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Boys Will Be Boys: Snow Day

Some Incestuous Cub Porn By [Nekko fox]

   Artem hefted his great sword, letting out a triumphant howl as he swung the scarred blade through the air, the mighty weapon slicing through another goblin. His brother Fenris, sweat dappling the fur that covered his thick muscles, roared angrily and struck out with fists the size of modest boulders.. each blow shattering bones and armor alike.

   Surrounding them was a sea of ugly green faces, snarling mouths full of gnashing, rotten teeth beneath glowing yellow eyes, but even their vast numbers meant nothing against the twins skilled and determined onslaught. But the goblins were not the focus of the twins' ire, for their goal lay at the crest of the hill they were fighting towards. Standing ominously in darkness magically gathered in the folds of his robe, was the necromancer lord Xathrid the Damned.

   “We're almost there!” Artem shouted, stepping over the body of another slain goblin.

   “I'm bored!” Fenris shouted back.

   “What?” Artem looked over at his twin. The little wolf cub's black and white ears laid back against his head as he looked at his brother's frown. Fenris groaned and threw down his controller, crossing his arms across his chest and pouting. It was obvious that he was done playing, and his scowl brooked no argument. That didn't mean Artem wasn't going to try.

   “But you picked this game! I thought you wanted to play...” Artem gave an exasperated sigh and reached over to the console, turning off the game with the gentle flick of a switch.

   Fenris shrugged his shoulders and stuck his tongue out at Artem.

   “I thought Rise of the Necromancer would be a cool game, but it's boring! I didn't take any damage the entire time and we had it on the hard setting the entire time! This game would only be hard for babies, so it's no wonder you like it so much.” Fenris shoved Artem aside to get to the videogame they were playing. He lifted the box for the game, looking at the back of the case as he read the words 'Real Time action Gameplay' in bright red letters. He scoffed and tossed it onto the floor by the console, turning his back to Artem as the wolf pup's ears drooped.

   “I want to go outside and play in the snow!” Fenris said, grinning excitedly. He looked over his shoulder and out through their bedroom window. Days earlier, it was warm and sunny enough to go to the park. Now, there was over a foot of snow on the ground and school had effectively been canceled. The boys didn't complain about having to miss school, but being cooped up inside was making Fenris edgy.

   “Well...I guess,” Artem crawled up onto Fenris' bed and looking out the window to the backyard, “But it looks kind of cold out there.” The wind gave a soft howl, sending the snow skittering horizontally through the air, as if punctuating Artem's observation.

   “What are you, a little girl? Let's ask dad. I bet you and I can make, like, an igloo or something!” Fenris crawled up beside his brother pointed at a snow drift that had piled up high enough to nearly reach the top of the fence.

   Artem gave a weak smile at the prospect of building a fort.

   “Oh, you know what would be cool? If dad let us take sodas and stuff out there when we make the igloo!” Fenris ran to the door, his tail wagging as he waited for Artem to follow.

   Plans formed as the boys dashed out of their room and down the hall, nearly falling over their own tails as they barreled down the staircase. They found their father seated comfortably in his recliner, watching tv and sipping at a cup of what smelled like coffee, and they could hear their stepmother, Felicia, working in the kitchen. 

   “Dad,” Fenris and Artem said in unison, “Can we go play outside in the snow?”

   There father held up a paw and the boys quieted as their father continued watching the television screen. A voice from one of the actors made a quip about herbivores and carnivores having lunch together, and their father burst into laughter. Grinning, he turned back to the boys.

   “Now, what was it that you boys wanted?” Their father, Ronald, relaxed back into his chair and his black ears flicked up. He was a large wolf, by anyone's standard, with ample muscles to give anyone pause. Despite his overwhelming size, Ronald was a quiet and gentle father who laughed and smiled often. Fenris and Artem loved their father dearly because of it.

   “We wanna go outside and build a fort!” Again, they spoke together. As twins, they tended to either speak as one, or finish each others sentences when they spoke to other people. Most found it disconcerting, but their father just nodded his head in thought.

   “Well, I didn't expect to get an answer in stereo, but I think if you guys get your winter gear on you'll be able to make a nice fort before in gets dark. Hurry now, before Felicia gives you boys some chores.”

   The boys gave a couple of excited yips as they scrabbled to the closet, pulling out snow boots, gloves, and heavy jackets. Before their father could say another word to them, they were tumbling out the back door and diving into the snow. They dashed along the fence at the edge of the yard, ducking under the heavy branches of the two oak trees, their limbs limp from the weight of the thick snow. They took a moment to romp gleefully around, tossing half-formed snowballs at one another and laughing before they finally made their way over to windblown fence, their eyes looking up at the massive drift.

   “Woah.” Artem said, his eyebrows arching at the sight. The drift, taking up the better half of the back corner of their yard, easily topped the six foot fence and was packed down from the blowing wind. The boys looked to one another, and with a nod, the boys set to work. Gloved paws crunched into the snow, and before long, the pups had tunneled until they had hit the wood of fence.

   “Should we widen it, out? Make it into a room?” Fenris asked his brother, glancing over his shoulder down the narrow tunnel. It was a good ten feet long, but it was cramped. Artem paused thoughtfully, then tentatively began digging into the roof of their tunnel. A few clumps of snow fell into his face, causing the pup to splutter and shake snow out of the hood of his jacket. Fenris stifled a giggle and took to pawing through the snow in the roof as well. Once Artem had finished blinking the snow out of his eyes, he put his paws to work beside his twins'.

   Soon, between them there was a goodly pile of snow carved out of the drift. They began kicking the extra snow out of their make-shift igloo, and Artem slipped out to pack the snow around their tunnel entrance in a low wall.

   “I'll build up the fortifications in case of attack!” Artem called back into the igloo.

   “And I'll build up a stockpile of snowballs!” Fenris shouted back.

   They worked in silence for a while, Fenris packing snowballs while Artem made the outside wall higher and higher with extra snow. When the wall was packed up as high as Artem's chest when he was kneeling, he turned and crawled back into the shelter, his eyes and nose stinging from the wind and blowing snow. Just as he was about to tell his brother the good news, a snowball exploded over his muzzle, sending him toppling over backwards. Fenris barked a laugh as his brother struggled to sit up, but his laughter was cut short when he heard Artem stifle a sniffle.

   “Hey! Hey, Artem, what's wrong? I was just playing...”

   Artem slowly sit up, wiping snow and tears away from his eyes. He didn't look up at Fenris, preferring to stare at the white floor of their shelter. He shook his head, dislodging a small cascade of snow and water droplets from his fur and turned to go back outside. Fenris gave a gentle growl and grabbed his brother's tail before he could get back outside, his twin giving out a yelp as he was dragged backwards on his stomach. He turned around and faced Fenris, his eyes flaring angrily.

   “Why are you so mean to me?!” Artem shouted into his brothers face. Fenris blinked and let go of his brothers tail.

   “I...I'm not mean to you.” Fenris' ears drooped inside the hood of his jacket, his brow knitting in consternation.

   Artem stood as best as he was able in the tunnel and pointed at Fenris. “You've been nothing but mean to me ever since Cathy watched us when Dad and Felicia went out to dinner! You call me names, you push me, you hit me with snowballs!” He jabbed his finger at his twin's chest, punctuating each statement with another poke.

   “I w-was just playing...” Fenris held up his paws defensively. He'd never seen his brother angry like this before. Certainly, they'd bad-mouthed one another, and they wrestled and fought as boys did, but this time his brother was more upset than he'd seen him before.

   “No!” Artem scream at Fenris, tears glistening in his eyes, “That's not playing! It hurts, Fenris! Why do you hate me?”

   Fenris stiffened, his jaw hanging open. Did Artem really think that?

   Artem choked back a sob and wiped his eyes with the back of his gloved paw, his gaze finally settling to the snow-covered ground. The wind whistled gently outside of their tunnel, the snow already beginning to pile up once more. Fenris gently took his brother by the shoulders and gently pulled him into a hug. Fenris bit his lip when he realized that Artem was shaking, his breathing short and fast.

   “Why do you hate me Fenris?” Artem asked again, whispering into Fenris' shoulder.

   “I don't hate you Artem! You're my brother! I love you! I just...I don't know...I like to play rough. I thought you did too.” Fenris spoke quietly, surprised to find that he had a lump in his throat. He didn't mean to hurt his brother's feelings like this. Now it felt like he had been hit in the gut, and every shuddering sniffle from his brother just made it worse.

   “Do you have to be so mean though?” Artem whimpered, his voice still muffled by his brother's jacket. Fenris patted his brother on the back, shifting awkwardly as Artem's shoulders shook. Fenris, after a moment to find his voice again, pulled Artem away, looking into eyes that glistened with tears. Fenris stared into those soft blue eyes, feeling his ears heat. His twin seemed so...vulnerable. He was taken aback when the word 'cute' slipped into his mind. Fenris felt his ears heat and her turned away.

   “L-Listen Artem, I...I'm sorry. I'll try not to be” Fenris finished lamely. He actually had stopped thinking about Artem's feelings and had turned to introspection. Why was he thinking these things? Fenris stared at the snow-covered floor of their tunnel, sorting out his feelings. You don’t think you're brother is cute, Fenris thought sternly to himself. He's your brother. He's a dork and kind of a pushover, but he's your brother so you just want to protect him.

   “I love you Fenris.” Artem's despondent voice, muted by the snow and the whistling wind, made Fenris' spine straighten in shock. “I guess I know you're not trying to be a jerk, it's hurts.” Fenris turned and saw Artem, his tail and ears drooping dejectedly, a subtle pout to his lips. Those lips, wrapped around Fenris throbbing...

   NO! Fenris thought, shaking his head and turning to Artem. “Don't say weird things like that Artem it makes you sound...” Fenris' voice faltered as he saw his twin's lip quiver. As if in a trance, Fenris took Artem into his arms and kissed his brother. Fenris felt Artem stiffen in shock, his shoulders tightening at the sudden and unexpected kiss, but he didn't pull away. Time slowed for several heartbeats, but suddenly the world rushed back and Fenris pulled away with a gasp. He blinked and found himself staring into Artem's eyes, still wide open with surprise.

   “I...I...” Artem stammered, his ears perked and confusion marring his expression. Fenris blushed and cleared his throat. He didn't know what had come over him. Maybe it was his brothers innocent expression, or the look of hurt, or those soft lips, or the soft fur on his stomach, or maybe his hard...

   Fenris blinked and shook his head, trying to clear away the thought of his brother's cock out of his head. They hadn't played together in almost a week. Before, when they first started 'exploring' they would play every day, but after their new babysitter, Cathy, came over and showed them what a woman can teach them, they hadn't played at all. Maybe that was it, maybe they were just...pent up. Fenris got snippy, and Artem got submissive.

   Artem reached over and touched Fenris' arm. It was a gentle touch, and Fenris barely registered it through the thick material of his jacket. He looked at Artem, who gave him a tentative smile. Something clicked in the back of Fenris' mind and he took Artem in his arms again, their lips connecting once more, but this time Artem responded with eagerness, his arms wrapping around his waist and his paws grabbing Fenris' bottom. Fenris let out a little noise of surprise, his cheeks heating under his fur.

   Artem leaned up, his body pressing close to Fenris', his muzzle teasing close to his twin's left ear, white as the snow surrounding them and mirroring his own. Artem gave a soft sigh, his warm breath teasing Fenris' ear in his hood, both boys letting out little moans.

   “Fenris...I want to try something...” Artem said, his voice as soft as the fur on his brother's neck. Fenris felt his body instantly react, and he gently pushed Artem away, his face heating beneath his fur.

   “What did you have in mind, Artem?” Fenris said, shifting uneasily in the snow. Artem's paw on his chest was the response he received, followed by a gentle push. As Fenris settled back onto the snow, Artem slid slowly up his legs, his muzzle settling over the button of Fenris' pants.

   “I hope you don't mind a little snow on your bottom, Fen.” Artem said, his voice thick with a lustful tinge that surprised Fenris. Artem pulled his gloves off of his paws with his teeth and unsnapped the offending button and began working Fenris' pants lower. Fenris made a small noise of protest, and wriggled on the ground.

   “Artem, wh-what if dad comes out? Or Felicia?” But his voice quieted as his shaft sprung from of his boxers, putting a lie to his protests. Artem looked up at him, grinning as he let his tongue slide down to his twin's thickening knot.

   “We'll be quick, I promise.” Artem slid his tongue up Fenris' cock, the warmth of his breath making Fenris twitch and groan. The pup took his brother flesh into his mouth and, wincing with the effort took it down the all the way to the back of his throat, and Artem felt Fenris' shaft twitch and a hot splatter of pre-cum trickled down his throat. Pulling his head up, Fenris' member popped out of his mouth and he grinned at the dazed expression crossing his brother's face.

   While he was distracted, Artem crawled up Fenris' body and sat himself on his brother's stomach, eliciting a gentle 'oof'. He undid his own pants, slipping them down past his bottom and freeing his own flesh. He slid back until he felt the pressure of Fenris' cock pressed against his tailhole, letting out a contented sigh. He bit his lip and looked into Fenris' eyes and pushed back, closing his eyes as Fenris' shaft, slick from his mouth, slid slowly inside of his hole. He grunted when his brother's tip finally popped inside completely and he let out a relieved sigh.

   Fenris shifted beneath Artem, his hips rocking upward slightly and making Artem growl. The pups lay there, enjoying the feel of one another's bodies as the wind howled outside, the thick flakes darkening the sky. After a moment to catch his breath, Artem slid lower, his body tensing as he felt his hole stretching around Fenris' shaft, stopping only when he hit his brother's knot. He felt his brother throbbing inside of his, felt the heat of precum filling him slowly, soothing. With care, he slid back up, his arms trembling and his paws digging into the snowy ground by Fenris' shoulders as he felt his bottom clench reflexively. Fenris gave his twin's hips a gentle squeeze and flexed inside him, eliciting a yip from Artem.

   “I like this Artem...I didn't know you could do this.” Fenris whispered breathlessly.

   “Neither did I,” Artem admitted, blushing, “But I'm glad I could try. We haven't done anything in so long I was getting worried that you didn't like playing anymore.”

   Fenris took Artem's hips and pulled the puppy down, his cock sliding deep inside of Artem's tight rump, both puppies letting out helpless moans of pleasure. Artem, wincing, held his breath. He wasn't used to this kind of feeling, and the last time anything was in his bottom it was their babysitter Catherine's exploring fingers. Fenris' cock was much bigger, by far. But as Fenris pushed, Artem settled back and suddenly, he felt pressure where he wasn't expecting. His eyes shot open and 

   Artem's back arched and he had to bite back and cry of pleasure. His own shaft, dripping a puddle of precum onto Fenris' furred tummy, twitched as his brother's cock rocked against his prostate. He gasped and started rocking harder.

   “F-Fen! I...I don't know what your doing b-but don't stop!” Artem whimpered, his paws kneading the snowy ground. Fenris, hearing the plaintive tone in his brother's voice, started thrusting upwards with unrestrained lust. With the combination of his brother's spit and the slick precum he was pumping into Artem's rear making it so easy to push in, his thrusts came fast and hard. As Artem leaned back, settling Fenris a little deeper, Fenris gently took Artem's shaft in his gloved paw and began stroking.

   Together, their panting started growing more labored, strained with the combination of effort and pleasure, but Fenris decided to surprise his brother. Leaning up, he pushed Artem off, his cock sliding out of him and causing Artem to let out a disappointed whine as he fell onto his back.

   “Fen, I was close!” Artem whimpered, shivering as his bare bottom settled into the snow.

   “Don't worry Artem, I want try something now.” Holding his brothers hips, he began rock against him, his back arching as his shaft sank into Artem's puckering hole. Artem gritted his teeth, eyes cinched shut against against waves of pain-tinged pleasure. Fenris' leaned over his brother, jacketed elbows sinking into the snow as Artem wrapped his arms and legs around his brother's waist.

   Levering his body against Fenris' hips, Artem met his brothers thrusts with his own, and felt the familiar tightening of his muscles, his breath quickening as he clutched his brother's body tight.

   “F-Fen!” Artem let out a helpless whimper, his claws digging into his brothers jacket. “Fen, I'm cumming!”

   Fenris didn't respond, instead sliding his paws under Artem's rump, lifting him and pounding his cock deep into his twin's bottom. Fenris' own breathing started to become fast and labored, and Artem could feel his shaft flexing inside of him. Suddenly, Fenris pushed much harder than Artem was expecting and, with a yelp of surprise, felt his brother's knot pop inside of him just as hot rush of his cum begin pumping inside him.

   Artem's head lolled back onto his shoulders, his body quaking as his body experienced its release, his twitching cock splattering hot cum across his furry belly. Fenris, doing his best to suppress a howl, kept thrusting as he filled his brother with his sticky seed. Artem bucked his hips against his brother's pumping hips, riding out his orgasm. In the heat of the moment, Fenris pressed his lips to Artem's, his tongue running lustily over his twin's as the last electric tremors of pleasure faded away and the brothers were left trembling in eachothers arms. It was several long moments before their lips parted, the boys breathless and smiling.

   Catching their breath, Fenris leaned back, stretching langurously until his shoulders popped. Then he looked down and coughed awkwardly.

   “Uh...hey Artem? I'm stuck.” Fenris said.

   “Yeah...yeah, I kind of noticed.” Wiggling, Artem tried pulled away, but it only succeeded in pulled Fenris' hips forward while stretching his sore rump even more. He sighed and settled back, and Fenris returned to cuddling with his brother.

   “Well, I guess we'll just have to stay like this until I can pull out, huh?” Fenris said with a playful giggle. Artem stuck his tongue out at Fenris.

   “Well, let's hope dad doesn't call us in for dinner.”

   “Artem?” Fenris whispered, looking into Artem's eyes.

   “Yeah, Fenris?” Artem asked, licking his lips with a grin.

   “I love you...also, I won't be mean anymore, okay?” Fenris stroked Artem cheek, ruffling his cheek fur.

   “If you promise.” Artem squeezed his brother in a hug.

   “I promise. But that means we need to do this more often.”

   Artem gave his brother a kiss, flicking his twins ear, mirror to his own.


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