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Previous Profile. Featured Member Archive too I guess. THE COLOURS DON'T WORK. FUCK.

And said Lolses: "Let thar be <purple>colour. And years of religious tyranny :/."</purple>

Eysenck's Big Three:

<blue>▲</blue> <yellow>▲</yellow>

(You're doing it wrong).

<DBLUE>We can move forwards.
˙ʞɔɐq ǝʌoɯ uɐɔ ǝʍ</DBLUE>

I will make your face invaginate into your brain, like an endoderm.



"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears." The dreaded lolcat virus has reached Canuckistan. And I'm afraid I has bean shtruck. <DPURPLE>Only the Phonics Game™, your wit, and your sanity can save you nao.</DPURPLE>


Aat leest mah poesies haz knot beane effeckted. It coodabeen terned ento...

e.e. cummings






You’re probably too drunk
To hear me.
We took you out of your "pond,"
soaked you in ethanol; anesthetized you,
We need you.
Well, not you. Your parts.
Your skin. Your nerves.
So we can squirm while you twitch.
And run electricity through you.
And measure.
Because we’re too valuable.

You’re probably not going to a better place,
Ethics is preventing us from lies and deception.
Think on the bright side,
This will probably be less painful than the hangover.

I've been playing around with this idea/poem for ages now and of course the product is catacylismic fail. It's lacking something, but I don't know what. Gentlemen?

Came down with the acid rain.
Lightning illuminated his skeletal frame.
The grisly visage turned us from his hideous form.
We retched for the wretch, who fell from the sky,
Bile’d the sidewalks and gouged out our eyes.


I'll probably be remembered for <DGREEN>lollotry</DGREEN> like:

<LBLUE>Nuclear Winter

Hot, Burning, Immolating,

<brown>The Warship

We were all there,
The days the new guns fired.
It was loud.
"       ?"
"     !"</brown>


The most profound things,
Can be conveyed through haikus:

(I win the internets.).

Quoting out of Context


-T.S. Eliot on vacuums.


I am an underachieving, lazy, Uni student. When I scape my Bachelor's Degree, my only hope of going to grad school lies in volunteering or some shit. Majors: Psych and Bio. Future(?): Clinical Psychologist. Fantasy: Professional Gamer.

<LBLUE>Mud</LBLUE><ORANGE>kips</ORANGE> are an important part of my awesome.

I really don't see why I need to go back and take fucking first year/term physics considering I'm already in 3rd year science and I've made it so far without that shit. And it's full of goddamn noob keener first years an-YEAAAAHHHHHH BICEPS YEEAAAAH

I'm not impressed by the amount of profs who suck at technology.





League of Legends. So. Many. Hours. Someday I'll reach 2k elo :(

Mass Effect 3 Demo. I used to play Infiltrator in Multi, but then I switched to Vanguard because I can't snipe with fkn Vanguards flying the hue everywhere and killing everything. May as well join the pinball initiative. 

Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets my 2011 best game award.


I does it. - The Department of Redundancy Department

Muse Sicks

Non Populus - Matthew Good (
Also check out "Zero Orchestra"


Hue Mer Probably the best short movie on youtube right now. The perfect blend of humour, action, and special effects.


(Up to yer homies :P)

<blue>ppH: Urine pH. I win Biol 201. :3</blue>


"His bowels tense...No false moves here."

-Brad Neely on Dumbledore's handling of Baby Harry, who possess astounding levels of nuclear power.



Kills made with this 5lb lollipop: 4 HUGE spiders. <red>D:</red>

So here were are, outside. You, standing on my [Doormat]. Impatient.
I know. Some guy was gonna deliver my "get" and my "epic." But he never showed up.
Maybe I'll send Candlejack to

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