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Welcome to Banner Barter, the place to be for all your promoting needs. I am your host, [Nocturnaliss], available for any questions/concerns/assistance that needs to be tackled.

This wiki was created for the purpose of exchanging banners. Are you one of those people who want to promote your wiki/site, but don't know where to start ? Do you like to promote others' work, whether out of the kindness of your heart or because you'd like the favor returned ? Or are you simply looking to discover other people's stuff ? Then look no further, this is the place for you!

How does Banner Barter work ?

Simple enough: submit your wiki/site to [Nocturnaliss], and she'll put it up in this wiki (if you don't have a banner to submit, yet you would like to submit your wiki/site to Banner Barter, that can be arranged). A pre-made description is appreciated, but not required. When you submit the wiki/page, you'll have to specify which category it must be filed under: Banner Poster, or Banner Swap:

- Banners catalogued under Banner Poster are up for grabs, provided by people who are simply looking for a way to promote themselves, and what they do. If you like a wiki/site, then simply copy & paste the html to the banner in question, and leave a message to its owner (whether as a comment or a PM) so they're aware you'll be promoting them.
Returning the favor is not a requirement, but it is fervently encouraged.

- If a wiki/site is catalogued under Banner Swap, it means its owner is willing to partake in fair exchange: you promote their stuff, and they'll promote yours in return. No more, no less.
Returning the favor is required.

What kind of wiki/site can get promoted ?

The artistic kind, of course! Whether you draw, write, sculpt, you name it!, everything of artistic nature is absolutely welcome here.

The idea is to spread the creativity and, ideally, spur relations and friendships born from mutual interests. Therefore Banners will be divided in specific sections, which will be created as necessity requires.

Can I submit someone else's wiki/site ?

In a nutshell: but of course! Submitting someone else's wiki/site will surely make its creator very happy.
(note: in this case, the Banner will automatically be catalogued under Banner Poster. Their owner may change its status at a later time.)

I have another question...

... so don't hesitate to ask [Nocturnaliss], and she'll reply to you as soon as she humanly can.

In the meantime, enjoy the wiki, and please spread the word!

Banner Barter - 3D Creativity

Banner Barter - Digital Creativity

Banner Barter - Paper & Canvas

Banner Barter - Written Words

In addition:

Banner Barter - Elftown Wikis

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2008-07-15 [Hendercrazy]: I'm watching!!! ;D

2008-07-20 [Nocturnaliss]: Why thank you :3

2008-08-15 [NOOOPE]: Sweeeeet. Can your banner be in both post+swap?

2008-08-15 [Nocturnaliss]: I don't see why not.

2008-08-16 [iippo]: Good idea :D *watches*

2008-08-16 [Nocturnaliss]: Thank you ^_^

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