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BBK Commissions

Prices available upon request and are open to negotiation. If you were interested in a commission, then please just add a comment in this wiki, or just send me a message. Whatever is more convenient for you.
Charging Conditions
- Payment must be payed half upon request, and the last half upon completion.
- If you want a painting done in a medium I do not own then a little extra will be charged for purchasing that medium. (I have most so not to worry about that too much)
- Seeing as I live on this lonely little island called Australia, everything is far away and postage costs a bundle, so that will be included in the overall price of my work.


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<img200*0:stuff/Copy%20of%20FrannyCard1.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/Tattoo_Commission_by_blackbirdkat.jpg>

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2008-03-02 [Dr.Mandarian]: How cool is that! * wow's * I never saw that unicorn and the "Franny's Little Friends" thing ever before! That's beautiful! ( Can I maybe get to know Franny? )
Hmmm... I would of course be keen on an illustration for The Fantabulous, Crazy World Of Xaradoxia... Ehm... Would you also accept xaradoxian Storkee coins for pay? No. I even mean it serious. Maybe you can write me about how much money you would think of for something like a world motive for that.

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