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"Vive le Canada. This country is not for sale."



I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.
-John Diefenbaker (From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960.)


June 5th 2006

- Please take a look at our new Opinion Polls, concerning Harper's decision on the Kyoto Accord.

- Opinion Polls don't really mean much if only three people vote. Please try to participate in the wiki, or else I'm afraid there won't be much point in running polls.

What do you think so far of the Conservative Minority Government.
Number of voters: 3
a) I haven't noticed any change.
Number of votes: 1 (33%)

b) Seeing Harper as our Prime Minister saddens me.
Number of votes: 2 (67%)

c) It isn't that bad, but I wouldn't give them a majority next time.
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

d) I love it! They are doing a great job!

April 24th 2006

<img:stuff/dotbullet.gif> Canucks Banner Contest is dead, so I think I may take it down, if you think it's a good idea, submit something, if you don't, let me know in the comments and I'll take it down, thanks.

<img:stuff/dotbullet.gif> Also New Opinion Polls, go check it out!

March 4th 2006

<img:stuff/dotbullet.gif> Canucks Banner Contest

Please enter something, even if you don't think it's all that great, every contribution is appreciated.



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2006-12-12 [Byne]: Ah. I see...Thanks about that.

2006-12-13 [Heathglen]: Hey now... there's no need to get hostile. I just didn't know what a person did once they got out of a/ocad. You answered that question. Point for you. And belive you me, I know about getting an education in an industry that doesn't make money. Did't I say that I have a diploma in Broadcasting? Do you want to know how much I made as a TV Cameraman shooting commercials? Do you? Less then $10 an hour! I have discovered that a person can not live on that.
As for 'never explored the arts', I'll admit, I don't have any drawing talent, but I do play a couple musical instruments. I would think that most people here would agree that music is a form of art. So yes, I do know the joy and statisfaction that art can bring.
To reiterate, I was just asking a question. (albet in my own devil-may-care fashion.) I got an answer so I shrugged my shoulders and said 'guess i was wrong'. (Although I'm guessing you didn't read it that way, but that's the way it was meant.)

Side note: Employers don't care where you went to school. All they really care about it that you do in fact have an education of some kind. Even though I only had a two year college diploma, I started out right along side people who had 4 year degrees from Ryerson. I'm sure Sheridan is a fine school, if you people want to go there, then go. Because it's the piece of paper that's important, not where it came from. 

2006-12-13 [Byne]: e_e I'm considering Queen's, and UBC. I want to go into the sciences. o_o

2006-12-13 [Asrun]: Heathglen: I'm sorry, but you were quite offensive when you first asked what does one do with a diploma from OCAD and asked if it was "basket weaving". 

And the piece of paper does not matter in these fields, it's your portfolio. Employers don't even look at your marks or schools.

To me, that's a real insult

2006-12-13 [~Brigid~]: I am soo excited to have snow for Christmas this year!

2006-12-13 [Heathglen]: Well I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend. As for what employers look for... well, we work in two different fields...

Moving on: I too am exicted for snow! We got a big dump last week, but now the chinook is here and it's all melting. Which is nice, cause it's warm out, but I wish that the snow would stay so that my friends and I could go camping. (Yes, you read that right; I like to go camping when there's snow. Better to sleep on soft fluffy snow then frozen ground.)

2006-12-13 [Byne]: Asrun, my mum is applying for OCAD. :x

2006-12-13 [Asrun]: Tainted: As a student or faculty? :3 We have students of all different ages. One of my friends from 1st year was 30 at the time, so he's 33 now... And a few people in my lectures are well into their 50's. It's pretty diverse here.

Camping in the snow?? omg... X_______X I'd freeze. I'm always cold. I've camped in october here, and that was codl enough thank you. :p

2006-12-14 [~Brigid~]: I hate when there's no snow for Christmas! For a couple years we had frost! That's right, frost! For Christmas! I was so completely was sad, I almost cried. What can I say? I love my snow!

2006-12-14 [Byne]: As a student. My mother sculpts and paints. :3

2006-12-14 [Asrun]: Tainted Waters: She'd be in the fine arts then. :I I don't know many people in that area. I'm in the big cube.

2006-12-14 [Byne]: Ah. -Nods.- She's discouraging herself though. She doesn't know if she cn manage full classes and four kids and such. o_o

2006-12-14 [Asrun]: There's part-time student options, or non-degree where you can pick and choose your courses. :)

2006-12-15 [Byne]: Ou..I'll tell her. Thanks!

2007-03-25 [Panda-monium]: Hey you guys. Long time no chat.

2007-03-25 [Byne]: I know. o_o Anyone here a Queen's of UBC student?

2007-03-25 [Panda-monium]: Not I.

2007-03-25 [Byne]: Those are my two top choices for University....And I read the latest Mclean's and students rating their school life etc...UBC came lower down on the list than I thought it would.. So I wanted some information straight from the mouths of students. :3

2007-03-25 [Heathglen]: You should ignore the stuff in the Maclean's guide about the number of doctoral candidates on staff and about class size and the number of books available in the library and any other irrelevant information. You must read between the lines. When you're reading the listings, look for the important stuff. ex/ Best female to male ratio: University of Victoria.
Best male to female ratio: Carleton U in Ottawa.
Best nightlife on campus: Lakehead U in Thunder Bay; there isn't any nightlife available in town, so the campus is your only option.
Best nightlife off campus: McGill U in Montreal
Most attractive campus: U of Saskatoon; sandstone building beside the river.
Least attractive campus: York U. (Runner up: Mount Royal College in Calgary; done in bad 1970 style with stairways that lead to nowhere, couchs that look soft but aren't and a third floor hallways that have been turnes into storage for extra tables and chairs so you find yourself having to climb over them in order to get to your 9 am lecture.)
The final and most important step to pick a school is to toss out the Maclean's guide and think: do you want to go to school in you're home town where you can live with your parents rent-free, thereby leaving you with of disposable income? Or do you want to go school somewhere really, really, really, far away form your family, so that you can have fun getting into all kinds of trouble?
Remember, the point of of going to University is to have a little fun while you're still young enough to recover the next morning.

2007-03-25 [Byne]: Thanks Heath. X3

2007-03-25 [Panda-monium]: New poll.

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