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The Hive


The Talons of Nikaroth

The Southern Marshes stretch for many miles, seperating the eastern plains of the Orcs for the Dwarvern mountain holds in the west. Few venture through these wastes, for fear of the Lizardmen, that regularly raid the surrounding villages for fresh human young, who have made their home here. But there are worse things to fear than Lizardmen in this dark place. In the very centre of the Marshes, the dread Nikarath have made their nest, breeding like roaches. No human foot has ever touched the soil of the hive, Nikaroth in the common tongue, until now at least. The human renegades come to parley with the Nikarath for a truce.


Shifting his halberd from one hand to the other, Nirikin looked around idly at his surroundings. Today was his first day of service inside the royal chamber, where the Nikarath queen lay in splendour in the centre of the room, a dozen female workers attending her eggsac as the queen went about the daily business of running the hive. Today was a historic moment for the hive, as never before had outsiders entered the Nikarath colony, especially not these particular outsiders, who appeared uncomfortable in the presence of the queen.



BoC: Beta Nirikin

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2006-06-24 [Erekosen]: It feels wierd DM-ing myself o_O

2006-06-24 [NamelessMerc]: *Mutters about independant-minded cohorts*

2006-06-25 [Erekosen]: Sorry dude, just something I fancied doing. At least we're making progress.

2006-06-25 [NamelessMerc]: This is true, but consultation is a good thing. *Hint, hint*

2006-07-03 [Erekosen]: Our first look at Nikaroth, I'll do a nice and detailed large version later.

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