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Here's a story I wrote (part of it):

As I ran, my foot started hurting more. It was bad enough that I had made it sore with that tree stump. Never kick a huge tree out of anger. In the distance I heard people shouting my name and telling me to come back. I'm never going back though. I'd rather keep running and jump off the edge of the earth than go back to that blasted house where they waited to put my in that horrible dress. All for a wedding that I didn't want tohappen in the first place. I did feel a bit bad for Cillia. Me running out without her. Cillia was my twin and one of us seven duaghters. I came to a clearing surrounded by trees that had a tree stump near me. I sat on the stump and pulled out my phone. There was a call from Cillia that I missed while running from my father's dog. I disided to call her back.
  After the call, she came running through the clearing with something in her hand. A necklace.
          That's all for this one!!

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2012-10-03 [Awesomekat]: Hey! I need suggestions! Please?

2012-10-04 [Awesomekat]: Posting a new part of a story I'm writing into diary

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