they appear and I do have my skeletons in my closet, but nothing more than the average man. I have killed none that stand on two legs. I only kill what I need in order to survive. It's just me and Rienne... save the servants." He didn't know why he just blabbed personal information, but he didn't regret it. Kirien brought out that he could trust him, even if he was still wary and suspicious of him.

Farrel was slightly taken off guard at the compliment. However, he quickly came back to his outward self. "Would you care to join me for a stroll through the gardens? I am feeling crowded here and I do enjoy my space. Besides, I would also like to stop by the stables. I want to check on our horses." Offering his own arm to Rienne, he did not smile, and a stoic expression was pleastered to his otherwise delicate features. "And you are very pleasant on the eyes."

Kirien smiled and lead him to a more secluded part of the ballroom. "Well here we are. You say you and your brother are the only ones, are your parents deceased?" He asked, adjusting a piece of the other's hair that fell in his face. He wanted to take this boy away... and now but he knew he must be patient.

Rienne smiled up at Farrel, blushing beautifully. "Thank you.. and yes I would like to." As they stepped outside the wind whipped around pieces of his hair and then settled again. He smiled , laying his head on the other's arm as he rested on his shoulder. "I haven't been around horses in a while.. we used to have some but mine died and Arlen's was sold."

A slight pink hue crept over the bridge of nose and flared out in both directions when the gesture of readusting his own bangs was made. He could not help himself. Here was this man, a true gentleman and most attractive, who was obviously interested in him and he wasn't sure how to react. Only once before had another been interested in him... He trailed off that thought at the questioning of his parents' lliving or not. "No. My mother died in childbirth some six years ago. We were to have a little sister, but she died upon delivery. They went to get in to get her, but it was too late. Mother died of bloodloos. And some four years later, my father died. He was plagued by the loss of his wife and child, as well as an ailment in the lungs and throat." After this explanation, he smiled faintly. "Even though they are gone, I still have Rienne. And I don't want to lose him. I would die if I did..."

Farrel did not react when the younger's head rested upon his shoulder. It felt comfortable and right. "Perhaps, I could give you new horses. I will pay for their medical and the like if I have your word that you would take care of them." He lead them out the front door, and to the stables. And through a backway, he planned on taking Rienne into the gardens for more private time. At the stable, he easily found the grey and dun horses. His stallion kicked at the wall of his stall, obviously wanting out. "Enough." Farrel said sharply, which settled the four-year-old's unruly behavior at once.

Kirien smiled, thinking it was glad that both of the brothers were being taken then. "I am sorry about your parents,I know that pain well. Is it hard supporting yourself and your brother? Who works?" He asked, wondering how this strong boy was holding them up. As he talked to him he led him outside on the front steps, sitting and motioning the other sit beside him.

"You wouldn't have to do that.. Why would you want to anyways? We only just met." Rienne said softly, looking up at the other, lost ni his eyes again, noting they didn't lose their sheen in the dark, in fact it seemed to brighten. Rienne laughed as the horse was told to stop and did. "He listens well." He said, letting go of the other reluctantly to peer into the stable. "He's gorgeous..."

Arlen sat beside Kirien, glancing up at the ceiling for a moment before glancing towards the taller fellow. "We both work. I am trying my best to learn the ropes of my father's business and to make sure it does not fail. We are doing quite well for ourselves. We live in our manor and still have a few servants..."

"Is that a compliment for my stallion or me?" Farrel asked, making a small joke. He couldn't resist. Going beside Rienne, he unlatched the stall door and pulled it open. "I like you Rienne. You're different from others. And I do hope this isn't the last time we meet either, that's why I want to give you horses. I have a mare whose with foal. She could use tending to." He trailed off a bit.

Kirien smiled. "Well I am glad to be in the company of someone who does something for a living.. but.. wouldn't life be much easier if you had someone to take care of and sponser all of this for you?" He asked strategically. If the other said yes he was going to promptly sweep him away.

Rienne blushed and smiled. "What if it's for both of you? Ohhh I wonder if my brother would let me visit to tend the horses?" He asked, wanting to tend to the mare. He looked up at the other, curious for a moment before walking to the horse and petting it carefully.

Arlen thought for a moment before nodding. "Yes, it would, but where would I find someone who could do such a thing? I don't want to be swindled out of money. I am one whose careful. I do not trust easily and shall not let a foreigner or stranger of any kind take over my father's business. I would rather do the work myself than permit that to happen."

Farrel chuckled at the blushing teen and the reply he got. It was something he had hoped for, but it surprised him at the same time. "I think your brother will permit it. You are old enough to make decisions on your own. You are in charge of your life... not him. Correct?" An elegant eyebrow arched at the question.

Kirien chuckled. "Well it just so happens I might be able to fill that in for you. Think about it.. wouldn't you like to never have to worry about paying anything ever again? I could provide the best financial support..and the two of you, you and your brother would be extremely happy with my friend and I.. what do you say?"

Rienne giggled. "What if it was for both of you?" He said smiling as he was nuzzled by the horse. "And...yes I am my own person, but he's always been there for me and I would like to be there if he ever needs me. He's taken care of me since we were young and.. well I owe it to him to listen to him."

Arlen's eyes widened at the offer made. He stood up, thinking about how to word his reply without sounding rude. "I must decline for now. I just met you and I only know your name. Give me time to get to know you. You heard what I said. I won't let strangers run the business. It was a pleasure meeting you, Sir. Have a good night." Bowing slightly, the young man turned and left back into the crowd, searching for his brother now. "Rienne?" he called out, scanning the crowd for the younger.

Farrel smiled faintly. "I understand. Your brother loves you. It is obvious in the way he looks upon your person with adoration. Nonetheless, do not let him dictate your life even if he feels it is in your best interest. Sometimes, even our siblings do not know what is the best for us." 

Kirien sighed. "Oh dear...he's going to be difficult." He ran in after him, moving without being seen, taking him into his arms. "I don't think you noticed darling.. you don't haev a choice.." He kissed the other's cheek and covered his mouth, moving too fast for the mortal eye to see before he was standing near Farrel and Rienne. "Come now... "

Rienne gasped. "What? Whats going on!?" He asked, backing away slowly as he saw his brother in the other's arms.

Arlen nearly screamed at being grabbed, but Kirien's hand prevented him from doing so. He was unable to move and wondered what the gentleman meant by 'you don't have a choice'. Seeing his brother back away, he wanted to tell him to run, but Farrel, the demonic-eyed one, grabbed him as well. Arlen struggled to get loose from Kirien's grasp. The blonde wanted nothing to do with these two strangers now. He bit down on the hand preventing him speech.

Farrel sighed at Kirien's rash behavior. "You have left me no choice..." He mumbled, flicking hair back before moving behind Rienne and hugging him. Also putting his hand over the boy's mouth, he explained in his ear. "Understanding will come later. For now, say nothing, darling. You won't be harmed. I give my word." Sending Kirien an acidic glare, he did not wait for him. And since the stall was already open, he lifted Rienne onto the back of his beloved horse and got on behind the mortal, keeping a good hold on him. And Farrel's hand still covered Rienne's mouth. He didn't want him to scream and make their getaway impossible.

Kirien chuckled. "You can bite all you want dear, it isn't going to save you." He said, chuckling as he made his way out of the mansion all room and to the stables where he threw the other over his shoulder to get on his horse then placing him in front, holding him tightly with an arm around him. "Come along now!" He called to hs companion.

When the other hugged him he was confused but liked the hug until the other's hand came over his mouth. He blinked several times before he saw his brother being taken away kicking and screaming, then it dawned on him, they were being kidnapped. He was a little afraid and almost screamed, but at the other's whisper he shivered and let himself be taken away; he gripped the horses' mane and held on tightly.

Convinced that they were going to be murdered, Arlen ceased his struggles... for now. He wasn't about to fall off a horse. Burying his fingers in the gray horse's mane, head bowed, he wasn't about to speak. Nor move. He only thought about where they were going and how they were going to escape. They want our father's business. Not us. God! What have we done to deserve such a thing?! Eyes squeezed shut as he bit his tongue to keep from screaming out his frustration.

Farrel let his hand drift from Rienne's mouth and to settle on his waist in a protective manner. The white-haired being now saw Rienne as his to protect and he was not about to let him fall off his horse in case he decided to move too quickly. Glancing towards Kirien, he saw the boy bowed and thinking deeply. "May I ask what was going through that damned head of yours when you decided to kidnap the boy, Kirien?" He asked icily, eyes narrowed still. He hadn't expected them to go through like this. It was too early. "You realize it was too early."

Kirien rolled his eyes. "He was trying to run.. we couldn't just let him leave." He read the boy's thoughts and whispered to him. 'No it isn't the business we're after, it is you young lovable boys."

Rienne snuggled against his captor, worried slightly. "Mn, where are we going? Are you going to kill us?" He asked, looking up at him.

Arlen's eyes widened when he realized that his thoughts had been read.. otherwise, Kirien made a great guess at what he was thinking. "Shut up. You know that's a lie. You want our father's business... acting as if you really were interested in me. And I said no. So, you decided to kidnap me instead... some gentleman. Take us back now! Or there will be hell to pay!" He turned his head sharply towards the other, eyes narrowed and filled with hate and distrust. "I knew you both were no good."

Farrel growled. "You let your emotions dictate your actions. It is simple as that... no need to make any excuses, Kirien. You know that irritates me beyond anything else." And at Arlen's words, he glared at him. "Shut that boy up." Kicking the stallion's sides, he made him pick up the pace. Hearing Rienne's questions, his gaze niether softened nor hardened. "You will not be killed. We are not lowly murderers..."

Kirien chuckled. "Darling I don't even know your father, why would I want his business? Let me just say we are lonely. We need pets.. and look, you two are free..."

Rienne nodded and cooperated, hugging onto the other as they pulled to a stop at stables in front of a large house.

Kirien laughed. "Why would we want your father's business when we have our own splendid home?" He asked, tossing the boy over his shoulder.

Arlen pounded his fists on Kirien's back when he was lifted and nonchalantly put over the man's shoulder. "Let me down! We are not pets to anyone!! Especially not to the likes of hellspawn like you and your companion!" Finally, he realized his brother had made no move to struggle or voice his opinions. "Rienne! Why do you not say anything?! Don't you want to go home?! LET US GO RIGHT NOW!" His face was going red from the blood rushing to his face. Hair was now released from its braid and it flew everywhere around his face and down Kirien's back, as well as his own.

Farrel's brow twitched at the screaming of the blonde. "Kirien! I said to shut him up. Do it or else I will rip his vocal chords out." His voice was dangerously low, as he meant his threat. He despised ranting and raving that Arlen was now doing. Getting down off the horse, he picked up Rienne and set him down on the ground. Putting one arm around him, he knew that the boy would not try to run away. There was nowhere to go and he wouldn't leave without Arlen... "Right this way, Rienne." Farrel said in a stoic tone, going to the front door and opening it.

Kirien chuckled, "Oh calm down Farrel, let him scream, no one will hear him." He said, rolling his eyes and carrying the boy into the house. "We wont hurt you, and I think you should cooperate." He insisted, kissing the boy on the lips as he set him down, keeping him in a firm grasp.

Rienne blinked and stuck close to Farrel. "Ugh he's so loud.. you promise you're not going to hurt us?" He asked, looking up at him, blushing a little at the arm around him.

"I'd rather die." He growled, kicking at his captor, and spitting as if to get the syliva out of his mouth when he was kissed. "And do not kiss me! I'm not into men." Arlen hissed.

Ferrel shook his head. "We won't. I promise."

Kirien laughed. "You will be here shortly." He said, binding the other's hands securley with a silk scarf and slipping himself between his legs. "Do me a favour.. calm.. be calm and just feel." He said in a whisper to calm the other, kissing him again on the lips and then on the neck. "Don't tell me you don't like men.. you blushed plenty enough in my presence this night.." He returned his attentions to the other's neck, nibbling, letting him get just a small pinprick feel of what he was by letting his actual fangs graze him. "Now be a good pet and stop struggling. "

Rienne looked up at Farrel again. "So, what are you going to make me for food?" He asked curiously as his stomache gave the smallest of protests at lack of food.. he'd only been snacking all day, real nourishment was needed.

Arlen blushed again at the binding of wrists and then of the man now resting between his legs. He wasn't going to give in to the other's minstrations... it would prove that he was submitting to Kirien's will. Even when he was kissed again and the press of lips on his neck, his body shuddered involuntarily. It seems his mind was the only thing that was resisting him completely. Trying to pull away, he turned his head, wanting to hide that he was enjoying the actions and his face was completely red from embarressment. "Stop it..." He muttered, "... just stop..."

Farrel peered down at the ebony-haired child. "You are not at all concerned with getting to your brother?" he asked, surprised by his act of carelessness. "I can get food made. What would you like?" He glanced towards a servant and called her over.

Kirien laughed. "No darling." He said simply, nibbling his pet's neck harder, sliding a hand down his chest where he unbuttoned his coat and pushed it up to where he could unbutton the shirt as well. Once he had that done he nibbled the other's chest.

Rienne shrugged. "He can take care of himself." He said, thinking. "Umm something with..meat...and rolls.." He said to the other, he went back to thinking about his brother, "Why would it matter anyways? He isn't in trouble...right?"

Arlen glared at Kirien. "I said stop it! I don't want you touch-- Nnnn..." His sentence cut itself off at the feel of lips and teeth ravishing his chest. Kirien had swept over a sensitive spot which sent his body rigid and a small moan escaped his lips. His head fell back as he pulled at his restraints.

Farrel heard the noise and pulled Rienne towards the kitchen, as well as the female servant. "You heard what he wants. Have the chef make sandwhiches and rolls." He ordered, watching the girl nod and walk away to the chef. "I was simply curious. We did kidnap you both. Or is it that you want to be near me?"

Kirien smiled delightedly at the other's sudden response. He chuckled against his skin, going back over the spot with a lick and then moving down lower, leaving a hand up to lightly play with the other's nipples while he dipped his tongue into his navel.

Rienne blushed. "Well.. you're not harming me. so I don't see why I should struggle." He ignored the comment about wanting to simply be near to the other because he was sure that was it, but they had only just met.

Body arched at the touches of his captor. Lips parted as head fell back once again, blonde flying into his face and cascading over his shoulders. A red hue stained his cheeks as he squirmed and lifted his hips. It felt wierd having a tongue entering his navel. Another moan escaped him as a sensitive nipple was toyed with by nimble, obviously experienced, fingers.

Farrel chuckled softly. Leaning down, he pressed lips to the boy's cheek in a gentle kiss. "I would be disappointed if you weren't interested in me. I like you... a lot. Very few mortals ever catch my interest, sweet one."

Kirien smiled as he noted the other was completely under his controll. He kissed lower, suckling along the skin of the lower abdoment, slipping his hands along his legs. "If I untie you will you lie still or try to escape?"

Rienne felt his heart beat a thousand times faster and returned the kiss to the cheek. "Thank you... I guess that's a good thing. What do you mean by mortals?" He asked, looking up at him with red cheeks.

"Untie me and I'm going to leave..." He replied bitterly, hating that his body now betrayed him. Arlen continued to squirm, pulling at his binds again and trying to get Kirien to stop. He didn't want it to continue... he had an idea where this was going.

"You will find out soon enough what I mean, Rienne. I promise." Farrel replied, turning to see the food was being brought. "Here. Your food is here. Let's go to the dining room so you can eat." He lead him to their destination.

Kirien chuckled. "Mnn fiery even now.." He said, nibbling along the inside of the other's thighs. "Mnn."

Rienne giggled. "Yay! Foood!" He said, hugging the other. "Thank you. You have been very kind to me."

"Disgusting pervert..." He growled through clenched teeth.

"It is not a problem. I want you to be happy here. You are staying with me, after all." Farrel replied.

Kirien laughed. "You were just moaning beneath me a second ago, don't pretend you don't like this torment." He said huskily, deciding to remove the other's pants, tugging them down.

"How long.. am I staying?" He asked, blinking and was starting to believe they had been kidnapped.

Arlen's eyes widened when he saw that his pants were now being removed. He shifted and proceeded to try and kick at the other. "Stop it!"

Farrel shrugged lightly. "I'm not sure."

"Shhhhh." He said softly, kissing the other's lips. "You wouldn't want your brother thinking something bad was happening to you..." He wasted no time, licking the other's length.

Rienne nodded and sat at a table, nibbling his sandwich. "What can I call you by?"

Arlen groaned. "STOP IT YOU PERVERT!"

"You can call me Farrel. But, you shall not mention my name to other mortals. I prefer to stay unknown to them. Understand?" He sat at the table, watching the 16-year-old eat with a look of indifference on his features.

Kirien rolled his eyes. "Don't make me take your voice from you for a while.." He warned, nibbling the head of the othe'rs length.

Rienne nodded. "Sooo what do you want to do after I finish my sandwich?" He asked, already down to the last couple of bites.

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