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Benjamin & Kyyra

by Richard Daw

Benjamin Sotiros had the typical troubles of Freshman life in High School. Old friends are on the leave, while new ones are dubious at best. On top of that, his older sister is off to the Militray Academy. Ben can hardly wait to follow in her footsteps.

Kyyra Daes is a young Lordess, daughter of Representatives in the Council of Traditionalists. Politics are all too real in her life. Although she would love nothing more than to escape to her grandmother's country estate, Kyyra can't ignore following in her parent's footsteps.

When an ancient portal between their worlds makes itself known, the duo suddenly find themselves meeting under the most unique of circumstances. For both of them, each other's worlds are alien wonderlands of adventure.

An Author's Note

This is my baby.

This is the story I'm working on getting published. Therefore, it's visit here is temporary, and an offer for any that are actually interested to offer an opinion or comment. Really, let me know if there is errors or something that is in need of attention to be dealt with.

Just note, this is copyrighted. Plagiarizers beware.


Prologue: The Gift

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