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The dark night could not hide the evil being brewed that warm summers eve. Darkness surrounded everyone like a blanket, hiding all from teh ancient evils, thought to have been laid to rest hundreds of years ago. Akari Sagara relaxed, letting the feel of the old magiks seep into her veins, through which her sorceresss blood ran red. Her dark brown hair held in moonlight like a spone, drinking it in. Finally after nearly a hundred years, she was back to being powerful, her faerie gown changed, dressing her in the blackest black, with ribbons of blod red in the corset like dress. The skirt ran short, sinfully short, and her wings were almost a darker black then the night itself. Perfect, for she was a pure sidhe, and an unseelie one at that.

Sighing, she raised her hand, and sent the magic through her into the ruin. Where her old spirit had been sealed away. keeping what the humans had called ancient evil away, while in reality she had saved them. With the ruin alive once more, she could finally relive the battle that had caused both her and her enemy to be powerless. Hopefully his reincarnation was like he was long ago.

"I call on the powers of my soul, resurect the one my body once knew, resurect Lillith" She chanted, and the city blacked out.


Kira Mudo felt his powers come back, before the black out. The burst of power hit him hard, like an electric shock. The power knocking him out of his chair.

After finally getting up, and looking at his now blacked out computer screen he stood and laughed.

'Your reincarnation finally, huh Lillith. I vowed to send you to hell once, this time, I guarentee it' He thought and laughed some more, running his fingers through his longer hair. The black strands had grown. 'Now lillith, do you still look the same? Or will I have to kill all in my way again' He asked himself, for he was the reincarnation of Lucifer.

"I wonder' He thought and held his hand out, searching for a power not to be found. "Shielding already, are you that Frightful" He asked no one in particular, as he caused the tree outside to fall and catch aflame. It was good to have his powers back. 'You caused me to fall once baby, now for you to fall."


The deed now done, now all she had to do was wait, and what better to do to fit in, in Okinawa, then to find a good job. And just like that(no after relentless countless interviews) she found one as a secretary to a Kira Mudo, CEO and president of a corporation, that she still did not know what they did. She sighed as she walked in, she had been interviewed by the receptionist, a stupid old woman, who was easy enough to bespell and get the job. It was like taking candy from a baby. Sighing she got up, Akari was not a mornign person in the least, and showered, letting the cool waters flow down her back.If her new 'boss' was like any other male chauvanistic pig she had worked for, then this would be a great day. Hopping out, and drying off, she blew dried her hair, so that the shoulder length black strands, were dry, and straight. No she didnt straighten it, but her hair was naturally straight, and she threw on her favorite black lace bra, and boxers set. Lace, and they held a perfect spot for her Eris, her dagger. Throwing on the short black skirt, and Blood red button down shirt, leacing four buttons undone, showing off the lacy black bra. Her shoes were a pair of black and red ballet flats, and they went with her jet black bag, which carried her little red cellphone, labtop computer, and a file she needed to look up at the library. Grabbing her keys, to her little red convertible, which she had shipped here from home, she left, making sure to lock the door to her apartment, suite, on the way out.

The radio blared 'Dragula' by Rob Thomas, as she pulled out into the early morning traffic, not a single thing went wrong on the way to work, a little help with magik of course, but still somehting should have happened. Little did she know it would all to soon.


"Where the hell is Anna?" Kira asked, refferring to his old secretary, who he probably scarred the hell out of. He had only had the blonde for three weeks, and now she was gone. And the thing that sucked was that he liked the blonde.

"Gone, ye scared her like the rest, your new one is in her office" His receptionist, Kanna, told him. The old lady was the only woman he had either been able to put up with, or not frighten.

"Any news?" He asked, regarding the buisness. He was ruthless, and as a CEO of a Magic corporation, stcks were always going up.

"New files for your secretary to go over, nothing much besides that" She said, and he sipped his carmel coffee, the drink had cooled and he sighed, already a bad day,and the new secretary was probably not even something to look at.

he walked into the room, saw the girl, and walked back out.

"Kanna, is that"...

"Yes Mudo, thats her, Akari Sagara, age twenty, just came here from England, but she is japanese by birth." Kanna said and he walked back in

"Mister Mudo?" She asked and bowed. Her short skirt riding up, and her bra peeked from her shirt. Who was his last secretary again?

"Welcome to Magik Passions, I am to be reassured you know what we do here?" He asked as he ran his fingers through his longer black hair.

"Yes, it is part Dating service, part umm... how do I say it, passionatte without name, and lastly making spells and other sorcery for human use" She replied, her tone easy to hear, husky at the same time.

"You are actually the first person to work here to know it. Now I am to also be reassured that you looked at that file"

"Yes sir, and I already made the notes you will need" She replied and brought it out of her black leather bag, and handed it over. Her black hair smelled of passion fruit, most likely her shampoo. In reality he needed to find Lillith and condemn her, but this girl was too distracting.

"Thanks, be ready to be paged later" He said and walked into the office./ She sat down in the swivel chair adn spun around once

'Good day for this outfit' she thought, before getting sent out on a coffee run. back at the offie, and after using a bunch of magik to keep the scalding drinks from spilling, she set the cups down. Kanna's capp soy latte, her honey frappicino, and she knocked ont eh door to her bosses office. She opened the door, when he bid her to do so, and walked in with a strut. She could do it right after all. After handing him his cup, and noticing he had taken off the suit jacket, his hair was sloppy, along with his desk, and a pen was crammed behind his ear. The only thing missing was a tie around his head, but it levitated above her, and his white shirt was untucked.

"Anything else?" She asked, waiting for the hard work to come

"File these, burn these, look over these papers, tell me what the people would think abiut this, schedule a Nanri Ableit in fro an appointment at noon, and change the date for the Kaeda luncheon" eh said without looking up. His computer had found some interesting data on Lillith, and apparently she had come back to Japan, a duh for he already knew. But apparently he would only be able to tell by the scent of her blood. She grabbed the millions of papers out of his hand, and sighed. Now she knew half the reason why he was known as the boss from hell, she would never get to research Lucifers Identity with all this work to do.

"And one last thing, have dinner with me tonight, I want a chance to get to know my new secretary"

"Is that a request, or do I have a choice" She asked, her blue eyes wondering as they oogled his body. *Yummy* she thought

"A choice, now I will pick you up at eight." he said and shooed her out of the room

"Wait, company rule, no dating between co workers" She said and he sighed. She was infuriating, the little flirt

"Nothing about bosses and secretaries though" he said and grinned, she gulped and jogged out, the skirt flying up a little to show a pair of underwear that matched the bra.

*now back to the bitch* he thought and looked back at the computer screen. He knew who her last life was, but like that was any help. The girl looked nothing like the firey black haired female he once knew, he once seduced.

Finally giving up in frustration he growled, and took a sip of the drink. Caffiene helped him, but fire was better, as he lit an application aflame. If you were going to be a magik stripper you should at least look better then a human piece of tail. The power his secretary had, he could taste> And power like that was hard to find anymore. She had a taste of his power, when she handed him the cup, and she didnt yelp like all the others. It probably felt like a dull tingle. Kanna was good at hiring the weak ones, so why the sudden change, but she should keep it.

They called him the boss from hell, and they were right. For he was from hell, and he was the boss, who would make you do what he said, including tie you to the couch or his desk. Hnn Anna was dumber then she looked for leaving, if she stayed he wouldnt have touched her again, she wasnt worth it, not enough fight, not enough, breast, not tight enough, and too easy to bring.

Thus the reason Kira had not found a girl. None were good enough in bed, or if they were, they weren't good enough in looks.


"So, you have sidhe blood, do you?" Kira asked Akari, as she floated into his convertible black porshe. Her little red dress left little to the imagination, and her little black purse brought attention to her blue eyes.

"Lucky guess, Unseelie fae by birth. Sorcery runs through your veins, and I can tell you like to flaunt it. Main powers centered around fire?" SHe asked. It was a duh answer seeinghow he had set off every fire alarm in the building.

"As your are as well?" He asked,his gaze headingto her volumptious breasts. Kanna needed a promotion for this choice

"AYe, that and darkness. So now mister Mudo, what is your real reason for taking me to dinner?" Akari asked and folded one legover the other. The wind blew through her hair, and stuck some to her lip gloss.

"I thought I had you fulled Akari, well I want to see how powerful you really are. Is there a problem with that?" He asked and she twirled a piece of her hair around her fingers.

"Not at all" She replied as he parked, using magik he opened her door and she got out. Even in heels she was shorter then him, which was easy to do seeing how he was six foot five. His body sheilded hers from the guard at the door of Forbidden Passions, an exclussive club, which he owned. They were ushered to a room above the DJ booth, so the music was loud, but not loud enough they couldnt talk.

"Why is it you left your post as a co-editor to Glamour in England, to come here as a secretary?" He asked her. Yes, Google ruled

"I just needed to come home for a while, plus my powers were discriminated against there. Now why is it that you started your stripping buissness?"

"Now, here is what is going to happen tonight Miss Sagara, I have to interview a new stripper, and you are stronger then Kanna, so I need you to tell if she is wearing a glamour" He said as another group was ushered in.

"Like the one you are wearing on your cheek?" She asked as she let her powers search the room. Surely he could not sense her own glamour, or could he?

"Weaker, but how did you find this one?" He asked. for only Lillith had ever been able to sense his glamour, and there was no way this girl was her, or was she.

"Basic power tasting, besides you let some of it wear off when I brought your coffee this morning" Akari replied, that was close, she couldnt let anyone know she was Lillith, not at least until she found Lucifer.

The group came fully in, the girl had huge breasts, a tiny waist, and a ghetto ass, yet she was white. Either they were better at plastic surgery on those with magik, or she was wearing a glamour. Akari let her aura build, and sent out a small spire of it, tasting the energy off of the dyed blonde's own aura. Definatly glamour

"May I?" She asked her boss, Kira, who nodded and she grinned.
Untrue, fake, and easily seen, take away the glamour from that glamour queen she chanted, sure it was corny, but it was one of the first spells she had created, and a purple wind swirled around the woman, wiping away her glamour. They didnt even get a chance to see her before she ran crying.

"wow" Kira said, she was more powerful then he thought, and that grin looked a lot like Lilliths. In fact she acted a lot like the bitch

"Not really" Akari replied as she stirred her water with her straw lazilly, she was getting bored fast.

"Would you like a dance?" He asked while standing up, a good song had started and he felt the need to see her in motion, to see if he could get all her curves moving under the short slinky dress. It covered her only to about finger tips, and the black heels had red gems on them, sparkling in the low light.

"I could use a little moving" She replied and stood walking over to the dance floor a short walk away.

"AND NOW A NEW MIX" The DJ said as he started playing "See You Again' and Akari danced, letting the music fill her body and her stunning brown orbs. Kira was behind her, his hands on her hips, his movements matching hers in a snake like dance

I've got my sight set on you
And I'm ready to aim
I have a heart that will
Never be tamed

She went down to the floor and back up, her ass hitting him in all the right spots, before she turned around, her body dancing in front of him, hands and body shaking at the right times.

The last time I freaked out
I just kept lookin' down
I st-st-stuttered when
You asked me what I'm thinkin' 'bout
felt like I couldn't breathe
You asked what's wrong with me
My best friend leslie said
"Oh, she's just bein' Miley"
And next time we hang out
I will redeem myself
My heart, can't rest till then
Whoa, whoa, I
I can't wait
To see you again

He knew at that moment that he wasnt going to last that much longer without sex. The former angel needed lust to survive, and she moved better then his old secretary did. He moved into her arms, and leaned down to her neck, before kissing it as she turned again.

"Upstairs now" he ordered in her ear. His whisper felt like a demand as she danced some more, but he grabbed her and led her to the suite above the dance floor. Usually reserved for VIP's it was empty this night, and the big bed bathed in red silk sheets looked welcoming.

"I heard you had expensive tastes but.." Akari began but he cut her off in a kiss. He plundered, ravished, and possessed in a kiss, and the edge of his glamour began to lift, along with hers. His hands cupped under her breasts as she moldedher body to his. Such attraction upon first meeting came with only one man, but her mind was gone along with his. All that was left was the animalistic urges to rip off his clothes, and he hers.

He pulled out to kiss her jaw and down to the valley between her breasts as she whispered.

"How about a show?" She whispered and he nodded sittingon the bed as she kicked off both heels. One strap to her dress was grabbed by her right hand, the music downstairs still could be heard and she dance while pulling it down. He growled at how slow she was going, and jumped up, taking it of of her and she unbuttoned his shirt, her hands molding to his chest as he backed her to the bed, which knocked into her knees causing her to fall back, him with her, as he kissed her again. His kisses lit fires of passion within her, and it was too much like...

"Stop" She shouted and held her dress to her. This was too much like her and Lucifer so long ago, before he had agreed to marry Persephone.

"No, why" He said as she pushed him and he saw a tear. "Bad break up?"

"I cant talk about it. But you remind me so much of that baka" She replied and slipped her dress on. So much for a good fuck. It was always like this, Lucifer wa the one she had given herself too so many eaons ago, and he was the only one she could.

"You remind me of an ex I had a while ago as well" he said, she looked like Lillith, and had her attitude, but the passion in her kisses was what really had them tied together.

"I'm sorry" She said and ran out. It was going onto the weekend so she needn't see him until monday.

He sighed and threw his shirt back on, not even rebuttoning it he left. Apparently she had gotten a cab.


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2008-03-11 [~Spirit Fox~]: lol, I like that song! *have it toos...*

anyway, I like the start, but don't do waht I do...then again it's too late for that! I mean with the starting then stopping...

2008-03-11 [~Spirit Fox~]: WTF?! a paragraph appears a mistery...

*I miss Haru-chan too...*

2008-03-11 [Aimi_Vollfied]: ohh that. The breaks are actually changes in POV's. for it switches often for a little while

2008-03-11 [~Spirit Fox~]: ah....

2008-03-12 [~Spirit Fox~]: lol, he's Caita's height!

2008-03-12 [Aimi_Vollfied]: great<insert sarcasm>

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