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Blue Eyed Maze

Detective Lenore left his car in dread, he knew that entering that home would be horrifying. He received that call about the young girl around nine in the morning and it was now going on noon. As he made his way to the front door the world was rushing around him. Cops scattered about, parents weeping a he entered the door. His heart pound faster and faster as he reached for the door knob, time toped behind him.
Laying on the be drenched in blood was a young women, her body still and eye’s glaring up at him, so bright and crystal blue, filled with pain. All that went through Detective Lenore’s mind was what kind of person could do such a thing to this girl.
After extensive searching the detective and his many co workers narrowed it down to three suspects and called them in one at a time. The first to be questioned was Maggie May’s best friend Cindy.

“Where where you the night of Maggie May’s Death?” Detective Lenore questioned while lighting his cigarette
“I was home, she was suppose to come over at nine, but he never showed up.” Cindy whipped away her tears from her green eye’s and began to babble on. “I would never hurt her, She was my best friend. I loved Maggie may and she did not deserve to die.”
“Do you know any one who would want to harm her or dislikes her in any way?” Detective Lenore’s face saddened as pictures of Maggie May’s cold dead body rushed he thoughts.

Cindy was excused from interrogation after Cindy told Detective Lenore Tommy Jones and Maggie May have been spending some time together lately. Tommy and Maggie went to school together and would study together every Tuesday and Thursday. The only thing linking Tommy to the crime was a simple locket. Tommy says Maggie left it in the car when he gave her a ride home. There wasn’t enough evidence to convict anyone and they narrowed it down to two suspects.
No one could get a hold of Maggie May’s boyfriend Johnny whom lived an hour away. With no physical evidence and few suspects the case went cold. Johnny was never questioned and police eventually gave up.
Four years later Detective Lenore was the only officer who hadn’t gave up and he wasn’t about to. Picture of Maggie May still plagued his mind and he wasn’t going to rest in till the man who had done such a deed was behind bars. Finally one phone call gave him the break he needed.

“Are you still looking for Johnny Tedesco?” The mans voice quivered as he spook the name.
“Yes we are do you know his where abuts? Detective Lenore spook quickly he couldn’t contain himself four year and this case might finally be solved.
“Yes I do he jut moved to 1814 Maple Road Clear stone Pa 12439, hurry.”

As Johnny was questioned by Detective Lenore cops searched his building. Room by Room still nothing out of the ordinary and certainty nothing linking him to the crime. Detective Lenore’s hopes where shattered, disappointed an slightly depressed he walked out the police station. He thought this is the end.

“Detective Lenore get down here fast we found something, I don’t think your going to want to quit today.”

Without even saying good bye Detective Lenore rushed down to the station. Johnny was sitting in a holding cell and on the desk was a bloody piece of Maggie May’s clothing and a confession note. Detective Lenore glanced around the room in shock and horror. How could it be her boyfriend why would he do such a thing and he began to read.

Yes I Johnny Tedesco did kill Maggie May, it was an accident. When I arrived at her house that night her and Tommy where making out on the couch. I ran in and told Tommy to leave. I was heart broken and angry. She yelled and I yelled, She told me she hated me and wanted Tommy. She pushed me away I didn’t know what to do we where fist fighting. I loved her I wanted her, Maggie May was my world. I threw her on the bed and next thing I knew all I could see was blood. I didn’t mean to push her so hard. Cindy called around ten minutes after. I kissed Maggie and stared into her cold dead blue eye’s and ran out the door.

Johnny Tedesco was convicted of first degree murder and assault. Tommy testified against Johnny and told the truth. Johnny is sentenced to twenty five years in state prison with no chance of early parole. The case of Maggie May was solved after four years. Still no one can figure out what went on in her mind, she truly was a blue eyed maze.

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