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This is a profile for my latest character. I just might be able to draw and put up her image, but it'll take some time. I don't have all the technology in the world at my disposal. ^^ For right now, I can give you a visual of her and other things like personality(of course), history, skills and abilities, etc..

To start off with, her name is Bakuhatsu. She isn't aware of her last name, her family was lost in an accident that orphaned the baby. She was named Bakuhatsu by the family she grew up in because when they had found her, she was the only survivor of a mysterious explosion, hence her japanese title.
She is a fairly tall, sleek and slender woman now with heavy green eyes and mid-length grey hair. Her neutral expression shows her calmness and serenity. A servant since near birth, she's served under many lords, kings, and other forms of royalty. However, every one of them has suffered either a great loss or died mysteriously. She was then turned away by them so she moved on. Has she been cursed? Does she have an omen around her? Or does she kill every royal being she meets? No one knows, but her essence has made her to be solemn and polite.
She dresses in a casual, yet unique accord that corresponds to suit her master well enough. Baku, her name for short, was raised around combat, complexity, and low tolerance for mistakes. She keeps her word, and rarely advises anything unless requested of it. She is a lonely girl, but the only reason she doesn't speak out is from fear of hurting someone else once more.
Bakuhatsu was trained in combat. She is familiar with most weapons known, but her prefered is a lance she had magically implanted into her arm. There is a long scar along her left forearm and a complex tattoo for the representation. At first glance, no one would normally suspect she would be armed. But this soldier has had to protect the royal people she served, and she'd give her life if they didn't lose their own in the process. Bakuhatsu is a wanderer, a warrior, and a guardian in a world she refuses to trust entirely.

Role Play Simulation:
"Where is that little waste of air?!" a large man called out from his throne. He held an angry expression as he glanced around the large room. A young girl with grey hair stepped through the heavy door opposite from the throne. She had a solemn expression, much unlike the angry lord before her. "Sir?" she said simply, stopping three yards in front of him. "There you are. I told you to clean the kitchen with the other servants, and you did no such thing!! I was only aware of this a moment ago. You need your punishment, girl!" he roared, leaning forward in his seat. The female didn't flinch at all. "I recieved it, sire. I shall raise my shirt to show you if that will please you." she answered, turning to the side a little. The man grinned and leaned back. "Yes, do show me, girl." She nodded and turned entirely, lifting the faded cloth to reveal three bleeding slashes and other scars slashed in different directions. "I see. Turn back around." he ordered. The shirt was lowered as she turned back around to lock eyes with the lord. "Is there something you wanted from me, sire?" she asked, her hands at either side as two emeralds looked sad. "I need you to rub my feet, girl. Go and get some hot water as well for me to soak them in also. Don't stray or you'll have worse than that on your body." the man answered, leaning forward once more idley. The girl bowed politely. "As you wish, sire." she replied, turning and walking outside swiftly.

Anything I need to add in? Let me know!

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2007-08-10 [Emporer Sensi]: Well done.

2007-08-11 [Izeiza]: Thank you. ^^

2007-08-20 [Death Rogue 5]: yea well done

2007-08-20 [Izeiza]: ^^

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