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Basic HTML – Border Backgrounds


1) You will need a spacer (transparent) gif to keep the contents of your page where it belongs - off the border. You can use mine if you don't have one. It's in this space - - Just put your pointer over it - right click and save it just like any other graphic. Put it in the same folder as your other graphics and HTML files.
2) Copy the template (below).
3) Line5 - Change "border.jpg" to the name of your border file.
4) Line 10 - Change 'WIDTH' to the width that makes your background look best -usually between 50 and 150.
5) Line 15. Put the contents of your page here.
6) Don't forget to put in the last 4 lines after you have finished with your page content.


Border Background Template

<TITLE>Put the title of your page here</TITLE>
<BODY BACKGROUND="border.jpg" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#000000" VLINK="#000000" ALINK="#000000">
<TABLE WIDTH="100%">
<!- Border ->
<img:SRC="spacer.gif" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="1">
<!- End Border ->
<!- Contents ->
Put the contents of your page here
<!- End Contents ->

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