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Name: Baradel Fatum
Race: Elf
Gender: male
Age: 10,000+ he has lost count over the years
Weapon(s): Blue February (a girl that can take the form of a sword, gives him immortality and healing as long as he holds her in sword form) and medicines that give him various powers such as super strength, body hardening, and a variety of other powers.
Armor: none
rho aias--a shield spell that appears as a giant purple flower with seven petals. absorbs the power of a spell as long as it is not powerful enough to break all seven petals and reflects it back at the opponent.
foresight--self explanatory, he knows the future, but that does not mean the future can’t be changed from what it currently is.
Weaknesses: without holding blue february, he is no longer immortal. taking the pills takes a few seconds during which he is vulnerable.
History: Baradel is one of the elven firstborn (one of the first 100 elves to be created, not born.) He and the other elves set out colonizing the world and increasing their population. One thousand years passed, and the arrival of man was seen by the elves. As man took land for itself to prosper, the two races came into conflict in what was history’s first war. Baradel was a general in the war and with his gift of foresight saw through many of mankind’s strategies. However, on the battlefield, a curse was cast upon him of unknown origin. The curse did not appear to have any affect on him, but when he retired from the battlefield he decided it would be good to have a family of his own as many of the firstborn already had sons fighting in the war. He settled down with one of the few unwedded firstborn women, Melissa Sylvie, and they had a son together, whom they named Shaitan. Shaitan was a strange boy, he was born with red eyes and white hair, unlike any of the elves of the time. He was exceptionally powerful, even more so than the firstborn themselves. This was generally thought of as a blessing at the time, when in fact it was the effects of the curse. Eventually, mankind and elvenkind came to an agreement about boundaries of kingdoms, and the war was ended, but Shaitan was discontented. He believed that mankind was a pox that needed to be cleansed from the earth. This was also an effect of the curse, a twisted mind with a love for destruction. He believed he had the right to rule the world and only those he deemed worthy could live in it with him. One day, he went to his own town and killed all the residents including his mother, claiming that they were unworthy. The killing of a firstborn alone was punishable by death, but he went on destroying many other towns inhabited by both elves and men. There was always resistance against him, but he slew armies with a single thought. Eventually the population of the world was down to half of what it had been ten years earlier. Baradel felt he had to take responsibility for his sons actions and formed an alliance with mankind against his son. The combined strength of all the remaining elven firstborn and the elite spell casters of mankind was able to subdue Shaitan, but no matter what they tried, they could not kill him. Instead, they managed to split his soul into 12 pieces. Once this was done, Shaitan, with his last bit of consciousness scattered the 12 pieces across the earth hoping that someday someone would find them and give him back his life. Baradel saw his son’s trickery and set off on a journey to find the 12 shards of his sons soul and seal them so that no one could ever touch him. After searching for a long time, he came across the first one, the blue february. When he touched it, a ten year old looking girl replaced the blade and wouldn’t leave him alone. He thought about sealing her, but couldn’t see how the innocent little girl could be evil. Baradel was reaching an old age, close to the age where elves die. The girl told him that with her he could search as long as he wanted, because with her he would be immortal. He was skeptical but went on the journey anyway, which took another 7000 years to find all 12 and seal them. His foresight told him, however, that one day his son would return, and a single human would do what all the firstborn could not, and remove shaitan from the world. He traveled the world, doing good deeds in hope of repaying what he owes to the world. One day he was sought out by a messenger of the Dreamseeker family, who asked him to heal their child of a rare disease. When he brought the medicine to the child he was astonished to see that the frail boy was the one who was destined to defeat shaitan. Unfortunately, when the child drank the medicine, Baradel saw a scene of his own death by the child’s hand. He then left after telling the child that he “saw the power to both create a world of peace and destroy it” in his hands. He then left, unheard of for several years. Later he was found to be living in the South Eastern section of Raine Empire, behind a field that keeps everyone with magical abilities out. He remains there to this day waiting to meet the boy who he knows will come to kill him.
Appearance: He is an old-looking elf. He wears simple clothes and lives simply as well. His eyes are blue, but his hair is black. His eyes also have a look of depth and sadness in them that is unfathomable by most people.
Other: He use magic in a different way than most mages. Instead of using mana stores within his body to cast spells, his mana is free in the surroundings and he controls it's flow and concentration. His belief in magic is that everyone that can use magic has an origin or kind of magic that embodies them at their most powerful.

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